Chronic Opioid Patients Speak Out Against PROP

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Share your stories of how chronic opioid use changed your life in a positive or negative way.  PROMPT is doing this for patients specifically because of the July 25 2012, Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing (PROP) petition to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) which requests significant label changes for prescription opioids that could prevent honest non-cancer opioid-requiring patients to live in agony.  The full PROP proposal to the FDA is available HERE. Our PROMPT response to that proposal is HERE.   Please note the blog policy when submitting comments.

Summary:  PROP’s proposal, if approved, would limit opioid therapy to non-cancer patients beyond 12 weeks, a maximum daily dose of oral morphine 100mg (or its equivalent in another opioid narcotic), and the diagnosis must be for severe pain only (compared to current FDA approved labeling of moderate to severe pain).  PROMPT believes that many legitimate patients fall outside of these parameters and would suffer as a result!

History & Background:  Over the course of many years, numerous pain patients nationwide have contacted me seeking advice on what to do, often in a panicked state because their long-term physician caregiver was relocating or retiring. As you might imagine, it frequently involved opioids.  To be clear, some of them probably didn’t belong on opioids, some were on the incorrect opioids, others perhaps were drug-seeking, but many seemed to be legitimate patients that honestly were completely dysfunctional without long term chronic opioids.  Some couldn’t receive non-opioid analgesics because of certain chronic medical disorders that made non-opioid analgesics far more dangerous than opioids.

Professionals for Rational Opioid Monitoring & PharmacoTherapy (PROMPT) is a multidisciplinary group comprised of many pain clinicians nationwide. PROMPT members include healthcare providers that have direct patient care responsibilities specific to pain management. PROMPT has serious concerns about the safety of chronic opioid use; we are therefore in favor of mitigating these risks by encouraging careful and reasonable patient monitoring to maximize patient care and public safety. We advocate for clinician education, proactive risk stratification, and appropriate therapeutic monitoring.

We would like you to tell your story here by making a comment on this blog.  Please feel free to use an anonymous name (or not) in the spirit of confidentiality, as this site is public.  We encourage patients also to comment on the FDA U.S. government site, where they are accepting public commentary. The URL link is:!documentDetail;D=FDA-2012-P-0818-0001.

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  1. I suffered in chronic Intractable Pain from a job related Accident that placed me on Permanent SSD and as a result I Have an intramedullary rod in my Right Lower leg, and Several Herniated or Injured disc’s in my lower back, resulting in spinal stenosis and sciatica in my left leg, Tendonitis in my right arm and the list goes on! When this first transpired in 2008 I was Placed on Opioids (Methadone) for treatment for Chronic Intractable Pain until Apprx 2015 when this “Opioid Crises” kicked in to high gear, Being treated with Methadone in concert with Epidural injections and Physical therapy Granted me to live a Somewhat normal life for a time, until I missed ONE appointment with my pain management Dr Because my mother was Diagnosed and hospitalized for Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer and upon my return visit he refused to see me Leaving me High and dry and in Severe Pain Everyday, Not to mention the withdrawal symptoms!!! I went from 120 mg’s of Methadone a day to “0” Forcing me to try and find another Pain management Dr ( in n.j. ) Good luck with that!!!! I found a few Wich placed me on 30 mg’s of Methadone a day which didn’t do nothing for my pain , it only kept me from getting ill!!! After bouncing from Dr to Dr in search of another compassionate Dr that would help me in my situation, I Could not for the life of me find ONE!!! , Everytime I call for an appointment they pull up my records and see my past pain meds and before Even allowing the Dr to see me , They tell me over the phone, ( we do not prescribe opiates!!!) This lead me with No choice but to find a Suboxone Dr in my area that prescribed me Suboxone for Almost 4 years 8/2 – 2 x a day unt I found out that he was charging me $100 a month to see him and he was in my Network of Coverage! This caused me to Leave him abruptly and file a grievance, But now as of 10/09/20 I am trying to find a replacement for him in Network and cannot for the life of me find One, Lest I pay an exorbitant amount of money to an addiction Specialist and for what? It does Nothing for my pain!!! And I’m suffering, Having to take care of Two people in my family as a Caregiver , One being my mother, who is Battling stage 4 Metastatic Breast cancer and the second being my uncle who is suffering from Heart Failure and Diabetes, while I can barely get out of bed in the morning and take care of myself!!! This is a Ludicrous scenario to say the least, Especially with the Fact that the Dr that dropped me flat after seeing him for five years of treatment with not ONE single Negative urine for Any Nefarious Substances!!! Why is this the case , The People who Truly need Opiates to manage there pain and are using them as Directed without any negative urines or Disciplinary problems are Suffering unneedingly!!! This situation must be rectified Because it’s causing people as myself to find Alternative sources to manage our Pain, It’s making Normal patients that are good people, Nefarious Substance seekers , Because they cannot receive the Proper care from a licensed physician as they previously were!!! This is making the Problem worse, causing people to seek meds to Grant them relief from Nefarious sources that are not FDA licensed!!! Please Stop this Madness so the millions of people as myself can get much needed relief. Now it’s to the point where one cannot even get a Suboxone Dr to write them a script for Addiction withdrawal caused from this Disastrous decision made by the powers that be. What does an Honest Person suffering from chronic Intractable Pain do to do to get treatment, Get Stage 4 cancer? Or something worse? This madness MUST STOP IMMEDIATELY!!!!

    1. I read your letter I feel so bad for you I really do. I don’t know if you said where you are from but most cities have methadone clinics. You may have to lie and say you’re on something else and they’ll put you on methadone. Here they start you out on 40mg. Then up 10 a day until you get to 120. After that you can see your counselor and he/she will let you go higher. You may have to lie and say that you are on oxycodone or heroin but they’ll put you on methadone. I know this is kind of wrong I guess but I feel for you. I’m sorrry it’s like this for you

  2. I was injured at 16 years old by a doctor’s botched (and completely unnecessary) epidural steroid injection. I believe that my dura was punctured during the procedure, as I felt the most intense, lightning bolt of pain through my entire body, and that’s definitely not supposed to happen. She injected at that point, so i fear that she ended up doing a subarachnal instead epidural injection.

    Both the trauma to my spinal cord, as well as the injection of the non sterile steroids (that are also all off brand) near such a fragile area, contributed to the disease I now suffer from, Adhesive Arachnoiditis. It’s now 22 years later, and I’ve been in severe, constant, intractable pain every day since. I have also been treated absolutely terribly more than I’ve been treated with kindness and compassion… even though it was a doctor who put me there in the first place.

    When I was 17, one of my doctors told me that I would probably have my condition for the rest of my life. I went home, and swallowed a bottle of pills. How was I going to survive this if doctors wanted so badly for me to be the enemy? I was in terrible pain every second of every day. I just needed help I just needed compassion, and most of all, I just needed relief. Without these things, adhesive arachnoiditis steals your will and/or want, to live.

    They call the pain from AA “cancer level pain without the sweet release of death”. The description sounds dramatic, but it is unfortunately pretty accurate. It also causes other extremely painful conditions. The only way I’m able to get out of bed in the morning, or function throughout the day, is opiate pain medication. Years ago when I was weaned off after being on high dose fentanyl patches, I turned to alcohol to numb the pain, and became an alcoholic. I don’t even like alcohol, and I very rarely drink now. Usually just special occasions.

    I don’t understand why it would make sense to force taper or withdraw medication that is helping someone to actually be able to live a (very very semi) normal life? Much less, a life that was stolen by an overzealous, inexperienced doctor in the first place. How is that fair that they can injure me, cause an incurable, excruciatingly painful condition, and then take away the only thing giving me even the smallest bit of quality of life??

    They say they’re trying to “save us” from the opiate crisis, but for severe, long-time pain patients, what they’re really doing is giving us a different kind of death sentence. Albeit, one that they at least they won’t have to feel as guilty about. It’s pretty clear that they’re not trying to save us, they’re trying, once again, to save themselves. I’ve seen the absolute ugliest side of the medical community. These people take an oath to “do no harm”. They’re supposed to be looking out for our best interests. It’s heartbreaking and pretty terrifying when you realize that you’ve only ever been a statistic to them, ultimately, they’re looking out for their bottom lines first… hence the epidemic of anesthesiologists’ injection mills, and all of the others who get injured by them Just like me, every single day.

    They’re hurting us, and then abandoning us, and it’s so infuriating and unfair. Please, please think about people like me. I want to be able to play with my 4 year old son. We just want to live. But we can’t live like that.

    1. Well I have been misdiagnosed for most of my life and then one day my Dr ( PCP) back before they were labeled as such told me due to his inability to rid me of my chronic pain that had him injecting me pretty regular with the combo drugs of Staydohl/Phenergan that it was time for me to visit a Pain Mgmt Dr something until that day I had never heard of.
      On my 1st visit this Dr in Houston TX sent me for my 1st ever MRI and then had me back to discuss the test.
      And just prior to this talk, I had went on to tell him all my life since I was 5 yrs old and began having terrible horrific headache pain that always resulted on my vomiting. And during these headaches if I was in school or driving, I had to drive myself home and suffer it out alone. And many Dr’s made me believe that these headaches were migraine in nature but the meds for that type of headache only made me sicker and that my pain was all in my head.
      He looked me in the eyes and said its in your head alright but not in the manner that you have been treated. So, this was to be day one of my awakening to my spine disease( beginning w/ cervical) this occured in 2001. And here I am 20 yrs later and I could literally write a novel on my lifetime in pain.
      And over the past 4 years I have begun to have other major areas. But, what I do not understand is the Hospitals that I no longer go to even in an emergency because I am forever labeled as a “Drug Seaker” so now I have made the statement over and over to my family and my Dr’s that if I am bleeding out or coding, under zero circumstances do I want to be sent to a Hospital I would rather be dumped on the side of some random road. They get angry when I say this but when you can not recall even five minutes or less where by you were pain free then you would understand. And when my medicare insurance co has discontinued certain meds and they ask me over the phone if they can do anything else, my answer is always yes, you can send me the bullet to stop all if this.

  3. I’m in extreme pain and my doctor prescribed gabapentin. I was increasing the dosage, but when I reached 1,000 mg three times a day, my doctor became alarmed and told me not to exceed that. I am still in lots of pain and need to get my gabapentin from a Mexican pharmacy, and I have been increasing the dosage anyway. Every time I increase, the pain is almost gone for two days, then it returns and I increase again. I am up to 2,500 mg four times a day and continue to increase. There is nothing else I can do since my doctor refuses to prescribe narcotics. I am left to wonder if the real reason for promoting gabapentin is because it is made in Israel, and they’d rather have the world severely addicted to their man made chemical medications while staying in pain than allowing us to take god’s medication that truly helps with the pain and doesn’t cause an increase in dosage nearly as often.

    1. Gin, I assure you this has nothing to do with Israel or promoting gabapentin. Since you had such a great benefit, I’d discuss with your doctor to switch you to pregabalin (Lyrica). It works the same way, but is more potent, binds tighter to the site of action where it works in nerves, and the absorption from stomach is far more predictable compared to gabapentin.

      1. yes,it is more potent as I was on Lyrica for years until my Medicare Insurance told me that this medication would no longer be covered so I had to go to takinb Gabapentin and it is no where near as helpful and my Dr will not even consider any other medication. Instead to this day I remain a human guinea pig….

    2. What type of pain are you experiencing? Gabapentin or lyrica are medications used for a vast array of reasons some off label. Not to much is known about long term usage of those chemicals they work by reducing calcium influx within nerves by binding to specialized receptors that narrow calcium channels. What are you suffering from? That med may not be the best tool

    3. Hi. Gin
      I read your post and feel horrible for you, As I am a pain patient as well. There is nobody that could possibly understand unless you are in the same place. I am in that place… We have just moved from One State to another and the doctor that’s taken care of me since my accident, Will o longer prescribed medication and I have a huge fear I’ll be running into the same roadblocks you have… I’m not exactly sure what I’ll do because without it, I can bedridden not that.i cM get around very well anyways…
      I can’t go back to the ER days where they give you meds but they keep you until the relief you had for a few hours is worn off…. I’m extremely worried for myself but I’m Happy to Know you at least have a way to get the meds you need even if you do Have to go to Mexico…. I’ve no clue how to do that.
      Anyway I think it’s wrong with established patients that do not abuse meds but take it the way Dr prescribed it. Something must be done about this.
      I’ll keep you in my prayers and hope you find relief. Chronic pain is nothing to wish upon your worst of enemies
      I wish you well and Many blessings

    1. Does and is there Doctors who stand up for whatever they believe in anymore? Man I’m sorry but I’m going to shoot all Doctors the truth. Now there are still some doctors out there who still have to write up opioids for people who have to have them. But really there’s a lot more who’s afraid to give there patient what they really need. Take a stand doctors and you will win. Don’t write out prescriptions that you no is a waist of your time and sure doesn’t help the patient. If they need Norco and or any other drugs? Then feel free to treat them for whatever reason you no would help them. Please let the president no that you are doctors who are not here to write prescriptions that doesn’t work for your patience. But the ones you no that does work. And I will assure you that you doctors will win. Please just give it a try. I have a broken kneck and a bruzed bone in my back and my right knee is gone and needs replaced. And a lot of other health issues. So I can’t even get a sleeping pill form my doctor who wrote them out before. Doctors are now acting like they are doing you a great big favor for writing me or you a Norco,or any opioids, when it’s only there jobs to treat you the best of there ability! I’m grateful to be alive and still walking. But to just start sleeping again would be another blessing from God. Thanks to all of you doctors who reads this message! And I truly love most doctors who are all around good people! But now like I have been reading in here, there is a lot of doctors who are not being the doctors they could be able to make a decision to either quit, or maybe try being real doctor again! Let’s go doctors and get the job done The way you no what really works then start using it. Thanks. Clinton. Send the message send the message please send the comment or the message

    2. Dr Greene
      Thank you for your reply
      As you can see it’s the middle of the night. And I’m not sleeping because of my pain condition. I’ve tried everything
      Steroid shots ,,accupunture , 2 Stimulators etc… The meds my Dr gave me works well but still have horrible breakthrough pain and I don’t sleep Much.. I like so many others are at the Mercy of doctors who ARE under alot of pressure from the government , federal and State.
      I’ve seen other patients that Are nodding off ETC. Clearly not taking as prescribed. My question to you sir is
      How do you explain yourself to a new phsician without them understanding like yourself that your not some drug addict you just need your pain relieved because without it you have no life. With the med’s you can at least participate in your Family life although limited your at least enjoying being around people. Whenever your in constant pain being Around anyone or going anywhere is completely out of the question….
      Thank you for replying and would be eternally greatful for any advice or recomendations you May have.
      Thank you

    3. Hi D. Greene…
      I apologize, since I am from Idaho, but up until a few years back, I was able to work functionally, and live a fairly normal life. I was on a higher pain and gabapetin standard than I am allowed now, roughly half. Since the cut backs, and transfer to a pain clinic (who allows me 10 mg every 6 hrs, or else they kick me out), I can work a week a month (average). My depression increases every month, I wish I could go back to my plan of spending a year and a half in pain, but medicated, so I could take time off for surgery. But now, that is never going to happen, due to the recent mandates. So, besides handing my business, and everything I hold dear over to those without pain, do you have advice? Or just proceed? I feel the government has only given me those options, besides being 25% miserable all the time… I have a couple hemorrhaged discs, osteoarthritis, and bone spurs. Pain control used to keep me functional until the new mandates.

    4. Hey, doc. I was wondering if it is even possible to be addicted to 20 mgs of Norco a day. I have had chronic pain for 8 years now. I had an extensive DVT and Saddle PE. I suffer from some chronic blood clots in the vein behind my knee. For a long time, I was on 7 Norco tens a day. I then detoxed and some how made it two whole months taking a bunch of Tylenol. Then I became more active and the pain hit hard. I also have loss of strength in my DVT leg. It is not strong enough to climb stairs and if I go onto the floor, and then get back up just once, my pain level goes really high for a few days. It took me 5 years before my leg had the strength for me to be able to get down on my knees and then bac up without assistance. But climbing stairs or walking too far, or too fast, or driving causes pain. Sitting in an office chair without my leg elevated all day on an ottoman causes the same amount of pain as physical activity, it just takes a bit longer.

      Any how, I detoxed again and only made it for 3 days this time and after doing some chores around the house, the leg got really bad. I fought for 12 hours and then finally took 7.5 mgs of Vicodin and I am finally feeling relief. It is a night and day difference for me. The pain is still there, but turned way down. My current pain doc is giving me a hard time because she usually deals with patients who can be helped. She keeps sending me back to the same vascular surgeons requesting letters that they cannot help me. That is why I am trying to got off pain meds again. I tried Marijuana and it worked good, took all the pain away. But it left me high for over 24 hours and I cannot live like that. I need to be able to function. I feel like it’s not even worth it to fight the docs and the pharmacists for such a small amount of meds, but without them I am absolutely miserable. Even just laying in bed all day isn’t enough to prevent the pain. For a while, they had me on methadone and it world well, but I did not take it regularly because I do not want to become dependent on that particular med. I have some 30 mgs of slow release OXY, and if I wake 1, I am pain free for 13 hours, and need no pain relief to sleep. Again, I do not want to get dependent on those, and current doc will not prescribe anything like that. Could my use of the Vicodin’s, up to 20 mgs a day be an addiction? Sometimes I use 7.5 twice a day, sometimes once day (some days are better and I can manage the pain with leg elevation) and on days when I do chores, shopping, or work part time, I uses 20 mgs. Any advice would be appreciated.

  4. I’m disabled and been taking opiate medicine for my chronic arthritis pain. It has been prescribed by a State University medical doctor for years. After the new opiate prescription law was passed in my state due to the opiate epidemic, my doctor suddenly told me I should be taking ibuprofen instead of an opiate. I told him no, that if drug users want to overdose and kill themselves, that’s their business, it had nothing to with me. After he pushed further, I told him hell no, if it ain’t broken don’t fix it, and that if he changed my medicine without my consent, I would sue the university, the state, and him personally (without going into detail suffice to say I know my way around the courts). After that conversation I never heard anymore about changing it and my prescriptions continued as they always were. I think a lot in my favor had to do with the fact that there is a chronic pain exception in the opiate prescription limitation law, and I was “grandfathered” in for years, and that the doctor did not want any problems, not rock the boat if you will. But if I was seeing a private doctor instead of a State university one there is no doubt in my mind that I would have been dismissed from the practice as a patient, and I would have sued the private doctor as well. I don’t care. I’m considered indigent so I wouldn’t have to pay a penny in filing fees nor court costs and my disability income is untouchable, so is my house which is considered a homestead which makes me judgment proof. And I have plenty of time on my hands to spend years in court if I want to. And worse comes to worse, I would buy marijuana from the street and smoke it for the pain. These doctors are just under a lot of pressure from the politicians to limit opiate medications and they don’t want any problems. They don’t want their license to practice medicine jeopardized, and most important, don’t want to lose their $325,000 a year salaries and the nice lifestyle it buys. I understand that. That’s more important to them than anything, including the patient. But too bad. I look after my own best interests, not theirs.

    1. I am living thru the same circumstances. Reducing my medication has reduced my quality of life. Just having chronic pain and being on disability leaves me in bed with pillows supporting my neck and back everyday. I left an abusive husband and live alone with no family or friends in the area. I can’t move back to WA state because the cold increases the pain. I live in East Texas and when the storms go thru it increases the pain. I had 3 back surgeries in 2013 and couldn’t go back to work. I used to regulate medical facilities and now I’m a victim of these so called pain specialists. I am 57 and as medications are decreased, so is my life expectancy. They don’t care.

      1. Dear Tawnia,

        I could have written your message:
        Right down to leaving the abusive husband, being isolated/lacking support, multiple spine surgeries, weather affecting pain, on permanent disability, at the mercy of arrogant pain specialists who not only refuse to prescribe the 350mg of opiates I require in order to have a quality of life – so I’m stuck in bed – but their entire focus is strictly numbers:
        they could care LESS about the lives, relationships and well being of people desperate for pain relief.
        Please contact me if you’d like to text/chat – support/understanding and sharing information – (and an open invitation to anyone else who’s interested)
        I live just North of San Francisco.
        Email: MarinwoodResident (at) Gmail dot com.

        1. What the DEA does not understand is that every pain patient is different. Some require more meds, some require less. I can get by on 20 mgs of Norco as long as I pace myself. It’s kind of like playing chess. I am very lucky for now, but if more blood clots hit my already battered leg, or my good leg, the pain is going to increase exponentially. I do not envy you guys with back problems. I only have chronic pain, swelling, and cramping in my right leg due to chronic blood clots that never dissolved. Thus I have very bad circulation. Kind of like House MD, but his clots were in the arteries. I feel less than human having to go in every month for 4 vicodins a day. I don’t mind being monitored, or taking drug tests, I have nothing to hide, but the darn doc keeps on sending me to the same vascular specialist asking them what they can do, and they keep telling here only thing to help me is pain management and compression socks. It causes me a great deal of stress ad anxiety being told over and over again nothing can help. I really wish they would at least issue some sort of government card to chronic pain patients who have verified physical ailments and effectively exempt us and our doctors from the new regulations. Chronic pain patients do not usually overdose on their meds unless it is intentional. I never even knew what pin medicine was before 2012. I never needed it or cared about it. Now I am dependent on it and hate it. I hope you can find a better doc, but it is hard.

    2. I wish I could be that tough! I get so intimidated. I go to my PMD and I know exactly what I’m going to say. I don’t like to complain too much so I just try to make it short and sweet by telling him I’m not getting relief throughout the day I’m in a lot of pain. But no increase. He says I’m on a high dose already. I’m way under the MME. and I was way over it for 10 years. Then weaned down on my own quite a bit.. I don’t want to bore you with the details but I was takin off my narcotics a year ago from my Rheumatologist (she got nervous) and been to 3 different pain docs since. The first one was to get off opioids by going on Subutex. That didn’t work. So I moved to a different PMD that was a joke! Then decided to go back to a Dr. I started out with before recommending I see a Rheumatologist. He finally put me back on the only drug that ever worked for me. Oxycontin ER but I’m on the very lowest there is twice a day. Because its suppose to work for 12 hours. (Joke) I always needed to take it every 8 hours and it worked. I want to be on a low dose but not that low. I need relief during the day. I can’t function enough to get my house work done like I want.

  5. In 2012 In the winter i got out of the car to go into work and as to shutting the door my lunch box went flying and i landed on my back and head slept in the office at work for 8hrs then they decided to take me to the er, I get there and they said u have blood that filled the inner back of ur skull and ur spine is swallon I got a dr and they started me on vicoden for 3 yrs then they stopped given it to me.. I went to my dr again they did not care and then threw out the yrs they looked and still look at me as a addic which im not i get bad migraines and back pain i got shots for 7 yrs and they just made it worse and they said that i will have to live with the back and head aces and they dont help u at all which is sad.. My legs get weak i cant lift things and walking makes it bad my legs go numb and they wont do surgery but said that my bones are d iterating fast and down the road maybe they will do something well 5 yrs later they still havent done nothing

    1. All that happened to me was a simple fall off the back of my semi-truck. Turned out I have a blood clotting disorder and a sprained ankle turned into an extensive DVT, chronic clots, and chronic pain. Only tool 5 seconds to turn me from a normie to a chronic pain patient.

  6. I have been in pain for about 20 years now due to a head on collision and being involved in a accident where the car flipped over off the road 3 times. I believe that I have been given a run around and lied to all my life which has made me out to look and become a somewhat criminal. I can’t even walk into my local hospital or local dr office without being looked at like I’m some piece of shit worthless human that shouldn’t exist. This is all due to my community protecting an ex police officer/my ex probation officer along with another ex employee that which I somehow had been involved with the two as a lover/ victim a toy for their pleasure. If these people cared ever hows come I don’t feel that way? I try not to discriminate towards anyone but what I been through and continue suffering makes me sick to the death bed. My whole past has been lies and I been set up to keep my mouth shut plead guilty regardless and that’s not working for me personally! I am ignored and find no hope for my future with where I am. I know what my body needs for comfort and relief but for some damn reason I feel that I shouldn’t exist if this is all I have to look forward to with my life and I have a son to. My community has let me down, my ex girlfriends are all fake I been used as a pet! I know I need pain medication and attention if anyone expects me to be apart of this world with everyone else. I’m 36 years old and I shouldn’t feel this way!

    1. I have been in constant pain for over 40 years starting when I was 12 years old. Taking Oipoid pain meds, morphine & hydrocodone I was able to lead somewhat of a normal life. Working full time with lots of overtime up to 1500 hours a year. That all changed in 2016 when I got the letter form my family doctor dropping me from his serivce because he would no longer write scripts for my pain meds. I was bounced from pain clinic to pain clinic being subjected to over 30 injections to my back. Nothing helped. Finally a pain clinic would write me a.script for my meds. After about 8 months I was told that I was on a higher dosage of pain meds than the federal government recommended. I had to get a meditronics pain pump put in my stomach or I would no longer get and pain medicine starting 1/1/2018. Well battling with the pain pump, many many many trips to the doctor I ended up losing my job and was put on disability. It makes me mad that my doctor and I had a plan with the oral meds and they worked for me. In 40 + years of getting oral pain meds I never went back for more before it was time for a refill. I took them as prescribed and never had an issue, I actually lead a normal life married with a family and a damn good paying job. All lost now. I lay around in bed most of the time now because the pain is so intense and the only relief I get it laying down. I have a hard time walking and getting in and out of a vehicle. If I try to have a normal life, do things with my family like attend a party, just sitting in a wooden chair 3 hours puts me back down in bed 1-2 days again to I feel half way decent. If I live like I’m 90 years old. Get up eat sit in recliner, eat lay in bed, eat go to bed for the day I feel pretty good. Pain is like a 4, where it’s there but doesn’t bother me. Any type of activity, walking, riding in a vehicle, sitting or standing too long causes the pain to get to a 9-10 and my lower body locks up and I can’t move.

      I don’t want to sound like a whiner but when I was on oral meds I had a Wonder life, family and career. Now I sit or lay around daily with the highlight of the day is watching TV.

      1. I’m trying to figure out if people who have good ins through their large corporate business are the ones who are the ones getting to be prescribed oxycodones/oxy Cotin’s/ lidocaine pain patches ? The dr in the ER told me ****** do you have ins… I said yes I do …. he said oh what is it as he looked to see I had Aetna and with that he said … ***** YOU have the GOLDEN TICKET! Now I e been on them for 5 years after a ENT dr let my head dangle off of the operating table while he took a hammer and chisel to my left eyebrow because he saw at the last minute a minute non cancerous tumor and he didn’t protect my neck as he hit my skull, eyebrow w the hammer and chisel broke smashed my neck in “7” places . I have 6 fusions and a steel plate in there right now but NOW a cyst is growing on my c1and c2, and the cyst is pressing into my spine and brain. If I go thru another operation the dr said she wants to pull my muscles apart at the top of my spine and put two screws in it which will then cause me to not be able to move my skull at all … I’ll be a freak show. Who decides besides my doctor what my needs are for my pain? I’m a excellent patient don’t go in early don’t give him any grief & keep him in the loop of what I’m contemplating re the surgery of which did I mention , I’m scared the crap of ??? DOCTORS BURY THEIR PATIENTS. No I did not sue him… he made me sign something that said I wouldn’t a week out if surgery all doped up NOT KNOWING what he had done to me. He has a numerologist at his church that he referred me to and HE kept the MRI crushed bones Xrays a secret until two years were up and after every 30 days getting 8 shots four on each side of my neck JUST SO I COUKD GET A PAIN MED FROM HIM FOR ANOTHER 30 days … after two years… the magic #, he said ***** I wouldn’t be doing this to my sister… it’s time I send you on to a neck surgeon in Dallas that helped my Pastor. I read all of yalls stories and feel terrible for you all. Things just aren’t our fault and the government sees us as a “herd “!

        1. I can relate to your situation and can tell you I had a cyst that affected my sciatic nerve. I went to Tampa at Laser Spine Institute and they made a small incision and fixed that pain. It was same day surgery. In and out. Now I had other problems with my back and they couldn’t fix the thoracic pain, but they did fix the cyst. You may want to check them out for your problem.

        2. I had a similar experience with a neck surgeon in Dallas. I wish you could say who it was.
          Does the name sound similar to the Speaker of the House?

        3. I’m so sorry you’re going through all this. Your Dr. should lose his license!!! I think they forget they took the oath to “do no harm”!!!
          So many different types of harm they do by not acting like a decent human being. Will keep you in thoughts and prayers. So many people are hurting. ☘️Mary

      2. I know exactly how you feel!! Exactly!! I was on pain meds since 09. Since this racket on pain meds i was done so dirty by a drs office. Had a drs office employee who lied on me to droo me. This is a cruel world!! I live in constant 24/7 burning pain!!! My back kills me. I’ve used physical therapy and tens units and nothing works. This mind and body crap is rediculous!! How can i sit still in chair and lusten to hogwash for 50 mins when i burn so bad i feel like a burning fire pit!! A dr told me today after 14 year’s i don’t need pain meds i need a psychiatrist cause I’m severely depressed.
        Which was hog wash when i was on pain meds. I tried phychriatrist and it was a waste of time.
        I was so miserable i lost my husband of 10 year’s cause he was sick of the bs the drs put me through. He saw me cry saw me hurt 24/7. I couldn’t go anywhere or enjoy life.
        I could do a few things to getting groceries to driving to the dr or very light shopping or cleaning up my house it took me doing little things each day i could now my life is watching the TV 24/7 alone 24/7 nobody wants to be around someone who cries 24/7.
        My own husband didn’t and my family doesn’t and no friends!! This is no life and this is why suicide is up cause drs don’t believe their patients!! Patients are in pain and dealing with this unnecessary. Some family believes I’m crazy need to be locked up and my mother says she can’t be around me cause all i do is cry!! A pain dr said he was doing what’s best for me. I don’t like wishing bad on people but i hope this dr gets a dose of his own crazy minded logic. I’m poor but if i can i can get a credit card and buy a plane ticket I’ll find a dr to give e something for pain for the airplane ride to be evaluated by a compassionate dr. This brain washing crap they try to force severe pain patients is brain damaging it self !! This PM dr needs to realize that he’s the one who is brain damaged.
        I hope God will let him feel my pain level and tell me he made a mistake and he’d help me. Does miracles really happen?

        1. Hey if you email me I can give you some advise, but I won’t post it for god who knows to read.. Your post really touched my heart….
          Atowndeathsquad. AT gee mail.

        2. I know how you are feeling, I am 26 years old had my two wisdom teeth pilled. When I got home I had to change the gauze pad it felt soaked, I took it out and the blood shot out of my mouth and nose it was all over the place. My parents took me to the ER they thought I got beat-up my face was a mess and he hit a main blood vessel in my mouth. The pain never went away, it was always there and still is, four months later I could not move from the bed. I was a mess I was burning all over, not like a sunburn but like someone poured gasoline all over me, even my insides were burning like I was in a fire but no one could put it out. I got tested for everything out there all my test came back negative, I knew it wasn’t in my head like some of these doctors think. Been to over 65 doctors they all said its in your mind, except for three doctors, they said I have a illness that the dentist created it is horrible monster nothing helps. They will not put me on pain meds they told me to go get medical pot, but I don’t feel it. I been suffering like an animal for so long all I pray for is for God to free me from the hell.. It is called RSD/CRIPS and it is the worst thing out there besides cancer, the pain is brutal and never stops I cannot explain all it does to you. I cannot have no one touch me at times because I burn and hurt so bad. My own mother use to cry and beg God to take me home, why are you making her suffer like this. It is called the suicide illness by doctors themselfs but they rather see people kill them selfs or little infants have a world full of pain. My heart breaks for anyone suffering with pain and there’s not a blessed thing you can do about it I worked so hard in school I wanted to be a musician a session’s player. I gone and force myself to go to Berklee School of music but I only got through a couple of months. It took me dreams away, my life, away, a just don’t want to live in this hell for the rest of my life and you don’t die. It is in every organ in my body cannot control anything, cannot swallow without feeling like I am going to die. I just want to tell you anyone can get it, it is caused by trauma, if you stub your toe, if you fall, if you get a bad blood drawn from ER’s and nurses that just don’t treat you like your human anymore. I feel like a dirty animal because my eyes water and burn & I my vision gets blurry and my eyelids closes by them self’s. My nose is always running or I can’t breath, this illness attacks the skin, hair, fingernails, your whole body I wake up at times because you get so much saliva it just runs down my on me & I am soaking wet, then you sweat I walk outside without a coat just for the burning to end. You always know when it is coming you feel like your in a meat freezer and you get gooseflesh, no control over your body temperture, And to top everything off I lost my mother last week, I tried so hard to help her, we had her in hospice at home, I had to give her medication every four hours but I stay up all night or sometimes I just pass out from the pain. I miss her with all I am, she was the only one who knew what I was going through. I had a miracle about 3 years before this I gone to my town’s pool. Got bite on both ankles they were huge flies. I gone into the water and as soon as I hit the water I was frozen my lips were blue. So I gone home took a shower, and went to bed early, when I woke up my chest & feet were on fire. I tried to get up and I could not move my legs, I screamed I cannot walk anymore. So into a wheelchair for five long years, same thing all my tests came back negative, they put me into a good hospital had the best team of doctors who made me feel like a person the tests were painful but I was not going to live like this, I was put into pain clinic right away it help at that time, but still could not walk. I had to go into the hospital I caught a bad infection in my lungs, and my roommate was a chaplin who’s daughter had cancer. She had me praying the Rosaries every day and sometimes they had me on strong stuff I couldn’t get the words out but I said them inside. One night my friend came in to see me & he was crying I said what is wrong, he looked at me straight in my eyes & said I was dying I had some strange illness, The doctor came in and told me the same thing, I IV bags were getting bigger they gave me morphine every hour. I begged for them to stop because it was burning my stomach out. I shut my curtains around the bed, & I just started praying to God & the Blessed Mother, I said this was my hell on earth and I cannot wait to leave here. I just ask God please take me fast. All of a sudden I will never forget this I saw a bright light & felt someone rub my right arm but I didn’t want them to stop. I feel asleep really peacefully next day I got up to use the bathroom but I felt different. I got off the bed didn’t need that chair anymore & I walked like nothing happened to me the pain was gone,. My room mate said you see you had a miracle and in that same day her daughter died off cancer, I cried she was such a beautiful girl. I had four more years of feeling normal got my teeth worked on and ended back with the same illness but it was ten million times worst. I get breaks once in a while maybe for 3 days, but when my mom was dying God gave me the power to do things for her, she always took care of me. One day she needed medication & I cannot drive anymore, and no one would get them for her I haven’t walk like this in 14 years. I walked 10 miles to the pharmacy and back and it was 100 degrees out. Truthfully I almost didn’t make it I pass out it actually pulls me across the floor and my head always gets it and I broke my wrist to. I just wanted to tell you about my time in hell and no one can help me only God, but since my mom passed I want to leave this world and go to Paradise no more pain or no more sadness. I also lost my dad he had eight open heart surguries, a major stroke, and died of cancer, about a year after that my brother who was five years older then me & we were so close. It was the night before Thanksgiving and his car was being fixed, he ran to get the bus & this man hit him head on and said he didn’t feel nothing if you hit a animal you feel something, My parents took him to court sued him but it did not bring my beautiful brother back, I layed on his bed for months never smiled or laughed, I didn’t want to eat I wonder how I survive between what happened and my illness I am inmortal & my mom use to tell me that God has a purpose for me when I go to heaven, but why all the suffering here. I don’t understand life anymore because I don’t have a life, everything was taken away from me. Even my mom, I am the only one left I never felt so alone & scared. The second night I kept going out in the living room because the hospital bed was there. And when I looked into the bed it look like she was still there, I never saw anything like this she had Dementia she didn’t even know what was going on. And everytime time she looked at me she would say you look so much like my daughter. But when she wanted something she didn’t forget my name, it just got worst and worst her body felt like a board, she could not close her mouth it just stay open all the time, The night when she died she was like ice, she tried to say something to me but couldn’t. I went into my room around 10: 21 and she passed at 10: 27 they didn’t come get her until the morning, but mom I prayed so hard to God to take her home and he did. Now I wait for my turn but it is not going to come I will be in this agony & hell forever. I am sorry I wrote a history I just need to vent, and my heart breaks for anyone suffering day after day with pain that you would do anything to stop it. My heart is with all of us fighting so hard, but I don’t want to live anymore I just cannot stand the torment anymore and this agony & if I had a way out I would do it. My prayers are with you and may God give you relief and a miracle they are true ..

        3. My prayers are with you Sherry I got treated the same way as you are, it’s all in my mind that was all I heard. If it was in my mind I could work it out of there. These doctors don’t know how many people take there lives because you live in a world of agony and no one even knows what your talking about, Could I ask you a personal question did anyone ever tell you that you have the most painful illness in medical science. When I heard you say you burn on fire 24/7 and the pain never lets go of you. Did they say to you that you have RSD/CRIPS look it up because it sounds like what I have they have videos of people, children, and everybody says the same thing as I do please let me close my eyes tonight & never open them again. This is hell on earth and when you feel like if you want to hurt yourself that is serious. I use to sleep with a knife under my pillow and shut my door in case I got the nerve to really do it and I almost did it twice. But if there is hell here, I don’t want to live in real hell, there are miracles but we cannot tell God what to do with me it seems when I cannot stand it anymore & I yell at him and say how could you let your children suffer like animals that just have nothing to live for. It’s hard for me to tell you to keep the faith when I cannot do it at times, but I had a real miracle I will never forget the peacefulness I did not want to go back, but I guess I have to suffer it out until something goes. If you ever need anyone to talk to I would be happy to talk. I had so many friends and they all left me because I could not do what they could anymore. And what really topped everything off is losing my mom, I use to make her promise me if you die don’t leave me here alone here because I could not handle it. I would just freak out and do something to myself, I just don’t to be like this anymore and I don’t understand what God could have in store for me. But if you ever need someone to vent with I would really be happy I just feel good when I give someone a little hope.

      3. Yes . They want to do more surgery, risk my life even further to put in a pain pump!!! I have 18 level fusion in spine & neck. I was doing OK on oral meds until 2016. This is a genocide of chronic pain patients and very Hitler regime we are now entering. . Why legal constitution isn’t being pursued aggressively is beyond me. It is more important to keep drug addicts from overdosing and parents mislabeled their anger.

      4. I have degenerative disc disease and rheumatoid arthritis. Both are very sever and cause me sever pain, but I have found an alternative to the prescription drugs. I take Kratom and I have been taking it for over a year. Yes the FDA has tried federally to get it banned. That did not work. Now they are going state by state. They are doing this because of big pharmacies are backing them. they don’t want you to use it because it will relief your pain. I take a dose in the morning, then one at lunch and the one in the evening. I generally have some with me for break through pain as well. I use it in the powdered form. you can also get in capsule form. Look you can buy a kilo of it for just under $90.00 and that will last most people two to three months. If you believe the stories that the FDA has put out there about the two people that died while taking Kratom, you should find the full story and see that they were both taking and believed to have overdosed on opioids and had taken Kratom as well. Now if you are looking to get high from Kratom you can but you would have to ingest more than a normal dose and than each time take more to reach that same level. There are several different strains available. Each gives you a different level of pain relief and alertness, focus and some other side effects (all good though). So this is just an option that most doctors can’t tell you about because it occurs naturally in nature, just like weed.

