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This links and projects page was created for our visitors and is dedicated to recent happenings in the PainDr space that involve Dr. Fudin. Projects include the new Blogosphere which links directly to articles that recently posted on the popular Pharmacy Times website.  These are prepared for pharmacy colleagues and are intended to be timely, educational and practical for the reader.

Other linked projects and activities by Dr. Fudin include upcoming educational and/or live pain certificate programs, continuing education programs in video format from, for example, Emerging Solutions in Pain, and news flashes from various symposiums in video or by Internet radio.

Last but not least are a host of recommended pain-related websites that Dr. Fudin endorses, most of which offer excellent resources and “painful” education.


Pharmacy Times Blogosphere – Online short articles covering hot topics in pain management with a focus on the community pharmacist.  They are posted on the Pharmacy Times website, often written in collaboration with other pharmacists and/or residents and [exceptional] students.

Pain Certification Programs for Pharmacists in NYS.


Emerging Solutions in Pain presents Selective Pain Pharmacology and Interactions with Miscalculated Risk’s, on Meeting Highlights from the September 2014 American Academy of Pain Management Meeting in Phoenix AZ.

The Great Hydrocodone Rescheduling Debate – In October 2013, the FDA announced that it would recommend tighter restrictions on commonly prescribed painkillers that include hydrocodone in combination with other drugs such as acetaminophen or aspirin. The announcement called for…
See more, from February 3, 2014…


The Use and Misuse of Narcotic Pain Medication in Primary Care – The most common reason for patients to visit healthcare providers at all levels is to treat pain. Yet in spite of this known trend, medical education woefully underemphasizes methods to approach the myriad of communicative, ethical, and procedural issues deeply entrenched in modern pain management.

ACTION PHASE PODCAST with Radio Host Teagan Keating
The pain doctor is in! Dr. Jeffrey Fudin discusses pretty much everything you need to know about opioid pain medication, how to keep it in the hands of patients who need it and out of the hands of people who abuse pills, and what he thinks how he thinks we can maintain the balance.

Dr. Fudin Endorses These Additional Links

American Pain Society – The American Pain Society is a multidisciplinary community organization that brings together a diverse group of scientists, clinicians and other professionals to increase the knowledge of pain and transform public policy and clinical practice to reduce pain-related suffering.

Emerging Solutions in Pain – Emerging Solutions in Pain (ESP) is an ongoing educational initiative developed to address some of today’s most critical issues in pain management. These issues involve balancing fundamental rights of patients and clinicians with the challenge of risk containment for opioid misuse, abuse and addiction associated with medical prescribing and use of controlled substances. Through evidence-based scientific data, validated tools, and the expertise of a cadre of leading pain and addiction medicine experts, the ESP program provides clinicians with guidance in the implementation of good practice management techniques. Site features and programs emphasize favorable interaction with regulatory and law enforcement agencies, as well as effective assessment, monitoring and documentation strategies; all of which contribute to the overall goal of optimizing outcomes for patients in pain.

FSMB (Federation of State Medical Boards) Model Policy on the Use of Opioid Analgesics in the Treatment of Chronic Pain July 2013.

LPN to BSN Online’s Managing Pain: “The best online resources for nurses and patients”.  This site includes an enormous amount of useful pain resource links.

Pain Education – is an educational website for clinicians, teaching about pain assessment and management. This site is a comprehensive resource and is based on the latest scientific information about pain treatment.

Pain-Topics – A noncommercial resource for healthcare professionals & their patients, providing open access to clinical news, information, research, and education for a better understanding of evidence-based pain-management practices.

Practical Pain Management – In early 2011, Practical Pain Management launched an online patient and professional education portal. Drawing on the expertise of the journal’s editors and authors, Practical Pain Management offers current, useful, and of course, practical information for patients living with chronic pain—and for the medical professionals who treat them.