This site is designed to be a forum in which pharmacists, pharmacy students, pharmacy residents, and other healthcare clinicians can share their pain management experiences, news, events, questions, comments or general thoughts and opinions regarding pain therapeutics.

Considering the recent resurgence of politics and opioids, we’ve seen an increased interest among patients and caregivers to participate by commenting on various blogs. Comments from everyone are welcome. Please note that if medical advice is given on this site, it will be deleted or edited. This includes advice on how to treat any disorder, dose conversions from one or more opioids to another, treatment of withdrawal symptoms, how to beat  a urine screen, and more.

Recent developments in pain therapeutics that include newly formulated products and several medications for neuropathic pain presumably will fuel chatter to stay connected and informed. Whether you are curious about what’s happening in the world of pain or simply interested in a forum to bounce cases off others, this forum will hopefully have much to offer.

Check back frequently to catch up on the latest pain news and feel free to contribute your thoughts and feedback!