    2. Iv’e been on 10 mg percocet for 7 years & also been taking 2mg xanax 1 during day & 1 late at night so i can sleep. Now my doctor said it’s a bad mix. I take as precribed. 3 19mg percocet 3 times a day. So it’s give uo xanax, cause i have insommnia. Or give up 10mg percocet for pain. My pain doctor doesn’t write my xanax. I”m 58 & never took more than i should. I have adhd, a lot of anxiety, & xanax wrks. So does percocet 10mg/325. Why can’t i continue?

      1. Because some psychopaths think they’re managers of society, and not part of society themselves. They view you and all of us as datapoints. They don’t relate to your pain or experience in life because they view you as one ant among many swarming over a discarded snikers bar.

  7. In 1999, I had a severe work fall injury, which pulverized my elbow and fractured and broke over 100 bones in my body. After emergency surgery and a year of multiple surgeries and phys. therapy and ultimate surgery with Mayo, rebuilding the elbow, and surgeries for multiple ankle and knees as well as nerve damage injuries, from a 2-story fall landing on a staircase, (and splitting 3- 2×8″ steps), I was brought to a meeting of my medical team of my internist, orthopedic surgeon, neurologist and physical therapist, telling me they had reached the end of the road as there was nothing left that they could do to mitigate damage and the resulting pain. They advised me that all they could do from this point was to try to make me comfortable, and I should understand that due to the nature and extent of my injuries, some would heal on their own but many would not and as I aged (I was 54 at the time) I would likely develop arthritis in bones and joints. They offered ‘hope’ that in the years to come, a non-narcotic regimen could be found to allay pain issues. In the interim, I was put on a regimen of Neurontin (gabapentin) and Oxycontin. It took only 2-3 weeks before I could not tolerate the ‘drive’ that this medication caused, if I missed a dose by even one hour, so I dumped them in the toilet, and told my PCP I needed a revised regimen. He changed it to hydrocodone/gabapentin, which turned out not to be sufficient to assuage the pain conditions and it was changed again to Oxycodone/gabapentin, (10-325 x 9/day) I remained on this regimen that worked to relieve pain so I could return to work, of a restricted type, which I did until after about 4 years, the bitter cold of Wisconsin winters, was more than could be tolerated. I retired early and moved to Arizona. Unfortunately, because I moved out of state, I lost my medical insurance, and had to go from clinic to clinic, that issued a maximum of Hydro 5-500, which did not help the problem. I applied for early Social Security / Medicare at 62 and found a new PCP, who got my medical records from WI, and restored my initial regimen. So with the slight lapse of time between WI and AZ, I have been on this regimen for 20 years, and it had worked satisfactorily, although my initial team’s predictions came true and my body is now riddled with arthritis, adding additional pain above and beyond the initial fall damage pain. This lasted about 7 years. About 3 years ago, my then PCP sent out letters to his patients that due to the ‘outrageous’ govt paperwork involved with opioid prescriptions, he will no longer write for pain medication, and gave patients 60 days to find pain control elsewhere, as he was changing his practice to ‘weight control’ only. It turned out, I found a PCP that accepted my med records, and agreed to write as I had been on for 17 years. This lasted about a year, before he told me that due to network and peer pressure, he had to start ‘weaning’ me off my meds, and tried to get me into pain management services, almost all of which are fancified ‘rehab centers’, with weekly visits (at my expense) and weekly urine tests (also at my expense) and if they were to write for my meds at all, it would be weekly, not monthly, yet another expense, for lower quantities. I declined these services. Going back to my PCP, who had lowered my med Qty to 262 tabs per month. I could handle this, and stayed with this until December of 2019, when my PCP told me he was leaving the network he was with, and moving to another, and if I elected to follow him, he would restore my original 270 qty, and at my advanced age, he saw no reason not to continue it indefinitely. I was elated. A great weight lifted! So I did, and my first Rx was in fact filled at 270. Here it comes… When this was nearing the end of the 30 days qty, I leave a message on the patient portal, for a refill reminder, which was the norm, only this time my request was answered by a phone call from his assistant, that “John is not filling you Rx anymore”. When I asked why, and reminded her of his promise of a month prior, she just said she did not know the details, just that there was some new ‘regulation’ that will not allow him to write. I contacted my insurance carrier and asked them to step in, which resulted in a 7-day refill only, and they were told that all of his patients were notified a month earlier of the intent to stop opioid Rx. This was an outright lie, as is the ‘regulation’ they would never give me a copy of (because it does not exist). I contacted Medicare, who parroted my insurance carrier, in that they had heard of no such ‘regulation’, and if such had been issued, Medicare would be among the first to be notified, likely even before it was implemented, it does not exist. Subsequently, I ran out of my medication and within two days I went into full blown withdrawals, due to non-weaning off the meds. I was violently ill, with projectile vomiting and diarrhea, and 1-2 hours sleep per night, for the first 5 days, the latter 2 lasting nearly a month. It was the worst hell I had ever gone through, and I was praying for Covid-19 to strike and kill me, PLEASE! The first week, I could eat nothing for about 6 days, after which I could manage a small bowl of oatmeal as my daily meal, for the next 2 weeks. A nurse friend gave me an appetite stimulant, which did allow me to eat 3 light meals a day, so I could muster the strength to bear the PAIN, which is now back with a vengeance. So, with severe lower back and spine, cervical spine, and destroyed rotator cuff arthritis in all, per MRIs and X-rays, I am set back 20 years, with the now added arthritis. My hand joints are not working well, so I am assuming they too have arthritis. I have requested a new referral from my PCP, for a pain management service, in hopes they will locate my original medical records from the injury in WI, and return me to my original regimen, and let me die without pain. In the interim, I am 75, and ‘walk’ like I am 95, have trouble getting up from the couch, or out of bed in the morning. All of this because of the typical knee-jerk reaction of the US Govt, to just paint us all with the same broad brush used to punish legitimate patients for the illegal fentanyl from China and Mexico, that is killing off junkies and pill addicts. Of course any person with common sense will realize that this will just increase the demand for the illegal drugs that started all of this nonsense! In over 20 years, I have never exceeded the prescribed dosage, and although I may have been ‘dependent’ on it for the pain control, I have never abused it, nor was I ‘addicted’ to it. I don’t know why I am writing this here, as nothing I have done to date, including solicitation of malpractice attorneys, and queries to CDC, FDA and DEA, has resulted in any relief whatsoever, and actually all of these inquiries were ignored completely. At this point, living in So. AZ, the border is close, and most pharmacies across the border will sell their most potent legal pain killer, Tramadol, without prescription, which is lightweight for me, but better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick! So my PCP is making me a criminal and blaming the Govt. (I assume there is some law against this, “and frankly, my dear…”).

    I don’t know what if anything Pain Dr. plans to do with all these comments, many of which are very similar to my own, But here is hoping, that perhaps whoever issued whatever new ‘guideline’ providers are calling ‘regulations’, they will review it and advise providers accordingly. Thank you for your time.

    1. Reading your story mad me cry. My father is 72 years old and in the exact same situation. His long term pain doctor who was one of the few really knowledgeable about adhesive Arachnoiditis was killed suddenly in a motorcycle accident. The doctor who replaced him immediately started cutting his medicine that he had lived on successfully for 10 years. As of next month, he has been told that it will be cut to a quarter of the original dose. He was diagnosed with AA in 1982, so you can imagine how bad the pain is already, much like yours. I refuse to accept that my father will have to live in agony for the rest of his life without without fighting. I have recently started writing letters to everyone I can think of including Florida Governor DeSantis, Congressman Rutherford (Jacksonville), Senator Rick Scott up to President Trump. As of today, I have reached out to every local news station in the Northeast Florida area in hopes to get some light shed on the severe chronic pain patients that have “slipped through the cracks” due to recent opioid laws. I hope to get a feature picked up. I am thinking about the possibility of seeing an attorney to see what can be done in that front. I plan to keep fighting until a can get my dad some relief.

      1. Pease we need a lawyer I have been sick since I was 29 years old im now 52 ive had 17 surgerys for crohns disease and its been awful I have suffered at the hands of these guidelines. Ive never overdosed never bought street drugs but recently ive been getting cut again I have no life now I cant do anything I used to do even shopping at walmart I just dont leave my house. I only have 5ft of small intestine left and half my large left. Im in constant pain diahrea joints swellimg no appetite weigjt loss. Having my pain meds helped me so much with all of that. I was able to go out do some shopping cook clean now im just so tired and worn out from pain. Please someone help the truly sick we have done nothing wrong!!! God please help us we need you so much rkght now. I just dont know how much more i can take. Im being cut again next month.

        1. I feel the same way, i have no energy. It’s an effort to do anything. Who is changing these ruled. It’s not fair that people that take advantage of precriptions or get from the streets. And decent people need pain meds & xanax for insommnia.

    2. I 1st Am Sorry For Your Suffering due to & by the Hands if the Politicians and Now Scared Dr’s. I too am a Severe Pain Suffer. I was At a Red Light on a 55mph Highway and was Rear Ended by a Big Truck with a Front Steel Push Bar, a F550 the witness said, it launched my 95 Buick Park Avenue 1/2 a mile, as well as ripped the drivers seat from the frame of the car an I ended up in the back seat upside down looking out the rear Window. The truck never stopped, it was likely doing 70mph+ the witness an police said. I was only 18 years of age months away from 19. Long story short, they never found the driver, I was in shock and felt “OK”. So after EMS looked me Over, said to monitor myself next 48rs. The next morning I awoke, Could Not Move, pain was a 10/10. EMS & MRI showed ruptured/herniated discs in L1,L2,L3 & L4. I was explained that I would develop Degenerative Disc Disease as well as my left upper Shoulder Blade Rotator Cuff was Torn, an My left Knee Buckled from the impact and was also in bad shape. I was told I was not a candidate for surgery due to my age and needed to take Opiate Medications for many decades unit I would be a candidate for surgery, (this was my 4th 2nd Opinion.) So they started me with Fentanyl Duragesic Patches afar 2 years I was on 2 100mcg patches at once, then a year later 3 at once, as well as Vicoden H.P & Oxycontin. I always took as ordered as well, but got sick and tired of living that way, I wanted to NOT Need to Take These Medications to keep from getting deathly Ill with withdraw. So after a decade I decided to go to a Rehab Facility and was sent home after 30 days, still in full blown withdrawal, as hey went able to “get me a 21 day extension” so I was back to being home and someone mentioned Methadone as a option, so I said, Joe, you’ve done/tried EVERYTHING, why not, an tried a clinic, after 90 days my dose was holding and helped Tremendously with my pain a 4 it had made it manageable. So I kept at it and as long as you pass your Random Drug lab Screens from your Random drug testing you will earn take home privileges, currently I’m at a month take-home. My dose is Co sidereal High at just over 250mgs a day. But I don’t get drowsy, I can function, I have pain, but it works for me better then all the patches & pills ever did. So I hope you consider it as an option. It’s been about 25 years since the accident, and 10 years since I’ve taken any Opiates, some will argue just to do it saying Methadone is an Opiate, maybe technically that’s True. Not important to me. It’s a Synthetic Opiate that was created out of Necessity by Hitler’s Chemists during WW||. I would explore you to try it an see how it works for your pain. As its been about 10 years on for me an nothing negative you’ll hear is true! I am so grateful for it, an the last 10 years I’m able to function as best I can. I hope there will be a much different type of surgery avail I the future for me to Consider. Until then I will continue to Dose with the Methadone and Pick up my Months Supply until then. I Trust what’s worked for me, I also Know of other chronic pain sufferers whom have went this route and can’t explain that they have some qualities of Life they now have that they thought would never be achieved an had given up on. I’ll end with saying that no Medication is a 100% fix all for everyone’s chronic Pain. But if your having a hard time, or struggling to get help this may be your BEST OPTION! Give it a chance, it could give your life back. To all the Chronic Pai Sufferers, It’s A Real Damn Shame that we don’t have control of what we put into our body, period! Let alone to deal with Chronic Pain. To have Everyone So Scared to Write A Prescription for A Documented Case of Severe Chronic Pain. As for all the Dr’s out there, You need to remember the Oath You Swore Under to Di No Harm To Your Patient’s! Your Hippocratic Oath has Fallen by the wayside as well as some of your Moral Duties as Dr’s who Took that Hippocratic Oat to do no Harm. Well, not writing the Correct amount of Pain Medication for Chronic pain sufferers is absolutely not in your Patient’s Best Interest, nor is it not Doing Harm to them. I hope that things change for the better and Dr’s start Doing what’s Morally Correct and remember why you became Dr.s, to Help the Ill and To Not Allow The Needy Go without their Pain Medication because of the DEA!

  8. I have just been reduced to the 90 mme that the CDC established as a guideline after my Doctor of 25 yrs retired. I have spinal cord damage from having had 6 spinal fusions due to metal breakage and non fusion for scoliosis from age 14-36. I now live in extreme chronic pain. I also have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. The 90 mme that I have been reduced to is not covering my pain. Also when the temperature drops and we have thunderstorms, I get into extreme pain. I need help for pain control. I live in Atlanta, GA.

    1. I am living thru the same circumstances. Reducing my medication has reduced my quality of life. Just having chronic pain and being on disability leaves me in bed with pillows supporting my neck and back everyday. I left an abusive husband and live alone with no family or friends in the area. I can’t move back to WA state because the cold increases the pain. I live in East Texas and when the storms go thru it increases the pain. I had 3 back surgeries in 2013 and couldn’t go back to work. I used to regulate medical facilities and now I’m a victim of these so called pain specialists. I am 57 and as medications are decreased, so is my life expectancy. They don’t care.

  9. Don’t discount the harm drs do. When a dr is faced with their life or yours they chose theirs. The false labeling of patients to mitigate dr liability when forced to drop sick, ill and old patients is epidemic and its the kiss of death to a patient. Stroking out to death or causing suicide is still like murder no matter what the reason. The dr lobby is more powerful than they would have you think. In fact the drs played a large role in advocating for control of opiates in the beginning because they were not making money with people bypassing them strait to the sears catalog or pharmacy. Just falla the dalla back far enough. The truth hurts too.

    1. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis 5 years ago. I have stiffness, swelling, carpal tunnel syndrome, and intense pain. I was put on methotrexate and folic acid, I still suffer from stiffness and pain, but now they are saying I haven’t got it. I have osteoarthritis too. I don’t understand this so i look up online for Herbal treatment and a page redirected. me to Akanni Herbal Centre (www. akanniherbalcentre .com ). Few months into the treatment, I made a significant recovery. . After I completed the recommended herbal treatment plan, almost all my symptoms were gone

    2. This is the most well-written will said piece of information that you have a hundred percent correct he forgot about one part though and that’s the DEA and FDA they’re the ones that have doctors scared. You’re absolutely correct about doctors have more power than they lead on to believe every patient is different every circumstance is different they can easily explain or justify why any patient needs the pain medicine they need it’s not illegal for our doctor to prescribe the medicine someone needs I mean it’s their job for God sake!

    3. I have are you near distant sciatica it’s been going on for eight years I found a pain management to help some with facet block epidural and nerve blockers as well as painkillers Percocet I joined a union four years later in which I could choose my job out of a hireing hall in which I drove a yard hustler after several random test and when I started I explained my disability and I passed the physical and driving training now there’s a epidemic I’m not safe to work with no proof that I did anything wrong but have a disability now I’m looked at like well we know what that’s like and I search the web for proof that I can meds and go to the treatments which sucks but help relieve the pressure for a short time how do we prove we’re not worthless and Dangerous when doing as prescribed as needed how do I keep my livelihood with pain and no help I’m proud of the work I did for 4 years now I’m lower then whale poo I guess they heard use up and get rid of broken people when is this info

  10. Although I am not currently using opioid meds, my 84 year old mother is…for good reason. She fell 3 years ago and broke four bones on her left side (ankle, hip, shoulder, wrist). Her rehab has been very long. During this time, access to opioid pain meds has become more difficult to access. The federal government has COMPLETELY overreacted to the opioid issue driven by high profile abuse by recreational users and resulting deaths. The class of citizens that are ACTUALLY in need of pain relief for chronic pain are completely ignored and negatively impacted. If a board certified physician feels their patient requires an opioid pain killer and has provided care for the patient, why should the government be allowed to further regulate? This is ridiculous. Patients in legitimate need of pain relief and now finding it difficult to impossible to access the proper medication. This has to stop.

    1. I agree. I suffer in sever discomfort and pain and I have to live with it. I can hardly move. I can’t accomplish anything. I loved my career that I did for 25 years I had major brain surgerys and suffer with major chronic fatigue and severe fibromyalgia. I can’t believe I’m suffering so badly.

      1. So what did you do about it or did you ??? Because I need to know what to do myself. ??? I’m so sorry about your condition love… I will pray for you. I hope that you get the help you need because you are one of the ones who do

    2. I have chronic pain Multiple sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, to much to list. The pain is screaming pain my spine hurts neck down, mainly sciatica both sides, upper buttock nerve pain is so bad. I stay in severe pain 24/7 even on pain meds. My hospital records speak for themselves and so does my blood pressure. I’m so upset because of the judgement I get by the medical field. I lay down all day except when I get n my wheelchair to go potty or go to the Dr. and finally got approved for physical therapy for the right hip I broke last year my left leg is affected by M.S., the reason I fell and broke my right hip, I don’t like being stigmatized, I am. I understand the problems with the opioid epidemic. I know I couldn’t function at all in so much pain. The pain Dr. has been good to me understanding. Suggest a spinal cord stimulator. I don’t want one. I’ve done my research on them, plus I don’t want another surgical procedure. Last time I had a colonoscopy, we told the nurse I couldn’t do the preparation cause of very slow transit, I was looking at having to get a Illostomy, bag to poop. But the nurse said about the colonoscopy that they would do the best they could to still come in. I did, they put air in and I woke up in a bunch of yuk I was laying in, a few day’s later my intestines came out my butt, I freaked out, I had gut’s hanging out. Had to cut me open from my bellybutton to my c-section(2) and cut through stomach mussels, had to have my Sigmoid colon then some, taken out. I committed suicide but kept alive by a machine. No it was “not” by taking to many opioid’s. I was so tired of the pain! Then broke my hip. I can not deal with the pain. Now the pain clinic has me able to deal with the pain, takes the edge off. After my long time Dr. retired. I am again treated like a freaking addic. This opioid abuse of others made me, one that needs pain relief fall through the cracks.

      1. My effort is to dispel the big lie perpetuated through the country.
        1. opioid epidemic started in 1909.
        2. Recent overdose deaths are not related to doctors or patients. The evidence is the proof. Scientists have reviewed the chemicals found in the dead overdoses in this country and found on 1.7% of those that died from and overdose had a prescription for an opioid.
        In layman terms 98% of overdoses are from street drugs or drugs obtained from diversion.
        The leading cause is heroin and fentanyl. So please leave the doctors and patients alone.

        3. The DEA and government is losing the drug war because they want to. This is an inside job. The drugs are poring in from outside the country. You can drive down the street of any bad area and just ask someone standing around for drugs and they will deliver them to you car. The drive through is alive and well. In these areas the police will not even drive down the streets because they will get shot.

        4. Our wonderful police would rather run to a doctors office and arrest doctors because the Doctor does not have a gun. Then accuse the good hearted doctor of pill mill etc without any evidence. Just the fact that the doctor wrote prescriptions for medications and non doctors think the dose is to high or whatever. That decision should be left up to the doctor and the patient. Sadly our political country has already judged the doctor as pill mill and the patient as a drug addict.

        This has got to change, but what do we do? The media is against pain. The government is against pain. Look I am against pain, I do not believe patients should suffer in pain. Seems everybody here is on the other side of pain. We all want pain treated and controlled based on the Doctor patient relationship and that should never be questioned or judged by anybody other than the patient ( did not mean to exclude God my father who is the real judge)

        1. Hi I’m a chronic arthritis Nerve patient medical problems since a young teen now 48, pain has destroyed most of my life and I hang dearly onto what I do have.
          I work very hard to do everything I should to help myself to help the condition as it is very very easy to give up, as most patients know without money regular therapy’s are now unaffordable, alternatives to opioids CBD is unaffordable (thank you government). So what is it ? ?please please tell me what is it that we are suppose to take or do when they say yes you suffer permanent chronic pain no it’s going no where no I can not help you access therapies at a affordable rate that I could do regularly to actually find out if they helped. But yes they want to eliminate the only medications that actually hits nerve pain, Tell us are Diabetics or any medicated dependent patient when they have been diagnosed and medication prescribed does a dr after years start to push the patient to cut back cut out medication.
          Yes for more than ten years Drs have been prescribing for bone ache inflammation and nerve pain, yes you have done and doing everything to help yourself so you have come so far actually proud I’m not punching holes in walls when my nerve pain would be out of control and mentally could not cope i don’t sleep all day and roll around on a hard floors stretching and bashing my arms and head trying to concentrate on normal pain trying to block out nerve pain searching for relief all night, no longer excessive visits to hospital so locked up in pain that needed a day of morphine. My medications are all at the lowest dosage not possible without breaking down tablets to reduce anymore.
          And still I go to my Dr and she will say it would be good to get that down !
          Every visit I feel I need to plead my case revisiting every detail of my week the basic pathetic reminder that my existence is to manage pain and try my dam hardest not to let it get to me that the way we are treated like we are seeking drugs.. do we actually deserve that on top of what we are permanently going through, We go through years of specialists pain management facilities therapy we work hard to keep weight down exercise eat well, never ever drink, try not to eat anything that is a trigger for pain even if it’s your birthday or Christmas, basically fight HARD against what is so easy to give in to and end up back at your worst.
          How !?? Is it the pressure of this is off loaded on to the patient is it our fault that Research has not found anymore answers to chronic nerve pain fibromyalgia patients suffer a lot of other complications than the nerve pain addressing pain is one of the many things.
          Do you think the government should consider the 1.7 % May have really really wanted to check out, sadly find a chronic nerve pain patient that hasn’t been at that stage, it can take many years finding drs medications saying goodbye to your former self accepting and stop chasing a fix to your condition, it’s not an injury that’s going to heal over a few months is Diabetes? No but you can work very hard to achieve a better quality of life for yourself and whom around you.

          DO the government crack down on drs prescribing anti-depressants ?
          almost taking the better of 5 years to find a antidepressant that did not work against me I’ve had a good glimpse of how easy it can swallow up a person how many have taken their lives whilst on antidepressants, do they do the numbers and
          start cutting back patients dosages and make them feel
          ASHAMED that they require the medication.

          What scares me is the mentality of a lot people without medical problems, making decisions for those that do,
          Sitting in the drs waiting room I overhear two women discussing the sad loss of Robin Williams, not how terribly sad it was that his condition got the better of him, no one says to the other .. how selfish it was .. how ungrateful for his talent as a performer.. and a disgusting thing to do to his family,
          I cried through my whole dr appointment no not for robin Williams – yes very very sad, no for the two women from the waiting room. people do not see past the exterior !

          We patients are not responsible for what addicts want or got caught up doing, I know they don’t wake up one day and say I want to become an addict and ruin my life,

          But as a chronic pain patient I did not wish for this and as the same as any other disease or medical complaint that requires the intervention of medication the position a chronic pain patient is put in is incredibly cruel and humiliating that increases your stress an anxiety resulting in more pain and frustration and depressed thoughts of how one looks forward when constantly there are threats of taking away the one thing that keeps you going.

          Fact.. if the only treatment opioid medication was taken from the chemist shelves tomorrow I am pretty certain that the number of patients with chronic pain issues would decrease no not get better no sign out, we patients that have a hold on our condition are not abusing the medication we are scared stiff if returning to a life that we fear.

          1. I’m another chronic pain patient experiencing all the thinngs you talked about reach out to me I found a solution to a few things that you said and it’s them helped me bring a little light to the rest of the arreas I struggle with just gotta find something that will bend for me it was a compassionate Dr who didn’t just wanna just throw in the towel treatig my pain because it was a very diff case with doses that scare many but it helps with that to start with an anathesiaologist someone who deals with high doses of strong drugs and is comfortable using them when appropriate

        2. I’ve been a chronic pain patient since 2001, so I’ve been in the “arena” for a long time. All the education and belief’s prior to this fake opioid epidemic was that addiction was a disease, and only those with that disease would become an addict when taking the same substance as someone who didn’t have the disease.
          Then back 2015/16, I noticed a growing number of commercials geared toward this “opioid epidemic and every one of these commercials were for a drug rehab center. Also, they have always used the vague term “opioid” which includes different substances other than just pain medication, yet were always insinuating that pill mills were to blame and too many people were on pain medication-yadayadayada. Then, the politicians started stoking up the hysteria and announced gravely how they were going to solve” the opioid epidemic”–all despite what all research up to that point indicated that less than 20% of chronic pain patients developed addictions. I believe that all this madness was started in order to make alot of people alot of money…like rehab centers which have an underwhelming success rate of something ridiculous like 2%, yet, to date continue to grow larger and larger. We need to start a class action suit and hold these bastards accountable.

          1. I agree I have servers back pain ! I get epidural injections and tramadol is a joke does not help .now with the virus 19 can’t even get epidural was counting down the days only 8 days to go then the call it’s gonna be almost 3mths now before the shots what the hell can we do no pain meds no epidural I’m 57 raising grand kids in misery pain everyday it’s just wrong I need help I can’t sit or lay or hardly walk ! I hate fuckin junkies the destroyed my life !Before I was on peracet never had problems always took as prescribed. Most people that do become dependent on pain pills abuse them !why should a 57 year old grandmother raising grandchildren suffer everyday !!ashamed to say but if something doesn’t give soon I’m gonna research heroine for pain then that a bigger problem .That or suicide then what happens to my babies any ideas??

        3. I agree 100%!! you sound just like you took the words right out of my mouth!! the problem lies with street drug dealers, trying to cut heroine with fentanyl, they are buying on the black market, to make it better, and because of their drug ignorance, they think fentanyl and CARfentanil are the same thing… THEY COULDNT BE MORE WRONG!! so then they cut their heroine w that stuff, and there you go… OD patients, dying in the streets.
          people who ACTUALLY have prescribed pain meds, rarely OD. we dont over take them because we know that we only get 1 prescription a month, and if we over take them, or sell them, that means we SUFFER. Lobbyists & DEA get involved, and then we have to suffer anyway.
          i have Adhesive Arachnoiditis because a 14yo mentally ill kid stabbed me in my back when i was 13 yo, and the knife went ‘almost’ completely thru my spinal cord. Paralysis does not mean you dont feel anything.. it just means you only feel the worst pain imaginable! i have lost a leg, due to a spider bite on one of my paralyzed feet, i have scoliosis, broke my hip and femur & have large metal rods, and i live in constant pain. Tramadol is a joke, and doesnt do anything, but if i even ask for that, i get looked at, and treated as if i was an addict, searching for drugs, instead of someone trying to LIVE.. not exist. i was doing fine, for many years, then my doctor went out of network, and now, i cant find another pain mgmt doctor to take me. i have always been outspoken against suicide, but in the last 2 years, i have considered it, more times than i will admit. my 1st cousin was seriously hurt in active duty. he lost his pain mgmt, and turned to the streets, in sheer desperation. he died from heroine cut w carfentanil. someone who cares, needs to step in and change the rules/laws, and stop real pain ‘patients’ from suffering.
          i used to be an very active mother, grandmother, crafter, and wife. now, i just lay around, and complain. this is not life.

      2. I too am in severe chronic pain. Most of my pain comes from my CRPS diagnosis after a nerve was severed during a simple surgical on my shoulder. I can’t tell you what to do of course and I too turned it down for a long time, but I just wanted to share with you what a difference the spinal cord stimulator made for me. It changed my life. Grant you I still am in pain but its tolerable. I’m still not active or out enjoying life really but it has helped me be a little more like my old self and helps me find a little joy in every day. I was blessed with a very good doctor. I hope you have found some relief and will pray for your situation

    3. I am very sorry to hear about your mother, I hope she isgetting better. But I agree with you 100%, I don’t feel the government should regulate the opioids when it’s manley the socialites are the ones overdosing. They took mine away from me and I hurt all the time. I took lortab for 16 yrs along with xanex, now they say well you cannot have it because you miht over dose. REALLY REALLY after 16 yrs of taking them. They are surely crazy.

  11. We must pray to the Lord to intervene on the cruelness of these policies that hurt people who suffer from pain. I am at the end of my rope. NOBODY will help me. No physicians that is and I suffer terribly from pain with a cancer diagnosis. Why? Do the people making these policies stop and think that they may have an illness or accident and may have to suffer themselves as a result of these policies. Local hospitals are trying to get surgeons to not prescribe pain management for surgery patients. Can you imagine having open heart surgery and not having pain treated. True story: I was working as a medical professional at a small hospice. The hospice doctor was starting end stage bone cancer and other patients on tylenol, even though they were on hospice for pain relief because they were dying. All of those policy makers should have heard what I heard that will never leave me. Dying patients screaming in pain for days with screams so loud neighbors down the street threatened to call the newspaper against our hospice. The doc said it was the new opioid rules which are very strict in Tennessee and got off the hook. I know the issue is real because I no longer have the ability to work full-time and I was in a job which helped the needy in my community. When I sleep, my husband and kids say I scream out in pain frequently. I have been to two pain doctors that even agreed to see me. One accused me of lying and the other would not take my case for fear I would be a long term patient and he would get in trouble writing scripts for more than a month or two. Come on people, this is about Medicare and Medicaid money. People in pain will go to the doctor to get pain meds. Nobody cares about us. Prayer is all we have. One last thing I keep wondering is why aren’t these FDA members and legislators afraid they will be sick. We are all going to die. Do they want to die in Pain? Why?

    1. I do not see where to comment, so am replying. I demand to know why this is allowed. Why can the United States get away with it citing that we have no Federal laws and instead have State laws? The U.S. is one of the 181 countries that signed the United Nations Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs drafted in 1961. We signed it in 1989 and our status is current as of 2019. It applies to pain patients whether it is interpreted as torture or denial of adequate pain care. I call it torture because that is my experience. Being confined to bed in agony for over 7 years save for the doctor, hospital and pharmacy is torture. A disease with no cure that can be controlled with opioids, Adequate dosing as recommended for my condition by specialists as the accepted medical protocol is denied. We have $56 billion worth of heroin entering the U.S via Mexico alone every year. Denying opioids to people in pain is obscene & certainty does not curtail illegal drugs. Quite the opposite. Overdoses have increased by rates up to 400%. We all know there is no “opioid crisis” involving prescription opioids. That was in the 90’s. Pill mills & doctor shopping are a thing of the past. Most of us know it was written into ObamaCare. We were set to be an experiment, as were our doctors. We were not informed because we would not have agreed. That too is spelled out. We are too expensive. It is better for society as a whole. 0.2-6% of prescription opiod users for any length of time at any doseage is fact. The profile of one who became an addict is a 14 year old male who stole prescriptions from a family member. This is & always has been politics. The public has been sold a bill of goods by those who have financial gain. We have ruined bodies, ruined lives & are committing suicide. We are subject to not only physical suffering. The U.S. agreed that at states have a legal obligation to respond to credible allegations of serious ill-treatment, must take steps to stop the abuse and investigate and, if necessary, prosecute the perpetrators.. This is obligation applies to cases where state authorities receive complaints from patients who are unable to get access to pain treatment, or the authorities have other reasonable grounds to believe a patient is suffering ill-treatment due to lack of access to pain treatment. Given how severe and extended the suffering is that many patients with cancer and other severe chronic pain face, the large numbers of people affected each year and the fact that this pain can be treated easily with inexpensive and safe medications, Morphine, specifically, which by the way, we provide to 3rd world countries while denying our own citizens. Failure of governments to take reasonable measures to ensure accessibility of pain treatment, which leaves millions of people to suffer needlessly from severe and often prolonged pain is a clear human rights violation. When the failure of states to take these positive steps or to refrain from interfering with healthcare services condemn large number of patients to unnecessary suffering from pain, they will not only fall foul of the right to health but may also violate the positive obligation under the prohibition of torture and ill-treatment. A key duty under the right to health is the obligation to respect which requires countries to refrain from interfering directly or indirectly with the enjoyment of the right to health. The effects are many, They are emotional, depression, anger, loss of family & friends, divorces, children removed from the home, loss of interest in things we can no longer do. Loss of sleep. The list goes on & on. If illegal immigrants were subjected to what we are, there would be public outcry. If suspected terrorists were subjected to what we are there would be public outcry. Now we have the highly invasive A****** Medical A/K/A N**x*** stripping our rights to medical privacy using an algorithm. Why bother with medical school? All we need are computers, robots & prescription dispensing vending machines. State courts have ruled that our medical information had already been seen by 3rd parties, so we have no reasonable expectation of privacy. No more than a utility worker reading our electric meters. This data mining company is free to sell or auction our sensitive medical information to the highest bidder. I have watched this scenario unfold since it began. The only thing I could not figure out was why American pharmacuticals agreed to make generics. They were from China for the most part. This too was stopped under Obama. They were fine. We did not start to hear complaint upon complaint as far as different brands of generics not being effective until American pharmaceuticals made them Those with a U.S. Pharmaceutical stamp, were only distributors. Then the supply was slashed 3 times under Obama. Trump now plans on another 1/3rd cut. Now I know why-bio similar drugs. They will soon be trotted out as a great, new affordable way for all. In most cases they are not what your doctor prescribed & not what your prescription bottle says. They are not either the biologic or therapeutic equal. “Stakeholders” are fighting to stop the 5 additional numbers on the NDC because you would be able to look up what you received. Despite the fact that I named Obama, I was only stating what is known to be factual. It is a bi-partisan issue. We must not turn this into political theater. We need to unite, not divide. He who controls the media controls the mind. The first way to control a population is to control their access to health care. Done and checked. Germany would not tolerate it when Hitler first wanted to eliminate the chronically & mentally ill. Have we learned nothing? This “opiod hysteria” MUST STOP! I see far too many of us giving up. A group least able to fight has been attacked for profit and financial gain. I for one am physically unable to protest, march, get media attention. Even I can do something such as making protest signs with names, photos, name of person & disease of known suicides due to inadequate pain care. What is not a fatal disease will kill me none the less. A human body is not designed to live in bed for years. We all can do something. Hundreds of thousands protest in the streets for every perceived injustice. We sign petitions that likely end up in the nearest trash can. We politely ask permission for 7 white coats to hold protest signs outside the White House. Please, please help us. Our government is using every trick in the book to avoid sanctioning. Our government is killing us!

      1. To follow up, I neglected to add an important point. Doctors have been victims throughout this. They were repeatedly raided, files seized and threatened by DEA agents. Caring doctors doing no wrong. We must not ever lay blame on them. They worked very hard to get to where they are. When faced with a choice of facing drug trafficking charges that carry a 25 year prison term or retiring/changing specialties, what choice did they have? I have also read many a sad story written by a doctor who had to tell a long time, usually elderly patient that he could no longer help him with a heavy heart knowing his patient would have nowhere to turn. It is unethical to abandon a patient in this manner, but doctors had no choice and were victims just as we were and are. There is not one single solitary pain medicine doctor left in my state. Every last one was run off by a rogue DEA. Suicides by physicians are also climbing in the U.S. There are plenty who care and fight for us with pen and paper. I applaud them all. A great injustice was done to them. I hate to see pain patients blame “greedy doctors” That is simply not true. I take exception to Dr. K***** who has never treated a pain patient, as he is a Phychiatrist , calls all pain pills “heroin pills:, owns the P*****X H**** chain of rehab centers, is buying up more, has been a key figure in the “opiod hysteria” & collects in excess of $560,000.00/year to date & rising by being an expert witness in lawsuits against Pharmaceutical companies for creating addicts, laughing his way to the bank.

        1. True pain patients never was part of the opioid crisis, doctors were afraid for their license ,there never was a law that said the pain managements doctors must cut back on the dosage they gave their patients, Part of the problem was Jeff Sessions, Christ Christy, and Yes Donald Trump, after being on opiates for over twenty years with no red flags I never overdosed, you are going to have a number of folks will seek out any drugs and will die ,but do blame us well documented chronic pain patients for the illicit drug trade, its all about the (MONEY)..

          1. This should never be turned into political theater. This occurred before Trump was considered as a Presidential candidate. This occurred under the Obama administration. To me, that is neither here or there. We must fight together, no matter our political leanings. Whether Trump or Clinton were President makes no difference, what so ever. We need to share information & know what the facts are. Start by reading “The Violation Of A Nation” which gives you links to the language written into ObamaCare that clearly spells out that the chronically ill are too expensive and must be eliminated. It gets better, as we were/are Guinea pigs as were/are doctors without consent or knowledge. Next came Appriss Narxcare in which lawsuits were thrown out as we no longer have any rights to expect privacy in our medical care. Our most private information is for sale to the highest bidder and not only opioids. Prescriptions are denied without doctors being privy to know why.

      2. Your so right on everything.. I’ve been in bed 16 years now living with incurable diseases that will kill me , I was born with a genetic mutation factor that caused me to be sick in my mother’s womb . I’ve been sick all my life But the nightmare happened to me overnight with a rare neuro muscle disease that is worse than Ms, Cancer and aids combined . It alone has caused severe suffering so bad that I think of taking my life all the time . My whole body is destroyed from different diseases , my organs are shutting down slowly , it’s brought more diseases and cancer , heart condition, to anything u can think of . I got sick at 32 . I was on pain meds for chronic pain I mean high amounts plus 2 other opioids . As well as Xanax since I was 7 years old and I’ve went into a coma and almost died over my drs cutting me off my Xanax . Xanax has ruined my body as well . And has destroyed my whole nervous system, motor function if I don’t have it I’ll die . And in order to function I half to have it over drs . Cause I’m like someone that’s literally retarded and sits and rocks back and forth and my muscles jerk and move and I can’t control them , I can’t even think it’s messed up my brain too . All at the same time in 2016 they shift down my pain dr for no reason , my Phychtirist stopped writing my Xanax . I’m living in complete hell and my muscles are wasting away over my muscle autoimmune diseases .. and down to 74 pounds in bed . The government knows how severe and debilitating my diseases are but yet they let you lay and suffer and not even able to go anywhere or do nothing . I can’t take care of myself. I go months without bathing. I don’t have my mom now to take care of me I had to find her dead and my dads sick and old . I got 2 sisters but they don’t take care of me they really don’t care . I’m tired of living and I’m barley hanging on . I’m lucky if I eat something once a day . I’m not able to cook . I suffer to bad . When I had my pain meds I was at least able to do things that I can’t do at all . I had my weight on me . I looked good . My skin at 48 sags like a 80 year old . Where I have no muscle mass . And drs in my state no nothing about my disease . The government just wa nets up to all die . Population control. Well since they want that then let drs write meds what does it matter to them . But they just abandon us when there’s no opioid epidemic in Wv it’s Meth epidemic in Wv . All we are is a number to them . If we were in the elite ppl that are famous or politics ect they can get any help they want . But regular ppl they want us all to die ..

