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AFFILIATE MEMBER means any healthcare provider, patient, and/or group that are listed on this MEMBER AFFILIATES PAGE that endorses and/or advocates for PROMPT.  There is no fee to be a member affiliate advocate to PROMPT. We appreciate your concern!
HCP=Healthcare provider, PAT=Patient, ORG=Organization

FOUNDING MEMBER means any person listed on the PROMPT MEMBERSHIP page that agrees with PROMPT’s “Position & Overview” (below) regarding opioid therapy.  FOUNDING MEMBERS are so designated by their signature on our August 17, 2012 response letter to the FDA or their electronic signature support to that letter.

PROPMT Position & Overview:  Professionals for Rational Opioid Monitoring & Pharmacotherapy (PROMPT) is a multidisciplinary professional advocacy group of clinicians, some of whom include researchers and academicians from various healthcare fields.  We promote the concept of balance in drug regulation and policy.  PROMPT has serious concerns about the safety of chronic opioid use; we are therefore in favor of mitigating these risks with appropriate proactive and ongoing validated interventions intended for the benefit of patient care and public safety. We advocate for clinician education, proactive risk stratification, and appropriate therapeutic monitoring.



Ebtesam Ahmed, Pharm.D.
New York (HCP)

Millie Andreasen
Florida  (PAT)

Mark S. Barletta
Texas (PAT)

Terry Bonomo
Florida (PAT)

John Carrozzella, MD
Florida (HCP)

Erika DeCarlo
Illinois (PAT)

Meredith Diaz
Florida (PAT)

Crystal L. Endsley, PharmD, PhC
South Carolina (HCP)

Jeanne Hyatt
Florida (PAT)

David Lyman, MD, MPH
Michigan (HCP)

Mary Maston
, MSK Advocate
Florida (PAT)

Melissa Matrese
Pennsylvania (PAT)

Stephen Matrese
Pennsylvania (PAT)
Founding member of CPSF (Central Pain Syndrome Foundation)
Owner/Blogger, Intractable Pain Kills

Laurel Hogan McDonough, RN (Retired)
Florida (PAT, HCP)

Deborah Meehan
Mississippi (PAT)

Herb Neeland, RN
Arkansas (PAT)

F. Stuart Leeds, MS, MD
Ohio (HCP)

Christopher M. Phillips
Massachusetts (PAT)

Rhonda Lee Poole
Florida (PAT)

Steven Levy, Pharm.D., BCPS, CGP
New York (HCP)

Mena Raouf, Pharm.D. Candidate 2016
New York (HCP)

Donna Ratliff
Florida (PAT)

Joe Risser, MD, MPH 
San Diego, CA (HCP)

Edwin A. Salsitz, MD, FASAM
New York, NY (HCP)

Denise Sharp, RN, MSN, MBA, MHA
Missouri (HCP)

Jennifer Strickland, Pharm.D.
Florida (HCP)

Debora Tallio M.D.
Kentucky (HCP)

David S. Tarr, DPM
Massachusetts (HCP)

Danya Zucker, B.A., EdM. (Disabled)
Oregon (PAT)

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