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  1. Well, I’m sorry to hear Linda! But you’re not the only one. A lot of people have been thrown down and taken off their meds. But this is the new way (at least for now) for the lucky ones who still take pain meds. Most pain patients have to be seen every month, take drug tests, pill counting, obey clinical procedures & unsafe treatments that are not licensed by the FDA, or you will not be able to be seen.

  2. I’ve had 4 back surgeries and have fibromyalgia. My pain management Dr. has recently passed away. I had been seeing him for almost 20 years. I had to find a new Dr now, I’m asked to take an urinalysis test every month and see him every month. Yet it’s only required you see your Dr every 3 months. The policy I had to sign indicates If they want I have to bring my hydrocodone bottle into so they can count them THAT’S Ridicules. I think if I was a drug attic I think I would know by now. I love this county, but I have think their placing us chronic pain patients in the same category as those who are abusing their meds. Is there anyway or anyone we can make a them see not to put us with drug attics?

    1. Hear ya, 6 lumbar disc blown, 7 in neck, failed operation on c5 as doctor found scar tissue at that point around my spinal cord, brain stem n right c5 nerve root at cord, i feel a shock wave of pain through my body from there with every little crack in the roadway, turning head to right or looking up can give me extra pain for 3 days, been told i should not be able to walk, i do, through the grace of my loving lord Jesus, faith in him keeps me alive, it’s nice to get pain relief, for then i can be a bit more active n extend my life, but those who have abused opiods have made my life more difficult, n I not mentioning a number of other things that happened when two leaves of steel belted radial tires that i was trying to free fell over, feet twisted around that got caught in Cadillac tires n split my shin bones permanently open, but does Travelers Insurance care,not a bit, all they care for is their bottom stock market line, same with the company i was working for, they once had a heart, my dad as a lowly buyers clerk in 1947 gave Mr. CHEVELLE a hand up hauling stamped maytag drums n sides to the maytag assembly plant in Connecticut, then fenders etc. to gm, in fact the first Chevelle off the line in 1964 (a 230 straight six all chromed, fuel lines, air cleaner ect) was given to my older brother on his 16th birthday which my dad had him pay half the value of from his paper route money, but do the characters from Conway that mr. Chevelle’s daughter care about Robert Wahlman’s number 2 son not for a minute, n i live in pain that has tears flowing from eyes, or if someone or a plane hitting the tarmac too hard, causes my injured spinal cord to swell n cause me to black out n come to with horrid words coming from my mouth, n for a Christian, though i heard the language while working for a living, never used, it’s embarrassing, n something children should not be subjected to, nuff said, some of us need the opiods, have had them taken from me three times n sat on the tollet each time for two weeks, have a phycoligist letter that i don’t have an addiction problem, but do those that really don’t need the high lvl of pain relief i do n sell theirs to make a buck n use such to party care, no, well i won’t do such illegal things, never saw tears running down the faces of any of those characters, so why must i suffer due to such bull

      Well if you know my precious lord jesus hold his love close to your heart for it is though him that we might finally get peace on earth, i know he thought the crusades n everyother man thought up bull using his name has sicked him, but he is still willing to forgive us our sins, who could ask for anything more from the creator of this universe.

    2. I’m sorry to hear that Linda! But you aren’t the only one. Lots of people have been dropped way down or cut off their meds. But for the lucky who still receive pain meds, this is the new way(at least for now). Most pain patients have to be seen every month, take drugs tests, pill counts, follow doctor therapies & dangerous injections that aren’t approved by the FDA or you won’t be able to be seen or treated by them any more.
      Its such a shame that the “opioid crisis or epidemic” is mostly the illegal street drugs(“opioids) that the government made everyone think its the pain meds “Opioids”. So now pain patients are the one’s who have to suffer even more. When its the illegal street drugs “opioids” that’s mostly causing the over doses & deaths.
      But yet by cutting pain meds down or cutting them out all together is just going to turn more & more people to the streets causing an even bigger epidemic or crisis. & then if they survive, they’ll be considered druggies, junkies or addicts. & if they get help to get clean, it will be in their record & haunt them forever. & therefore won’t ever be able to get any real help(or pain meds). Which is only going to turn them back to the streets again. That doesn’t sound like its going to help anything now does it?
      Either that or people are now committing suicide because they can’t live in so much pain.
      Is this what America is really coming to? Either you will have to try & live in pain or turn to the streets & hope you don’t over dose, or kill yourself because you can’t deal with so much pain??? All of that is just horrible!!!

      1. Candi just because you’re forced into the streets for pain medication doesn’t mean that you have to 1: use them like a drug addict 2: inject it, overdose yourself by not using very small amounts in the presence of trusted people who have Narcan in case you do overdose! Just because you are forced to use non prescription drugs doesn’t mean you have to be stupid and act like a drug addict! There are tests easily available to test for fentanyl and if you use heroin orally which breaks down into morphine once it passes through the liver vs injection which goes directly into the brain whilst chasing a high then you really aren’t looking for pain control are you? So you don’t need to cathrophize the situation. It’s bad enough to have to risk unknown dosage,& unknown chemicals in those drugs those are the true risk of using drugs that are not produced in a lab with quality control!

    3. Linda you are so right.

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