          1. I fell last week because I have developed vertigo with my migraines. An xray and ultrasound revealed that I have something called “floating rib syndrome.” I received a steroid injection and a morphine injection. I need to know if this is protacol . My concern is that I come from a family of addicts and I am worried.

        1. Its seems that the innocent has to suffer,If people burn their homes, they get their homes paid for the people that don’t burn their houses have to pay for the ones that got the insurance money,Same way with car insurance, the good people have to pay for the folks that made bad choices, The chronic pain patients pay for the people that is doctor shopping and in the drug trade so sad ,but true.

        2. Hang in there Debbie. I have osteoarthritis throughout my whole body and I’ve broken my back in the same 3 vertebra 3 times already, anyhow I have had the same issue drs are scared to write scripts anymore. I’ve always been high tolerant to opiates so my dr. Suggested a pain pump. If you’ve never heard of it do yourself a favor and look up medtronics or Flowonics interthiecal pump. They usually use morphine but I now have su fyntynal because like I said I have a high tolerance. The battery life last about 7 yrs. I’m on my 2nd pump, I currently have the flowonix primera 2. I would reccomend it to anyone who is battling chronic pain it’s a life changer.

        3. I absolutely agree. I am in almost the same boat as you are. I’m so sorry you have to go through it to . The minute that law went through my pcp took me off my meds 1 1/2 years ago. Sent me to be put on subutex it dont help the pain they say it for chronic pain . I cant do hardly anything I used to be able to. My life is like this when the pain gets so bad I get one warning than I black out I wake up in the ambulance which is idling in my yard I told them .what happened it’s the pain they monitored me than. placed me back in my house . They took my Medicaid away my emergency response system my aides that used to .all I have is Medicare and it dont pay for shit and trump is gonna cut our social security as soon as he is re elected he said . I have a cane but now I can barely walk I’m hunched over I’m up almost all night in tears and sometimes crying because I cant control it they put me on adavan to control the anxiety attacks from the pain . I cant do nearly as much as I used to I have fibro herniated disks in my back and neck destructive PSORACTIC arthritis which has eaten half my left clavicle they say its osteomyelitis just the non contagious kind I have neuropathy borderline diabetic the arthritis has I
          Made itself at home in all my joints my disks in my back my neck arms and legs my lower back i scream sometimes I just cant take it I’m constantly on my heating pads to try and help but nothing helps I take one more fall and crack my head more i might just forget whom everybody is . It’s scary when it gets that bad
          My son found me in the driveway and was so upset at the way the ambulance treated me the dr said i need to come off the subutex and go back on pain meds I’ve been to 5 pain mgt places all said no and pcp used to do my meds wont now at all due to the law she said they have tied her hands behind her back and when I have to go to er I’ve passed out right in the waiting room they can not do anything for me because of the subutex and I’m allergic to alot of meds sulfers NSAIDs penc and the list goes on even ibuprofen and codeine its rough I dont know what to do but my quality of life really sucks . And now that I’m on the subutex I’m labled as a druggy when I’m not . Any help would be appreciated

      3. All I can say is that I concur! I am a former OR nurse that had been reduced to a prisoner of my bed, bc Sarcoidosis Disease has destroyed my entire body. I am in constant pain, and even with 24 hr doses of morphine, my pain become absolutely unbearable, and so have to scream out in agony. The thought of no morphine to buffer my pain would be no different than a torture technique to get rid of the sick and weak minded. They know that if someone is tortured or suffers long and hard enough, they will accept death as a solution to their unbearable pain and suffering. It is s wicked world that we live in, and it’s worse than any psychological thriller that Hollywood could create! God help us all!!

      4. I am truly sorry for you .These politicians are looking for popularity.Most of them,not all, can give two cents about the pain we’re in.Because If they need pain meds,they have no problem getting them!

      5. I agree 100% with Molly Bean! I have been confined to my bed for 5 1/2 years, loss of self esteem, crying everyday, cannot sleep because of the severity of pain I suffer; all because my employer caused all the injuries to my spine, hips, back fracture. La Posada Retirement in Green Valley, Az was negligent caused Medical Malpractice as their Physical Therapist claimed the only way to relieve my muscle spasming and sciatic nerve pain was trial of their new mechanical traction machine. I was unaware of such machine; La Posada falsified the medical records, after fact I find out the physician never ordered script to apply traction to my spine. Physical Therapist used the machine incorrectly not by Company standards-medical procedures. I felt snaps, popping, breaks, excruciating pain screaming out crying because I had no feeling from my neck down, total numbness, loud ringing in my ears, severe pain in my head. I screamed to them “Oh my God I am paralyzed”. At this point the therapists are running around confused yelling to one another, “call 911″,”Hurry call the ambulance”. They both questioned each other did I set and pull to 25, I think I did! I now suffer excruciating pain; with a T-12 back fracture, 4 herniated and blown disc’s, misalignment of both hips, neck pain, neuropathy, radiculopathy, severe burning pain of both feet, and a hernia of my female abdomen organs. I have gone and been through so much, as my employer’s Vice President phoned my primary care doctor while I was in the exam room; VP was yelling, cursed, and made my physician cry. My physician stated I must seek another physician. Pain Management, denied my insurance, a new physician of (ICA) refused medications; claiming I was lazy and I did not want to work. Thereafter, seeking other 1,2,3, physicians 3rd physician (ICA) ordered MRI w/o contrast Dr. S. F. Diagnosis spinal cord damage, severe disc, hip, nerve, tremor damages, prescribed medications and orders seek primary care physician. Primary care physician sends me to Pain Management. Pain doctor prescribes pain medications after 5 months, my doctor relocates out of state. I received a call from my pharmacy, pharmacist suggest I call the doctor as she did not submit the monthly ordered script to be filled monthly. I phoned pain management, I was informed a message would be submitted to the doctor. I never received a call back after 2-days. I decided to call pain management again and the girl that answered the call began arguing, yelling at me, telling me it was up to her if she felt like checking on the situation, she then said, I do not want to here about your pain suffering, as far as I’m concerned there is absolutely nothing wrong with you and she hung up on me! I began crying, loosing all faith, just the thought knowing I can no longer work, decorate homes, design jewelry, get out of bed to take on the normal life I once had, I have no self esteem. This pain I suffer robs you of life whereas, I have fear to move, touch anything. The next day I phoned into pain management again, and the same girl answered the call advised me I was discharged, I asked her if I can speak to my doctor she said “No”, I asked if I can get my medical records she said “No”, I asked if I can get all the notifications, calls to prove all my attempts to fill my script and she said “No”!!! I’ve communicated with my primary care doctor to notify him of the on going suffering he suggested I go into pain management and speak to them, because it sounds as if that girl had a bad day. I can’t even get out of bed! I have been suffering, crying, unable to sleep with all this pain. I can’t believe our system neglecting someones rights to law suit attempts, as I’ve been denied in every court, fault of employer’s medical malpractice, denied with disability, denied medications, denied appointments
        Denied medical records, denied to speak to your own doctor. I’ve called the mayor, board of supervisors, and plenty more, I just get avoided, excuses, and run-arounds
        What is up with our government, our system they have “No” heart, please listen to the people of suffering pain, it is no fault of mine, I did not ask for the spinal damages

      6. I agree with molly! I owned my own tree trimming business…owned 2 homes..paid my taxes..then one day on May 6 2002 rope where I tie in my harness not only broke. But the branch I was standing on look fine from the outside..however as I stepped on this branch it was rotting inside! So my harness the branch caused me to fall 41ft to the ground! My discs were not just broken the t- levels were the paralyzing ones, a famous dr…spine surgeon DrPalumbo, he practiced in Allentown Pa then went on to New York! He dissidents my discs were smashed to the point where he told my fiancé that these discs were like sand in a sandbox! All my ribs were broken two oh which stabbed into both my lungs which collapsed, ‘broken arms legs pelvis fingers and worst of all my spine! Less than one inch upwards of this discs would’ve meant instant death. Most people spend 4 to 6 months in hospital recovery…I was in for one year one week and one month., a very long and painful recovery I hesitate to use that word cuz I’ll never recover! Multiple drs and spinal cord injury drs told me I’d be in unrelenting severe hot stabbing pain for the rest of my life! I have hundreds upon hundreds of bone shards in the jelly that is on both sides of my spine still in there, the dr said he can’t remove hundreds and hundreds of these cuz one pin prick slip will either kill me or cuz me to be a quadriplegic…from my chin down! Would need a feeding tube, not to mention I lost my whole very active live..I now live in bed and a wheelchair, I’m now 64 yrs oldMY BONES are very brittle and in in excruciating pain 24/7. Thanks to Jesus..I found a very sympathetic dr and a expert on spinal cord injuries who told me and my girl that I’d be spending my life in Pain! I was given enough over the yrs to at least live this miserable shell of a live inlesser pain! So now come the feds cdc and dea..trying to cut my pain meds until I’m off completely. If that happens where do I go? To the streets to buy meds which will undoubtedly kill me..I don’t want to do that! I have serious pain issues, dr told me as bad as or in some cases more than cancer patients? So what now. I will not live the rest of my sr Igor live in a bed…in a nursing home AND be in constant pain! I won’t live like that! Whar about people like us…btprain issues cuz of splitting my head open….thalamus neurion pain which is devasting! I won’t live like that! Im better off dead! So what do I do…where do I go???

    2. Truly heartless money hungry states officials that will pocket money from the settlements and could give a damn about use seniors that have been on high doses for over 20 years and our pain grows daily with our aging body and now our meds have been cut in half even though having more major ortho surgeries and more disabling artiritis with the low does i get know i basically have enough medication to get from my bed to the couch and watch my life pass in front of me since my low dosage do not allow me to do any activities like i did when i was on my dosage that they cut in half after 20 years. I pray everyday that the state officials that are pushing this to sue the pharm manufactures to line their pockets and cut our pain treatment I pray everyday that them and there loved ones in their life suffer a disabling lifelong painful injury and they get to suffer and their loved ones get to suffer and lose the quality of life they had before like we have to suffer and they remember THEY did this to them and i pray they suffer in pain daily and truly see that their are patience that this medication gave them a life and they now have taking away. May God let them suffer as they have made us!

      1. it is truly heartbreaking.The idiots that are giving all of the statistics are mixing illegal drugs like heroin with prescription drugs to make it out to be a lot worse than it is.Don’t get me wrong,They did need to tighten the rains a little,but they got stupid about it because certain politicians figured out how to make a lot of $$$ off of the pharmaceutical companies.Greed is destroying our country!

        1. What you said is so true. The federal government runs and owns the housing industry, They own and run the banks and now they want to run our life and ruin our health care system. I feel as though I have ben abandoned by the health care system and the doctors that look at me knowing I full well need something for pain and walk out of the room are too numerous to mention. Don’t want socialized medicine? We already got it. When doctors are prevented form doing their job and are having to cater to the demands of our corrupt FDA and DEA something is very wrong here. They are wanting the older people to die off and are hastening up the process. We are just a statistic to our federal government. We have worked all our lives, paid our taxes, raised our children and have contributed to the economy of this nation but since we no longer have anything to contribute then why help us? How can anyone be retired when they hurt so bad they cannot go anywhere? This is all about money. The states have sold yours and my rights off to gain money from the pharmaceutical industry the same way they sold your rights out in the cigarette fiasco a few years back. Why tell the doctors anything about your health when they cannot do anything to help us with pain. Why tell them you hurt. They cannot and will not do anything. Recently my back went completely out. I have no feeling on my entire left side and am having to use a walker to get around. I am hurting with this like no other pain in my lifetime and to see a patient hurting and do nothing is just as bad as manslaughter in my opinion. They put me on steroids and muscle relaxants but I cannot take muscle relaxants because I have a hereditary autoimmune disease and microscopic colitis in which this muscle relaxants are tearing my stomach apart. So now I have to suffer with severe continual diarrhea to get feeling back in my left side.? Our health care community has let us who are chronic pain patients down terribly. Trump steps up to the microphone and says they are taking away opoids but then says we are working on something to take their place? Golly Gee – do you think that maybe they should have found something before they took away the pain meds. Now the chronic pain patient is the only one who is suffering. The drug dealers are still out there dealing drugs and making more money now because the chronic pain patient has to get pain pills from someone so they are bought illegally to keep from suffering needlessly. So the drug dealers are all still out there dealing while the one made to suffer is the chronic pain patient. Go after the right people and eve me alone. I am a grown adult and do not need to be monitored by anyone. I was on a huge dose of pain medication but when I found out this was happening about the pain meds I stopped taking them. I was on pain pills and fentanyl [patches and I just stopped taking them, I never had withdrawals. IO just stopped taking them. /all these detox centers are a sham run mostly by our federal government to gain more money from us who are already suffering and they seem to think we will check into rehab and dry out???? From what???? Maybe some parents should have kept little Johnny or little Susie away from the medicine cabinet and not let them get mama and daddy’s pills and we would not be where we are. Maybe they should get these high and mighty doctors off the TV sets telling everyone how they will die with too much pain meds in their system and they need to check into rehab. Maybe the doctors themselves should band together and tell the corrupt FDA and the DEA that they will no longer treat their patients like they are being forced to currently do now by the ridiculous laws from the FDA and the DEA. That being said I know no less than 50 people working at the two agencies who are currently try taking pain meds themselves yet they are working on tasing more laws to prevent the chronic pain patient from getting help? Personally I give up. I was on the same amount of benzodiazepines for 19 years and use those before bd and it I get stressed but now my doctor is also cutting thees off too? I do not choose to live my life in this kind of pain. Living in pain like this is not worth living. No one will listen and no one cares. I hurt so bad that I cannot leave the house. I cannot walk, stand, sit or sleep. The only thing left is spending my days in bed. This is what I am being forced to do at this time in my life when I should be enjoying my life. I am no drug addict. I am a chronic pain person who needs help but there is none to be found. When our federal government backs doctors into corners and tells them what they can and cannot do and the doctors take it then something is very wrong with our health care. The doctors are just sitting there and doing nothing while their patients need answers and the doctors hv none to give us. Our government wants us dead because we would then be off their books and off their health care system and that is the whole thing here. We die. They gain from our loss and it is passed on down to the next person . It is all about socialized medicine and going rid of the unhealthy people like socialism. Trump just signed on board to socialism when he made that announcement and that is unforgivable in my opinion. Only thing left for mw now is to wait to die and that is what I am currently doing. It is better than the pain I am now suffering with no one to help me and nothing will be changing in the near future. So our feds get another one to bite the dust and life goes on. I will die unforgiving to our federal government to what they have done to the chronic pain patient who truly needs help and had their back turned on by our own country. All this is political BS.

        2. im tina been diabled long .they dont want to treat with meds and now going to have steriod put in back he tells me when pops back o by the way we found turmor in your and will freeze it he was ass hole when i i treated with lyiria and percoet did better now im been stuck in my house 2 ys

    3. I wss hurt bad on the job bs k messed up docyors tried all types if medication .They left my mind messed up ,dream like.and still there was some pain but not as bad..Then a older doctor gave me morphine , it helped a lot ..I didn’t want to die anymore. This medication is God natural way to help people in sever pain. T he medication dud not leave me in a daze , I could think clearly again. We the people need to fight! doctors spend years in school studying medications..Let the Educated Doctors do their work! Government stay out

      1. The politicians figured out away to make money from the so called prescription medication crisis.They are not going to stay out of it.Did’nt you get the memo?The politicians know more about you than your own doctor does.

    4. The government and dea are evil. The so called drug war will not ever get no better it will get worse because they are the ones that bring the drugs and put them on the streets then follow who buys them then have there evil cops jail the addicts and buyers. They win twice. That’s why they have doctors deny the right to pain relief, so it forces people in pain to buy from them there drugs they put on the street and then jail people. They care nothing for human life, only there own and greedy evil ones like them selves. There prohibition is fake lies they make up so they can benefit off of human beings suffering. A way there evil will stop is if people join and front them and protest . If there is no protest with not enough voices nothing will change until they distroy the whole human race. Which they are going to anyhow. Because they are evil monsters. They don’t want no troops pulled out of Afghanistan/Iraq because they are guarding the poppy plantations they stole. Ever since we went there the poppy fields are thriving and the heroin is pouring into the USA. It’s obvious there drug war is all lies. They are the devil pure evil monsters. And doctors should be ashamed of themselves for helping them by denying pain patients the god given right to pain medication and not standing up for what is right and the path they took, which is to do no harm or hurt patients. There oath is hypocritical Whether they realize it or not they are helping torture there own loved ones. If they or there loved ones get hurt, sick or old well now they all have to suffer also or go buy on the street from the dea and be jailed. They are all evil for the inhumane torture and suffering they have caused pain patients they are evil tortureing monsters. How dare anyone deny another human being the right to pain relief. They are all pure evil torturers.

  12. I don’t know if posting my story here now will help or not but I’m hoping it does. Because this needs to be heard very loud and very clear and in as many places as possible. I would not be here if not for pain medication. My pain is so bad that I go into delirious rages when it gets really bad yet AGAIN and I can’t get away from it yet AGAIN and I don’t want to go through it yet AGAIN and I beg everyone and everything around me to HELP ME because I’m NOT OK when I am in THIS much pain. The amount of rage that builds when you know exactly what you are in for because it happens so often and it’s more than you can handle…you just have no idea until you are put in that place. Do you really expect someone to keep on living in that kind of condition? I get 15mg of percocet a day…that’s it! And it’s been the same dose for 2 years. I have to cut it up to take small amounts throughout the day to take the edge off my pain. Apparently 3 bulging discs in my neck and at least 1 in my low back, along with sacroiliitis and problems with my SI Joints being overly mobile, bone spurs, calcifications and cysts are not enough prove that I’m a worthy enough human being to deserve the absolute mercy and compassion to be given enough pain medication to allow me to have any kind of quality of life at all. Apparently the fact that NSAIDS are not recommended for those who have had the gastric sleeve surgery as I have nor that my own genetics show I have a higher risk of intestinal bleeding with NSAID use, nor that my own mother has had bouts with intestinal bleeding that have landed her in the hospital on multiple occasions along with her nearly losing her life (they had such a hard time stopping the bleeding at one point that she was losing blood faster than they could put it back into her) are seen as good enough reasons for me to refuse to take any more of them (even though they barely even touch my pain and leave me horribly bloated with abdominal pain) and give doctors the right to label me as nothing but a drug seeker. Apparently my hypersensitivity to pain, which I have had since I was a child, cannot be proven well enough to be considered at all, even though again, my genetics show that I have the gene associated with being more sensitive to pain. So instead I am seen as a whiner and complainer. Cymbalta, Lyrica, Gabapentin and even low dose Naltrexone caused some pretty scary side effects without giving pain relief, but even though I broke out in a body wide rash and hives after taking Gabapentin, I seem to be shocking my doctors when I refuse to try them again and they can’t understand what is wrong with me, so I’m labelled with anxiety. Yeah ok, I guess when you have a bad experience and you’re faced with the same circumstances that caused it, you might have a bit of anxiety. So I guess the fact that I get more relief from Percocet than anything else I’ve ever tried (and I’ve been through all the injections, chiropractic care, physical therapy, massages, acupuncture etc) without any horrible side effects (minor constipation is easily controlled with magnesium) makes me a drug seeker. Isn’t anyone who seeks relief from medication then a drug seeker then? Take the medication away that is the only thing keeping me from jumping off a cliff, and you take away the only thing keeping me back from it. This is not a dramatization or someone trying to get attention. This is someone trying to stay alive…someone who wants to be here to live the rest of her life and grow old with her husband. This is someone who has been pushed so far past her limits that the fact that she is even still here is pretty dang amazing. This is someone who can’t understand why she is forced to suffer so much pain when she has nothing but love for others in her heart, who always tries to do the right thing, who would change the world for the better in a heartbeat if given the chance. This is someone who deserves a little compassion and care… because without it, she will break into so many pieces that she will never be whole again. And she has enough people who love her, that her pain will spread to all of those that will miss the someone she used to be when she was able to smile.

    1. I Had my thyroid removed due to cancer. The. Incision was almost the was whole length of the front of my neck.
      Mind you I had two c-section’s and with doc’s clearing the baby and myself
      I was discharged a day and a half early. Meaning i was no wimp when it came to pain. This was 16 years ago. I did get pain meds that’s time though. After my thyroid cancer surgery no pain meds prescribe on the sane day surgery discharge. The next day (Friday) I was in so much pain I couldn’t not even lift myself off the couch or bed without excruciating pain. I called the surgeon the following day to tell Humberto I needed pain medicine. I didn’t not hear back from him until Monday. I no longer needed them but suffered severely with 5 kids to take care of. If you’re a woman you will get dismissed many times as anxiety or menopause, if you have Kids forget it. I have/had so many medical issue.
      Epstein Barr chronic
      Vitamin d deficiency like nonexistent
      Possibly ms or Lupas or another autoimmune
      Actinetic keratosis/ pre or current skin cancer, not all biopsied multiple leisions.
      Partial tear rotator
      Arthritis (bad)
      Neck disks out some back disk too.
      Not one pain killer yet my husband has spinal stenosis that’s it got pain meds from the doctor on first visit and works behind a desk just like me

  13. 5/31/19
    I have spinal stenosis,anklosing spondlysis,osteo arthritis,Placed on Fentanyl Patch 50mcg for severe pain,inability to walk, I use a walker most days, On good ones, My cane.Now I am bed ridden for one month since my PCP tapered my drug amt to half its life time. I have been taking since 2204. He suggests it will work for me because he has to abide, What about my quality of life one the line he is treading??? I am scared because he now is taking me to another quarter amt down, How can I live. I am on full disability for two years after working 18 years with this pain, I know how to deal with pain, however when a drug is used to improve that life and assist how is it better when I have no energy. I am racked with pain. I want to turn to alcohol which I cannot tolerate because I also have IBS which the Fentanyl was a godsend. Why? How can I help myself and others on this panel fight for our rights to live as normal as we are allowed to at someones elses gavel????

    1. Your lucky , you got Pain meds from the beginning. . I have a Lower Spinal Cord Nerve Damage, that’s Degenerative. From a car accident 3yrs ago, someone ran full speed into the back of me , while I was stopped at an Stop Light. And now I’m deal with that, kidney stones and Fibermyalga in my upper shoulder region . Both sides, all the way up to the back of my head. , and the servere migraines every 2-3days. Asoon as the migraine goes away, it’s starts back up again. .
      The only thing the Doctors will give me is Muslce Relaxers and Lidocaine Patches. . And now doctors have me on Dulexotine. Which really Clouds my thoughts & thinking. And a lot of times I miss Speak what I’m trying to say. And that makes my wife & I, . Argue alot. . Becuz she doesn’t think that medication does that to my thinking.. . And Dulexotine makes me really sleep ALL the time. . As soon as I sit down, I start falling asleep. . And it’s not helping my marriage but all the meds are making it worse. . . I just want some Pain Meds, to help with improving my quality of life. . I want to do things with my wife , with my grandsons. . . I’m just asking for a little bit of quality, and pain meds help. . But they won’t prescribe them. . . I’m doing the best I can and more. . Sometimes, I suck it up and try to be Happy on the outside. . When my inside are in Intense pain every day, every hour, every second. . .
      And yes, I told my doctor all this. I’ve been thru 6 doctors already with 2 full MRI scans, ultraSounds and I lost count of All the CAT scans. . . Still No help. . . I need some to talk to. . I don’t what to do. . It’s taking a Very Large Toll on my wife. . And I feel like All this was just dumped on her, all of a sudden. . . rye.5056863177. . U can text me anytime. . If anyone wants to just text & chat. If you feel alone. . I’m here. . I’m always here. . Thanks 4reading.

      1. Helol I have had Rhuemtiod arthities for 15 years I have been on humera and perkacets for 15 together I was doing vary well no pain at all but little till some one stole my prescription I went through the depression and withdraw after that and of course my doctor couldn’t refill my prescription for 30 days but with in the 30 days of my prescription being stolen from me my back shoulders blades and upper shoulder blades started to hurt I told my rheumatologist that my shoulder blades and upper shoulders started to hurt and this remember was in the 30 days of my opioids being stolen so any way I started to hurt in my back shoulder blades and upper back shoulders and this was the first time in 15 years I had been without a opioid in my system since someone stole them from me but anyway when I told my rheumatologist that my shoulder blades and my upper shoulders started to hurt me right after my prescription was stolen I was dignoed with firbomylaigai so who ever stole my prescription put me in a bad spot by making me go into withdraw and depression and withdraw witch a month later cause me to get fibromyalgia and I was able to get back on my meds 30 days later when I was able to refill them but boom they were stolen and two weeks later I had feibomylagia just because of that I was able to get back on my prescription 30 days when it was time to refill them but now I have fibromyalgia just because they were stolen from me and I had to go throught depression and stress and withdraw for 30 days and ended up with fibromyalgia two later and I’m back on my prescription but now they don’t work right no more do to the fact that now I firbo so what icam trying to say is that I got fibromyalgia from my perkacets being stolen from within two weeks time and now thstbi was able to get back on them 30 days later they don’t work no more because of fibromyalgia that i didn’t have to begin with at all till my prescription was stolen from me and that caused to get fibromyalgia

        1. 2 times someone stole your pain pills?? I had a similiar theft but not all my pain meds were stolen but just enough that i knew something was wrong and then i got a call from my sister in law friend who told me that my sister in law was handing out the opiate I was on like candy to her girl friends and wanted them all to take the Methadone tablets at the same time to get high! This friend knew i was the only person she knew that took Methadone for pain and i took the least amount daily even though I was on a heavy dose back then but I did not like having to dependant on meds as I suffered Cluster Headaches that I had been seen by some well known cluster headache specialist on the eastern coast but the surgery was not a option to severe my facial nerves so pain doctor put me on Methadone as my Oxycodone dose had gotten out of hand and never really worked for me, but Methadone was a great pain reliever without the side effects that narcotics usually give patients. I was so angry that I told my husband ” I am sick of these addicts , what is going on with this country and the prescription abuse??” So i went off Methadone probably taking about 80mg to 100mg day cold turkey flushed the bottle down the toilet and luckily never had withdrawals . 1 time someone stole from me pain meds would be the last and doctors are not going to fill opiates for you if this keeps happeneing and as far as Fibro the cause of being without pain meds !! I hardly believe that would happen as Fibro is given for patients as a diagnosis I would be rather insulted to labeled as because thye will give that to a patient who complains of pain . I wonder if your doctor thinks you are abusing your meds to get high as you are showing drug seeking behavior. This type of behavior hurts patients with real chronic pain issues as doctors and nurses have to have good assessment skills in the speciality of pain as there are way to many abusers out there saying someone stole my pills? I hope you contacted the police and offer a blood drug tests to show no opiates in your system. There are ways that doctors can weed out the abusers but not all do. And the pill mill and GREEEDY money hungry doctors , pill mill owners are another isssue in the war on opiates, and lastly patients families suing opiate dru makers esp Oxycodone makers for millions because thier son or daughter died!! GIVE mE A BREAK !! These parents should of raised there children better or gave them more tough love and not bending to the manipulation of these kids who want something for nothing and have not a bit respect for themselves let alone human kind. Be glad they are dead as 1 less thieve causing decent people heartache. This country is no longer a Democracy as our govt has there hands and noses in all phases of our lives including medical diagnosis and who should be treated for pain. There needs to be Palliative care for chronic pain patients and even hospice if they just want pain relief but no cure .


          2. Oh are you a doctor? I didn’t think so,how can you say that that man didn’t get crap fibromyalgia?And I think you may need to pick up a Bible and read it and ask for some forgiveness how dare you say one less Thief?I’ll be praying for you and your family cuz you need the lord in your live and if you happen to attend church your going to the wrong one

          3. I am 36 years old and have been on methadone for 11 years for pain. My doctor is retiring in 2 months. I’m scared I won’t find another doctor. I know it’s going to be hard. I’m not sure how to even go about it as my pcp says he can’t refer me to another pcp only pain management which is in another county. Far drive… I have seen this pcp and this pcp alone since I was 3 years old. Any suggestions on how to go about finding a new doctor? My current pcp has lowered me from 80mg a day to 50 over the last 6 months since he knew about the retirement. It’s been fine and I can stay on 50 a day. No other pcp will except me in this same clinic. He told me that the other doctors were paid incentives and bonuses to NOT PRESCRIBE narcotics! Is that even legal? If so it shouldn’t be. That’s like saying make your patient suffer just to make more money. I couldn’t believe that was even true. I have less respect for those doctors and the ppl that created this. In this economy ppl wouldn’t turn that down. That was also given to take ppl off their meds. My doctor said he didn’t care about that extra money and didn’t take one single narcotic patient off their meds. He said all his patients were stable and that would be inhumane and unfair to choose. Thank God I had a compassionate doctor. Anyway any tips would be great!

          4. Cathy,
            To call someone’s child a thief and say they should be glad they’re dead Is reprehensible. I hope you don’t have children because your parenting skills are deplorable and not up to par.
            IF you were ever on methadone, as you claim, you would’ve gone through withdrawals so severe that death would’ve been a relief.
            Also, it’s not greedy doctors causing all of this opioid hysteria, they’re victims in this political nonsense as many patients are.
            Try researching this subject a little bit before getting into a public discussion about it, if you can comprehend what you’re reading that is.

        2. I have RA. OA had a back fusion, ankle fusion. Bilateral knee caps removed. Shoulder rebuilt rotator cuff and grafts. Going to have a shoulder replacement. All with no analgesics. I quit breathing on the Demerol, morphine group and get and acute lower belly pain on all else. Except tylenol. ice packs. Were my relief and loud Russian classical music. It can be done. Tough tho’

      2. Dear Rylan, I am on generic Cymbalta/Duluxetine also for pain relief and major depression due to chronic pain. This drug makes me super sleepy and confused and fuzzy so you can show this to your wife! You are not to blame for misspeaking one bit! I just moved from Illinois to Pennsylvania and the pain Docs here in Erie so far will not prescribe pain meds! I’m lucky I have extra Percocet but my fentanyl patch which gives me a good quality of life is out in three days. The PROP proposal is nuts! I am going to write to the FDA against this. I feel bad for you and hope you are eventually able to get the pain meds you need! You can email me anytime and if I’m up I will respond! Good luck, Marybeth K.

      3. Rylan, just read your blog and identify with your pain. I don’t think you gave your age. I am a 75 year old woman
        With similar sounding issues. I would list them all but this site would cut me off! Just know that I’ve lived with chronic pain since roughly voting age. I didn’t know I had double scoliosis until a man backed his car into me knocking me under it. My boyfriend insisted that I be tested immediately. That’s when I found out I have this hideous spine, either from birth or childhood. On that day I had no idea what lay ahead for me. At 59 I had required fusion surgery. After, the surgeon said he would have had a logical cause to have performed the surgery from skull to below coccyx
        It is a dreadful recovery— five months. At that time he prescribed morphine. It is a minimum dose but I’ve never asked for more. Each of my doctors agreed with the validity of this drug, no one has questioned it. But now, with this administration cracking down I don’t know what lies ahead.. I’ve been with my primary care doctor for 31 years and an already grieving that he will retire in two years. So, who knows what his replacement will do re morphine. It has never made me feel high so I can’t identify with those who do have that reaction, Ie addiction. Also, I have Arthritis, stenosis, spondylitis and fibromyalgia. There’s more but enough said. Recently, a fracture entered the panoply and it has ramped up every spinal condition many times over. I may have brought some of this on myself as I’m a type A person who has pushed myself all my life. A teacher was my first career, then raising two children with my then husband but I did the child rearing. Called to ordained ministry,I got a MDiv Degree cum laude
        I worked too hard and health declined, pain increased, had two sinus surgeries- the second was to save my life, cancer etc etc. I loved pastoral ministry ( Presbyterian USA) but had to give it up. But I chaplained for hospice and started my own counseling practice which included supporting those dealing with breast cancer. In summers I assisted the pastor of my local church in our Oregon summer home. I’ve underwritten a great jazz festival in Newport Oregon. During my life I’ve volunteered for many charities. Etc etc. I might not be in this painful state had I slowed down but I never knew how and I wouldn’t change any of it. I will pray for you—?that you find relief and joy that is hiding under all that suffering. Not empty words. I really will. When I get down, as I am now dealing with this fracture and on seventh bout of CDiff.. if you don’t know it, look it up. It now surpasses MRSA as number one global killer. It helps many in our situation (s) to keep a journal. Share your pain and mental suffering with it. You’ll find yourself finding some joy and gratitude you didn’t know were in you all the time, giving you strength for each new day.
        If my server isn’t down, you’ll get this. Just knowing someone is out there who’s been through it all and cares.
        May life begin to feel worth getting up in the morning! Blessings, Rev.

      4. And they wonder why some people turn to the streets. Call me crazy but I’d rather have them stand in line for percocet 4x a day then give them safe injection sites and the ability to get stoned out of their mind, and pass out on the
        sIdewalks with the needles, still stuck in their arm. Will it stop the high seekers? NO!!!! Nothing will, except them. It will help the millions of people suffering in pain again after years of managed pain and better quality of life. It’s certainly better than what they are doing now! Going to make the heroin problem worse. Watch and see. Guarantee it.

        1. Good for you. Admire you. God bless. I do silversmithing as hobby. Disabled from 1993 with multiple surgeries (orthopedic) and post polio syndrome. (You get weaker and weaker). I take no pain medication Cannot.

    2. I can relate to your story. I have had the same primary care doctor for over 15 years. I have been on hydrocodone and Valium for longer than that and have never had any problems with my pain as long as I took my medicine. I have degenerative disc disease with arthritis of the spine from a serious injury since 1979. I also had sciatica from the spine injury which is now eliminated due to they pain medication. It doesn’t take away all the pain but it makes life tolerable. The valium, usually for anxiety or muscle relaxant, has helped in conjunction with the hydrocodone. I also have been diagnosed with arthritis in one knee and in one hand. My doctor monitors me once a year and has me sign a contract stating that I will not do any of the following:
      Sell the pills
      Taking meds prescribed
      Do not loan or give them to a friend
      Do not discard unless I give them to him if I decide to stop taking them which I would never do the first place. I hope you feel better and get a doctor who will help you. God bless you

  14. I don’t think our pain is being considered. They’re only focusing on people with drug problems. I started having problems in 2008, after an auto accident. The first diagnosis was chronic spasms & fibromyalgia. I ‘ve had 2 bottles of hydrocodone & about 3 to 4 bottles of Tramadol,this was several years ago. When the doctors tried to prescribe stronger meds, I declined. I have osteoarthritis in my neck, back, knees & hands, cervical/ lumbar degenerative disc disease, cervical bulging disc, stenosis, narrowing of the spine, cervical radiculopathy, carpal tunnel in hands to elbow, small fiber neuropathy, myofascial pain syndrome, Connective tissue disease/Lupus, Sjogrens autoimmune disease, Raynaud’s disease, bone spurs in neck, cervical rib, hypercalmia, hyper parathyroid disease supposedly Complex regional pain syndrome, hiatal hernia cervicalgia, dry eyes, burning face & mouth from Sjogrens, cervicogenic headaches, etc, etc. Just had a full body NM scan. I’m in pain everyday, burning, numb, ache and needle sticks. My rheumatologist offered me tramadol. All test for inflammation were elevated. The rheumy has 53 condirions listed in my records, all proven, except CRPS. My autoimmune diseases are active. & verypainful. The patients that need pain medications aren’t getting them & suffering. Now that I can’t take the pain anymore, I’m getting the run around, so disappointing. They should treat every case different. Good luck everyone!

    1. I’m 33 years old and have been on Percocet for 5 years and my pain has been stable. I was borderline suicidal before I was started on the pain medicine because living constant pain and unable to work or live life and take care of your kids is a depressing ordeal. I’m definitely not the suicidal type! I have bilateral pars defect, spondolysthesis and severe forarminal narrowing. I’m a nurse and have been for over 10 years. I have never abused my pain meds and never asked for a dose increase. I even got steroidal spinal injections that I had to pay 300$ a pop for on my own free will just to attempt to get some relief and I’m petrified of needles it was very traumatizing but I thought the benefit vs risk would be worth it. If you’re in enough pain u will do whatever it takes this I know. Now 5 years later my doctor is telling me that because I’m under 45 and don’t have cancer I can all of a sudden not have my pain medicine. I feel for all the cancer patients truly but I may not have cancer but I still have chronic pain everyday even with the pain medicine but it does make it at least manageable. I’m a single mom and I depend on my medicine to get me through and be able to support my kids. I had thought about surgery prior to getting started on the medicine but my doctor told me I was entirely too young that I would continue to have to have surgery over and over and at this point I was married and could have had the surgery with support. Now I’m a single mom with no help being taken off the only thing helping me be able to live a semi normal life and be able to function. I can’t be out of work for surgery!! My quality of life is going to be awful to the point I’m sure my kids would probably be better off with my insurance money. I honestly believe by doing this they r gonna see a increase in Suicides. Why are we being punished because of these idiots wanting to get high and overdosing. If u have proven problems on your scans then u should be able to have your medicine!! My doctor keeps telling me that I’m 33 and opioid dependent in this past year and before she completely understood my pain and now I feel like she’s talking junk to me like I’m a dope head saying that oh your pain isn’t that bad and the medicine makes you think it’s worse. Well it damn sure was that bad before I was ever started on the pill but what do I know I guess they just started me on them for no reason from the beginning. She has changed to the point that she has no compassion at all since these laws changed. Yeah I just woke up one day and said I wanna get hooked on pills…. I mean come on! I became scared when she said she was doing a GDR and she’s like see u wouldn’t be like that if u weren’t opioid dependent! Ok well after 5 years of taking them I’m sure I am but I’m scared for my quality of my life and my kids. I just wanna be able to work!! I guess I’m gonna have to become a alcoholic now because there is no way I can live in constant pain with no relief. This world is becoming so sad to the point where people that actually need meds can’t get them. Please someone do something!! I just hope one day the ones that are passing these laws find themselves in our shoes.

      1. I’m also sure we will see a increase in people getting on disability because my issues are covered under disability but when I have my pain medicine I can work!! Don’t they see what they are doing!!! Well I’m sure now the disability laws and covered diagnosis will Change also.

      2. I feel you girl! There should be a law to protect us too not just the doctors! We all need to stand up against this! We all need to go to the board or whomever it is! They should not get paid to forget our pain as well, so unfair!
        We should not be cut off by our doctors if we have been on pain meds for so long! This is what we need laws set in place to protect us against this!
        I see a new doctor today actually so I’m praying it goes well.
        Surely there is a doctor out there that will accept you and will continue to write them. Don’t give up hope keep your head up! Good luck and God bless! I will give an update after my appt.

    2. Bless your heart
      I too have a lot of your same diagnoses…with
      The most recent being Lupus…& now our home has been “diagnosed ” a mold infested
      Living quarters. 🙁
      I thank God everyday that I have a nurse practitioner/GP that LISTENS to me & truly believe my pain….. not a day goes by that I worry that it will be taken away from me.
      I never want to Resort to drinking as beer has gluten in it and all it does is make me tired that opiates help me keep going for the day and get things done. I pray that you get
      The help that you deserve!
      TAKE CARE! Stacey

      1. I survived stage 4 cancer RADIATION & CHEMO I used to seat in the waiting room for my name to be called and I would listen to others talking about nerve damage that they never had before cancer I used to think to myself what are these people talking about well after my testament where over with I know now what they where talking about because I had to see a bone & joint Dr. and to make a long story short after 3 failed back surgery and all kinds of infections that Dr came in and sat down and told me he was sorry but he can’t fix me and can’t see me anymore so I asked what are where to I go from here he sent me to a pain mgt Dr and for the first time after I told him all my pain is on my left butt bone for the first time a Dr didn’t laugh at me he just told me I’m not the first person to come in with the pain you are having and me and my Dr talk about everything just the other day I told him I don’t understand why do they want to take something away from me that helps me get around everyday and like I told him people are out there right now taking there own life’s because they can’t deal with there pain and right now I feel the same way but I’m to big of a coward to do it I’m sorry I live in Louisiana and by law they don’t or not aloud to let people that are in poison suffer in fact they are talking about putting A/c on deaf row but people like myself have no choice but to live with it are do like so many others take your own life and if you go to the ER there is a good chance of you getting laughed at you go in there with butt pain and see what happens I was fighting mad because a ER DOCTOR LAUGHING AT YOU when I find nothing funny about it now I’m begging for help I’m 60yo and I have had like 30 surgery’s in my life and like I told my dr. I don’t or need anything to get me high I just can’t deal with this pain I am begging is there any one out there that maybe they can help me or talk to me before it’s to late because I’m just about to the point of giving up on my life I have a beautiful daughter and granddaughter that are the love of my life thank y’all so much for listening I pray that y’all are very blessed and maybe just maybe our lord Jesus Christ will come riding in before to much longer thank you and may god bless you

    3. I totally agree with you,I also have quite a few things that you do and I suffer daily all I ask for is a lil bit stronger pain medication than tramadol it doesn’t do anything but I can’t get anything stronger I’m only 41 yrs old and waited tables for a living and boy if I’d known the toll it was taking on my body I would have changed professions yes ago.Im from Texas and the laws here are horrible. Your right they’re not worried about the ppl that really need PAIN Medicine just about ADDICTION or the addict’s. I WILL SAY THIS NO ONE WISHES TO BE ADDICTED TO ANY KIND OF DRUG ITS IN OUR MAKEUP SOME OF US HAVE TO HAVE MEDICINE TO LIVE A HEALTHY LIFE I DON’T HAVE GRANDBABIES YET BUT MY OLDEST SON IS 24 SO ITS GETTING CLOSE FOR THAT PART OF MY LIFE AND BEG PRAY TO GOD DAILY TO TAKE THE PAIN AWAY AND LET ME ENJOY MY LIFE WITH MY FAMILY AND I KNOW THAT HE WILL ANSWER MY PRAYERS WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT,I KNOW WE’RE NO SUPPOSE TO QUESTION HIM BUT ITS VERY HARD AT TIMES.ILL KEEP YOU ALL IN MY PRAYERS.GOD BLESS YOU ALL…

  15. Well me and my wife set here reading all of these reply’s and find our selves in the same boat
    sinking when they cut our morphine so low we want to die and quit living in PAIN.
    We were very active sex and outgoing fishing hunting.
    All we Can look for now is PAIN
    We Are 65 and 70 years old
    How will it end Like Hitler as our gov.

    1. Bring back Vicodin as a schedule III opiate for pain patients.

      Give Pain Doctors and Neurologists the ability to prescribe Vicodin for those who cannot get out of bed without an opiate painkiller.

      I cannot vote for this administration again, because you took away my doctor’s ability to do his job, because you allowed the CDC guidelines to override the FDA. I want to vote for you again, but if another candidate promised pain patients the personal relationship with a doctor willing to do his or her job, given the ability to prescribe opiates without the fear of losing his license, I would have to vote for that candidate.

      I am glad to see that many people are being helped by medical marijuana, but I do not want to live my life out of touch with reality.

      I used to take opiates when it was legal for my doctor to prescribe them, and I was active in law. I was able to raise a smart child and musician who is now looking at schools to earn his Doctorate. I did not abuse my pain medication. I took it as prescribed.

      These new SNRIs drastically change my personality. I don’t recognize myself at times because they cause ups and downs that are drastic and embarrassing. Lyrica can even cause brain lesions. Please allow us to be treated fairly instead of killed off slowly.

      I honestly believe that the opiate crisis began when sites began popping up on the internet in the 90’s. An addict could get 120 Oxycodone sent to them for $99 overnight. Think of how easy it became to have those opiates sent to your door, then order again and again from different sites, to get more even sooner. Sometimes I shudder when I do the arithmetic. I believe Obama’s administration got many of those awful sites shut down, so people went on the dark web. Then you came along as our President and called out the opiate crisis. Now nobody can get pills online, but they are killing themselves with Heroin. Kind doctors who have practiced for decades have gone to jail or lost their license.

      Through all of this, I am here, being told I am a model patient…. Of course I am. I am in pain, so I show up for my appointments, I pay hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars in medical bills, I never refill a medication early; you see, even if I wanted to, there is a database linked to all of the pharmacies in the country which will alert the pharmacist that it is too soon to fill by law. Thirdly, there is my insurance, which will not let me fill a medication too soon: this sets off an alarm to the pharmacist, should we miss the first two safeguards (the first one being ME). You really do have current and future patients covered from any fraudulent activity, so why not allow the doctors to prescribe a 48 year old woman the only medicine that allowed her to have a life, freeing her from pain?

      People who abuse drugs are abusing themselves. That’s a tragedy. I pray science can figure it out. When I was 22, I was hit by a drunk driver. My spine has never been the same. I was so young… newly married and our son was on the way. I swore by the time I was fifty I would have a titanium spine. Well, I guess I’m not the best soothsayer in the land.

      I sure wish my letter would make a difference for Vicodin as a schedule III drug. As long as you have been sent to a neurologist, pain specialist, or specialist for your particular injury, then have your primary doctor prescribe it, knowing there are safeguards in place that will not let anyone fill it any earlier than 28 days.

      Since my doctor has been prescribing medical marijuana, I have walked in and could smell skunky weed on people. I would be horrified, and my family would be mortified if I went around town with them, smelling like a total loser. I just want to stay in my right mind and be that good and organized patient I know I can remain. I have gone through a miserable ten years, without adequate pain relief. I am stuck in my home, and the pain makes me cry, scream, and pray like I’m in a foxhole. Every day. I want to be useful in any small way. Every human wants a job to do. Please allow my doctor to prescribe me Vicodin again, so I can walk without crying out. I am begging to just allow me another shot at life. I’m so great with people. I am too young to be put away on the shelf. I don’t want to talk about getting angry or sad about it, because I believe in prayer. Either God will heal me, or He will get me the medicine I need. Thank you

      1. There are no doctors currently who will prescribe marijuana. Marijuana at current time is illegal on the federal level. I personally asked my pain management doctor about this and he said he would lose his license if he prescribed marijuana, as would any other mainstream doctor currently in practice. . Even though mj is legal in my state, it is illegal at the federal level. Until that changes, no regular pain management doc or internist or any other mainstream doc will “prescribe” it. I then asked him who does prescribe medical marijuana? He said only doctors who have either already lost their licenses and are practicing outside the bounds of what is considered normal medical practice or someone who is working for a shady medical marijuana certification program that basically sells the medical card to a patient (it’s legal to do this, but it’s still not something that mainstream doctors are involved in due to MJ being federally illegal). So, it’s important that people realize this who may be thinking about getting a medical mj card. You will need to look outside your regular doctor’s office for these cards. And then you will have to pay up, similar to getting a license, and also it has to be renewed every year. And of course, none of this is covered by any medical insurance, so pain patients are being ripped off badly in dispensaries, being charged upwards of $50 or more dollars for 10 edible gummies and so on and so forth. And most of it either doesn’t work or zonks people out or is inconsistent and overhyped as it how much it actually targets severe pain. On top of that, all the pain patients now chasing CBD oil and getting ripped off again and again. Going thru all this nonsense when a reliable prescription for opiates is covered by insurance and is usually not expensive. And it WORKS reliably for most pain patients for years and years with zero adverse problems. This entire situation MUST END and end NOW!

  16. The other side of the opioid crisis
    I am a chronic pain sufferer and have been on pain management, since 2014. I have a Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering, and attended a Masters Degree program for Teaching. I was a public school teacher for 10 years. I worked in a public High School and a public Junior High School (Middle School). I broke up a fight between two young men in the Middle School, and from that point on I have had medical issues that will be with me for the rest of my life. I have had two (2) back surgeries with complications/neurological issues and I am disabled. I need additional surgeries, but I am trying to put off future surgery, because of past complications from the surgeries and neurological damage. I have cervical spondylosis with radiculopathy, chronic bilateral low back pain with bilateral sciatica, brachial neuritis or radiculitis, cervicalgia, degenerative disc disease (lumbar), low back pain, lumbar radiculitis, lumbar disc herniation with radiculopathy, cervical spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis of spine/knees/hands, displacement of lumbar intervertebral disc, displacement of cervical intervertebral disc, osteoarthritis, migraines, and on top of those issues, fibromyalgia, heart murmur, palpitations (heart), hypothyroid.
    I have been stable on the Fentanyl patches and Percocet for approximately (4) four years, and recently (April 2019) my pain management doctor cut my Fentanyl medication in half, due to fear of reprisal from government retaliation (due the guidelines being lowered for opioids.) I was not given a choice to stay on my current dose. I was told that I had to lower my medication or leave the practice. I was told by my pain management physician that they received a blanket letter from the CDC saying that all their patients have to be under 90 MME restriction. I was informed by my doctor that they will keep cutting my doses in half until I am eventually down to approximately 60/75 MME. I am very vigilant with locking up my medication so that no one else has access to it. My pain management doctor drug tests me almost every time I walk into the doctors office (I go to pain management every 4 weeks), and the my drug tests are correct with what is prescribed. In the past I have tried a plethora of things, physical therapy, injections, NSAIDS (allergic to-hives), different medications, etc. and nothing has helped the pain. I do not want to be on medication, this is not how I planned to live my life, but this is what I was dealt, and it helps me get through the day. The medication does not take the pain away, it only takes the edge off so that I can function a little.
    During the past (4) four years, I have been able to get out of bed, shower, cook dinner most nights, (I feel a healthy diet of fresh vegetables, and home cooked meals control what goes into my body), simple cleaning tasks, walk around my yard and talk to my neighbors, shop for food, drive short distances to my doctors/grocery stores, visit with my immediate family, take care of my husband who has dementia. I could do the little things in life that normal people take for granted. Since the drop of my Fentanyl (in half) my quality of life has changed drastically. This current dose is inadequate for my pain. I have this burning/knawing pain in my spine that is restless/uncontrollable, and on and off stabbing/throbbing chronic pain in my extremities from the arthritis. When I try to use my hands, like covering myself with a blanket, I get an uncontrollable pain in my hands. When I walk my knees and spine pain are unbearable. I can not sleep, I might get two (2) hours at best since the drop in my medication, due to the pain keeping me awake. I am currently bed bound/chair bound and crying most of the day. I do not go any where, or do anything, because the pain is tremendous and it is unbearable and makes me cry. I do not cook, I do not visit with anyone, due the pain. I truly wish that you could walk a few days in my body and feel the pain that I am in, and what I have to live with, the burning/knawing/constant pain in my spine, and pain of arthritis in my arms, hands, feet, and knees. My quality of life and function has decreased drastically.
    The quoted statics about illegal drug abusers, I am not one of those statics. I am only trying to improve the quality and function of my life, and I was doing that until now. Quoting statics does not help my quality of life, we are not all round pegs going into a round holes, some of us are square pegs. The laws have to be changed, so that doctors and each individual can decide by looking at their individual health situation. My Health conditions were not even considered by anyone before my medications were dropped. Even pharmacists are making decisions on my medications, and do not have copies of my MRI, or medical records.
    We (Chronic Pain Patients) really need everyone’s help (we don’t feel good and can’t fight for ourselves). We need help to restore the doctor-patient relationship.
    The opioid crisis should be divided into two (2) groups, one being heroin/illegal fentanyl and the other is chronic pain management patients controlled by their doctor. The chronic pain management patients should not be penalized by people who abuse street drugs. The doctors should be allowed to make that decision patient by patient without the government interfering. The real problem is not with chronic pain patients, but with the illegal drugs that are causing deaths. Please take a look at the strictest states and see their death toll has only risen. You are hurting the people who truly need the prescriptions to function, because of the people who abuse street drugs. The guidelines are changing for political reasons to show that the government is containing the epidemic and not helping the chronic pain patients that are truly and most vulnerable and in need. Please help me. This is a plea for sanity.

    1. im in the same boat.reading your story made me cry hysterically because its my story and thousands others .the only choices are illegal drugs,suicide.they dont give a damm about us.i pray for you as well as everyone else who is in this because of greedy doctors who started this with their phony pai clinics and we are being punished for it.god bless you

      1. Wow, ten years ago, you were me. I have been dealing with the same list of issues since 2001. Finally submitted to L5-s1 fusion in 2009 which failed and hardware replaced with larger titanium rods and screws and include a plate in front it the spine in 2010. This also failed but now I have additional nerve damage in my abdomen and lower back. It feels like I have a constant current running from my low back down both legs to feet. In addition, I now have crps in both legs so they are burning and on fire without Prednisone which I can no longer take. I have gone online and researched everything and thank God I found DMSO and NAC which really help my Crps. Unfortunately, without bathing in it 5 times a day, I can’t easily treat my back with it. Now my pain docs who I have been seeing since 2001 have decided I need to have my oxy cut down to 90 mme. Each month, my doc drops it by 2 pills which is nice and slow but now I don’t have anything for flare-ups and since I am reducing my meds my Norm has gone from 3 or 4 to 6 or 7 on a daily basis and every time I get up, my pain increased to the point where my limit is now less than 5 minutes. The amount of stuff you can do in 5 minutes is nothing! I can’t clean, I can’t cook, I haven’t worked for years so obviously can’t do that but simple things like checking my email or watering my deck plants is impossible. My doctors are so scared if losing their licenses and getting arrested that they will not go against the recommendation even though these recommendations are for new and not existing chronic pain manegment. We are all looked at as just a bunch of opioid losers and it makes no difference what our quality of life is. It doesn’t seem to make much difference if suicide rates are up, or if heroin and fetnayl street use is up. All that matters now is that legal users of “opioids” have to be reduced so we can look like a nation that has controlled our drug problems. How ridiculous that street drugs are being ignored now because it is so much easier to bust doctors and patients. Anyway, I wish you the best of luck. You may want to try an otc supplement called PEA . It seems to be helping me. It takes about 5 weeks to get the right amount in your system but it seems to definitely be helping. I also tried CBD oil which has no THC but that didn’t work for me as well as for others. It’s also very expensive. It did help my sleep the first couple of nights but that was it for me. Really hope you hang on and hopefully this is a temporary F***up that will be fixed soon. Best Wishes we

    2. I truly feel for you. I have a medical condition that is called the suicide disease. That is named this because most suffers end up taking there own lives because they aren’t able to take the pain. In the first sentence of the definition state that it produces the most painful sensation known to medical science. When I first got diagnosed after 5 long unrealistically painful random episodes in my mouth area. I had at this point spent about 25k having root canals and Apeco root canals wisdom teeth removed. Every sinus scan known. I hooked up with a Neurosurgeon that is the cutting edge of treatment and diagnosing TRIJIMENIAL nuerolga I believe that is the spelling.i was finally put on radiation gamma knife treatment and put on methadone for 13 yrs. I never had done any drug period in my life. So I never took more than I was prescribed I never failed drug tests. I don’t drink smoke or anything illicit at all. I got a letter that my doctor would no longer see me because he didn’t see any titrations happening with my case over the treatment times. Well I would guess not because I asked for 10 yrs please can we start titrations now to get me off these. He laughed at me as he said then why would you need me anymore this is how we make money. Chuckle chuckle. I wanted to go rap his mother when I read his release letter to me in the mail. Not to my face or during a visit in the mail.

    3. KO, I’m so sorry you suffer. PLEASE START TAKING MAGNESIUM. Try a minimum of 600-800 MG Day ( I take about 1,000). It won’t come close to curing all your pain but many of the symptoms you noted can be a result of magnesium deficiency. There’s only a trace amount in multiple vitamins and it’s farmed Our of our food. It will also help with constipation from opioids.
      LOOK UP MAGNESIUM DEFICIENCY SYMPTOMS. ( which include, A-Fib, heart problems, sleep problems, Anxiety, Memory loss MAG L-THREONATE on line only, Fatigue, Migraines, Headaches, Raises good cholesterol/lowers bad and doesn’t destroy like statins, RELIEVES THOSE CHARLIE HORSES AND MUSCLE CRAMPS too. Lowers BP and natural food cholesterol/Insulin processor.
      I take about 200 mg of
      Magnesium Oxide or Citrate for bowel regularity. Can get those at your local grocery store.
      Magnesium Glycinate or Glyconate or Taurate are excellent forms that do NOT have the laxative effect.
      Magnesium L-Threonate crosses the blood/brain barrier directly. Developed at MIT by a researcher who Reversed Memory Loss in lab animals plus helps all the above…except not a laxative.
      60% in our bones. 30% in muscle/tendon. 9% soft tissue and brain/nervous system. Only about 1% in blood and .33% in blood serum used for Blood tests.
      Your pain doctor will be thrilled!
      I also “ feel your pain” about the real people in Pain vs the drug-pleasure/profiteers from selling there meds dilemma. The DEA makes it really difficult for regular doctors and medical providers ( even optometrists, dentists, GP who can prescribe opioids ) to manage acute pain for patients. It takes an extra 5-10 minutes just to check a central data base Before prescribing or they get in trouble by state boards too. Then the Pharmacist has to check a patients opioid/Benzo history again.
      PS. Don’t do a finger stick blood test that can easily test Negative for opioids at your screenings. I think 1) It just doesn’t measure accurately and 2) they can’t charge BIG Bucks for all the drug panels on the Pee test. If you test negative then they will make you return in one month or kick you out of the pain management clinic. Then you’ll be trying to buy some off a malingerer and that’s the other half that cause the chaos in the first place.
      God loves you. Keep your sense of humor. Seriously, LOOK UP MAGNESIUM DEFICIENCY SYMPTOMS.

      1. Hello I have seen both sides.
        I have occipital neuralgia, Dystonia among other things, i have had 2 crainiotomies to “fix” Growing masses in my left frontal sinus cavity and back of head. I have had severe pain for the last 15 yrs. I can tell you that i have tried every non-prescription medication and “labrat idea” doctors came up with. (3)pain management, (1)Personal Physician, (3) ENTs, (6) Neurologist, (1)Brain Surgeon, (3) physical Therapist, (4) psychiatrists all in the first.2 years of my living nightmare. I can tell you magnesium didn’t help me at all but it did help me gain unwanted. weight. I tried exercises but they made me feel more pain, I’ve done and tried almost everything and I’m so tired. I’m 56yrs old and so tired of fighting severe pain 24/7 I cry to God ” Please fix me or kill me”
        The other side is ugly top.. My brother died from heroine OD. Why can’t this be fixed? The drug dealers are making too much $$ if they busted & executed the dealers that crap would stop fast. If drug companies would be held accountable for every pill, mg,, mcg and cut the prices then that should help. .most addicts are selfmedicating? Why??Addicts need treatment and punishment. If they can be saved and their minds aren’t total mush let them work in a mental hospital or the morgue cleaning the dead bodies of OD. Victims. Make them watch a counselor interact wIth the child, mother, father, brother or sister of an OD victim.

        1. Brutal, to cast such a nasty brow toward someone “the addict” who is only a few steps ahead of you, managing. (deep sympathy for your brother) but think about it…. why would a petty drug dealer who hustles for every drug deal….kill all his paying clients????? It wasn’t him, it is the beast we all need to unite and destroy, not each other.
          Ask yourself….did the addict take your meds? No, the big good ole boys at the top of our pyramid did.
          The addict has a disability just like you.
          We hurt, just like you,
          we cry from deep within, just like you
          we feel alone, just like you
          We are judged by how media has portrayed us, just like you
          We cry out to God, just like you
          They tell me I’m an addict because I ask doctors to manage 4 herniated discs.
          They snatched my pain control, then put me on a drug that classifies me as an addict.
          Am I an addict for needing pain meds??? no, but they need a voice too, just like you.

    4. Amen, please update your story as my wife is in the same situation thank you Brian in Tennessee,

    5. Amen to you. I am in the same situation. My pain management doctor cut my opioids and half also. I don’t understand why we’re getting put in with people that are abusing medication and dying from it this is how I survive with my medication just like you. I feel like I’m not living anymore because I can’t do the stuff I was doing which of the opioids helped me to do and maintain my home and my lifestyle. it’s just like when you’re at work when somebody abuses a good thing everybody gets punished for it. Thank you for writing such a beautiful article I feel for you

    6. Very powerful statement. You took the words right out of my mouth. How many suicides, I wonder, will it take to wake up the medical community? I only take Tramadol, basically the aspirin of the opioid world, and they are going to take that away from me. I have severe Fibromyalgia (unbearable, even with the meds), and arthritis in my neck and lower spine. I also have multiple disc issues – and they are pressing against nerves in my back. The pain is agonizing even with the Tramadol. I cannot imagine how much more pain I will experience with NOTHING for pain. I’ve been treated like a drug addict, accused of abusing drugs (for no reason), and essentially dismissed as a patient because I have chronic pain. I just wonder how many people will have to die because they simply cannot live anymore in agonizing pain, before someone stops the insanity.

      1. You are right there will be more suicides because people will not be able to get their pain meds. I take percocets for my pain. I have scoleosis of the spine causing me to have constant siatic pain. Some days I can hardly walk at all the pain is so bad. Its not fair that we that take our meds like we are suppose to and not abuse them that we have to suffer because of drug addicts. The drugs addicts will try anything to get their high on and will die anyway because they will come in contact with the wrong drug one day. I’m on disability with my condition. It’s not fair to us to have to suffer because of drug addicts. I have to do random testing to make sure that I’m taking my meds properly and I’ve passed every test. It’s just not fair. The percocets give me quality of life and helps manage my pain. When I don’t take them I cannot function period. I want be able to do anything. The government has gone to SHIT. We no longer are a free country and its going to get worse people. These are the end times like the Bible says. The government is going to control us. Already happening. God bless you all we gonna need it.

    7. Ko,
      I am going to show one of my doctors the last couple paragraphs of your story cuz it’s like i wrote those paragraphs myself! My horrible life is almost identical to yours!
      Are you in AZ.? I am in Tucson and now, after another decreased dosage, i am going to call an attorney who handles disability cases. Maybe lawyers can help us, since our basic civil rights to buy medicine that we need has been taken away from us! Any ideas, email me.

  17. I am a 77year old lady from California, in the sixties I had a breakdown of panic attacks and major depression after many different meds we found Elavil which worked and it’s been my rock for all these years never abused and have been on to just, maintain.. Now without warning the, med was taken off my med list and have refused to give me anymore I’ve filed complaints with Kaiser and, they will not budge..Really a 77:year old person to suddenly stop??? The none caring Dr. Advised to start taking effxlor instead and that just stopping elavil cold turkey no problem…are they crazy so uncaring..This has so upset me at my age where to turn, I find out Kaiser has decided to stop pain meds unless you have cancer,,

    1. You are not alone my name is Anthony D J Rocco get the routing me on Facebook I live in New York it probably comes up under current to New York I am forming a citizens against in humane modern treatment for elderly people with chronic pain issues we have been taking these for thousands of years they do not put out the statistics of who is had committed suicide I have been one of them that almost has there is a plague and emotional plague in this country where politicians want to make themselves look good to get rid of all opiates I would like to see those politicians have our ailments and then make the same decisions I need a shoulder replacement I had a faulty hip replacement so I can’t walk with my shoulders and I am in so much pain I contemplate suicide I know hundreds of other just of my friends now that I’ve either became large scale alcoholics or obviously we go to the black market to treat our pain I am in the beginning of making someone something into and I would appreciate your support a regulatory body that if you’re 50 or over and you have what everybody in the history Since before the Roman empire that is 3000 years ago were afforded compassion from pain relief if you are 50 or older and you have a condition that will never end till you’re done I already know over 10 people that have committed suicide because of the pain look at my website I’m trying as hard as I can I would appreciate anybody helping me out

      1. Try joining forces 1 of the best researched Pain Advocacy groups out there. Many doctors, PhD’s are on board. Richard “Red” Lawhern is 1 of the strongest advocates we Pain Patients have. He’s written over 70 papers speaks before Congress, and is addressing the grievous wrongs of the VA.

        Another 1 you can Google is Roger Chriss, he himself is a EDS patient. He picks their lies apart. CATO CDC Researchers State Overdose Death Rates From Prescription Opioids Are Inaccurately High | Cato @ Liberty

      2. I deal with two incurable rare painful diseases, which are not fatal in and of themselves, plus a host of other painful conditions involving weight-bearing bones- so I’ve fallen several times. I had a quality of life and was able to do water exercises with the aid of oxycontin. I had been on the same dose for 17 yrs, never abused it, then the Doctor cut my dose to more than half and intends to taper me totally off. He keeps telling us how he is afraid to loose his license for prescribing opioids as over 70 doctors in Colorado thus far have had done to them. So I’m left in severe intractable pain 24/7 back to a life of bed rest or a chair despite the high risk of DVT, stroke, hypertension, and heart attack [due to immobility & family history] having to rely upon my 70 yr old husband, who has health issues himself. My doctor told my husband to not even bother taking me to the hospital when the pain is so out of control, because they cannot/will not do anything for me. I pray for a quick death rather than a stroke which would leave me in even more of a vegetable.

  18. This is ridiculous. The professionals are going about this all wrong. I am a 38yo female with six herniated spinal discs in my cervical and lumbar spine. I also have Spinal Stenosis secondary scoliosis and plenty of sciatica and peripheral nephropathy to boot. I lived in NYC for several years and was under the care of Beth Israel’s Spinal Center as well as their pain and palliative care clinic. They responsibly prescribed me an opiate painkiller by the name of “Nucynta” (a CII) as well as gabapentin, and other non-controlled medications to manage my daily pain. Suddenly I had to move back to Indiana and absolutely no prescribing practitioner within two hours radius of Indianapolis. The team of Spinal specialists agreed that I needed to be on a stronger pain medication than OTC NSAIDs. I had been thrown into instant withdrawal after leaving Beth Israel and had been taking several hundred mg’s of ibuprofen to help with the pain which left me with two bleeding peptic ulcers, GERD and Gastritis. My physicians were even cautious to prescribe gabapentin to me saying that it runs the risk of addiction. GABAPENTIN??? SERIOUSLY?? So, my message to the physicians who are SOLELY responsible for this drug epidemic which is killing thousands, is that the blame is squarely placed on the irresponsible providers who have caused immense pain, suffering and a low quality of life for individuals who actually REQUIRE these opiate medications to live a quality life! You yanked the rug from beneath our feet and are actively NEGLECTING patients who require opiate intervention to live a quality of life. Shame on you all. Now the population who were abusing these painkillers are dying from drugs thousands of times more deadly and powerful and the problem has steadily been getting worse as all of you practitioners cease caring for the pain and suffering of your patients! You all screwed up by overprescribing opiate medications in the first place to gain profit from the drug companies and your greed has resulted in a deadly epidemic that only continues to worsen exponentially. Carfentanyl, Suphentanyl… where are these drugs coming from? Point is… if there is a demand, there will be a supply… in either a legal or illegal fashion. To hell with all of you cowardly Physicians.

  19. This is ridiculous. The professionals are going about this all wrong. I am a 38yo female with six herniated spinal discs in my cervical and lumbar spine. I also have Spinal Stenosis secondary scoliosis and plenty of sciatica and peripheral nephropathy to boot. I lived in NYC for several years and was under the care of Beth Israel’s Spinal Center as well as their pain and palliative care clinic. They responsibly prescribed me an opiate painkiller by the name of “Nucynta” (a CII) as well as gabapentin, and other non-controlled medications to manage my daily pain. Suddenly I had to move back to Indiana and absolutely no prescribing practitioner within two hours radius of Indianapolis. The team of Spinal specialists agreed that I needed to be on a stronger pain medication than OTC NSAIDs. I had been thrown into instant withdrawal after leaving Beth Israel and had been taking several hundred mg’s of ibuprofen to help with the pain which left me with two bleeding peptic ulcers, GERD and Gastritis. My physicians were even cautious to prescribe gabapentin to me saying that it runs the risk of addiction. GABAPENTIN??? SERIOUSLY?? So, my message to the physicians who are SOLELY responsible for this drug epidemic which is killing thousands, is that the blame is squarely placed on the irresponsible providers who have caused immense pain, suffering and a low quality of life for individuals who actually REQUIRE these opiate medications to live a quality life! You yanked the rug from beneath our feet and are actively NEGLECTING patients who require opiate intervention to live a quality of life. Shame on you all. Now the population who were abusing these painkillers are dying from drugs thousands of times more deadly and powerful and the problem has steadily been getting worse as all of you practitioners cease caring for the pain and suffering of your patients! You all screwed up by overprescribing opiate medications in the first place to gain profit from the drug companies and your greed has resulted in a deadly epidemic that only continues to worsen exponentially. Carfentanyl, Suphentanyl… where are these drugs coming from? Point is… if there will be a supply the demand will be met in a legal or illegal fashion. Congratulations western medicine, you never cease to amaze and disgust me.

  20. I’m a 34 year old man and i’ve been dealing with pain most of my life. When I was 21 I was assaulted while working as a pizza boy and had my orbital (eye socket) fractured, cheek bone and sinus cavity crushed and had to have a titanium eye socket as well as titanium plates (several screws of which are in the roots of my teeth for support) to rebuild my cheek bone/sinus cavity. When I was 23 I had two accidents, one fairly major. The first one was when I was riding my motorcycle and someone pulled out in front of me and i laid it down…it fractured my pelvis and had road rash all over my body. This was the least major of the two. The second I was on my way to work and was t-boned by a drunk driver. I was in a miata and they were in a huge suv like a tahoe. I was crushed in between the driver side and passenger side doors. It destroyed my left shoulder which i had to have anchors put in to hold together. It messed up my left wrist and i have a titanium pin in it now. It dislocated my scapula and tore the lower muscle connecting to it…nothing can be done for it. It messed up vertebrae in my neck and broke two vertebrae in my lower back: L4/L5. I also now have pretty bad nerve damage in my lower body and legs which cause pretty significant pain. I also now have Degenerative Disc and Joint disease in my lower back and neck and degenerative joint disease in both shoulders. I go to a pain management doctor for all of this and i am extremely lucky to have a compassionate and caring doctor. Most doctors would be dismissive of me because of both my age and the fact i look ten years younger than i am…which is very upsetting..just because i’m a younger guy doesn’t make my pain any less meaningful than someone who is 80. I take 40mg of instant release oxycodone (roxicet) a day and 30mg of time release for a total of 70mg a day and the doctor has wanted to change my instant release to hydromorphone 4mg tabs 4x a day but i’ve been afraid to accept it even though it probably would work better because i don’t know what the future holds with the “war on opiates”. Before i got my medicine I would just stay in bed because moving around could be torture at times. I hate to say it but i was contemplating suicide on a daily basis because I just don’t see how i can live with that sort of pain for the rest of my life, especially knowing it will only get worse as i get older. My medicine keeps me comfortable enough to be able to get up and enjoy life. I no longer think about suicide due to having something to take that edge off. It doesn’t make me pain free but it does lower my pain from a 8-9 to around a 5 on the pain scale, and that is enough for pain not be the main focus of my life anymore. I worry about being forcibly taken off my medication in the future due to the severe stigma associated with opiates these days. I want to state that i don’t nor have i ever had a problem with opiate addiction and my doctor drug tests me every time i go and sends it off to get exact levels of it in my system. I’ve been going for years and never once have i had anything wrong with my tests. If my medicine was taken away especially after getting to see a glimmer of hope of not living in agonizing pain daily without anything to take the edge off…..i don’t know if i could live that way…don’t think i would want to. Not trying to be morbid…but i would have three options…get medication illegally (which isn’t an option..i don’t break the law), just live with horrible..ever increasing pain (this is a HELL NO…i am not strong enough to bear this emotionally), or end my life. I just wanted to tell my story…hopefully it might help someone not feel alone. I pray that they look at the science and data associated with most pain patients and not the few that abuse or sell their medications (call me a dick, but i think they should be shot). Thank you for reading my story.

    1. I totally . I have had a back surgery and knee replacement and i need stronger meds. I got 7 at a time ,big deal . I’m 77, what I’m going to get addicted.nHow stupid is that. My pain is so bad from a fall at Wallmart and I also have syatic nerve damage down my fight leg. This is rediculous that people especially at my age may get addicted. I’ve never had an addictive personality so why can’t it be person to person, who can get certain drugs. My life is so filled with pain it’s hard to do anything

    2. Replying to Joshua with similar experience. I live in a part of the country that jumped all over that band wagon of blaming the patient for the medication. I lost the entire containment of my abdomen from chest to groin to flesh eating bacteria from a bad surgeon who left my bowel nicked and leaking for a week. It had to be removed, dug out of my ribs, and I was left with my organs exposed. Over the past ten to 15 years I have been in a condition at the worst where my organs were laying in my lap in a thin, transparent failing skin graft to the post “terminal” decision to help by dissecting me from my spine forward and around to enclose the organs. I’m enclosed now but basically it hurts to digest, stand, shower.. I can’t stand more than 20 seconds w/o excruciating pain. I went on an odyssey of 5 pain units in my tri-state area. I am allergic to all but methadone. When my use of 160 mg daily was the high – my pain unit manufactured non compliance issues of missing appts (which I could not have done and still gotten my pain med!) and sent a letter to tell me w/o allowing any response from me. Over time the units shoved me away as a “high end user” and was told openly the practice didn’t want the liability or scrutiny as well as the hype over what was a necessary dose continuing until I received 30mg per day. This left me bed bound and waiting to die. After the insane dissection surgery I was in hospital for two weeks. I nearly lost my mind because the dose of pain mgt there was as if I hadn’t been on opiates for ten years. So a shot of 1mg 3 times a day left me in screaming agony. I had a doctor sit down in my room and say – You are a drug addict. I said “F YOU and don’t ever come here again!” That went well when having to return to ER for aid during “recovery” and being treated with compassion until this doctor got on the phone. Then I was unceremoniously told to go home and see my doctor that week. It was humiliating and the horror of all night wrenching, shaking, sweating hot and cold until you wish you would die haunted all the nights it didn’t happen. My quality of life is non existent. I am intelligent and couldn’t stand to be bored or inactive. I have to lay on my bed with Oxygen to aid my breathing since my lungs descended into my abdomen while I was left to allow my organs to stretch out of my body onto my lap. Once I was closed the pressure on my lungs led to a near death hypoxic state in the intensive care unit. When I accused the nurses of trying to steal my baby and give it to the doctor (my body looked pregnant to me when I woke with all that packed on top of me like a stuffed suitcase!) they began to realize I wasn’t able to expel C02 completely. Dear God – the horrors we have endured , yes? And then we are vilified and of course I have a bottle I save for the day when my right to compassionate care is removed. I could buy a legal gun and I have considered that as well – to make certain I have the last word on how long I will suffer and how much degradation I can tolerate – the gun is for ME alone – as a ultimate palliative care. Psychological damage to my family is the main reason I didn’t give in to this post dissection/resection. This happened between the age of 42 and 54 for the last surgery. I’m 57 now. I have learned to accept my loss and hold on just distracting myself with TV, crocheting (sounds so ridiculous!) and I have had to be in a nursing home from time to time. Life is not what I had hoped but I love many people and try to be compassionate and positive towards them and myself. I needed to know I had the right to end my suffering if it was intolerable. I discussed it with my friends and family – even considering the legal means of going to a state for the last six months of life where it is legal to choose this option. If you are making it and have a good quality of life by having pain intervention – please hang on. When the government decides to be our doctor and decides levels of medication are allowed – share your story with the news. Call your local representative and tell them your story. I am much relieved by the use of marajuana legally for chronic pain management. Even for the anxiety of the pain we suffer, it is a valid use. Far better than being pushed to extreme choices. Thanks to all who express these very human and pertinent feelings with our chronic pain.

    3. I am so very sorry for all your pain, and none of the cause was your fault, and for all the other poor people’s stories . I have a herniated disc , touching a nerve, and I feel that is debilitating, and you have so much more. I have started low dose morphine every four hours. Plus 2 codeine at night, I’m very aware not to take more than prescribed, but I feel my pain is not helped. How scary to interfere with much desperate needed medication, that you all need. My thoughts are with you all. Please let miracle healing ,happen.

  21. This is total bullshit, and I’m just supposed to swallow this like a submissive bitch. OK, I was hit by a radical driver as a pedestrian in October 1977…sustained both legs broken in a few places, and fractured pelvis, lower back and a cracked skull. I was only 17 when it happened, so I was actually in pretty good shape after initial surgery on my legs. In 1985, I had to get a meniscectomy on my left knee. The doctor Rxed me Percodan. Surgery after surgery after surgery they prescribed my more Percs…then OxyContin…up to 300 mg per day in fact…no problem. I’d get them from most doctors easily…unless I actually was lucky enough to have a family doctor up in northern Ontario Canada. Well, my doctor from 2001 till 2016 recently dumped me like a leper…gave me a marijuana prescription for Tweed, then cut me off cold turkey. She makes up some ridiculous reason about me allegedly dabbling in “fraudulent Fentanyl”, involving my pharmacy and the North Bay Police…both of which have no clue about it. Now, no doctor will prescribe me a Percodan to save my life. It’s either methadone or buprenorphine…take your pick. I can’t take methadone or buprenorphine due to the bad side effects. I seriously don’t think I’ll ever feel normal again…doctors make me sick now. You know, if I have to crawl to the clinic/pharmacy everyday, at least give me something I can function on. WTF? They were apparently wrong all these years…they blame it on Purdue agents and their bullshit propaganda…and now they expect me to trust them with their new theory? Um, nope. Heroin addicts are getting pharmaceutical grade heroin prescribed to them, but a chronic pain patient can’t get 4 Percs a day? That is poor.

    1. I’m glad you get to walk ,in 1980 I was a young mom of three. First vacation in a motel with a pool. Long story short 8 months in Rancho los amigos, spinal cord injury live in guest, with a diagnosis of an incomplete quadriplegic, couldn’t walk or write my name or take a shit on my own
      By the way in 1980 I was 30rs old, and away from my babys. Now I’m 68 years old and living with pain most of the time due to doctors mess ups . I have to use a Walker and a scooter to get around. there’s been very nice doctors but for the most part I’ve lived in way too much agony .
      But they aren’t done with us yet. I’ve been fortunate for the past 9 years, I have been in the care of a solo physician and pain management ,things were good until 2 years ago when he started making hints about getting off my meds. Several weeks ago we found out he was not licensed to write perscription i need with codes needed to get my meds filled. So now I’m out in rain thanks to our president and insurance, yes your a senior your part of the cleaning.

    2. Doctors are so afraid of their own shadows that they will lose their licenses or go to jail for treating chronic pain patients but as long as they have us jump through their hoops it should. Here’s what I think they are doing, I think with all this exaggerated shit on the news they want to use us seniors and people of other ages who need pain meds. We do all they ask of us like good little patients and they decide to throw the baby out with the bath water. Coming for us is such an easy target, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel meanwhile they get a pat on the back for acting like DEA Agents and how easy it is for them to just leave destruction of people’s lives in the wake of that bullshit, and it’s just lazy, the DEA needs to worry about people who are selling pills that have Fentilyn in them and the Senior citizens are so desperate for pain relief they end up dying from these illegal street drugs and THAT is why the statistics show so many deaths, especially in recent years. One by one they are losing patients and will find themselves without many patients because most of us are going to switch to holistics like marijuana which is legal in my state along with other states. Lazy asses would rather cause harm to seniors because they don’t really want to get rid of illegal drugs as this gives them job security. I think its about time to cut them off, we don’t work for them, they don’t pay us we pay them, they aren’t Gods, people tend to act like kids with these doctors and it’s pathetic.

      1. Your right on spot IMHO.I was given a word of knowledge the other day as it came to me and im like click! You know,the light bulb thingy that cartoons show? Here it is (THEY get the news to rev up the reporting of when an over dose occurs,and then they get a spokes-person(not just one- but several are recruited in which they rant congress some to govenor’s some mayors,some start facebooking anti opiod this n that UNTIL…. FINALLY in the still of the night a small new law is passed to oh,make it juuuuuust a weeee bit harder to prescribe them….Well, what most dont realize is pharmacys are leaned on more even ,(and you just thought that pharmacist was being an a hole)nope PRESSURE..LOOK the DEA has 24/7 to get this done and its all a plan…..WELL in the end they will win the game because they will produce desperate people like the commenter said before me and guess what? You will see news on how opiod deaths have tripled percentage wise and its the truth but what they fail to say is 90% of these incurred increases are due to regular folks who were cut off the system and for sure ive known good people cut off by the doctor telling them after 9 years now,their urine test did not jive….So these folks most inadvertently get a relative who is street wise to he them out because it not even the chrojic pain now ,uts the damn with-drawals and if they are anything like most honest folks will refuse to be labeled a junky only to be sent to some bull shit rehab hospital only to be given a psudo AA book and told they have to go to meetings the rest of their miserable life and listen to chronic nicoteen coffee swigin real addicts talk about their day…SOMETHING IN THEM SAY’S BIG BROTHER WORKING THE FIELD AND USING AA AS THEIR JUSTIFICATION PIECE…IN THE END~There will be deaths due to this taking of fentanal ~ but ask ourselves have we really looked at the true picture or are we only looking at a picture sketched by the DEA and painted by those in government -either willingly or by subversion such as black mail to give it color and legitimacy?Is this really a way of keeping one on the job or is it really needed? I wonder if those deaths mite of been prevented if only the bull scrap wasnt piled so deep on those honest folks who not only have served in the service but also have been honest tax paying citizen’s.PERSONALLY,I HAVE NO STAKE EITHER WAY IN THIS AS IM NOT ON OPIOD’S BUT I HAVE FRIENDS AND RELATIVE’S BEING AFFECTED BECAUSE OF THESE BULL SCRAP CHANGES AND ALL I CAN SAY IS THIS….GOD FORBID THAT THOSE RESPONSIBLE SHOULD NEED THEM LIKE THESE GOOD PEOPLE DO BUT THEN AGAIN- MAYBE THATS JUST WHAT NEED’S TO HAPPEN!

      2. I am a SSDI disabled RN due to doctors in Maine unwilling to work with Narcolepsy research specialist at Stanford Narcolepsy Research in CA due to not wanting to admit their incompetence in treating a disabling sleep disorder which left untreated can lead to multiple auto accidents, embarrassing sleep attacks in public and then the Cataplexic attacks and falling down suddenly. I have a rare genetic type that is severe with my sleep studies all showing 0.5min to 1 min to sleep without the REM. I also passed this to my son.
        But that is not my only medical issues i also had multiple surgeries in Maine: Cervical discotomy 3 disc replaced with cadevar disc and then SURPRISE my complaints of months choking and the difficult intubation they had found a mass in my Epiglottis whcih was later removed.athen I had R. axilla visible hard lump with a discharge from my R. nipple that changed yellow to green but when i addressed this to my NP in Maine she practically told me not to bother her unless I saw blood! I finally had the axilla lump removed and they sent me to a Trauma surgeon? the surgeon also agreed to rule out MRSA on the long standing non healing lesions on my scalp that bled and scabbed for over a year and that was misdiagnosed as Psoraisis! so any way she did a 4 inch incision and attempts to gather lymph for pathology failed as all lymph “feel apart” so no tissue sent but i did get a nice cording in my R axila which still causes deep achy pain and then the R. shoulder felt like something loose but my complaints went to deaf ears so about 2 yrs later we moved to Florida and I saw a Orthopedic surgeon which he diagnosed a Detached shoulder, I had surgery ( Bankart Repair,SLAP2, Extensive debredment and 4 dissolvable rods. I was to go home that day but had a Catacholamine attack and was kept overnight for observation. The Orthopedic doc called my husband and said “your wife must of suffered for well over a year as her R. shoulder was totally detached for a long time. I want to add I have also developed widespread full body worsening mottled skin with my face turning a sickly pasty white at times and temperates at 68 degree turn the tips of my toes and fingers white and i have chronic achy deep pain on the R upper extremity down the hand and chest wall with my mottled skin worsening and the worse thing is not 1 doctor will skin biopsy to see if i have a small vessel disease and yes i have requested this by 2 Dermatologist but i am just told ” it will not do you any good” I also developed deep lesions on my buttock cheek last year that were blue blackish blue color around one of the lesions which i thought it was necrotizing as i did have a lesion biopsied in FL on my scalp that was “necrotizing follicultis” and was hurried out of the office by the doctor. The lesion took over 4 months to heal . I lost my faith in the medical community and feel doctors are too judgemental, lazy as no doctor should allow any patient to suffer as they take a oath to “do no harm” well in my case I have been harmed by neglect and ignorance as these doctors want to shuffle me off to someone else to figure out what is going on with me. I have been sent to shrinks only to be told ” you are not a hypochrondiac Cathy you have some serious medical issues that the doctors are not addtessing. Yes I know that but i have given up as i can not find a decent med professional and now my Morphine was cut in 1/2 due to the addicts in our country. Look any RN and MD knows that DOCUMENTATION is the key to avoiding being thrown upon by the state boards or legal action. Narcotics require extra documentation by the medical pros and it just comes down to lazy, thye do not care, there view is unwarrented with pain as I have heard so many RN’s unwilling to give Morphine injections to dying patients for “FEAR ADDICTION” this is the truth , What are my views on pain meds . I believe no one needs to suffer and doctors and nurses have assessment skills to perform these skills with pain patients. I could easily tell addicts from pain patinets while at my pain management doctors. I really see not hope for us . I have requested Hospice as I can barly get out of bed but i do not have Cancer.but have been sent to Mayo . Moffits, UFShands and multiple Oncologist as i am suspect of MGUS which i feel is wrong diagnosis. I also was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder from my Quebec parents and had Oneome genetic tests but still UNDIAGNOSED . Last year I went to eye doctor as my vision was blurry and was diagnosed “Scarred Cornea” and ? do not know how i got this but yes asked by doctors as if i would know how i got this. also Fatty Infiltrated Liver no alcohol , 63 yr old with 4 inch height loss, one marrow changes i have been on Medicare since 2010 and see it as a death sentence . My quality life poor and i only hope for a early death to put me and my family out of my misery as life is not enjoyable as i not able to finsh a project like cooking a meal. I have weakness, fatique and last 1 yr daily dripping sweats that come about during day and for no reason ( Oh yes I have a L clavicle lump visible and hard thye said it must be a pathaolocal fractures ? it is not painful whcih is good. . Sorry for my confusing letter as my physical pain has affected my brain with what my husband calls “spagetti head”

        1. Hello Sister,
          I was surprised to see another chronic pain patient who also has Narcolepsy with Cataplexy. I am so sorry to hear of everything else you are going through. Having Narcolepsy, while trying to recieve treatment for pain is hard enough and God willing everything works out for you and your family.
          I am 32 years old I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy at the age of 21 after the MSLT. I first was treated with Adderall for the EDS and Klonopin I assume for the sleep paralysis, anxiety, and to provide a balance with the stimulant. In my teenage years I had lower back pain and my right foot turns out to the right which causes constant swelling to this day from the way I walk. About 5-6 years ago I was diagnosed with Disc Bulging and Right Lateral Disc Herniation in my L4-L5 and Severe Spinal Stenosis. I also have a history of extreme stomach pain since I was a child in which sometimes I think I’m dying, especially when my chest will hurt too and it feels like I have pleurisy from my shoulders down to my pelvis. Every stomach doctor always concludes it’s anxiety.
          For the bulging and herniated discs and spinal stenosis, my pain doctor prescribes me Norco 10mg twice a day, Lyrica, and Baclofen. Usually the opiate he gives me is Tylenol 4 w/ Codeine 60mg/Tylenol 300mg (Qty. 150 a month 4-6 times a day). I didn’t expect much from Codeine, but suprisingly that much codeine converts to a decent amount of Morphine in the body. However, whenever I complain about my tolerance he goes back to the Norco and last month said we will rotate every 3months. I told him 20mg hydrocodon if anything feels weaker. I am not a stranger to opiates from all the bones I broke from skateboarding when I was young and I use to see a rheumatologist who had me on similar meds but stronger doses including Percocets. I assume my narcolepsy meds scare them.
          The meds used to treat Narcolepsy these days are Xyrem twice a night and during the day a stimulant, a stimulant like Provigil or Nuvigil. Xyrem (Sodium Oxybuterate aka GHB) is really a schedule 1 substance, illegal in all 50 states, but if you have type 1 Narcolepsy it’s schedule 3 because it helps control Cataplexy attacks during the day since we can’t get a normal sleep at night or grow muscle tone in our sleep like a regular person. It works like a strong sedative and growth hormone. it is shipped overnight once a month from a special pharmacy by the FDA. The same doctor specially licensed for Xyrem also had me on Nuvgil. I told him many times Nugil it made me sick and later found out it counteracts my opiate medication and puts me into opiate withdrawal. I had to go from taking stimulants that worked everyday to keep me awake, to nothing because he didn’t take me serious enough to read which enzymes nuvigil effects. I told this issue to my new Psychiatrist who treats my anxiety (my regular doctor dumped me on her after 11 years of prescribing me Klonopin he’s worriedsince i’m prescribed opiates by the pain doc he referred me to). She was quite aware of this and switched me to Focalin 20mg XR in a.m. with 10 mg IR up to 2 times in the afternoon. Focalin (Dexmethylphenidate) is a cleaner feeling, and way more potent version of Ritalin. The same way Dexidrine is to Adderall (I hate all D-amphetamines). Also, because she was aware of my stomach pains she switched me off Klonopin 0.5mg 3X a day to Valium 5mg 3X a day and said maybe the muscle relaxing effects could help my stomach and back.
          Basically, for the first time in over a decade my Narcolepsy and Cataplexy are balanced. I feel confident enough to try and have a normal life and maybe even a social one again. The only problem is the pain in my back and I would be willing to quit some of these meds if he could just prescribe me a medication that lasted longer. I feel a disgrace since Narcolepsy is treated with some of the most abused pharmaceuticals in the world. If you or anyone can think of a pain medicine that a doctor may feel more open to prescribing that’s new or some not used much anymore that could help more than norco or high dose codeine. I recieve no benefit from baclofen or lyrica and they are a waste. In college I was prescribed Talwin once, but don’t remember how much it helped. Also, I would really like to try Tapentadol which I read is supposed to be like a stronger Tramadol and comes in a time release. Otherwise one medication I have been prescribed before for migraines, but overall helped my body for pain was Fiorinal which is Fioricet with codeine. If anybody has found success with a new pain medication like Tapentadol or similar please let me know. Also, Cathy I wish you the best of luck.

    3. I feel for you. I’m not going to go over all my injuries but have you or will they install an internal morphine pump for you? Not sure if it would help your injuries being I’m not a dr. But I have friends that have had amazing success from the pumps. It delivers.01 ml in a 24hr period guy went from 100mg MS Contin daily and always in agonizing pain to being able to walk almost normal.
      Don’t get me wrong he still has a rough day occasionally but one rough day in about every 3-6 months is way better than seeing him to point of contemplating ending it is amazing. Not that that’s ever the answer just trying to help. Anyway here in USA pain management docs are saying eventually pumps will be only therapy for chronic pain sufferers.
      Be sending prayers up for ya

      1. The opioid legislation goes beyond pumps and credibility of patients needs. They go in and change prescriptions for PTSD and TBI related conditions which effects anxiety levels and muscle spasms. I have been told what to take without a care to whether the new drug will not effect breathing while on opioids. So if my heart is racing or obscures my vision by changing over to this other deal, then it’s ok. I don’t know who prescribes the medicine nor will the RNs tell me….all going against a patients rights. At least when we had rights. The tizanipidine I was given caused me great uncoordination and effected my perception. I wish I had figured that out before getting stuck with a busted up femur that I don’t feel will ever heal right. Thanks for the ride by these self righteous blokes that haven’t needed the assist of medication to get through particularly painful days and improve a quality of life for many. Frankly, I don’t get the lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies. When the patients were in pain they were relieved, without being told to try and abuse the meds, it won’t hurt. Like so many good programs, we hold these to a standard of stupidity. A plan has not been developed the will help out when the terms can’t be met with a little common sense. Well, I’m the one who didn’t figure the relationship between my lack of coordination and another switch up in my prescriptions by strangers who don’t know or care about my medical history because they are too busy following rules atop more rules and relishing the power of this new institution breathing down our necks under false pretense. Alright, that’s quite enough from me, no matter that I had my first good pain free week, way titrations down on the heels of an ablation process for LB pain, that was before the breakage. The real problem aside from reactions to the drug changes, was the dangerously pervasive sleep deprivation that started with the mucking around with my prescriptions which were taken and given responsibly before the dang program. Fie

      2. I feel with you guys i’m 70 years old all the bones in my back broke years ago the only way to keep me alive was to put me on 300 MCG of Fentanyl Patches I was in a wheel chair for a long time then I couldn’t take it anymore no one was home all day everyone working I said to myself I can’t take this i’m either going to walk or I will die it’s just the way I felt I tried walking in the kitchen between the sink and the island I went back and forth finally I did it I had to use a cane but it was better than not walking at all to make a long story short I kept at it for a long time i’ve had botch up surgeries I have pain and I can’t even sleep at night the pain is excruciating I went to pain management for a long time I even got my patches reduced to 100 mcg but that was years ago but I was managing pretty good on 100mcg so I go to pain mgt. last week and they tell me they are taking me off Fentanyl patches 25 mcg at a time I am in so much pain you can’t imagine i’m afraid this is going to kill me is there something we can do? please someone help me.

        1. Frances, I’m not a doctor, nor any medically related field/profession ~ I was an Army MI Officer & after a misjudged parachute fall, my body took out one whole side of a pine tree ~ “snap, snap, snap…all the way til I impacted with the ground. 6-major spinal fusions later & in pain for just over 20-YEARS (I ‘was’ on Fentanyl patches 125 mcg’s), so I have only a partial understanding of your HELL! You have my utmost sympathies…
          After all my years of pain & opioids I know one thing, don’ Give Up!!!!! An old adage seems appropriate here: “The Sqeeky Gog Gets The Oil.” Make yourself Heard & felt – camp-Out with those DAMNED SPINELESS Doctor’s Office/s – MAKE THEM RUE The Day they even contemplated weening you off your ‘Life Preserver!’
          Additionally, I’ll add some groups/research below to guide you somewhat….

          “The Alliance for the Treatment of Intractable Pain”

          Richard A. Lawhern, a prominent advocate on behalf of chronic pain patients and co-founder of

          “The Alliance for the Treatment of Intractable Pain”

          For their part, pain patients say the suffering they are enduring– with so many falling into withdrawal, incapacitation and suicidal thoughts– has created an urgency that cannot wait for the wheels of government bureaucracy to turn in the right direction.
          And so they have been mobilizing, in person and online, to do everything from lending one another moral support and sharing information, to planning campaigns to draw attention to their plight and chip away at misunderstandings about chronic pain and prescription painkillers.
          Lauren Deluca, for instance, decided to form her organization, the Chronic Illness Advocacy & Awareness Group (CIAAG), last year after going through her own experience of undertreated severe pain and feeling frustrated when she turned to government agencies and healthcare providers for help.
          Too many flawed approaches and policies targeting pain patients, she said, “will take many years to undo, but we can’t wait years.”
          Deluca, a former commercial insurance agent, said that among her priorities is working toward legislation that would exempt chronic pain patients from restrictive opioid policies. CIAAG has a website as well as programs that teach pain patients how to reach out to policymakers in their area, access data on a particular topic and make a presentation to further their cause. Deluca said that she aims to give pain patients who feel marginialized a sense of hope and empowerment.
          “I myself was a healthy 36-year-old professional embarking on starting a family and in a blink of an eye my life was destroyed due to a denial of care,” Deluca said. “It’s not just about pain; it’s about quality of life. Now we are teaching doctors to ignore pain, which not only leaves the patient suffering but likely will lead to many not getting diagnosed, therefore not only will they not receive pain medications they will not even receive basic care.”

          The Steward Center for Palliative Care is a nationally recognized model which sets the “gold standard” for excellence in the provision of palliative services in our community.

          Palliative Care (pronounced pah-lee-uh-tive), or Progressive Care, is specialized care for the treatment of symptoms caused from life-limiting or chronic illnesses such as CHF, COPD, HIV, cancer, kidney disease, dementia, or others. Some symptoms which can be managed include pain, agitation, anxiety, shortness of breath, depression, nausea, or loss of appetite.
          Our palliative care physician and nurse practitioners don’t replace the primary care physician or any specialist who is managing a patient’s care. Instead, they work alongside the managing physician to provide a “continuum of care” to more aggressively treat symptoms and provide comfort – thereby improving the patient’s quality of life. Think of the palliative care physician as the symptom management specialist while the disease or cancer is still being aggressively treated.

          By implementing palliative care (progressive illness management), the patient and their family gain not only a relationship with a new and focused approach to symptom management, but also gain a team of experts who help find all kinds of resources, while providing emotional, spiritual, and caregiver support. This more complete healthcare model is proven to decrease visits to the ER and to reduce hospital readmissions.

          Out-patient clinics are housed in the Lewis Cancer & Research Pavilion. As well, we see patients throughout St. Joseph’s and Candler hospitals, and Landmark Hospital. The team consists of board certified physicians, nurse practitioners, chaplaincy, a Masters Level Licensed Clinical Social Worker certified in Hospice and Palliative Care, and the support and resources available through the Edel Caregiver Institute. Our services allow patients to have complex and lengthy conversations that other physicians may be unable to provide within the time constraints of a normal office visit. Ultimately, palliative care is a win-win for physicians, patients and their caregivers!

          Please reach us during business hours at 912.354.8014 for assistance or more information. Providers can fax referrals and medical records to Fax: 912.298.0306.

          Click here to read an article outlining the history and vision of our palliative care program. This article appeared in the July, 2012 NHPCO Newsline publication.

          Check out this helpful and informative link about palliative care:

          Here’s some info about WHY doctor’s are wrong in interpreting the CDC Opioids “Suggestion/s”… refer to:

          CDC: Opioid Guideline Should Not Be Used to Taper Patients
          April 24, 2019
          By Pat Anson, PNN Editor

          The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has taken its first concrete step to address the widespread misuse and misapplication of its opioid prescribing guideline.

          In an impassionate commentary published in The New England Journal of Medicine, the guideline’s authors say the agency does not support abrupt tapering or discontinuation of opioid medication, and that the guideline’s recommendation that daily doses be limited to no more than 90 MME (morphine milligram equivalent) should only be applied to patients who are starting opioid therapy.

          “Unfortunately, some policies and practices purportedly derived from the guideline have in fact been inconsistent with, and often go beyond, its recommendations,” wrote Deborah Dowell, MD, Tamara Haegerich, PhD, and Roger Chou, MD. “A consensus panel has highlighted these inconsistencies, which include inflexible application of recommended dosage and duration thresholds and policies that encourage hard limits and abrupt tapering of drug dosages, resulting in sudden opioid discontinuation or dismissal of patients from a physician’s practice.”

          The co-authors also noted that the guideline “does not address or suggest discontinuation of opioids already prescribed at higher dosages,” nor does it seek to deny opioids to patients with cancer, sickle cell disease or recovering from surgical procedures.

          Notably, the three co-authors took no responsibility for themselves or the CDC for the “inflexible application” and other fallout from the guideline.
          The CDC’s clarification was cheered by patient advocates, who have been calling on the agency to address the suicides, patient abandonment and other unintended consequences of the guideline for over three years.

          “The statement from the CDC is a long-awaited, robust clarification that has come at a critical time. They clearly defined that its Guideline cannot and should not be invoked to justify the forced reduction or denial of opioid pain medication to patients who use opioids to manage their long-term pain,” said Andrea Anderson, a patient advocate with the Alliance for the Treatment of Intractable Pain (ATIP).“

      3. Thank you for your reply, I can not even get Palliative care in Marion County,FL as this county is so ?? But Pinellas County and other FL counties offer nonmalignant palliative care as the pain is bad enough but the other symptoms are just compounding my ability to function, those daytime episodes saturating sweats and I noticed my face gets that white death mask when I sweat like I am shocky, and doctors have seen this and i have been sent to ER but unable to tolerate the wait after waiting a hour so i end up leaving as my anxiety, tachy etc,,
        I really see no hope for myself as I am seeing pain management but he does what he wants to get you down to 90/mg day. I have tried to get a advocate thru medicare to help me but Medicare only tells me to report these doctors which but I refuse as my care is bad enough can you imagine what would become of me if I did that. I like the idea of the intrathecal Morphine but not all doctors feel nonmalignant chronic disease pain is deserving like Cancer patients.
        I want to add I a bad facial skin rash reaction, that resembled Stevens Johnson Syndrome the 2nd day while on Bactrim DS that a Mayo Hem/Onc Rx’d. I called his office 2 times and no one called me back!! I had to take care of this myself which took about a month to heal as the blisters caused a mess once the redness and burning subsided and then a yr later i developed lesions on buttocks that were deep and the skin on lower lesion blackish those took 4 months to heal and that time i was well enough to go to doctor but “Keep it clean and Bactacin” I do not understand why I am treated like i am because there is nothing in my background that would warrant being being neglected and allowed to suffer. I must be living in the most judgemental cities . I am hoping to find Teleheath palliative care and /Or Hospice.

  22. The truth, the real truth, the” Federal Government” doesn’t care. That’s it. We’ve lost complete touch with them as “One nation”. They are the communist and the same government we left the U.K. and landed on Plymouth rock.
    No matter, their children are dead to them anyway and that’s how much they don’t care.

    1. Doctors and health care professionals are no longer in control. Their Professioanl liability Insurances won’t insure them if they don’t follow Standard of Care which is Now dictated by Big Insurance and Big Pharma which buys our senators votes. Then when something goes awry, the DEA and FDA jump in there and PUNISH THE ONLY PEOPLE THEY CAN GOVERN ( Patients and doctors)…NOT THE RUSSIAN MAFIA or S. American or Chinese drug cartels selling recreational crap. Unless a doctor works in a “ Pain Management clinic “ it’s imposible to prescribe for long term care. The DEA now dictates a mid-practitioner can only prescribe for 72 hours and no more than 5 pills per day at that. Plus, they have to Look up Each Patient ( for drug use history) before prescribing a narcotic or benzo. It takes an extra 5 to 10 minutes for each patient thanks to Government. Then, all DEA licensed doctors get a report occasionally showing their Prescribing history and whether a patient filled an Rx WITHOUT BEING RESEARCHED FIRST. Then, they also report this information to doctors State licensing boards. Also, Your Pharmacist has to turn around and Look up the Same data. Woe to those in pain. If you’re a Doctor in pain…you get dogged incessantly as you can’t prescribe narcotic for thyself nor family.

  23. These government people who are not doctors or nurses come down on this “crisis” and are lead by their noses by lobby groups or the all mighty dollar…they get the best of care I’m sure they never had to wait over 6 months , and counting, for a lousy MRI alll while suffering from sciatica down entire right leg and foot AND a pinched nerve at their Roght shoulder blade that shoots pain and numbness /lighting bolt feeling in your right hand. This has limited my range of motion, ability to work again as a nurse and has put me in a dark depression. THE ONLY WAY I CAN FUNTION IS WITH MY NORCO until someone ok’sa MRI , epidural and after that wares off , back surgery THAT RARELY WORKS. As u may surmise I am a RN who has given 30+ years to helping others. I am too young to not work. My father taught me to not take hand outs so now I find something that helps and some government non health experienced jack hole is gonna tell doctors, who are specialist in pain management how to prescribe. Are you F omg kidding me. Why don’t you worry about impinging Socialist crap or how Jews are being treated once agin in Paris and stay out of my doctors prescription drawer. You all don’t have any idea how the DEPLORABLES live and work and keep this country great. So SHUT IT.

    1. So right you are these people that want to restrict our pain medicine have never done a hard days work in their life, I worked for fifty years doing back-breaking work in shipyards I have had three back surgeries and I have severe scoliosis and they want to take my Norco away, I’m almost seventy-four years old and I say it’s none of the damn bureaucrats business what I take its between me and my Dr.

  24. No one will truly understand the desperation for pain relief if your relying on people to tell their stories to support it. I can’t distract myself from the pain long enough to actually sit here and type out my story. I’m already taking 50mme/day and double it would do nothing in the long run. I don’t want to take anything. I’m f-ing sick and tired of going to the doctor every month trying procedure and shot after shot, hardware in, hardware out, simulator trials and in the end being treated like a drug seeker with back to back urine test because I didn’t show enough opiods in my urine? Chiropractors, acupuncture, message therapy, hypnotherapy, every youtube video exercise, supplements, vitamins, diets, foam pads, rollers, office chairs, binary beats, meditation, meditation, CBD, cannabis, fox mountain flower extracts. When is it social acceptable to give up? I’m not sad, I’m not depressed. Dealing with pain for over 10 years I’ve already been up and down every emotional roller coaster ride, on and off every medication doctors are comfortable prescribing. All I ask when I see each doctor is if you can’t help me, send me to someone who can, I don’t care if it’s a shaman in Africa! They are to prideful and think they are the best choice yet I can’t help that someone out there could look at the many MRI or xrays and say “Oh, there’s the problem” and fix it. I’m a car guy, I used to be able to fix anything, but if I couldn’t figure it out, I knew many other specialty shops that did those kind of jobs. I’m not a medical guy, all I can do is google and yelp specialists and book appointments and pay for disappointments. There is no additive you can dump in your engine to fix a valve seal, only slow it down until it can be replaced. Opiods will never fix whatever my problem is, I know that! I just want them to help live my life long enough until someone fixes it or until my Daughters get married and move out and then I have no more reason to be here. That’s all I have the patience to type as I’m to tense and uncomfortable to focus any longer and need to lie back down. I have a full-full time job most of it in a home office but can only sit for short periods before I feel like I have to start throwing stuff against the wall because pain is keeping me from concentrating. There are only 2 types of suicidal people, ones with chemical imbalance and the soldier lying in the ditch of combat with guts hanging out and no hope of survival. I used to worry about how to maintain effective relief from pain medication for the rest of my life given all the risk factors and tolerance buildup, but now I know I’ll never reach retirement age, I don’t want to. I’m still several years from my Daughters getting married and that alone causes so much stress and anxiety to deal with this pain that much longer. I crave for the day of eternal sleep and feeling nothing at all. I’ve purposely found reasons not believe in god and afterlife because if I truly believed in afterlife or reincarnation, it would be to tempting to just hit the reset button today. Anyone reading this that thinks I need a hotline number or shrink can go fuck themselves. I need a car mechanic mentality doctor that will spend more than 5 minutes actually researching my case and medical history and fixing the problem, not treating me like a rehab patient just because the shots he gave me didn’t help and I’m asking not to change my medication. What kills me the most is that I know my problem can be fixed, it’s not even a matter of technology, it’s a matter of finding a doctor who will get off his ass and do his f-ing job instead of doing the same routine procedures for every aliment someone may have. If the medical industry was like the automotive industry I would check myself into a hospital and demand I stay there until someone fixes it. If the government wants to create policy for preventing deaths be that opioid OD or suicide, though the latter doesn’t cause as much fuss, they should put requirements of fixing patients, not this give and take medication and procedures that give kickbacks to the doctor or free golf trips for every punch card or tally sheet they fill out.
    I have no idea how I ended up on this page or why I’m wasting my time writing this, looks like the last post on this page was several years ago.
    The sad thing is that I actually love my life, I’m gifted, talented and smart. I can fix anything that doesn’t have a heartbeat, I play guitar and wrote music no one will ever hear but me and I’m okay with that. I’m not okay with the fact that everything has been systematically taken away from me one pain signal at a time. No more dirt bike, no more working on cars, no more wood-working, no more playing drums, no more playing guitar, no more long drives on the back roads, no more shoveling my neighbors sidewalk or growing a garden. No more playing Xbox with my Daughter, no more music editing. I can still hear music and see my kids play. I can still throw something against the wall but never will, that is my sanity test, as long as I can fight that urge to do so. I can still laugh, I can still cry. But I can’t keep googling the internet trying to find an answer. I can’t go through medical school just to figure out my problems. I can’t force anyone else to do so either.

    1. well, there’s your problem, not believing in God.He can heal and accomplish all things, if you believe. God is love!

      1. God gave us these diseases, many from birth. Did god decide my uncle should rape my birth mother and impregnate her so that my genes would have defects. Quit gaslighting someone who is suffering. Im sure god frowns upon that.

      2. Wow you are just like my daughter, she took me to every healer of God, I’m still paralyzed, I tried everything I was told to believe harder, I tried that to, nope nothing. I came to the conclusion God lives within us. no one else and if you’re strong it’s because it was installed in us long ago. Meaning use your own strength, you developed it. I believe in God but i dont depend on him to solve my wants.

      3. Why are you reading or visitin this site since God us so great. Why don’t you ask God for more money so you could open up a practice of free Christian Counseling to all people that do or do not have insurance. People pay a lot of money for insurance that will not cover counseling unless it is a PHD. Why don’t you open a place that helps people that is close to me since your God will heal?

    2. Don’t let the god fanatic bother you! And I understand what you are saying about waiting until your daughter is grown up and doesn’t need you anymore, I used to think like that too but my kids both grew up and went to college and they still need me so I’m stuck with the pain! And if there was a god it’s one cruel mf! I don’t know if it will help but I’ve been using topical pain creams and even though they need to be reapplied frequently they help some. You can get anything from diclofenac sodium from your local drug store to ketamine at your compounding pharmacy. I’m sure somewhere near you is a compounding pharmacy that can get you started on something that the nanny government isn’t having conniptions about. It’s too bad that the human body is much more intricate and difficult to treat and understand than the automobile and that House no matter how flawed he was is just a TV show character! I have a rare autoimmune disorder that most doctors I’ve seen needed me to spell it for them! So I get the frustration. It took years and years and years and tests after test to figure it out and then they were unable to do anything to make it better! I get the agony of not being able to do what you want to do, what you loved to do or even what you hated to do! Sadly that feeling will go away for the most part and you’ll accept the nothingness of your new life and wonder if all of the pain is worth it but you have children who didn’t ask to come into life and then have you kill yourself because that screws your kids up! And that my friend is why I’m sitting here in pain and typing to you. I don’t know if you can’t get the pain medication you need anymore but if that’s the case then I have 2 things to advise you about before you decide to leave your children fatherless 1. If you live close to Mexico I’ve been told that you can legally buy prescriptions and bring them across the border and that includes opioids and 2. If you use heroin ingest it and your liver breaks it down into morphine, making it no more addictive than anything else. So that’s the end of my advice I hope something helps you!

      1. Your suggestion is why so many deaths are opioid related . government has forced people with both diagnosed pain as well as addicted side seek street drugs
        Which kills most not the pills. Street drugs have always varied in purity one batch will be 100% next 10 .and now with tremendiously consentrated fyantanol from China VA Mexico cartels. And there no way to properly tell and dose.result od and death
        And some are deliberate subsides. So until
        The hyperlies about the drug and sane management it will continue same with subsides VA cut vets with war wounds off first spiked subsides.and sadilyi think the VA deep state wants that result.universal healthcare will too.btw the current state of pain clinics are legalized theft and extortion
        No better than pill Mills in too many cases.

        1. you are so right about pain clinics. The one I go to is a shot mill. They refuse to prescribe pain meds of any sort unless the patient agrees to shots. It is a form of medical blackmail. “do the shots, or else!”. Most should be shut down. They are getting rich off these “modalities” as they call them. The minute you refuse any more shots (and most of these shots DO NOT WORK!), they dismiss you as a patient. I would say this is the way 3/4 of the so-called pain management clinics function today. Theft, corruption, and lies!

    3. There should be laws aagainst any doctor putting a patient on Opiods without explaining the addiction and the need to keep increasing amount because your tolerance level gets used to the drug.
      I wasn’t explained any
      Thing except that i needed to switch from Loratab because of the Tylonal injested by taking 6 10/350mg per day.
      After 14 years I was up to taking 18p mg per day prescribed by my doctor on a daily basis.
      I stopped taking Opiods cold turkey and one year later im still having some mild withdrawal.
      I yawn about 30 times a day and I sneeze 4 to 6 times. In a row about 3 rimwa daily.
      I wonder when all these withdrawal symptoms will go away???
      I fight through massive pain daily but can’t find any other drug that will help my pain level.
      I’ve tried everything except methadone
      , and buphenorfine. (Spelling ) I don’t want to go from one addictive drug to another. So I love with major pain daily. I am thinking of going back to oxycodone at a lowel since I’ve been off for ove year now.

      1. I completely agree with you. True addiction in chronic pain patients is rare (addiction being a psychological pathology where one loses control to a substance, behavior, etc and cannot stop using it despite overwhelmingly negative consequences on one’s life). Dependence and tolerance are adjustment the human nervous system naturally makes to its environment–chemical, social, etc. Doctors absolutely need to discuss these issues with patients before prescribing opioids as a matter of informed consent, including a plan to slowly (and it needs to be a LOT slower than the CDC recommendations of 10 percent per week, which will leave anyone in agony. Two percent per week is more like it, and very much reduces or even in some cases eliminates it entirely; especially if some mitigating medications are utilized; such as clonidine. The medications can be a lifesaver, but the downsides absolutely need to be a part of any discussion before embarking on treatment. I would have been on them anyway most likely because of my condition, but I certainly wasn’t prepared for the utter contempt that would be heaped upon me by the medical community and society at large; some in my family, just be cause I’m in agony and have the audacity to ask for help. This is often so much worse than the physical pain; leaves me feeling so isolated and wishing that I had cancer so this could end one way or another. It makes me angry and frustrated that friends with everything in the world to live for ended up burying their twelve year old after her battle with brain cancer, and now her aunt has stage 4 breast cancer and five children under the age of nine. It’s awful. I wonder every day why I couldn’t take their place. I don’t mean to sound selfish and I know it’s not all about me. But the pain and the judgement can just destroy you.

        1. Last time I compared pharmacology training :
          MD : 18 hrs grad college
          Dentist : 27 hrs
          Optometrist : 32 hrs
          Pharmacologists of course, are the drug experts.
          ( Most MD’s..except pharmacologists, learn about drugs primarily from their drug rep leaving samples..and we all know about the oxy and even viagra pushing).
          I still think MD’s should stick to diagnosing and let a patients Pharmacist review the patient medical history and do the Prescribing

      2. Bobby Have you tried the Pain patches like 75mcg.They should help you with your pain just give it a chance.

    4. Same here Juststrumming. I have concluded the government with the DEA is attempting to find out how many people they can kill. They will start with the old and sick. When this is successful, the next target will be the very young. Call it abortion after birth. Then kill everyone else through denial of medical care under one government policy. I do not blame the doctor’ who do not want to spend the rest of their lives in jail for prescribing needed pain medications. But WTH ! At least listen and give a proper diagnosis. No one just wants to be bedridden for years and years..

    5. I hear Ya man, seems like Your telling My story, with exception of the ability of fixing cars,…I worked for an airline and traveled the world, never had a day at work I didn’t appreciate, used to be the guy who had all the friends, too many, if thats possible, was the guy that made people laugh, went from always being busy, now it’s the docs or bloodwork, have two major diseases. One which is destroying the nerves in My spine affecting entire back, hands, feet, calves, neck, now pelvis and especially My thighs, some days. Even with meds cant stand up, a 20 minute car ride is debilitating, and NO ONE in My family understands, I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING, instead of being the life of the party, people dont even call, and with new laws, they’ve reduced My meds, to a point where I can possibly do minimal tasks, but rest of day, I FEEL LIKE THE PAIN IS GOING TO LITERALLY DRIVE ME INSANE, I want to go back to work, I need to, I never thought I’d miss yardwork and chores. I still try to put on a face that doesn’t truly show how My body feels and is going through, it just frustrates Me that people, except persons like Yourself understand, I am at a 10 outta 10 right now. I JUST WISH THE PEOPLE WE PUT INTO OFFICE READ THESE FORUMS, I only read Yours, and will read more. Just know I get it man, tired or surgeries, appts. & all the B.S. , I am blessed to live on a lake appt, and I see all that us good, big naturist, I dont think I will be able to walk out the door and cast My line, but I do believe in God, I wouldn’t be here otherwise, to all out there We need to let each other know We get it, and let’s figure out how to make them get it and fix US and fix the SYSTEM! May We all get a good nts sleep without waking up from pain. Take care folks.

    6. I’m so sorry. But reading your post has helped me so much understand the pain my son feels on a day to day basis. He is also on opioids and has struggled terribly with his crohns since he was 11. I wish you some pain free days and don’t give up hope

    7. I feel every word… I wish I got some relief without being looked at in the same way. I have number 9 pain in my back. They are now going to do a double fusion but stopped giving me pain meds due to this bs epidemic. I call it that cause that’s what it is. We, the real patients and chronic sufferers are the ones that have to suffer cause doctors want to save face because of a bs crisis??? Well, I never took the drugs they say I.e. fentynal, herrion, etc. my dose was a low dose and I never had a problem with any medication. Matter of fact, I turned down super potent meds.

    8. Your anger is well deserved my friend. You have all the rights in the world to feel as you do! You are not suffering alone as there are millions being treated the same as you. My mother lived in constant pain even on the large amount of pain meds. Although with them she could st least walk and get some quality of life. She’s gone now and I miss her but am so relieved she is no longer in pain. Now I at 48 have pinched nerve with radial nerve and I’ve done the ibuprofen, physical therapy, gabapentin and Dr wants steroid shots in my neck. I’m so afraid I will eventually turn into my mother. My pain is bad but tolerable at this point so I’m not comparing my life or pain to yours. I think your will to live for daughters weddings is quite admirable but must be difficult for you each day dealing with so much pain, frustration, hurt, disappointment and more. The medical field has been such a let down. If all the doctors in the United States stood up for their patients then the bloody DEA would have to listen. But doctors are scared little greedy trolls (most not all) and have no business being in that profession. I’m seeing many news stories however and the FDA just came out with a Big deal statement in favor of chronic pain patients. So seeing some shift. I just encourage you and pray for strength for you each day. Praying for relief and comfort for you. Just reaching out as one human to another and giving some love. Be well my friend.

    9. Hi strumming, I do believe in God, but I totally get why you’re trying to talk yourself out of everything. Your story touched my heart and truly my soul. I know why you wrote so much even though it won’t change the outcome of anything, even though the last person to write was 7 years ago. But you got reply’s! Maybe not anything that helped you or that you wanted to hear, or even that changes anything. But undeniably, your words landed in sight of other’s who cared enough to take the time to respond. I share many of your experiences. One thing I do know is you are not alone.

      So why am I taking the time to reply to you? First off, you deserve reply’s. You deserve more then written words of frustration never to be read by another human. And to tell you what my take is on what you’ve shared. I also just get so very tired of the pain. I feel comrades with you. Although I am not connected in any way with the commenter above called “Old fed up RN”, I too am a nurse. I’ve seen both sides if the NFC. There AREA some good Doctor’s. But done many apathetic ones. I was 38 when I was beaten and permanently disabled courtesy of an extremely psychotic 6’7″ 280 pound patient, and ironically, it was a dr. I was trying to protect.
      That was 30 years ago. And here I still am. Nothing had changed except more rounds of trials of everything you’ve gone through, yet again & again under my belt.

      Again, why am I really responding. To tell you that you are such a smart diversified man-I assume you’re a guy,who has been through it all,and has so many talented gifts that your seemingly. Unrecognized talent needs to be shown to the world. You are not only extremely smart but extremely articulate. Have you ever considered testifying in front of Congress? It would be a great thing to do. But if you haven’t the time or fortitude to do something like this, especially with children, then Write a book man!! You and your girls will profit financially, and you will help other’s to realize they are not alone.. You may think you don’t have the time. But guess what? You packed a whole lot if info about yourself, and helpful insight into the life of other’s like us, who are misunderstood, and just plain sick and tired of the hypocritical facade called the medical profession. And don’t get me started on the pharmaceutical companies who are in the back picket of many ‘Doctor’s, politician’s and the FDC. Sometimes I’m not sure if ANY of them care beyond the almighty buck.
      So, why would I think you might be able to fit in writing a book? Because I know how achingly lonely snd painful, both physically and emotionally the wee hours of the mining can be to those who walk in our shoes. Think about it.

    10. WOW You said my pain-dealing experience and.feelings.morr respectfully than I could. I do not know if marijuana ca n
      help this level of pain. Have u tried it?

  25. My husband suffered a severe back injury several years ago. As he aged, the back pain became worse and his physician prescribed hydrocodone for him. The Hydrocodone worked well, but for some reason it did not show up in his urine test. The so-called doctor cut him off and sent him a letter stating she would no longer be his health care provider. Naturally, the pain became so intense I would up taking him to the ER a week or so later. There he was examined and received the diagnosis of 4th stage liver cancer. He passed away about 3 weeks later. I am wondering if the hydrocodone did not show up in his urine because of the liver dysfunction. I think it might have been prudent for the doctor to have run some kidney and liver tests on him, as she had done so previously and it had showed a “slight” liver dysfunction.

    1. Barbara,

      Depending on dose, hydrocodone generally will not show positive for “opiates” on an immunoassay urine screen, and if it did, there would be reason to suspect a patient was taking an opiate that what was not prescribed (i.e. morphine or codeine). Liver disease had nothing to do this this. And for the record, assuming he was taking hydrocodone combined with acetaminophen (which is the most common dosage form), he should not have been using acetaminophen. In fact, it is curious whether cause of death was actually the liver disease, or if acetaminophen was the immediate cause of death due to a poorly functioning liver.

    2. My doctor has been great despite all of the pressure the state medical board has been putting on him, he’s been reducing my opioids but slowly so I don’t get overwhelmed by the severe pain that I have but now I have received a letter from the state medical board and they’re demanding that I give them access to my medical records because they feel that because he has been a good doctor and compassionate and given me enough opioids to allow me to get out of bed and have a little bit of a life that he must have been over prescribing! So it’s not bad enough that they are harassing doctors who happen to have a patient die while on opioids (mind you his patients are all older, I’ll and in pain! And suicide wouldn’t be unheard of) but then they want to harrass the people whose lives they’re destroying! I don’t have a problem with addiction nor do I have any problems with withdrawals and like,most people who are in pain and receiving this medication it’s been the only alternative. I have tried everything else and most of the other options have caused a multitude of health problems from my intestines being riddled with ulcers and drugs like antidepressants causing suicide ideation or just making me into a bawling mess or making me gain so much weight that I couldn’t breathe let alone move! Then I started using the bogeyman fentanyl and I woke up for the first time in 15 years and I was not in pain! I have no side effects and I didn’t have to continue to increase my dose as a matter of fact I was actually starting to reduce it because I was able to get up and exercise and started losing weight and just getting into the water at the pool reduced my pain. But now thanks to the good people at PROP lying about the horrors of opioids and how they are so addictive and horrible I’m back to laying in my bed in pain most of the time. I don’t have any intention of killing myself or living with out a life I do plan on going to Mexico and seeing a nice doctor and getting my pain medication from them or if that fails then using heroin and Not injecting it allows the liver to turn it into morphine and it is still prescribed in Europe so it can’t be that bad! Definitely not worse than suicide!

  26. So many people have told their life stories! I feel this wont be read or even matter. but here goes, I was living a pretty happy life, although in pain. I managed it. Now because of all the government BS and the feet on the throats of all of the Drs. I have had No care of any kind. I spend all my time in bed. I think about dying far more more than anyone knows. The pain is unbearable. My life sucks. I am 54 years old. I have many things that need preventative care, but don’t want to be treated as a drug seeker or “whatever” the latest word is. I have records dating back to the 60’s explaining why I have osteo etc. problems. Wish I could find a compassionate Dr. to help me. Before I simply give up. I used to be the happiest person. Now I am disabled and sad.

    1. I agree, no one cares about anything but money. The government gets involved because they or the powers that be have their hands in the pot. I didn’t even realize for a long time that my pain killers were something addicting. I had terrible back problems, and suddenly my meds were being taken away, that’s when I looked into things and found out heroin was in the same class of drug, so I asked a friend for help. I then entered into a 12 year battle with heroin addiction. I am now totally opioid dependent, and luckily I go to a methadone clinic and run a business. Other people I know are dead, and never could turn it around. I keep the fact that I go to a methadone clinic hidden because it carries a stigma. It’s ridiculous that the medical community gets people hooked then treats them like addicts. It’s so unfair what they have done to so many people, I understand it’s called a medical practice for a reason, but if something is working for someone and you know it’s dangerous to get them off it then why are you doing it? Once you’ve addicted someone, you should continue to give car that works for them instead of taking said care away and telling them THEY’RE the ones with a problem.

      1. So I guess you kicked H just now taking Methadone only? Yes I’m another VICTIM with Dr Nash here in Houston TX he dropped all of his patients just like a hot potatoe suffering BIG time and im scared b cause my blood pressure goes way up chest hurts etc blood pressure like over 200 walking like a time bomb….This freakn doctor will Not see me nor others because they see all the meds they were gvn to me which at times it really didn’t help just mask pain maybe 1 he or 2 hrs. My surgeon screwed me over have all this metal inside. Don’t know what to do?

      2. How can you keep drug use hidden from Meth clinic. I get takehomes, 14 at a time. I give a urine EVERY other Fri. If I show a narcotic I better have an impacted tooth, or oral surgery or cancer. My Blood pressure was so high they got scared and gave me xanax. NO WAY. You aint taking it. Did you tell your doctor yer on meth? No? Well we need to call him or bring back a letter saying he has been told. Ive known this Doctor for 20 yrs. He has been family doc. I have never asked him for paiin meds, he gave me some xanax and they made him feel like a criminal for doing it. (THE VA Meth) So now whats the point. All the doctors I see make you fill out a sworn statement saying you arent “on” anything anywhere else. Id rather get some heroin.

      3. From the time of Galen and Hippocrates – From the days of the plagues of old – and in the times of our forefathers. Mankind has suffered with pain. The wounded had to suffer to be healed and would have preferred to die because IF they managed to survive having the mace removed from their chest along with the large broken blade of the enemies sword, he then had the agony of having the chirgeon seal the bloody wound, (so he wouldn’t bleed to death) by pouring scalding hot oil over it. If he survived the pain, and the burn, and later the painful adhesions of the scar tissue pulling and pinching him for the rest of his life, He was lucky.
        Mankind has longed for a way to end their pain, and to heal their children with mercy, with peace,
        with love and with kindness. To find a medicine that would truly HEAL and SOOTHE and that would FINALLY – Dry the Endless tears of the suffering of Humankind. They had LONGED for some sort of Miraculous and Intelligent Cure for Pain and Suffering.
        Science and Diligent Work, Years of Study, Passionate and Diligent Testing and Clinical Trials, Years of perseverance & triumph and some defeat, much debate, and despair, death and the defiance of death, and FINALLY – Effective ANSWERS!!!
        Mankind – From the late 18th century to the present began to find effective ways to ease the pain of the suffering of the sick, the wounded, the dying.
        From the Mid 19th century, and the use of anesthesia, Mankind was able to perfect the process
        after much trial and error, and at last, the art of surgery could be don in a merciful fashion and
        Humanity was – able to be healed. with mercy.
        More years pass, Our pain medications can ease suffering SAFELY. (If people were not stupidly trying to abuse drugs, or kill themselves with them. Or if those w/out Virtue trying to send signals to the world to show the virtue that they DO NOT HAVE by saying, “LOK AT HOW GOOD I AM! I want to Take Bad Drugs From People and Punish the Addicts who abuse drugs!” Because They do NOT have or know pain.
        We FINNALLY have Safe & effective ways to ease suffering, & Anyone who needs to use these tools of Mercy MUST be Labeled: An Addict, Must be Punished and branded unworthy, & Dangerous. The must Suffer and be Castigated.
        Why? So The Virtue Signaling ones may ‘Feel Good & Superior!
        So the people who bought into the Marijuana stock can reap in the money as they make Pot leagal and our nation becomes Doped up & Stupid Potheads, while people with Pain wish they were DEAD?
        While Physicians reel in disgust because they cannot care for their patients?
        While Children, and Grandmothers, Mothers and Fathers, Teenagers and Veterans and so many others suffer with pain that is so easily healed?

      4. The majority of pain patients are not addicted. I was on opioids for years, lost insurance and quit cold turkey. Yes withdrawal from dependance was rough and Ive been in horrible pain since, but I never considered heroin. Ive also been prescribed them a few times short term and been fine, taking them as prescribed and ending when done.

        I am sorry you got addicted and actually agree with you, those that are addicted are better off on pills than heroin, but the majority of pain patients are not addicted.

    2. I legit have not left my apartment in 6 months, not even to check the mail, take out trash, Take my toddler to the park. My poor husband had to do those things and shopping because my anxiety and agoraphobia is so bad. Xanax or even klonapin would relieve this and I could have a life worth living, but no. I can’t have it because it’s addictive. Who cares if it’s addictive and you need it everyday as long as your able to be a productive member of society. And honest I don’t care if someone is abusing it, they have a right of the persuit of happiness. They know it could kill them. As long as they Are not committing crimes, I don’t see what the big deal is. It’s totally insane how the doctors are doing patients now.

    3. I know what your going thru! I am a pain Management patient for 15 years, a model patient they said, I was took off methdone and norco due to Dr letting long term patients, I wasn’t let go by them, just took off my pain meds completely! I got severely sick, had to go to hospital ER, they said it’s severe withdraw, because you were abruptly stopped, they got me stable an re leased me me couple hours later, bill was $10,230. 00!!! Went for follow up with my pm dr, he said it’s complications from your hsysterectomy you had 17 years s ago, not the opiate WD, YOUR KIDDING ME! Anyway I continued in severe withdraw and I was suicidal, I called a suboxen clinic and got a week before my second introduction appt, already had my assessment appt. My pain Dr that had been so compassionate and kind for 15 yrs, then all laws changed he changed. I had no problem coming off my medications but not took off abruptly, no weening off two 15 yr usage, it was inhumane!!!! Then be told that I shouldnt be sick from it, that it was complications from a hysterectomy surgery I had 17 years ago! That I should of felt like bad flu for a week them I would be good as new. I have never missed a dose, never ever took anything that wasn’t prescribed yo me, I was so sick I broke that rule in a week of withdrawal! It was either that or I was committing suicide!! Already had my gun out ready yo do it, the sickness was so bad!!! Just wanted to end the WD! So I called suboxen clinic going to see Dr in morning, I never been on suboxen but I took some from a friend to get me to my appt, cause I would of killed myself! Now I’m worried that I may not be excepted in clinic, o don’t know all the rules, never been to one, they told me on my first assessment appt, that they understand that people will do what they have to , to get thru until there induction Dr appt, but St time of my assessment I hadn’t ever used suboxen before an told them that, but now I had to use it and worried that it might hinder me getting in clinic, this is a long road, an have suffered badly, all because I put myself in a drs hands who said nothing they could do for my back or neck and would have to be on pain medication rest of my life! I totally trusted their opinion and now look!!! I pray to God I’m excepted in clinic tomorrow, for 18 month treatment, if so I’ll be tapered off slowly from suboxen, they said it will be done slowly so want experience what I’m going thru now, how it should of been done with my pain Dr!!!!! I’m praying for everyone who is suffering from impact of the opiate laws. God bless!

    4. Bless your heart, I was in the same situation when I was your age, I am now 59 and found pain management, and oh what a life changer that was!! my pain was pretty much controlled, I got out of bed, started going places again, now the Federal government has decided for us how much medication we can and cannot have, so now I’m not pain controlled at all, I was cut in half of what I was on and it doesn’t even touch my pain, so back to the dark place is what I am so afraid of. You can go to pain management honey and get help, they will help you!!! I felt so bad for you when I read this because I was there, but you can go get help if you have insurance that would really help, God Bless you. Kelley Eubanks

    5. Please hang in there you will find a doctor. I am 32 I flew 100 ft. Out a window of a van 15yrs ago. I had a lump grow in my neck 3 years ago. I was ok living after accident couldn’t walk for 2 years i was told id never walk again. I was givin 250 percocet a months this was in 2006. I had surgery on my neck doctor did not look at my MRI image. ” I Know Right!” Soumds like stuff out of a movie. I found a great doctor and years ago i was put back on meds. My first visit I was given meds and even after the newvlaw get them through my medicaid. If you have records you eventually will get your meds. Don’t hurt your self please.

    6. Have u tried a pain clinic? Its very difficult for a dr to understand ur severe pain unless she/he has suffered from it. Some clinics are good & some are bad. If u can’t find a regular dr to work with giving u pain meds, this might be ur next option. If u go to one & don’t like it try another. However, U don’t want to fall in precevied dr shopping. So unless they ask if u have been to another clinic I would leave it out. To much misconception & paranoia in the market place. Good luck!!

    7. I sure can empathize with you! I have end stage (grade D) COPD/emphysema with 27% lung volume as well as a slow growing tumor that can’t be removed by wedge section due to my over all poor health and cachexia (loss of muscle and weight) weighing only 78lbs. I used to weigh 114lbs at 5’3 1/2 inches tall but over the years I became sicker and sicker. Aside from the copd, lung tumor and cachexia I also am suffering (really suffering) from secondary progressive Multiple sclerosis, epilepsy that complicates everything and very difficult to control with medications and even worse they start randomly and don’t stop, I end up in ER then intimated on a breathing machine twice now in past 2 years, scarring my lungs further and get that much worse after I recover and go home. I also have early onset osteoporosis now for 7 years, have had 2 compression fractures in my spine and terrible hip pain for months. I’m confined to a wheel chair for past few years and on 24/7 oxygen since 2015. I don’t leave my home anymore. I have limited hours of a health aide that comes 3 hrs twice a week for 3rd year now that Medicaid will only cover those few hours a week so my husband can’t work anymore and is my primary care taker (well supposed to be but doesn’t seem to want to help me much this past year as I believe I’ve become a burden to him even for a glass of water. I have to get around my house sometimes pulling my body with my arms across the floor to reach the toilet before I wet my pants. He fights with me a lot yelling at me and forgetting how frail I have become, emotionally as well as physically. When he’s angry and doesn’t seem to take much, he refuses help to me. This is making my life to live that much more difficult than it already is. I find I’m now just alone, depressed, tired, in pain and anxiety building because of it all) I don’t have family to care for me as they live too far away, and one sister that is 7 miles from me doesn’t seem to be interested in helping me yet knows my husband treats me bad. She doesn’t visit much because she doesn’t like him. Another reason she said was because she is too busy. I’m only 47 years old and yet I barely can get much help with anything. My kids are grown with one married with my first grandchild I’ve only seen 4-5 times and she’s a year and a half old. I have one son in college and the other son is mildly autistic and a senior in high school. I’m a believer in God, a devout follower and pray day and night that He just gets this life over with for me to end the physical and emotional trauma I can’t control or stop. I used to be strong, a very positive person, wife and active mother raising my kids the best I can. I was always dedicated (still am in encouraging them) but can’t do much for them financially as I have only my SSI to live on just barely paying bills and copays on my 16 prescriptions. I have a good doctor and he has been really trying to help me. He watched my diseases progress each time I saw him, from a smiling “how are you doing Dr xxxxxx, to nothing but a shell of pain. Last September he told me I should start hospice services soon. He prescribed liquid morphine for my pain and meloxicam for my rheumatoid arthritis that hurts so very bad. I was terrified to take morphine knowing when ever you hear that word first thoughts are addiction or possibly dying not knowing how my little body will handle. It took a lot of coaxing from the nursevtelling me it will be ok, the doctor gave it for a reason, it would help with not just pain but also exasperation’s as well as my appetite and anxiety. It was a small dose of 2.5ml every 6 hrs but the prescription was for only 10 days, and the nurse said to call and ask for refills when it was almost gone. I started taking it a week later scared to death of it but trusted the nurse. It really helped me more than just with pain as she said, for the first time I wasn’t feeling as bad as I had been emotionally or physically. I had less anxiety and could breathe more evenly. All was fine for about 3 weeks then it started to wear off in 3-4 hrs so my dr raised the dosage to 5ml every 6 hrs. Again I was ok for about 2 weeks then it started to wear off again too fast. Then he changed it to 5ml every four hours which helped a lot better. By December I was doing well. Like everyone I felt excitement of Christmas this year not dealing with so much pain and able to relax more. My family members came for a short visit just before Christmas and left to go back home. As usual I called my dr for a regular refill and out of no where, Medicaid needed prior authorization. Then refused to help with cost. Suddenly I was completely out of morphine, just a dead stop a week before Christmas too. I went into terrible withdrawal after 2 doses missed in one single day, nightmares, sweating but cold, my son and husband said I was hard to wake at times other times hard to fall asleep. I hurt worse than I ever have in my whole body. I cried a lot. Then Christmas Eve my husband decided he was leaving for the holidays! In 2 hrs he packed up and left me and my sons! I didn’t know what to do! I couldn’t believe it. What a time to just leave me. I continued going through horrible withdrawal and pain. My husband never called to check on me that day he left nor on Christmas or the day after. By early Thursday morning (4am) my son slept on the floor next to my bed when I had a severe seizure. He didn’t really know what to do expect call his dad through his aunt who decided it wasn’t important enough to tell him unity 12 hours later that his son called him. I almost died that morning. Lucky my son knew cpr and stayed by my side. He wanted to call 911 but I had already made my wishes to that months ago not to do that anymore. (I was worn out from going into the hospital, being in CCU on ventilators breathing for me) causing my lungs worse damage. The first time this happened I was given too much Ativan to stop my seizures and it not only stopped the seizures finally it also stopped my breathing and movement! I remember it all! I couldn’t move, talk or breathe. It was horrible suffering. I had pulmonary arrest that led to a mild heart attack. I remember the tool they used to for emergency intubation tubes going in the wrong way from panic of the doctor not realizing it, then the tube placements wrong filling my stomach with oxygen and still couldn’t move or say help! He finally noticed it was wrong and said to the team around him we are losing her get her to CT scan to get this right. That’s the last I remember until days later waking on the ventilator) why would I want to keep going through this suffering again and again coming out of it worse health in my lungs than before? So I signed a POST paper to no rescucitations or ventilators pertaining to seizures. This is why my son did not call 911. He went through so much stress fear and crying thinking I would die with out dad here. I almost did. Praise the Lord I survived. When dad finally answered my son, he still didn’t seem to care but came home anyway later. The next morning I had severe chest pain that woke me. I felt like I couldn’t breathe at the same time. I tried to call out for my son but I couldn’t. My husband walked in then and saw I was in pain. He just sat me up and gave me water. The pain continued but got lighter through the rest of the that day. That night I got a terrible sudden left sided headache and felt strange. I passed out in minutes. My husband thought I had just fell asleep but by morning I was unable to speak or move my right side. My fave was droopy and I was really disoriented. 2 days I couldn’t speak until finally I was able to slur some and speak slowly. My doctor was on vacation at the time out of town so my son couldn’t contact him, no on call doctor either. (Sigh ;-( ) I never did get full usage or feeling back in my right side since then but I’m able to speak but have problems with stuttering and unable to explain things well, my brain feels like I can’t always say or explain what I’m thinking and things sometimes come out of order or certain words I’ve forgotren replacing them with similar sounding words that have different meaning to what I’m trying to say. When the dr did get back he saw me rt away and believes I had a TIA type of stroke but I believe it to be s full stroke that may have been brought on by the stress of my marriage, husband leaving but even more, the withdrawal from the morphine bringing on my seizures again. I hadn’t had any since starting the morphine a few months before, that in itself coupled with my anti seizure meds (Kepra and low dose clonazepam) helped keep then under control all that time. So my husband decided to skip the one of our utility payments to buy the morphine for me. I started to do better again but was very fearful if I now ran out of the morphine what might happen and all the pain that came with it so I only took half doses scattered which still caused me anxiety and pain between holding off doses to make it last. When it was time for another refill my dr had no problem to write another script for it but again I was denied by Medicaid. So again here comes withdrawal and all the pain! My elderly dad decided to pay for this 12 day supply. He doesn’t have much money but my son told him how I was suffering so out of empathy he bought it. Now I’m nearing the end of that bottle too with 4 days left taking it all wrong in small amounts, spread out to try and save it longer. I can’t take this suffering any longer…my family feels I’m too young to enter hospice so I haven’t done it but because of that I can’t get end of life care or comfort. I am suffering in every way, scared daily my sins or husband will find me dead. I have no fear in dying or going to Heaven, I know I’m good spiritually but knowing my kids still need me I can’t give up. But this is the first time I’m wondering if I’m more of a burden now than anything else. It’s too much already with all my health conditions combined to go through such agony to try and get the only medication that finally helped me to enjoy my kids rest and be with less pain no ER or ambulance calls. What use am I now but a burden. I am alone most of the time or sleeping too long or not st all, various days. To think I feared taking morphine months ago because I thought it would stop my breathing…now is killing me going through withdrawal and too much stress losing more weight when I just started to gain a little. I’m no use to anyone anymore. I can’t even think straight…my husband barely sees me though he’s here in the house ignoring me a lot. He doesn’t check on me much anymore. My sons do between college classes and the other after school visiting my room a bit. Everyone is so busy…why am I still here…is it wrong to want to let go and if I do will God understand? I can’t keep suffering like I am. I’ve always been soft spoken and smiley and in just past 2 weeks I’m starting to lose my temper easy, getting tearful, can’t control my feelings or pain. My husband finds it easy to argue with me and even more ditch me when I need him the most. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. Even if my husband isn’t very nice or doesn’t love me anymore I can forgive him. God forgives everyone. I want to go to be with the Lord so bad before i get worse. I don’t want to lose Him (God too, or my salvation, place in Heaven) because I am just starting to hold resentment and bitterness, frustration that a system of medical field would give me a medication that made me feel better in so many ways, that I was able to cut some meds out and lower others while on morphine…now I’m a shell of s person just sitting or laying here every day wondering what more can I do. I feel like I’m going to truly lose it and break down far worse than I ever have, or lose my mind ;-(( I cant even type anymore, it’s too much. If anyone is out there going through all this I may not know u but I can pray for you too! I DO understand the pain and wondering if dying is the best thing I can do for everyone’s sake, not just my own. It would be very easy to just take triple doses of my meds I do take to end others burden as well as my own. Please God help me!

      1. Just for the sake of saying so, even though I want to give up under all my circumstances and suffering I wanted to say after much reflection that I WILL NOT harm myself purposefully. I just want to express my desperation, feelings of helplessness, pain uncontrolled and anxiety to which I have been left in. I have contacted a very good friend who will be moving to my state where I live in order to help me through this time in my life. We had been very close a few years ago but do to my illnesses I didn’t want to bother her. Again after reading all I had written on this forum I realize I need a lot of support I wasn’t getting. I’m happy inside to know my dear friend still cares very much for me to want to help me cope, help me get better relief care and be my power of attorney as well. Praise the Lord I won’t be alone in my little world of pain on earth. He has surely answered a great portion of my prayers and had given me a boost in my spiritual strengths. I know I will continue to hurt but I know I have Him and my dear friend. May God be with you all out there that suffer as well and bring you home when HE IS READY. We are still alive and may hurt but we WILL stay strong in all our circumstances if we trust Him and allow Him to do so. There is a reason and cause for everything and a reason God created us. There IS a reason we are STILL here!

      2. Hi Sandy,
        Bless your heart! I hear you crying out for help and God is with us all! I was hit by a car on my bicycle September 2nd 2018 (hit and run) the results were a severely dislocated left elbow, slight concussion, road rash..etc. When “this person” hit me it through me 50 ft flailing through the air and hit the sidewalk at quite an impact. I was taken to the hospital, which is maybe a quarter mile and they ran me right into the ER. What a awesome team of dr’s I HAD! They were very diligent and forthcoming in keeping me up to speed about any and all procedures. I was very comfortable with there bedside manner. With that I had several follow up and in the interim going to see a “new’ pain management clinic. The first visit to pain management was a JOKE! They gave me a back brace, steroidal creme and ibu’s on steroids! That was just the first of four more visits and it was the same thing each time, wanting to put me on everything (including injections) but the narcs. The cease of opiates has nothing to do with the people or persons taking them as prescribed, its “our government” not being able to control all of the opiates coming through our border! Those are not prescribed or controlled! What does that possibly have to do with the folks that are “playing by the rules?” There are people that are in chronic pain that are at the “jumpimg off point” and our healthcare system and dr’s do not care let alone fight for us! The dr’s take or took a hypocritical oath upon obtaining there doctorate and it sure is working its magic! So much for having compassion for the patient or the needs of the person.Its about meeting there quota or not! The dr’s get to pick and chose who has the most pain based on urine samples just to appease our gov’t (DEA) officials. How many pain pills do the folks in gov’t choke down on a daily bases? Do they get urinalysis? HE*L NO! They have money and pull!! Sickening!! Hang in there my beautiful friends, nothing lasts forever!

        1. Hi Keri & Sandy. Thank you both for your input, for taking time to hear about others stories, for your compassion, your understanding and kindness. I’m so very sorry what you’ve both been through and I agree with all you said. Seems no one really understands unless they have been there themselves. Some offer alternative measures to those who can’t afford any of them. Some people are on Medicaid in which they don’t pay for anything alternative, like acupuncture. That is ludicrous to even tell someone to do when they can’t even leave their house or wheel chairs! It’s crazy when you can barely move at all to do “alternative” things. Sounds like the famous quote “let them eat cake” garbage. I am truly starting to believe this country is trying to euthanize humans while suggesting the dumbest of things. Yes maybe taking a 2 mile walk every day would help those who not only can’t walk but can’t even push their own wheel chairs! There’s a lot of people that don’t care about the ones that suffer because they haven’t suffered themselves in such a way. How easy to offer advice (from way up there in the government, to pharmacies, to some doctors) what is wrong with our society that humans don’t matter! Animals get better treatment! There is no real PROOF that drug addicts have slowed down in over dosing getting their drugs ILLEGALLY to begin with. No one that really truly needs pain medication to survive a little longer is selling it! They NEED it themselves. It’s easy to find out if someone was through pain management anyway if that were the case. There are more pharmacists out there that dispense it that are most likely to sell it on the street than a person that is taking a low dose, controlled by their physician with great monitoring! Second to that, a doctor can do the same thing, write out prescriptions to family members with false reasons of need, or friends or “Fake patients” that they can easily get it for themselves. Even compared to pain medications sold on the street. Where does everyone think it comes from most likely?! Are people this blind?! I live in a small town/city that there IS a doctor that is hooked on pain medications and an alcoholic that was discovered in 1994, never served jail time but was told he couldn’t write prescriptions anymore for pain medications until he goes to a drug rehab ordered by a physician panel who found him guilty. That doctor never complied in over 8 years! No one checked to see if he stopped until numerous complaints from his own patients saying he was acting strange from joking to angry fits. It took 8 years of complaints piling up until that doctor was addressed AGAIN! Why was he even allowed to practice as a medical doctor in the first place! Isn’t this a manhole crime? He was served a with papers a second time to go to the board of physicians finally again to just not show up! A degree allows people to do this? I think anyone abusing any drugs should get charged criminally, doesn’t everyone else? So now those that are in last stages of life, in chronic pain, never abused a thing are the ones that suffer because of people like this? Street drugs are so rampant, that will never stop. It’s done secretly as there is so much more to lose for them, not that there shouldn’t be but it should apply to EVERYONE. That’s like stealing all prefects from a department store a person works at, told just to “stop it” and continue doing it until the store closes and they go do it somewhere else? I can definitely say this again: those that need pain medications that ARE always regulated to a patient and watched carefully won’t be selling something they need, neither will a starving person sell the last day of crumbs for a shiny bike. This is going to end up killing more innocent people so fast that have an opportunity to have relief from small amounts of pain medications to have visitors, just enough to take the edge off to share a bit more time with their children, grandchildren, spouses, friends, and other family to have a bit more quality to their lives to be able to. Otherwise with out even some relief it will cause enough pain a person doesn’t get a choice to have anyone at all to see them in such pain. Kids especially! They suffer to see their parent or sibling suffer in pain and most decent parents that care about that won’t have a choice but to not allow any visiting seeing them this way. To be in this kind of pain there is no quality, nor control of that undue stress caused by the pain, that isolates a person to the point they kill them selves in another way! Who does the government seem to show more compassion for then I ask? A patient and their families or those that make a choice to get high with uncontrolled over doses they will always find to buy on the black market anyway or crooked pharmacists or crooked doctors? There’s no rational thinking to this at all. Nor justice or humanity. May God help all those suffering because of a broken society who doesn’t care either way, looks the other way and especially the government that leads them! Looks like everyone loses except those with degrees to abuse, big wallets who can afford to pay off the law and judicial system, and the government authority to throw around to pretend they are making progress. Just sickening.

      3. Triple dose won’t do anything if u been on this medicine a long time.,u said it would be easy ya ok,I could take a whole prescription and would just go to my pain. So I don’t think it will be that easy,if it was you probably would of done it ,wish u the best of luck, hang in there,we all knows how it feels

    8. I’m so sorry. Good luck in finding a compassionate doctor. Try some alternative methods (acupuncture, massag, yoga, meditation, tai chi) while trying to find a doctor.

      1. I’ve sat here reading all of these blogs this morning about issues that we all share. There truly is an epidemic in this country but I’m not talking about the opioid epidemic. It seems as though I am part of a club that is not a fun Club to be a part of. I had a car accident in 2001 on my way to work. The accident itself didn’t seem that bad, but it literally set off a bomb in my spine. I had some pre-existing home injuries from the 80s and this accident just took it to a whole new level. My head felt way too heavy for my neck to support it. My right arm was numb all the way down to the fingers. When I say numb, I don’t mean I couldn’t feel it. The numbness was all the way to the Bone. It felt like a deep intense pain in my bone but my skin did not seem to have much feeling. I also started having lower back pain and numbness and my right leg , and weakness in both legs This started my primary sending me to a Pain Management Group. In the early 2000s. I went from doctors who told me there was nothing wrong with my me, to others who put me on fentanyl patches, pain meds and antidepressants and many other types of medication that caused me to gain a lot of weight, fall asleep in the middle of dinner out with my husband or worsen my pain. I had to quit my job and ended up in bed depressed and suicidal or nearly two years. I had dealt with migraines since I was in my 20s and as horrible as they were, I worked a full-time job, raised two children and managed to put supper on my table five nights a week. Then I would collapse with a rag on my eyes and a dark room , take some medicine and fall asleep. My head aches sometimes lasted for days and even weeks. However, when you cannot lift your head because it feels too heavy , and your legs feel like they weigh a hundred pounds each, it makes getting out of bed very difficult and Performing daily activities even worse. The Pain Management Group I was at finally after taking me off all my medicines because they thought I was drug seeking ordered an MRI. I think it was their way to prove I was lying and nothing was wrong with my neck. The MRI was refused by my insurance company. So, the doctor said they would appeal the decision. Meanwhile, I’m still in bed. I could no longer make dinners for my family. I could no longer do laundry or go to the store. People began to look at me as a lazy POS. The Depression was awful. I felt like my entire family would be better off without me. My relationship with my husband suffered as did my relationship with my boys. The second MRI request was also denied. And I just gave up at that point. I had decided to take my life, but I also had to kill my pet. She Stood Beside Me every moment of every day and would not allow anyone else to get near me or her. Her instincts to protect me we’re so strong and I knew that no one else could handle her if something happened to me. So, I started trying to figure away to take the life of a pet I loved without causing her distress or harm. Sounds crazy right? Anyway, when you are clinically depressed you do not think clearly. I was so afraid that I would kill my dog and not go through with the suicide that it became a thought process that just filled my mind everyday. Finally, I got pissed off. The whole thing was absurd. I have worked my whole life and tried to do right by my family and everyone I came across and here I was laying flat on my back in excruciating pain in both my neck and lumbar area and all I wanted was a damn MRI. I called my insurance company and told them they had three options. 1.) I would go to an Imaging Center and have my MRI. 2.) I was going to an emergency room and wait until I doctor would take me in and do a test no matter how long it took. Or, 3.) I was going to kill myself and have my husband request an autopsy to show what was wrong with me, and then sue everyone involved. We know our own bodies. We know when something is a small injury that you’ve done by lifting something or if it is worse everyday never goes away and increases overtime. I was number one at my company and my profession. I had only been on my job for 1 year but in that year I beat out every other person who did the same work that I did. I was not a deadbeat. My mother taught us to pick yourself up dust yourself off and kick yourself in the butt to do what was necessary. I tried this but this time it did not work. My insurance company pulled my file and I found out that after two years of going to the pain management doctor and having been at my primary previously with the same problems the insurance company recommended I apply ice and Heat for 2 weeks and take anti-inflammatories. The second time my doctor requested the MRI, he sent in the same clinicals with a new cover sheet. In other words, he let them think I was new to his practice coming in complaining of neck and back pain. So it really wasn’t my insurance company’s fault. My first thought was, what do elderly people do if they run across this situation? People who are not assertive and speak up for themselves? After I gave my insurance company the three alternatives, she told me to have my primary request an MRI and it would be approved immediately. I never went back to that Pain Management Group. After my MRI, I received a call from my primary stating that I had three crushed vertebrae in my neck and it was pressing on my spinal cord. I needed surgery immediately. I had a cervical fusion by a wonderful doctor. Followed by physical therapy. I have full range of motion in my neck and no more arm pain or heavy head. Amazingly, I also have no more migraines. Then it was time for my lumbar problem. A different doctor closer to home, an orthopedist did a lumbar Fusion, L4-5, S1. No physical therapy following surgery. The reason I am writing this blog is because like a lot of U I still have horrible lower back, tailbone, buttocks and leg pain. I have such weakness in my legs and horrible chronic pain every single day. The new pain management doctor I went to had me on 100mg Time released morphine three times a day. 6-30 mg. Of roxicodone per day. I also was on Soma for muscle spasms. After several years of living like this I decided I wanted to come down on the medicines to see what was real pain, and what was my body calling for more pain medicine.. With the doctors help I was able to come down to 60 mg of the time released and four times a day on the 30mg Roxicodone. Then about a year-and-a-half ago, I came down even further. By the time this past January rolled around, I was completely off the time released morphine, the muscle relaxers, all of the antidepressants and any other medicines except 3 – 30 mgs of roxicodone per day. January, my prescription by the doctor was reduced to 4- 15 mgs of roxicodone four times per day. I was lucky in that at my request I had reduced my meds to where I did not go through horrible withdrawals as I’ve done in the past. They are no fun and especially when you’re hurting. My problem is that although I am only taking the equivalent of one less 30 mg tablet per day, it has taken away my ability to function everyday as I could before. In the 15 years that I have been on opioids consistently, I have never doctor shopped, never requested an early refill, and never failed a urine test. 3 – 30 mg oxycodones did not take away my pain but it did enable me to be able to function as a person, a wife, mother and grandmother. In the past, I able to set aside one or two and sometimes more per month so that I had extras if an emergency came up. When I got my new 15 mg 4 times a day prescription, it just so happened to be a month where my Pharmacy did not get in their order. This is because each Pharmacy is only allowed so much of each opioid per month. Sometimes, the manufacturers don’t have enough to send to everyone because of the new guidelines. Whatever the cause, I was fortunate to have the extras I had put away. But, now I’ve used all but three. In the past I would take one 30 mg in the morning, one at lunch and the last of the day around 5. As I said, it did not take away all my pain but took the edge off so I could function. With the new prescription I have tried 1- 15 m in the morning and another at 12. By 10 I’m in so much pain that I cannot wait for 12 to get here. Then another at 3 and finally another at 5. You all know what happens when you let the pain get ahead of you. Well, this seems to be the problem. The 15 mg just doesn’t cut the pain. So, I tried taking two in the morning which is equivalent to one 30mg. That leaves 15 hours left in the day and two 15 mg pills. I have never had to worry about running out of my medicine early in the month because what I had did the job for the most part. Now, I find that I’m taking one extra here and there to help with the pain and I am so afraid that when the end of the month comes, I’m going to be short I have been on the 15 mg for 2 months now. I believe if it were just getting used to the lower dose I would be there by now. For the past two months I have not had but a couple of good days. I have not been able to clean my house or shop as I could in the past. Not to mention my relationship with my husband and my children and grandchildren. I have missed out on occasions that I will never be able to get back. Watching your grandchildren grow up and enjoy life should be something that we are all able to do. Especially, if the medicine is out there that helps us to do that. I am not wanting more than what I feel like I’m entitled to. I had to quit my job and filed for Social Security. Of course I was denied at first and so I got an attorney. Fortunately for me during my worst times I had kept a journal and wrote down exactly how I felt physically and emotionally. You feel like people around you have no respect for you. You still like they either pity you or think you’re making it all up so you don’t have to work. The doctors treat us like we are all out to get high. Everyone reading this knows that if you have been on opioids for chronic pain for any length of time that you feel nothing even coming close to being high. I feel no different taking a regular Tylenol then I do when I take my 30 mg oxycodone. The only difference is the oxycodone does help with the pain. The Tylenol and ibuprofens of this world do more to harm our liver and stomachs than our opioids ever have. I was able to get my marijuana card and was so excited that it was going to be the answer to all my problems. In the 70s, I had smoked pot and had enjoyed it. I could see how it would help with the pain and take your mind off your problems. Unfortunately, I have not found the right strain or delivery method that has been effective. I believe the ones I was given which are in a vapor form are too strong. The only one I found so far was a 50/50 combination of THC and CBD. All the others either made me sick to my stomach, severely sick or gave me a horrible horrible headache. In any case, I have to lay down and cover my eyes after smoking it just to keep from getting ill. That is definitely not functioning. I did get some CBD topical, which I’ve had my husband rub on my lower back. If I get to it immediately before the pain gets too bad and lay on a heating pad directly on my back then sometimes it helps. I have heard that CBD oil under the tongue works, but the dispensary I went to did not have it at the time. I’ve heard the gummies are good for pain but are also strong. Since my dose was lowered, I’ve gone to an acupuncturist, a massage therapist for pelvic floor issues and also a counselor for my mind. The acupuncture did not help. The massage therapy feels wonderful but the effects are short-term. My massage therapist told me my tailbone seemed crooked and it appeared I had muscles and ligaments all in a knot on the right side of my buttocks. All of my pain is right sided. Something has to change in regards to the new opioid problem. And I’m not talkin about the problem of people overdosing on them but the problem of people needing them and being denied care. The AMA states that each patient has the right to have their pain addressed and taken care of by The Physician treating them. Years ago I looked up patients rights in the AMA journals. What is going on today is definitely in contrast to what is supposedly our rights. I have read numerous accounts of people committing suicide because of chronic pain after having their medications lowered or taken away. I have read reports from doctors who have lost patience to suicide and felt helpless in helping them. The Physicians Creed is “Do no harm”, but they are being forced to harm us everyday by not treating our pain effectively. I am harmed! You guys are harmed! I feel bad for the good doctor who are forced into this against their better judgment. I would like to string up the doctors who abused their power in order to make money by writing prescriptions to people who they knew we’re going to sell the drugs. I know a young man who accidentally killed himself by taking what he thought was Roxicodone bought on the Street that turned out to be something else entirely cut with fentanyl. If we as patients get our prescriptions from reputable doctors and they are filled by reputable pharmacist, there should not be problems with overdosing. there’s always going to be a handful of people who have said screwed up their lives that they’re looking for the coward’s way out. Handguns, knives, over the counter medicines and many other means disposing of oneself are out there. I don’t know how this all got so screwed up for whom is responsible but I wonder how many more good people who lives with chronic pain are going to feel like they have no other options. It is a real shame the situation we find ourselves in. my thoughts and prayers go out to all of you you deal with this daily and also to your family’s who also deal with this daily. I pray that a solution this town before it is too late for many.

    9. Kimberly,
      Please don’t give up!! Keep searching for that doctor who cares, because they are out there. I amm not sure if this is against the rules, or not, but what state do you live in? Surely, there are people on here who know of a doctor near you, who can help. Please reach out to all of us who care, and together, we can help you! You are cared about, I know that without a doubt. Let us help!!!!

  27. It’s a NIGHTMARE! I was taken off pain meds after ~10 yrs of near relief and functionality. I’ve suffered for 20+ years with fibromyalgia and etc … Pain management doctors are a joke. Mine tapered me off years of various meds so fast, one right after another (starting at Christmas/New Year, no less) I almost died, went insane, hurt somebody. After I was nearly off everything, he offered me suboxone, I wanted to bust his fat nose. Withdrawals are no joke, and this is beyond the pain and difficulty you already live with. There was no support, no sympathy, no help. Health”care” is SO SCARY these days. I don’t complain or protest, I’m shut down, lest I do something “bad.” And we PAY these people. What choice is there?

    They have strong-armed good, needful people into silence and non existence. “Drug-seeking.” “Doctor shopping.” “Suspicious.” “Red-flagged.” “Addict.” For having PAIN. I have suicidal thoughts all day, every day. I just want away from this screaming pain. Often, I think this is what they want. If so, why take away such dangerous, overdosable drugs?? I could VERY EASILY walk down the street, pay 5 bucks (FIVE BUCKS!) and get a needle full of heroin, but OH HELL NO, if you try to do things right, pay thru the nose for insurance, doctors, pharmacies, jump thru every ridiculous hoop they put you thru, answer questions, take their tests, endure all the discomfort and hassle and invasion, you’re obviously just a low-down drug seeker. Makes no sense. I won’t even smoke pot anymore (even though it gave me such relief I tended to cry) since it is still illegal in Texas. It’s beyond belief that some people in some states are allowed to get HIGH for the hell of it, but those of us in agony in the backward states are left hanging. And no, I can’t move, I can’t work, I have ZERO income, and I cannot take care of myself. So, stuck and trapped in a body full of pain.

    I’m Hopeless. Nonproductive. Very sad, very angry, very hurt, because I’m a person who hates to be idle and useless. I had ambition. I had a life. And I live in agony. And it won’t stop.

    I’m off every helpful medicine except plain Tylenol now, which is laughable and the liver damage risk concerns me. HOWEVER, I would NOT go back on ANY addictive medicine after being treated so cruelly and rudely by the medical establishment and the power they held over me. The stigma they have put on people is shameful. It’s abuse. It’s neglect. It is uncaring. I’ve lived long enough and been thru the system enough to have seen the changes and it’s just incredibly horrific now compared to earlier times. I know they are stressed, but so are we, and we have NO POWER and we don’t get paid. We just get sh!t on.

    Someone, please stand up for us. Except for writing comments sometimes, I’m out of energy, fight, and hope.

    1. Please never give up. Never turn to suicide.
      There are good doctors out there, please keep looking.
      Sure, out of 10 Dr’s, 9 will take your money then tell you to meditate and avoid gluten.
      But there is usually at least one that cares about patients more than politics.

      Once you find a good doctor, it is up to patients to help keep them out of trouble by being responsible with meds. Do not leave medication where other people (especially children) can get into it.
      Do not drink alcohol or use other medications your doctor doesn’t know about with it.

      Help is out there. Keep trying, and never give up.
      Please call a help line if you feel like harming yourself or others.

    2. Hi,,, I’m in your exact shoes and you said it all… I’m stuck with a provider who appears to be enjoying this…… A.

    3. I have suffered oral and for the last 8 years-intrathecal method of opiate interjection into my spine. After several changes of opiates, including one month of Priault (which side effects would fill a book by itself) I finally decided to fully have dilaudid opiate removed from the pump and re-filled with saline solution.
      The pain Doctor made no comments about the following effects of opioid with-drawl. I suffered the effects without any suggestions of help. Two weeks after complete with-drawl I made an appointment with my GP of 30 years and ranted obsessively about my experience. He walked out of the Door after me ranting mostly about how I felt the pain Dr. was the “Music Man” in regards to developing more and more patients. He now on Facebook states that he is the owner of more than one pain clinic. I have seen the volume of patients mushroom.
      The conventional statement made in regards to pain pumps is —–This should be the last resort for pain relief. I was not sure of any pain relief at this trial but I said “maybe” some relief as any normal person experiencing much pain WOULD. So the hook was set and you don’t want to turn loose, especially if you don’t get relief. You keep hoping that higher doses or a change in opioids will hit the mark.
      After 8 years I finally zeroed out expecting a pat on the back. What I got was no comment whatsoever from the pain Dr. (same Dr. for 8 years} no referral to with-drawl techniques.
      It has been very tough to work through the with-drawl. I have almost drove my wife of 53 years crazy. But after two months plus a few days I am 80% Free of Opioids.
      Pain Doctors whos have a financial stake in having more patients are at risk to morally forget the patients care and think the monetary rewards. 79 years old now. 69 when I started on the journey. 8 years of pain pump. First 2 of orals 10 years total.

    4. Completely agree with you they treat use like we r the junkies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!But people who take there meds. responsibly r treated like SHIT NOW!!!!!!!!

    5. I feel your pain. I have fibromyalgia and a rare virus called cytomegalovirus. It’s rare for a cold or mono to mutate to this. This makes it extremely hard to function. I too have suicidal thoughts day in and day out! Pain is constant and no Dr knows how to treat me so they put me on tramadol that doesn’t help. My bones feel like they are ripping from the inside out! It’s made me think maybe I should go to the streets or worse. But I don’t because I’m one of those maybe one day I’ll get help. To make it worse I work in healthcare and dr have admitted to me that they rather patients suffer than get their license revoked. They are plain idiots! They will get it revoked once enough of their patients die or press charges.

    6. These posts are near to breaking my heart, and have made me realize how lucky I am. Please do not give up hope! There are good doctors still out there!

      I fractured my neck 30 years ago, fell several times over the years and now have degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis, etc., etc. Many of you have a similar story. I have refused surgery over and over again, because as a license certified nursing assistant I have often seen that not only does it many times not do any good, but often leaves the person unchanged or worse off. In fact, one of my patients who had only been in pain years ago, after 3 surgeries was now a complete paraplegic. She is only one of many I have seen (I must say here that I have also seen it help. I just don’t want to be part of the crap shoot).

      I have been very committed to pain management with opioids (also, the practice of Chinese qi gong and vitamin co-factors for the opioids) in the 20 years I have been on them. I can work and function. I had one pain management doctor (from his website: “I have had a neck injury and know how you are all suffering out there!”) run after me in the hallway yelling, “Come back when you’re ready to be appropriately treated!”

      Like everyone here, I have been shocked at the creeping, and ever increasing, disrespect by the medical establishment, including local pharmacies. In my local town in Florida you can no longer even get a months supply of opioids at one pharmacy but have to go back every 12 days to be refilled. Thankfully, my pharmacy has not implemented such insanity yet.

      I had a great general practitioner for years, a little 84 year old guy from North Carolina (who is as bewildered as I am by this political nonsense). When he finally gave in and said he could no longer prescribe my meds as he was afraid of losing his license, I found a terrific pain management doctor who continued opioid treatment. Yes, I have to go an hour away now rather than ten minutes away. And yes, I have to go every two months (it used to be one month). I was really upset about the inconvenience, but then as I read more and more about the nightmares suffered by most people in chronic pain like myself, I began to consider myself exceedingly lucky that I could/can get my meds at all.

      There is another awful aspect to this story I wanted to mention: the drug companies that in their search for ever increasing profits, use cheaper and cheaper materials in the manufacture of their narcotics. By law, a generic medication will not have to have 100% of the active agent in each pill. Also, the quality and formulation of the co-factors affect the performance of the narcotic. Pharmaceutical companies are more and more putting in the least amount they can get away with in their meds and also, cheaper and cheaper ‘inert’ materials. I was on one of the best generics out there for over 20 years. Their medication was superb. A few years ago they merged with another company, changed the formulation, and all of a sudden, the effect of taking their medication was like take water. This company has thousands of complaints about them on the web and denies any change in formulation except they said they took out the dye. I finally found a generic finally that ‘sort of” works, but nothing like the other one.

      So, for us pain managed patients, the search for a doctor is only one third the battle and the search for a decent pharmacy is the second third. The final third is the battle against the greedy companies that make less and less effective meds, even if you can get them.

      My prayers for everyone out there.

    7. Can’t u get a form social security disability ur age doesn’t matter. And pain management is not so bad, u get ur drs to send ur records to a pain management dr , they review ur records and make an appt with you. Sometimes using a combination of pain meds and nerve meds, I take norco but lyrica helps with leg tingling I have had 3 surgeries in 9 yrs , my fault fell twice after 1st herniated disc, after last operation was able to lower my norco rx. I work again part time I feel better about life now. I had MRI done, physical therapy assessments done, what ever I needed to prove I had a real problem for pain management dr and social security disability and now I have both.

    8. Dear Meanie,
      I’m so sorry you are going through this terrible time. You are not alone. The Doctors are being punished too. They will be fired if they give medication to sick patients. I have a good doctor. I am also afraid to go to my doctor. I was in Med school in 1994. I was about to graduate, I had an accident and when I was hospitalized at my own Medical College Facility, I asked to have an epidural for my surgery. I had mapped it all out for myself in Grey’s Anatomy. – (I was 4 and a half months from graduating. I was going to be a pediatric Surgeon after my residency was over) I had already matched. I lay there on the table with all of the IVs in, I listened to everything, & my peers severed several of my nerves by accident. First mistake came with the Chief Surgical Resident saying, – instead of – pointing at his mistake and saying “There!”, (especially with the patient AWAKE, He said,
      “Oh,!”, The he said the 4 letter word for ‘poo’ that begins with SH.
      “What Did You Do?”, I asked him from flat on my back with my arms tied down to the arm rests and loaded up with IVs. He and the others said, “Don’t worry, I’m Reattaching it as we speack'” When he began to work on the other side, He severed another Nerve. AND HE SAID THE SAME EXPLETIVE!!!
      They told me I would NEVER WALK AGAIN. BUT, I would have Nerve Pain, and Sciatic Pain for life.
      I was a real pain in the behind for a whold day, but I decided I would try to overcome this mess, and it took me 8 months, & I CAN WALK,
      I have to wear Leg Braces, I have terrible pain, and I have awful scars, and I have been put on some very large opiod doses though I NEVER have been totally Pain Free since 1994.
      I have had an extraordinary life with my family.

      I have beaten Cancer so many times in my life it’s remarkable. I’ve had a good life, but, I’ve had my little setbacks. I’ve also had my big ones just like you have. I have HAE. I There are times when I swell up and do not look hjuman, It’s like anaphalaxis only my stomach swells up, and my throat and larynx and Allergies can trigger it too. & I’m allergic to ALL of the NSAIDS. I’m ALERGIC to POT, I am Sensitive to Polyester when I’m “In Crisis”, which means “No Patches”, and the only thing that gets my swelling down is Fresh Frozen Plasma” 6 to 8 Units of it – depending on how swollen I am, – It’s excruciating pain, and it’s almost impossible to get an IV into me when I’m in Crisis, because all of my soft tissues swell up and my viens are tight. I can’t breathe, and it’s dangerous for me and it’s nerve wracking for the hospital staff to care for me. They have been so helpful and kind in the past.
      BUT – They MUST give the Lowest dose of Pain medication to begin with. That’s why I NEVER wanted to take anything stronger than Propoxyphene. Pure Propoxyphene (because I’m allergic to Aspirin, Acetamenophen, Naprocen, Ibuprophen and all of the other NSAIDS. (I actually had a few Nurses say,”That’s Convenient”, Till my lips swelled to the size of a Baseball and my face couldn’t fit in an oxygen mask. They were laughing at me when they saw that all I had was Darvon N100’s as my Pain Medication. Because that’s so weak. Of course I was in Agony, It only took the edge off, but when they gave me 100 of Demerol IV PUSH IT Worked when I was in Crisis. (Even though I was taking 12 Daevon N 100’s dail.
      Before the Hippa Laws Nurses would talk to me like I was a terrible person when I was in the ER. I’m lucky, I look a lot younger than I am, I always have looked much younger than my age. When I was 40, once, I passed for a 15 year old and I couldn’t say anything because I had lalrlllyngeal edema, and they were furious with me when I wrote that I had been prescribed 12 Darvon N 100’s daily, and I was asking for something more for the pain, because I couldn’t take a pill, I couldn’t open my mouth and my nose was blocked by my lupper llip, and my belliy was beginning to swell. They knew I wasn’t expecting, I went in with a flat tummy, and at 117 lbs, and half an hour later I looked preggers. I was begging for a pain shot, they were putting a tube in my throat so I could breathe, and they were calling me an addict. There were only curtains in the ER between the Trauma room and the other rooms in there, I wanted the ground to opem up and swallow me.
      After that incident one of my regular doctors insisted that I should go to a pain management specialist and have my pain managed properly. I started to take Time released Pain meds and things like Oxycodone. Dilaudid and Morphene. I was never pain free, but almost.
      My Migrains ended. one morphene and they would disappear, or one didlaudid and the were DONE>
      My legs still hurt, and my surgical wound on my arm that never heals because of the lymphedema and bleeds every other day because it swells up and splits wide open and gushes blood, even if it skips a couple of weeks anause d heals, it will open up two weeks later and then, it’s agony, can you imagine your arm just suddenly splitting open and gushing blood like a geyser? But because of all this hoopla about chronic Pain People Not Really being helped by Opioids anyway. Or EVERYONE MUST BE Taken off their Opioid MEDS – NO EXCEPTIONS! I’ve had to be taken down too.
      My physician told me he DOESN’T Believe in ANYONE having to suffer through Agonizing Pain, & I believed him, – BUT HE won’t stop taking me dow from the meds I’ve been on since 1994. This can kill
      a person, and I’m the opposite of an addict.
      I never smoked anything in my life, I didn’t drink, and I didn’t get high. I was sick since I was 4 years old, this is ridiculous. You seem like you have my story too. The Virtueless are trying to signal that they have virtue b PUNISHING the peoplw who have pain, and they are trying to punish the best Doctors, the Good ones and the honorable ones by punishing them and trying to make the “Cool” Doctors into the “New Elite” in the World of Medicine – I don’t know about you, but I feel betrayed. We must make the world see that it’s wrong to punish pain.


  29. I’m a 42 year old man with Severe Hemophilia Type A Factor 8 deficiency less than 1%. This is a disease your born with, where your body doesn’t produce or store the 8th clotting protein. This causes the joints and muscles that sustain corrosive damage due to repeated internal bleeding with or without trauma. My generation and beyond, endured arthritis, degenerative joints, muscle atrophy, and a slough of other issues. These are irreversible even with the medical advancement of today. Such things are excruciatingly painful.

    Dr.’s prescribed pain meds at the age of 6 which allowed me to live a functional life. Currently, I take 30 mg of Morphine SR twice a day and 24-26mg of Dilaudid every 4 hours! This is 194 mg per day or 5,800 mg per month. Doing so allows me to be engaged with my life. This PROP rule states only 90 mill equivalents is the max allowed for non-cancer or non-terminal issues. This equals a monthly allowed quantity of 2,700 mg’s. The CDC, AMA, DEA, and greedy Dr.’s blame patients. If you run out your a dealer. If pain isn’t under control and you seek immediate medical care, well then you are a drug seeker. The overdose rates are alarming high. However, this is because Dr.’s are failing to monitor or identify abuse. Taking action this blanketed will only ends up with more overdoses, is dangerous, and irresponsible!

    I recently lost a fellow Hemophiliac to overdose. Why? Like so many others his Dr’s rapidly decreased his medications to comply with PROP. They did so out of fear. They lacked any regard for him despite his numerous reports of increased & uncontrolled pain levels. Extreme uncontrolled pain can drive you to do many things out of character. The medical community failed to help. He sought out other things to relieve the pain. He was a happily married man and father of 3. He had a great job and handled his disease better than most. That is until these governmental agencies and disgraceful medical professionals killed him. What happened??? He committed suicide. His country and Dr’s failed him. He paid and suffered the ultimate price for the wrong doings of non-compliant patients and Dr’s. Prop ruined his life, his family’s life, and the bleeding disorder community.
    His last 8 months the reckless implementation of the PROP guidelines, left him:
    • An alcoholic
    • Drug addict
    • Marijuana user
    • Unemployed
    • Divorced
    • Clinically depressed
    • And sadly suicidal

    When his suffering ended… the autopsy revealed he’d consumed opiates, cannabis, alcohol, benzodiazepines, and methamphetamines which combined became fatal. Until then he’d never abused or took illicit drugs. 3 days later a letter was discovered explaining his intentional consumption and why he did it. He spoke of his unanswered cries for help. His medical team and government denying him the right to live with manageable pain. He went on to say the hepatic oath “First Do No Harm” was grossly and unethically disregarded. He stated he felt this suicide should be found as homicide as his medical team murdered him.
    Congrats people! The ignorant plan to stop abuse and opiate death backfired. The implementation of a reckless rule killed a man. Let’s hope the people involved sleep well knowing they killed a patient, destroyed a family, and caused psychological damage to innocent kids.
    Such a shame! This beautiful human being didn’t deserve death. He didn’t deserve to have his country fail him. He didn’t deserve to be discounted, labeled, and ruined.

    1. James, Thank you for posting this! Would you be interested in writing a guest blog about this on my website? It will be a copy/paste from above with perhaps a few tweaks and and an introduction.

    2. The sad truth is, they really don’t care. What Ray said above is absolutely true. “If you run out, you’re a dealer.” Etc.
      You know things are really bad when you have major surgery or suffer suffer sort of trauma … but even mention the pain, and you’re blacklisted as a drugseeker. That’s ridiculous.
      What to do about it? Not sure. Calling the government out on its Bullshit seems appropriate. More than half of the federal Congress doesn’t give a shit if Working Class people have access to any kind of basic, affordable health care. And the electorate is inclined to agree with them. “I’ve struggled in my life, and nobody helped me! You bet, I’m voting for this guy who promised to take away my Medicaid! Why? Because some other Unworthy will suffer too! Hooray!
      But when it comes to opioids or addiction and overdose … oh, they’re soooooo concerned about that. Because they care (sic). Riiiiiight.
      This was inevitable. With the decades-long demonization of marijuana finally winding down, our rulers had to fabricate another strawman enemy in the so-called “war on drugs.” Opioids drew the short straw.
      And I hate to say this about anyone in the medical profession. I realize the majority of folks enter that field to help people.
      But like it or not, a lot of doctors have been infected with a very insidious disease called Greed. They may tell themselves they do it to “help people.” But when you throw established data out the window (or tweak it to align with your personal beliefs) to obediently comply with some phony mandate at the expense of all compassion and even chronic pain sufferers … you’re really just looking out for Number One. If covering your ass and protecting your 300K a year job against any oversight, is more important than your patients … congratulations! You’re nothing but another corporate hack (or stooge) more worried about convenience than your customers.
      It’s bad enough that most patients have to toil in crummy merciless jobs just to survive. But it’s even worse now that the government controls that aspect of their lives, too — through their emissaries in healthcare. And since corporations own the government to begin with, who’s really pulling those strings?
      Let freedom ring … but only if the government is OK with your choices.
      I am sorry about your friend. May he find peace and relief from his pain in an afterlife without disastrous kneejerk reactions and sad policy decisions enforced by g-men in labcoats.

    3. I’m almost there myself…I have end stage COPD/Emphysema with a slow growing adnocarcinoma tumor that can’t be removed, too I’ll for chemo or radiation because I’ve become cachexic (muscle wasting away and extreme weight loss due to so many chronic and severe health problems, I have epilepsy that has been hard to treat and stop seizures that I’ve gone into pulmonary arrest that led to heart failure and then a mild heart attack while in the hospital 2 times in past 2 years to end up emergency intubated and left on a ventilator to breathe for me, how I lived through it I don’t know but the grace of God. I’m on 24/7 oxygen, I have extremely painful secondary multiple sclerosis-no treatment for, my eye sight is starting to get worse from lesions in my brain from the MS, rheumatoid arthritis that it’s hard to move in my joints so very painful, and early onset osteoporosis for past 8 years. I’m only 47 years old and have 3 kids and my first grandchild. I can’t go out of my house anymore. My pulmonologist amd neurologist released me back to my primary physician as their is no cure for either of my deteriorating conditions or medications they haven’t tried on me over the years as my illnesses have taken over. I was recommended to go into hospice by all my doctors but I’m having trouble doing that in fear. My mom passed away from emphysema and lung cancer in 2 months after she went into hospice at age 55. My kids still need me, my husband too. My life has changed so drastically that it’s become unbearable anymore. My 2 kids that live at home have watched me go from a very active vivacious happy spontaneous fun mom to crying a lot and in pain, no longer able to laugh or do things we used to as a family. They watch me suffer daily, which causes more suffering in me knowing that. For a while I was able to hide the tears and pain but it has over taken me.
      Last September my primary doctor prescribed morphine at a low dose to help with not just pain but my sleeping issues, breathing exasperation’s, and found that when I finally took it that it helped my appetite and depression too. I was able to smile and laugh, still in pain but I learned long ago to tolerate pain for my families sake. It also somehow has prevented me from having major seizures (I’ve had small ones but not requiring hospitalization) and no exasperation’s in need of ER calls or ambulance since starting morphine. After 2 weeks taking a low dose I started to feel more pain again and apparently got used to the morphine that it wasn’t working as well. So my doctor bumped it up a bit from 2.5ml to 5ml every 6 hrs, again low dose compared to others who need this medication. Once again after about a month the pain was coming back as my body adjusted to the low dosage that was only taken so far apart (6hrs) so this time my doctor gave me the same amount but prescribed it every 4hrs which helped. I was taking that amount with great results. I continued for the last 2 months up to Christmas time. Then on my new script my insurance denied the prior auth my dr sent in as usual. I didn’t understand why this would happen if morphine was helping me, had no interactions with my 14 meds that were now down to 8 due to the help of the morphine helping with so many of my issues. I normally weigh 114lbs as I am only 5’31/2 ft tall but since becoming cachexic, I was down to 69lbs! I got my appetite increased with morphine and for once in years I started to gain weight! In those 3 months I gained almost 10lbs! I don’t understand why anyone would allow a person to be put on morphine by a doctor, insurance cover it then abruptly stop if it was helping me survive longer! My family got just 3 months of “me” back to worse than I was before the morphine! Because I got no warning I went into withdrawal immediately. I had severe pain worse than ever, couldn’t fall asleep and when I did had trouble being woken, had a bad seizure wit in 3 days that caused a stroke that I’m trying to recover from plus nightmares, cold sweating, and I’m becoming really grouchy and mean. I don’t know how to stop it, I can’t cope with it and feel like I was tricked into taking an addictive medication I was once afraid to take that actually helped when I finally took it in more tjan I ever thought. It’s not an amount that makes a person “high” or like an abuser of drugs. It’s low dose regulated by my doctor. My doctor found a good safe level of morphine for me that truly saved insurance money cutting out several of my old meds and cutting down some others to almost half doses, also saving hospitalization costs, ER visits, and 911 calls. All this over people who literally STILL find it illegally and STILL OD on it unregulated while I’m very ill and had it regulated in small doses keeping me alive…I don’t know what to say or think anymore. There’s got to be a way that these types of medications can be looked at again, discussed and find some other way to stop criminals from getting drugs off streets and insuring that those terminally ill can still benefit from regulated amounts given that do more good than harm for end stages of life. Why am I just left to suffer to death? I’m not sure I can go through all this suffering with out help ;-(( If all that is going to happen then treat me like an animal and be humane and put me to “sleep” or “down” like an injured animal. I can’t believe I’m less than an animal to the ones who did this with medications that gave quality to last stages of life just to suffer mercilessly it’s horrible! I keep wondering if I end it quicker will I still go to Heaven? Surely God wouldn’t want me to suffer…I’m no use for anything or anyone crying in pain all the time alone…I’m already dead

    4. Not only his medical team failed him. Trump put this in motion. If he thinks that taking opiates off the market is going to help people, he’s wrong. This is going to be causing more deaths, suicide and more people getting killed by guns. All war will break out because of this. I’m on percocet and I’ve tried getting off but because of my pain I couldn’t. I couldn’t function or move when I tried to get off of my meds. I’m on disability for scoliosis and siatica. Even with meds I can hardly walk down my dirt road and come back without severe pain. I want be able to do anything. This is just not humane. The government or the president does not care about the welfare of the people in this country. The government is trying to control the people of the United States, what happened to freedom? These are the end times and everybody better get their lives straight with God. We are already bring controlled by our government. It’s just a matter of time people when our glorious maker comes and gets his people. There is going to be chaos, fighting and murder when we can’t get the help we need. Mark my words it’s coming. The end is near. God bless everyone of you in this fight to get back our rights.

  30. No Government has any right whatsoever to limit the amount of Pain Medication a Doctor can prescribe!
    My old Body is so worn out if it were a old Car the Junk Man would charge to take it away!
    I have terrible Chronic Back and Knee Pain along with Parkeson’s, CLL and Chronic Kidney Diease!
    My very best days are Hell!!l
    If it were not for the Oxycodone I get every month life would no longer be worth living!
    I do hope all of these so called Do Gooders Break their back someday and experience the God Awful pain that I have to bare each and every day and night!
    Rest assured if they did suffer they would find some relief even if they had to buy it on the Street!
    As far as all these Dope Heads let them go ahead and Kill themselves, for they are going to do it anyway no matter how many Stupid Laws our Stupid Government may pass!
    I have just about as much faith and respect for Government as I do for a Rabid Cayote, they will both bite you in the Ass if given half a chance!

    1. It’s insane. The gov is creating a drug problem. I have had 2 low back 2 shoulder and one cervical surgeries I still need another low back two more disks replaced c56 c34. MI’d t9 8. And a complete shoulder replacement. I am in hidious pain every day I use bio feedback massage light therapy chiroparctic adjustments traction ice heat physical therapy tens acupressure everything humanly possible my pain management retired after 8 years of and the new Dr’s just cut my pain control in half I now endure life in bed no help to myself or anyone else it’s criminal and am looking for an advocate I will not go to surgery for fear there will be no pain meds while healing I don’t blame anyone for looking to the streets to stop the pain. I haven’t yet but ……

      1. I agree it is such a shame I am not currently on any kind of pain meds but have a friend that suffers terribly he’s just had surgery major back surgery and they limit the amount of medications he’s not a drug attic he’s not addicted he is in pain when is this going to stop it’s not going to and you absolutely right it’s the government that’s killing everybody with this so-called opioid crisis there are people that need this then they’re going to limit cancer patients . There is also something that is natural called KR a TOM it’s very hard to get only in smoke shop and considered illegal as for me are use it for back pain it save my life it comes from Thailand in your email they’re trying to ban that too but as far as pain meds you’re going to limit cancer patients who are dying agonizing death pain medications it disturbs me more than you know my friend is Suffering but he has no choice he is on assistance he lives alone and thousands of miles away from me I guess his future doesn’t look that great either you all in my prayers and I don’t ever think we can stop this

    2. I have suffered migraines and back pain for years. I had a headache that lasted for two days straight so I asked for a refill of Tramadol that I had been prescribed before. The doctor treated me like a criminal and asked me if I’ve tried Tylenol or Advil. It was so frustrating and to make matters worse, when I went to get it filled at the pharmacy, the pharmacist told me she can only dispense 7 days at a time. I have to go back three times to get the entire prescription! I pay a lot for insurance and have legitamite pain. I shouldn’t be made to feel like a low class drug seeker w no medical insurance!

    3. Probably not going to see that happen — the self-annointed do-gooders breaking their backs, I mean.
      Never seen an activist pharm tech perform grueling labor. Same goes for doctors. And the agents of chaos who suddenly care enough to legislate on behalf of the Working Class (sic) … nah.
      I don’t disagree with your point, but I don’t think it’s ever going to happen.
      Marijuana’s been a convenient boogeyman for establishment do-gooders for decades, but do you remember the one that took center stage some years back? Crack Cocaine? What happened with that? It was (and probably is) a legitimate addiction that devastates lives … but did government intervention save the day? Did most of those addicts get the treatment they needed, or did a lot of them just land in prison because their particular addiction was criminalized beyond reason.
      That’s all that’s happening here: the criminalization of another drug. What’s even more insidious about this one is this: it’s classy. It has a Class designation, and even a schedule (neat-o mosquito). So the government can openly regulate production and distribution — as opposed to doing it on the sly, the way they usually do — and that’s never a good thing. To compound this error even more: the government has been sleeping with Big Pharma for … forever.
      So there is no part of the “new deal” that the good ol’ government isn’t manipulating somehow.
      Does that mean everyone who advocates criminalization is “in on it”? No, of course not.
      It just means another facet of our lives has been taken over by a government that couldn’t care less. Why? Good question. Wish I had an answer.
      We can’t regulate clean drinking water (or water that isn’t flammable). We refuse to regulate banksters who reap Billions and destroy lives in the process (and who will need to be bailed out yet again when that shitshow turns sour). We can’t even regulate a consistent voting system that works the same way everywhere.
      But God save the queen. (And God save subjugated Working Class people from themselves. And if He doesn’t do it, no worries: the government will be happy to step in and do it for Him. Hallelujah.

    4. I agree no government should dictate how high of dose of opiates or other pain medications a doctor can prescribe a patient with acute or chronic pain. Like this fellow I have lived with chronic pain for the past6 years. I live in Alberta, Canada and for the past 2 years I have been forced to take Suboxone for pain relief because my doctors feel I should not take Oxycodone because it is addictive. In 2012 fractured my T12 vertebrae and injured my spinal cord in a fall accident. I was paralyzed from the waist down initially and suffered no pain below the fracture before I had emergency surgery, after the surgery I have and still live with severe pain every time I move, but I can walk with a walker so I guess I am a lucky person in that respect. However the sciatic nerve pain along with lower back pain is horrific and the constant ache and burning of my calves and thigh muscles in both legs make me cry out loud daily. My tailbone and glut muscles can hurt so bad that tears form in my eyes when I stand up after sitting for more than an hour at a time. I can only walk with my walker for a block before I am in so much pain that I am praying to god to end my misery. The Oxycodone helped me from wanting to kill myself but I was never given a high enough dose to take my pain away enough to enjoy life. The Suboxone has worked to take the edge off the pain so I can function enough to look after my basic needs, but do not enjoy life. I am miserable. I can not concentrate on tasks and my short term memory is going. I sleep a lot because it is exhausting hauling around this crippled pained body. I am taking the highest dose possible and the next step is methadone which I do not want to take because I tried it once before my accident for accute pain (self medicated it was a friends of mine with chronic pain) and puked my guts out and slept for 2 days from only taking a less than a teaspoon of it. I rather take Oxycodone and be given a high dose of long acting oxys with an ample short acting dose for break through pain and enjoy life again. . I shouldnt have been forced to take Suboxone or nothing and be treated like I have an opiate addiction and only have up to 3 days of carries at a time because of some stupid law governing this drug. I read above about a fellow Canadian forced to buy oxycodone on the streets now because doctors are afraid to prescribe opiates it to their patients. It is our body, our pain, and our quality of life, doctors should give cautions with prescribed pain medications and make sure their patients are educated on the pros and cons, but do not judge people who need them and make us feel bad because we need them to function. We all know if we have taken too high of a dose and we will find what works for us if given the opportunity to experiment. But making us live in agony which leads to depression and self medicating with illegal drugs like fentanyl is not the answer and I know their will be more doctor induced suicides because a person can only take this hell for so long and we will hear about somebodies mother or father or son or daughter with debilitating pain died because they just can’t live with the physical pain anymore. I know I have fantasized about ending it more than once a day for the past couple of years. And when I can no longer cope and when there is no more hope for me because of stupid laws governing pain medication … i will find the right dose and end it.

    5. It truedoctors edd ama anyone not hurt would rsthet see us dead ,that fact.i had meningitiamenicacal type a t worst,at sge 4,at age 42 my body way done,21 years on oxycotin, moved to nevada,wrongthat state iscrocked, ive been on 420milga day last 9 years, nevade will give 90 mil max a day, everyday i lay hear sick, i go 3 days sick ,take 6 so to get to store, sick again ove ,a over ,nd over i gound info on web this will kill me,the heart goes i to attack, u throw up,its a year plus ,now ,this causes. Muscles to breakdown degenerates muscle tissue cauces degeneratuon ,then u die, i believe with all my heart thats wga they want sll of us dead period it gact, living in nevada ,i was die or get rhe herion or death ,really mistreated vdc days give the pills back ,ya right, people f…uck the liei g doctors state cdv ama fda ,its bull ,herion is cheap works ,i live fine as this country is now gone to hell, the thing is mu disease got me just get the black,oxyd ate herion ,no pne saying no, no pharmacy treating u like a worthless peonly need 6 30s a day and might make it 180 mg instead of 420 milrson ,who di this to us hum our uda politics,the thing is i gact we are better dead ,vome pn doctprs ,its the truth, think is u get sick one day ,and ur next i didnask for spinal menigitis typa a we should have the right to end our lifes ,o f… all the bull shit it your wish ,cdc ded ama ,doctors on usa are not healers any more,lieing 2 face f-ers ,tell u on phone yrs we can ptescribe, u get tbere say no. Charge meficare 1,200.00 nd u 118.00 co pay ,it pne of the great ripoffs on medicare. I busyef them twice now tecotded them ,filed cpmplaint, aftet in room what a joke ,i say u a doc says yes ,u sign your diplomia ,great so u can write me my script u fickiing doctors repthis hospitaly oh we dont write pain pills, i tply chsnge the name of this place i drove140 miles i rcorded u ,try billong medicare,i got them in Arizona ,tnenvegas.for now its a came ,people pkay the game doctors are now worthless.find a heroion supplier the have forced us to do iy,poliics,no war lets kill 3 million then cut back,its real had i not mpved id been fine ,oxycotin was not eat killed or caused suretside its fntimsl, if we sllem put of wprl we have to fight this time if u can get up ,cgncell all appts ,cdc told all states to put payients back on therenherion doctors wpuld be out of work ,so lets ptutputpf work loose thwre hpuse.cdc demands them to do it all bull shit ,i say it time wa,shington we are coming 200 millipn of us u wantout taxes we had all w can take fight for health cat they stole from us ism ready sick and ready some will die on the way the price has t b pai some will make it

  31. I was diagnosed with OCD when I was 24 years old, the only medication that stops this is Klonapin
    In my late 20’s I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis and sever psoriasis for which Humira was prescribed, it clears up my skin but does nothing for the pain in my Joints, I have been in pain management over 15 years and have been prescribe 40 mg of percocet a day for the pain
    I was able to gain back some quality of life on these meds however now the Government has stated that I am 5 times more likely to die if I take these medications together, My Florida Pain Management doctor will no longer treat me, His reason, he is afraid that he will loose his license if I abuse my medications and overdose and Die, Is this ludicrous or what ? If i overdoes ? that would imply I am abusing my medication, his next excuse is the government says he cannot prescribe my pain meds if I take this benzo, I checked this is an outright lie. The Black box warning only states that if not other medication works then they can be prescribed,. The same government I served 22 years in the military for is now denying me the right I earned to have a quality of life, UN like others I gave up 22 years of my life for this right. I have been given a choice be psychotic or lay in bed with pain, its also ironic that the same government and doctors will not give me disability, So my choice is Die or Die. So when presented with that choice I guess I will Die. I am so ashamed to admit I wasted my life in service to this country. To hell with the USA

    1. Its sad i also have Chronic C.O.P.D. Along with being sexually abused years of my child hood I developed a eating disorder and felt assamed I was sent to a University to be treated they started me on a mild nerve medication so I have been on a nerve med for 38 years now and my Doctor treated my C.O.P.D with Percocets. Untill a year ago i had to make a choice of one or the other. It was bad either way but yes i could live my life daily and enjoy what’s left of it untill the DEA decided his office would be shut down, its sad because I never abused my meds I’m almost 57 years old and cant get help is there not something we can do they are comparing people like me to people buying them from the street to get a high. Its not fair something has to be done.

    2. No, she does not realize that. She is clearly suffering from trauma, PTST, emotional & physical pain. Be glad this is not your life & try to show some compassion. I know this will be hard for someone like you but you can at least try.

  32. I have suffered from chronic migraine headaches for about 25 years. I have tried every medication to prevent migraines that either didn’t work or the side effects were worse than the pain. I have the scares on my wrists to prove Inderal worked for my migraines but depression is a side effect and not realizing how I was feeling was due to the Inderal I tried to commit suicide. I have tried the Botox, Botox with a preventative medication, bio-feedback as well as nerve blocks and Imatrix. I have been in the Philly headache hospital for 10 days which the medication given made you so sick but worked for the pain in my head. But and there is always a but they could only be taken up to 3 times a week. And no more than twice in a day if the pain came back. So I would have to pick which 3 days out of the week I should get out of bed. I have been on Oxycontin for the past about 5/6 years. A very small dose taken 3 times a day. I am able to live a normal life with this medication. I can get out of bed in the morning without pain. I can enjoy my grandchildren. I can enjoy my life. Believe me when I say I am not high. I have never failed a pee test, I have never asked for my medication to be increased and I have always taken it exactly as directed. Now the state has decided that because I am not dying from cancer – which I do have by the way but my prognosis is I will live more than a year – I am unable to get any of my pain meds. I am scared to death of withdrawal, I am scared to death of what my life will be like without my pain meds. But I guess I am lucky my cancer wont kill me in the next year. I guess I am lucky to only spend two or three weeks of the month not being able to get out of bed, staying in the dark, with the a/c on and not matter what no sweet smells or cleaning fluid smells near me. I sure am lucky and I want to thank whoever is responsible for doing me the great favor of helping the opioid epidemic.

    1. I’m suffer from severe chronic every I’m not addict or have I ever
      sold my medications what this Dr.Asinine is proposing is terrible
      especially with elderly patient like myself let me give a litany of
      my problems I have sever spondylosis in my spine,2bulging disk
      severe spinal stenosis,severe arthritis in my facet joint and the
      hardware from my fussion at L3 is loose in my.spine they have
      Lowered my meds which is methadone to 1 10 mg tablet every
      8hrs oh and I failed a nerve conduction study I have no reflexes in
      Either leg the. Neurologist told me the nerve that is damaged is
      the most painful Im leaving in a nightmare

      1. I’m so sorry! What is this insane idea tha, for example, cut my 76 year old
        mother’s meds and then build them back up to avoid addiction?? Are you kidding
        me? She also loves in hell after three back surgeries,rods and wires up her spine.. doesn’t she or anyone deserve
        to somewhat “live” in the so called Golden Years?? When will the
        people saving our country from an addiction realize that there’s always been some sort of addiction going on.
        This time they’re playing with the
        lives of good people that in the
        majority of cases didn’t do anything
        to deserve their situation ..or chronic
        debilitating pain. It has to change..
        It’s ridiculous.. but after how many die because they can’t stand it anymore.
        I am more than willing to listen to
        ANYONE that can explain this to me.
        Until then, I’ll do everything I can to stand up for the humane side of this dilemma.

      I can relate to every post even though our pain may be caused by different conditions.
      When i had stage IV cancer given 15% chance of surviving 3-5 years (at the age of 42)
      the doctors were kind, helpful and empathetic.
      I survived 15 years before another cancer took half of my lung and lymph nodes.
      Times have changed!! I dread going to the pain management doctors. You don’t dare to be nice or they might think you’re up to something.
      I have left in tears, called psychotic, accused
      of calling in double scripts.. no apology of course when he found it was his error. There is no relationship because they’re so suspicious!
      My pain has increased tremendously in the ladt 3 years but after expressing this to doctors who seem to not hear or address what you’ve said,
      what do you do? My brain pounds, so dizzy i fell through a glass table (no not the meds and I don’t drink alcohol.) I see a constant vision block in my eye, constant pain from radiation in
      my anal vaginal area that was agressive to give me an extra 3-5 years followed with radiation that has made me hypersensitive to practically any smell. I use the term ‘survived’ when discussing life after cancer treatment because it’s nothing close to living! Can’t live on the amount of money i’ve been told to feel lucky that I receive! I worked from 14 to 42 and paid into social insecurity. Wish I had become a brain surgeon to have enough to pay bills and feed myself and the animals I had BC( before cancer) but I wanted to and expected to work
      another 15-20 years. Bought a house 5 months before diagnosis and hurt so badly it hurts to vacume.. I’m not feeling sorry for myself, but come on DEA!!! All of this and the missing years for US to get drugs that have never come close to providing anything close to euphoria.
      Never imagined I would think of death as a calming thought or pray that I WOULD
      die to end the physical, emotional pain,
      AND humility that’s besuch a common feeling.

  33. As a former opioid addict it bothers me that legit patients are being forced off drugs the medical community had them on for years. From my prospective, I started using hydrocodone recreationally back in 2009 when I was 19. A couple years later I was a daily user and didn’t get help until 2015. Now i’m off everything including suboxone. I still smoke pot but I haven’t used opioids since. I digress, From what I saw it wasn’t so much prescribing as over prescribing. I don’t think a legit pain patient ever sold me pills. In fact they were really the least likely. What it was was things like; “Joe Blow just got his wisdom teeth out” the dentist by default would write for a 30 day supply even though no more than a couple days were needed. Teenagers and young adults always need extra cash, but really had no use for the pills. Another example is drug dealers going to an ER, faking pain in an area hard to prove or disprove said pain, then leaving with a paycheck printed on a RX pad. But those 2 were a drop in the bucket, the bulk of the oxycontin and shit came from networks that would drive down to Florida and see a crooked “Pain Management Dr” I would like to see effective non-opioid pain meds developed to treat some of the people above an a compassionate way. But since we aren’t there quite yet, it is only right that people with these documented issues be treated with respect and dignity. Do I think a lot of legit pain patients are also addicted? You bet I do. With that being said, people who take adhd or anxiety drugs daily are also addicted, I don’t see a push to give them the boot.(yet anyway). I use marijuana quite frequently, I’m sure if I was still in rehab i’d be diagnosed with cannabis dependence. Finally when I was on suboxone my Dr. would count the strips at every appointment and urine test me to make sure 1)I’m taking it 2) That i’m not taking any other controlled substances not prescribed. It seems something like that might be a good compromise for people who truly are unresponsive to other forms of pain management. I’m not a doctor, but I seriously recommend everybody with access to medical or recreational marijuana in your state give it a try. You have really nothing to lose and a world to gain. I know somebody who says it helps them more than opioids did, and they can purchase as much as they are willing to spend. Also Kratom(an herbal drug with mild stimulant/opioid properties) shows promise, it’s available at most head shops, and in many major cities there are stores that do nothing but sell different kratom strains. Best Wishes 🙂

  34. I am not an addict and i am tired of being treated like one every time i go to the hospital . I’m at the point rt. now that with all that’s wrong with me ( COPD Emphoseima Stress fracures ( plural ) in my spine that wont heal 3 blown out discs in my spine 3 broken ribs that also will not heal plus all the other DOCUMENTED aches and pains ) i do not want to go to the ER or call 911 and i really need to go cause i can’t handle the chest pains and the congested chest anymore . Oh did i forget to mention that i’ve had 3 heart attacks and have 4 stents in my heart also and am on oxygen. So believe me when i say i feel the change they just made in my scripts. Changed my perc 10’s to 750’s and instead of 6x a day to 4x .i knw it dont sound like much but it is to me . What can i do? Any answers ?

  35. i am so stressed and backin pain due to cut off of part of my meds and more next week i have had chronic severe pain spinal issues and also h was given wrong blood at hosp yrs ago so that deletes major surgerie was doing fine on my legal medicine and if felt good would miss one or two occassionally . 79 yr ols senior alone was working part time and could do fair amt od necessary things at home . now past 2 mo been to hosp 5 times for pain shot and to drs twice have an appt 200 miles away to spine dr wed to try to have another injection which has done well for about 14 yrs not quite as long now. i am a graduate nurse and have worked in hosp, i do not approve of street drugs, i do not believe in marijuana, ilove my drs but dont feel its their the problem as they are in pain mgmt and you have contracts. i feel this is very unfair and i dont like all the pain right now i am dealimg with an impinged nerve in neck pain and burning cant sleep keeping ice and trying to stretch and waiting on call from dr — i have spinal stenosid, very narrow according to neurosurgeon that fluid and nerves bareky squeezing thru lower spine have upper and lower aaaaaaalso upper and lower herniated discs pinched nerves osteoarthritis and osteoporosis and bone rubbing on bone and blood factor asked about bandaid surgery but they dont accept medicare i am with understanding now only pts that can stay on routine meds was on if over 90 mg would be cancer pts well i guess its suffer or die some just dont care . THIS ISNT GOING TO SLOW DOWN THE OVER DRUG USE AND DEATH FROM HEROINE OR STREET DRUGS IN FACT WILL PROBABLY CAUSE MORE TO GO AFTER THE ILLEGAL DRUGS NOT ME BUT THIS IS NOT HELPING THOSE THAT NEED I DONTLIKE MED, I DONT LIKE GOING TO DRS BUT WEAR TEAR AND LIFE HAS USED MY BODY SO I GUESS NOW U SUFFER AND LIVE WITH AS BEST YOU CAN I PRAY SOMEBODY WILL FIND A AWAY FOR PEOPLE TO FINISH THEIR LIVES OUT IN A MORE HAPPY AND FUNCTIOMALLY WAY ESP WHEN NOT ABUSING YOUR SCRIPTS GIVEN BY A PROFESSIONAL DR, AND GOVT MAKES MUCH ON ALLTHIESE PEOPLE AND MEDS. i JUST WONDER IF THE PEOPLE DOING THIS REALLY FEELS THEY ARE HELPING THE PTS THAT NEED THEIR MEDS. SO HOSPITALS WILL GET FULLER DRS WILL QUIT AND PEOPLE WILL GO THE WRONG DIRECTION TO ALLEVIATE PAIN . i feeel this will haopen

  36. I’ve been elecuted 32,000 amp back of a semi truck in which I lost a leg and two fingers and been in two head-on collisions. And now after 33 years of work ,yes I’ve went back to work but around the age of 52 the pain set in, I’ve been the pain management chronic pain management I’ve had cortisone shots from my neck mid-back legs and elbows and none of it helped has helped my pain medicine now the government is taking that away from me and that’s not right because I do not abuse it I respect it or it makes me have a normal life. Please let me know if anyone can do anything about this my email is

  37. Someone please tell me what I am suppose to do. I have a severe spinal birth defect which does not allow me to take any types of injections for pain. ( Tried injections in the past but had a bad result and was told to never do that again, could cause further damage). Pinched nerves through 100% of my spine, compression fractures, bulging discs and herniated discs through out. I have a bone disease that will not allow manipulations due to bones breaking. My leg is fused due to breakage of bones. I have been on pain management for the last 15 years which has allowed me quality of life. Now, they have cut my medication more than half due to the new laws and regulations. Insurance will not cover the cost of the medication ($800 per month). I am just beside myself !! If anyone has any suggestions please share. Is there any help?


    1. Hi, from IL all.doctors cut me off I have 122 auto immune disorders lupus,fibro,graves disease,raynauds syndrome, thyroid goes from hyponto hyper to hypo to hyper they cant fix on levothyroxine after they ablated killed my thyroid because they couldnt control it and still cannot. I found this out after having a herniated disc in 2009 had injections and physical therapy until 2013 then had a disectomy failed had another 2014 failed had a fusion 2015 i swelled up like ballon found my lupus and all other auto immunes and they redid my back ct or mri whatever and i have 7 more herniations. Cant have surgery though because I have lupus so bad i swell up so badly. I have parathyroid tumor they now are sending me to oncology they think i have liver cancer or blood or some cancer due to my wbc being real bad they did a ultra sound of liver said your gall bladder looks enflamed i had it out yrs ago so tumor there and im not allowed pain meds my intestines hurt so bad im bleeding out my rectum. ALOTTTT so i finally get into oncology monday june 18th after 6months its crazy who cares if im dying anyways???

      1. I care brother i have been disabled for thirty two years and for the last four years i have had a he’ll of a time getting meds too! I would like to go to dc myself and lay on steps of capital and if needs be die there to demonstrate against our forked tounged politicians who talk out both sides of there mouths with no truth to come out of them!! I to have lost the will to live because of the way we are being treated but with the strength of Jesus just maybe I can hang on some how!! I can guaranty you this though anyone who causes others to suffer needlesly will have it come upon them and maybe even someone close to them seven fold at some point in there life!!! I am praying for all who suffer like you and me always!!

    2. Hey ,I hear ya, I am in the first state to take pain medicine away. I have so many physical issues …5 yrs. Cold turkey 10 days off and left with only pain!! I don’t wanna sound neg. But.. someone help me!!

      1. My mother didn’t even have an occasional alcoholic drink or use anything but blood pressure medication until she was diagnosed with progressive rheumatoid arthritis 6 years ago. Since then she has had numerous painful surgeries to remove cysts from her feet and arms. However as her disease has progressed her body has built up a tolerance to her pain medication. The problem is as her pain has increased her dosage has not. She has been discharged from several pain clinics for taking more than her prescribed dosage. After all when one is in excruciating pain that can be relieved by the medication in their possession one is going to take it. Either way she is screwed b/c she has to either suffer because she has pain meds but doesn’t take them or she takes them and suffers when she runs out. Instead of helping her the doctors admonish her and discharges her as a patient. I watch her cry b/c it hurts too much to even walk. But no one will help her b/c government regulations won’t allow them to. They treat her like a a crack addict. She is humiliated by having to pee in a cup while they watch. If she has trouble peeing bc she is embarrassed they are condescending and mean. I promise you If all these damn politicians in their self appointed role as crusader against the Opioid crisis had to watch their loved one or themselves suffer the way she does they would have a different perspective. Of course they will never find themselves in that situation b/c you can bet your ass they and their loved ones are getting everything they freaking need or want.

    3. The name of the condition is Fibromyalgia, it is an awful illness that effects you both physically and mentally. I was diagnosed with it 3yrs ago after a very traumatic surgery due to another illness I have. I understand how Lyrica made you feel, it’s not a nice medication but does help with the pain. In my experience, I like you found it was effecting me mentally so I decided to try only taking at night which gives me some pain relief and has eleviated some of the mental health issues.
      I think it’s awful what the USA government are doing to people who genuinely need serious pain relief, what are they going to create apart from more problems if people with illness turn to even worse substances to get a little relief from their pain & misery. I thank my lucky stars that in Scotland we have the NHS and I never have to go without my opioid medication.
      My heart goes out to you honestly I can’t imagine how you must be feeling it’s an absolute disgrace how genuine people are being treated.
      Sending you a healing hug from Scotland.


    1. Does it really work? I had someone refer me to him but he asked about my address phone number and told me to pay $150 through western union.. I felt like its a scam.. How did it work exactly for you if you don’t mind me asking?

    2. Cast a spell?!! Can you be more detailed about what this “doctor “ actually did? That sounds demonic! Oh, dear lady… you need help… please answer.

  40. I’m totally blind, and have so many pain conditions (arthritis, rheumatoid and osteo, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia), conditions that affect muscle, bone, joint and nerve. My family doc wants me off opioids, and set up an appointment with a rheumatologist, who said what others have said: Since I couldn’t tolerate Methotrexate, and my conditions have run unchecked for ten years, he didn’t think biologics would help. This is not the first professional who has told me this. Yet, my doc ‘got religion’ about this type of medicine, and won’t adjust the dosage, even when a pain specialist recommends it. In Canada, the family doc is God, and no matter what a specialist may say,, she or he can veto it, while admitting that pain is not his/her expertise.
    Not all patients should be on long term opiates. Some can regain health. I’m not one of them. In the broadest sense of the word, I’m palliative; that is, there is no cure for anything I have. I do not operate vehicles, heavy machinery, or look after children. My pain is way more disabling then my blindness ever was. Yet, the bureaucratic policies of Canada do not take anything like this into account. In fact, there are drugstores here that won’t fill an opioid prescription, even when given by a doc. It’s getting ridiculous.
    Since tolerance and addiction are such a problem, scientists should concern themselves with creating a pharmaceutical that shuts down the body’s ‘memory’ of a substance use. So, for instance, you can be on 15 mg of morphine for many years. As for the euphoria, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say, What’s so terrible if, along with effective pain control, we get a nice feeling? The things that I could do as a blind person, recreational things, are off limits because of my pain. It’s depressing not to be able to do the things I once enjoyed, even as a blind person: walking, tandem biking, skiing, participating in theater. I’m on too many meds to enjoy a drink now and then. I would not like to see an opiate come out with the endorphin-enhanced feelings knocked out of it. That’s not why I take morphine, but it’s a side effect I won’t complain about. At this point, it helps me with a nice warm feeling that uplifts me, even allows me to write my novel, and not feel so bad about my situation. Science hasn’t, and can’t, make a medicine better than God can.
    I’m not saying I’d like to be an addict or anything; but if the products of the opium poppy help with pain, and even lift my spirits a bit, better than my antidepressants do, so be it.
    Otherwise, I’ll be in agony till I die. Nothing I have is terminal, but it’s darn well life-limiting to an agonizing degree. Not to mention, I’ve experienced prejudice from doctors, and I know of people who, unable to receive pain relief because their doc got religion against a particular medicine, opiates, (like the new doc that’s come in to replace one that retired), people who can’t get the pain relief they got from a former doctor, have reached out for heroin and large amounts of liquor.
    These moralistic docs, thinking they’re saving lives, are actually driving patients into the arms of unregulated drug industry, to dealers who could really injure them, or into alcoholism.
    Stop treating opioids like the villain just because Mrs. S. decided to smoke her Fentanyl patch, and died from it. She made a bad choice. The medicine didn’t tell her to do it. The press are always sensationalizing opiate-related deaths, and making the drug the villain. How many car accidents happened with, say, Camaros? What happens if aCamaro is involved in an accident? Do they panic and call the car off the market, or do they say the driver was drunk, or the accident had no fault? If they treated cars the way they treat opiates, we’d be riding horses.

    1. I completely understand what you are saying and l am in the same situation and lost my husband and l feel like someone stole my life! I have been taking opiates for a long time because I was hit and drug buy a car for a long time and I cannot put leave that I still have a face!? I am at miracle and I was not supposed to have children so they are miracles too! My pain in my back and my shoulder and my hip’s are still very painful and are getting worse because of not as active as I was before ! I have been struggling with dry mouth because of the medications for my pain and from my depression. My teeth have been falling out and now I don’t want to leave my house because I’m afraid of anyone seeing me. I was a pretty girl at one point but now I am not and I don’t know what to do! I don’t want to be here anymore because I feel like I’m a waste of space and time and money!

      1. This is Lynda again & I am really so sorry I didn’t know that I was able to tell you more about myself! I miss my husband but he remarried and has a new baby boy. I don’t believe that she would have gone out with him if he wasn’t a millionaire! I was the one who filled for the divorce but that was because I didn’t think that he loved me anymore? He married me when I had a little girl and he was on the fence about that and I was really so upset and my Dad told me that the reason that he left me will be the reason why he will come back! I just cried in my sisters bedroom. My Ex husband knew me before I got hit by the car and he came to visit me a lot and he was always making me laugh and I was so happy that he was coming to see me! I was a little embarrassed because I had to have a catheter because I had two screws through both of my knees so that my back. Stay straight. I stayed in the hospital for a couple of months and then went home in a body cast. My mom and dad made it really nice for my friends to come and see me on the weekends! So I went back to school and stayed in my grade and that was wonderful and I went to college for A couple of years but I got pregnant the first time I had sex! But I was really excited because the doctors told me that I was not going to be able to have children! Jaclyn is the name of my daughter& she is getting ready to have a baby girl too! I don’t like being divorced but I don’t like being with someone who doesn’t love me and I really don’t know what happened because we moved so many times so my husband could climb the corporate ladder and it was very difficult but all of the crying in the world didn’t help me so I made the best of things and it turned out that it wasn’t so bad and then we got the opportunity to move back home where we both went to grade school high school and college! I was the love of his life and after I got divorced from my first husband who I only married because I was embarrassed for my family drank and drove with my daughter and didn’t really know how to love and my second husband was just overwhelmed when we moved back to the area and became grumpy! I lost my dad 10 years ago and he was my best friend and I wasn’t the same person after he passed away and became really depressed and I didn’t want to get out of bed and I also had sleep apnea and I didn’t know what that was but I was waking up every day so tired and I knew something was wrong with me but didn’t know what! As it turned out I have MS and I have to give myself injections once a week that make me have a fever that night that goes up to 104 but it’s only once a week so I can deal with that! I can’t deal with being alone and without my husband because he took care of me and I don’t know how to take care of myself now after taking the medication for my pain and now for my depression Has caused me to have dry mouth and is making me lose my teeth and I don’t know what to do because I’m not that old and I do not want anything but porcelain veneers because they last forever and you can have a normal life with them and you can eat whatever you want and be normal! I just wanna be loved and normal! I’m in pain on the inside from my broken heart and I’m in pain All over my body because of my terrible accident! Just don’t know what to do! I want to be myself again!

        1. Why don’t you ask your ex for the money for your teeth.? The rich one. If he has a decent bone in his body, he will do it. There are also places that do it free. Look on the Internet. I live in FL and we have 3places that do it Pick any dentist & call them just for information, they will be happy to give you a name

        2. Hey Lynda I know how u feel I was in a horrible dibilitating accident that ruined my whole life my husband couldn’t Handle it and left I couldn’t take care of my son’s I went from being super mom to nothing I lost my dad to soon 10 years ago and it was like he was the only one who loved me I have no one left I’m all alone with Drs that are sick of me everything they have tried doesn’t make things better I lost my ins and ran out of the $2,000,000 coverage that had been covering the medical bills but not my house bills my ex was paying them but has decided no more I have had to sell everything I spent my life building all because a guy wanted to drive recklessly while on his phone over the speed limit and crossed into my lane head on into me my airbags didn’t go off and I my seatbelt broke my collar bone tore my hip and shoulder while I went into the window then crushed my shoulder and hip then flew to the back of the car as it spun around are hit so hard it fractured the veribra in my neck at first I was so happy I was alive and that my son’s werent in the car I kept saying how amazing it was to be alive the look on my son’s face like I was a monster the pain has been excruciating that now I pray for death and while my Drs write me scripts for pain pills my body doesn’t absorb them well and the pharmacist at Walgreens where my ins was refused to fill them so where it would have been free to me and if out of pocket $60 it is $590 for 90 pills that doesn’t get me through the month and after the pharmacist who’s not a Dr threw a fit with my Dr told her she needed to put me on long term drug I ended up in the hospital having a allergic reaction that cost me 1800 and almost cost me my life then she felt like she was going to get in trouble for writhing my scripts because she yelled at the guy she has sent me to 15 differnt Drs that all send me back to her she doesn’t think it’s a big deal but me just getting in a car is this whole ordeal and so painful and traumatic to me I have sever brain damage I’m not the 140 iq I once was so each time I meet a new Dr they want to see my limits which is like being a circus freak causing me so much pain to tell me there is nothing they can do for me and send me back it’s this horrible parade of shame and embarrassment all for some stupid law created to stop junkies from getting a fix well I get no high I barley get a second of relief I get no sleep cause no position is comfortable it’s been almost 2 years with no end in sight of procedures I’ve had multiple surgery that has done nothing to make me me again but most of all I loved my husband since I was 14 and we had been married 20 years and for him to say he just could go through anymore he couldn’t watch me suffer he couldn’t stand to see me cry anymore he couldn’t take it he tried to kill himself he always said he would have to die first because he couldn’t stand to lose me and he just left with our sons they come by once in a while but I live and breathed them my whole life was for them I think he left because he knew as soon as they stopped giving me the pills that are keeping me from ending it that I will and he can’t stop me from ending my pain and doesn’t want me to men are weaker then we are and they go because when things are out of there control they don’t know how to handle it I love him I miss him I cry everyday for him but I don’t want him to watch me this way either how could I make him watch me suffer every second of everyday soon there won’t be anymore money and I have nothing else so affording the life saving pills that keep me from pulling the trigger on ending my suffering will run out it’s ashame that the laws are so messed up if not my Dr could give me enough to end the pain and I could have gotten them with my ins if the Walgreens would fill them and he would still be here and I would keep trying harder then give up but life isn’t fair for people who follow the laws only for those who break them I hope you feel better about ur situation my mom stopped talking to me when my dad died I lost my entire family when he went it was so hard then for this it was like life ended and the dea alone is the cause of my pain my husband leaving my Dr cutting my pills back causing me to suffer sever pain that is inhumane I think people like us should sue them for the cost of our marital status if u were able to relieve pain on ur terms and weren’t suffering he probably would still be there I know mine would have been.

          1. Shey,
            For you to tell someone who is obviously trying to tell her story while suffering physically, emotionally and possibly mentally from her accident that she sounds insane, makes you a heartless! Why are you even reading these stories???

          2. Jennifer, please don’t let Shey’s cruelty get to you. You did not sound insane. It sounds like you are going through unimaginable heartbreak, pain, and frustration. It is completely understandable with everything you are going through. Some people say things like Shey did, because they are unhappy with themselves. They want to hurt others because of their own pain. Chances are, something you said triggered this reaction in Shey. It’s probably because they can see part of your story in themselves.

            Shey, I hope you find peace so you don’t have to continue hurting others. Each of us is doing the best that we can. If you cannot tolerate reading these stories, please find some other subject to spend your time on. Leave those who are suffering alone.

          3. Shey
            Ur comment makes clear that u lack compassion for others suffering. Obviously u dont KNOW how chronic health problems can change a life, succes, career, family, friends ability to enjoy hobbies are interrupted and sometimes lost forever. It’s horrific. To see or experience a life being disassembled, as the strain starts to crack the foundation grounding ones life. Ppl are forced to endure ever increasing challenges & yes it’s damaging psychologically.

            You have nothing positive or relevant to add. Your response was just mean. Shame on you…..

          4. Shey

            I agree with you. That did sound over the edge. Maybe we can sue out these haters for the “cost of our marital status” right?

      2. No you are not a waste of space, youAre a child of God and he loves you. He did not provide you with the medication the doctors dead and I don’t know if they’re trying to take it away from you I hope not because I’m sort of in the same situation you are and I do not consider myself a waste of space I consider my doctor is responsible for what I’m going through and what you’re going through and we need toHave our voices heard. I am searching the web to find out who created these drugs and if they knew the side effects from each drug takin together and why they’re just telling us now that we can’t take them let’s have hope and pray.

      3. And that is exactly what ‘they’ want you to do. Go away. You and I are ‘sucking’ good air. We are not worker drone bees, good little tax payers. No, the sooner they get rid of us that are in pain, the happier the alphabet agencies will be.

      4. I’m in the same boat,I feel for you .I also lost my husband,And mother 3 Weeks apart,I’m very depressed and I just want to be with my husband,but we just can’t be put to sleep,we have to induor all of this,And like they tell you life goes on .does it??

    2. Hello, I’m Canadian as well… I have 2/3’s or my internal organs removed. Due to chrones, once was on percocet. And my new doc…. suddenly says, she gives no pain killer like that to any one, but those with cancer.!!!!! I have been through hell with this. now, I have buy them off the street! Nice eh! I totally agree with everything you just said. And I was on percocet since 2007. I’m 39, and in bed everyday, no quality of life. And I can only buy from the street when I can afford it, which is very limited.

      1. This stupid law that makes you have to go to your doctors office just to pick up an popish is so stupid, why didn’t they just make it that the only person it is prescribed to can pick it up! I bet thes government officials are addicted to iopistes , well a lot of them,
        My story I was addicted to Vicodin for a long time, put myself in the hospital to dry out then I start going to a pain clinic for my back, what do they do give me hydrocodone, than they gave me shots that didn’t work at all, had to go back every month 20 miles each way for nothing then they put me back on pain needs, ne of the docs their told me how to get off them in 4 days and it worked, in November I broke my pelvis, more pain mesds for like 2 months 5hen this April had my hip replaced! Now I’m having problems with that surgeon thinks it’s my back or knee causing the problem, now they want to give me shots again and they have no clue what’s wrong with me had an MRI LAST WEEK HAVE TO SEE SURGEON Monday, personally I think it’s some kind of tendeious I have all the symptoms it’s called something, but when I go see this pain Dr she’s not even a doctor she looks at me like I’m a drug addict or something! I don’t like her at all I need these meds right now! Not the shots, and another thing why can’t the doctor give me my meds he can keep track if I’m calling them in to early or not.. it’s all money, money money, all those pain clinics are is a legal way to get pain meds! And whoever made this law is an idiot’

        1. Hello they can now efax the prescription over,they should of done thos a long time ago.Boom right to pharmacy,so much easier ,my doc is couple towns away,so life saver

    3. I too, am fighting chronic pain, & am doomed to a lifetime, of pain, I can no longer tolerate. do to back issues, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and God only knows what else. Death may be my only option, now that the meds, I have taken, for ten years, with no side effects, except some relief, of the pain, are going to be taken away by idiot politicians, who have never attended medical school and couldn’t have made the grade had they tried.

      I too, can no longer participate in all the sports I used to do every day. People who have never experienced chronic pain have no clue what it is like to do the most basic things, each day.

      I would love to know the number of suicides that have occurred because people can no longer tolerate the pain, they must endure each and every day, 24-7. No one seems to bother counting those numbers. I don’t know where nor how, to start the fight, to save these life saving medications and get the politicians out, of the medical arena.

      Would you object if I copied part. of your essay and reprinted it as a letter, to an editor, in our local newspaper or letters, to the government? I thought your comparison to “Camaros” & cars, in general, was excellent.

      I had to smile, when you mentioned Mrs. S smoking her medication patch…You are so correct. No one forces anyone, to take that first drink, shot of heroin, smoke the patch, etc. It is a conscious choice, made, by the abuser. I a sick to death, of suffering because of a bunch of people, who make such poor choices, and cause the legitimate people to suffer the cost, of their stupidity. For God’s sake, there is even a blood test that can predict who will become addicted if not monitored….why is that not being used before a prescription is even written. Give the rest of us, who follow the rules, a decent chance of surviving and a slightly better quality of life, without considering suicide as a final option.

      I am new, at this new “battle”, but feel I have to start trying to get my voice heard. At this point, I am fairly certain, I will not live to see my eight year old grandson. grow into a young adult.

    4. I was prescribed narcotic analgesics since1985 steady, particularly oxycodone, with absolutely zero problems getting it….until about 2015 that is. Now, after my doctor of 15 years dumped me for zero reason that resembles the truth, I’m forced to either suffer, or take methadone…buprenorphine is definitely something I cannot entertain the thought of taking once let alone every day. The doctors have completely abandoned me…I’m pissed off so bad, I seriously doubt I can get over the betrayal. Overdramatic? Not from this angle. I truly hope that these doctors suffer as much as we are…we being chronic pain patients.

      1. My words exactly. I feel betrayed and extremely pissed off. My Primary of 10 years just recently emailed me saying she could no longer refill the meds I had requested and I needed to go back to the pain clinic. She even denied refilling my Ambein, Which I have been on for 8 years. Without sleep my pain is much worse. I’m sure I will be looking at other venues without any guilt if I am turned away at the pain clinic. I have Cervical Stenosis , Lumbar Atrophy , Fibro , Chronic Ridicolaphy and Chronic Insomnia. And , Ive never even been on a opiate anyways.

    5. The perpetuation of this myth has resulted in people not getting effective care, because the focus is on the substance and not the sufferer. You know, I used to believe that if a doctor told me something, it was as good as scripture…but since these doctors have did a 180 degree spin on their previous theory of opioid drug regimens for chronic pain were not only acceptable, but in most cases probable, and their views on the consumption of marijuana also did an about face. How can I now put any trust in a person who is so undecided about near everything? Especially when they trat me like the “bad guy” now in light of this opioid crisis. Hell, I knew as far back as 1995, that this new OxyContin was not a good idea…and I’m a damned drug-addict for crying out loud!!! I’m f…in’ scared.

  41. I am a 79 year old male and have been on pain killers for 17 years since I was 62.I am under care of a pain doctor I was send to have an MRI Have had many , to see if there is some surgery that maybe can help me. I was told that there is no surgery available for me as my lower back is too far gone with ruptures and arthritis. The only relieve I can have is pain Killers for the rest of my life. My pain killers and morphine relief the pain for a few hours then I am in pain until it is time for the next dose. I take Hydronecone 10.325 every 8 hours and morphine 15mg every 12 hours, if it were not for that I would be in pain 24 hours. I am sorry some people get addicted , but for people with cases like mine . addiction is the last of my worries as long as I can get some relieve in my day to day life.

    1. I personally hate pain killers they have crappy side effects I think it would be great if they were limited and harder to get. Maybe by cranking down on the pain killers would help to push congress to legalizing medical Marijuana nation wide. We as Americans would finally get the much needed American support to help people like yourself and me to get better alternative treatment like medical marijuana. Which if you have done any research on marijuana then you would know that it is much safer and not an addictive drug at all.

      1. I wish they would make it legal I’ve never had it & recently asked a g.p. About it as it is on Amazon its ileagal so how can they sell it . I’m on fentinial 75 mg & OxyContin break through I just wish it was all over I’d rather be dead I’m in pain 24/7 even on this god help me let me go I feel a burden that most will never no multiple health problems fibromyalgia ,functional neurological disorder in head & neck back injury which was brought to a head prolapse lower discs now austioarthuritus in back legs & knee ,had gall bladder removed appendix removed now I have prostate brobles enlarged & im due to have a bladder operation in 5 weeks I really hope I don’t wake up & let my family & my wife who is a mid wife works hard & is my carer life wasn’t ment to be easy but I never wanted it to be this hard . & yet there are people worse than me I’ve had a secure & I can’t remember what it’s called I can’t think now could have lost my leg it’s hard to

      2. I hope you develop a severe,incurable disease that is excruciatingly painful.You have no clue.Marijuana is NOT morphine.Furthermore,as an epileptic I can personally assure you that while CBD is useful in treating seizures, THC causes me to have repeated atonic seizures and so it’s useless to me as pain medication. Furthermore,my opiate medication enables me to manage my constant, severe pain (not eliminate,manage) without getting “high”.I have been on the same dose for over 10 years. I actually even went down at 1 point without withdrawal symptoms but the pain was unmanageable. You don’t know what you are talking about and while I would like to see marijuana legal,do me and all the other legitimate pain patients a favor, don’t use the opiate “crisis” to achieve your legislative goals.It is not ok

        1. Cathy,

          While I totally agree with you that that using methadone, no matter the dose ( everyone metabolizes it differently), for chronic back pain is a life saver…I have trouble with you being so defensive that you get to the point where you wish pain, suffering and ill-will on others for just voicing their opinion or sharing personal knowledge.

          I don’t know exactly who you were referring to, but Drew alone looks like he has been through a lot. And all he did was tell his story…no swearing, name-calling…and where Aubrey Hoop may have “voiced” a firm position, no one was attacked in that post either.

          I use methadone for chronic pain ( 100mg/day). I have been for 17 years. I DO know that some of the side effects of methadone are:

          Tendency to be Confrontational
          Foggy Memory
          Even suicidal thoughts or attempts

          …to name a few. I’m sincerely trying to be helpful here when I say; you may need to talk to your doctor if you have or display any of these symptoms and more. To be honest, you seemed unnecessarily combative and downright mean for no reason. Anything that you are experiencing that you never did until methadone was introduced into your life, you should tackle with a professional.

          Methadone can take away the pain, but EVERYONE (that I know) that either takes it or has a loved one that does, always reports an unwanted change in the prescribed’s personality…somehow. I displayed sever agitation and depression. Though I never verbally attacked people, I did feel that way nearly all the time. I told my physician and both awful side effects were addressed and defeated.

          I just can’t believe that you are always so unrefined and ill-mannered. I guess there’s always a possibility that you have always “been this way” for lack of a better description…
          But, being a God-fearing woman who loves my fellow man…I refuse to believe it. It must be the medication or a “moment” where you couldn’t control yourself. Either way, you owe whomever you were addressing a profound apology.

          You nearly wished this person dead!…that’s just not acceptable in any stretch of the imagination. So, giving you the benefit of the doubt…I wish YOU a happy, prosperous, pain-free, productive life…from the heart. Honesty…just try and take it easier on those who differ from you in opinion. If we were all the same, life would be so drab and almost unnecessary. However, I beg you to try hard not to let yourself become as uncouth as you demonstrated here. Be honest with your doctor and he/she can help you. You may have no idea how you actually come across.

          I don’t even know you, but from what you have shown here, I would be extremely hesitant and wary to meet you, let alone get to know you. That’s the primitive vulgarity you projected here. Good luck with your pain and may God Bless you and yours.


          1. I can understand why that person was mean, people are being mean to us with chronic pain. The way I see it they want us dead. I have heard of CBD and other so called natural pain relievers. CBD does work for mild pain, but when the pain is so bad that taking morphine basically just takes the edge off, most things that are derived directly from plant extracts are of limited use. It is much like taking an aspirin to have a tooth extracted. Leaves one in severe pain with little to no help.

            If the FDA is so concerned about patient safety, why not check up on the patients and make sure they are getting the proper medication and dosage that the patients are functional again instead of limiting access and increasing the amount of suffering in the world to the point that many are preferring to end their life, and will do or take almost anything to escape the pain. What I am getting at is the under prescribing of main medications for those that need them to the point that they will seek out heroin and other things so they can get some relief.

            Also one of the major problems with hydrocodone is that it works to a point, then it wears off long before you can have your next pill. This causes breakthrough severe pain, and I’m now on methadone, it helps me far better than hydrocodone did with the severe chronic pain in my back.

            It is easy to know if someone has had severe chronic pain they worry more about pain than death, and only death because of loved ones. The most likely way that I know that I will die is a combination of out of control asthma and either pneumonia or bronchitis. All of these are difficult currently to get the proper Bronchodilators and antibiotics. Doctors say they are worried about my high BP, if they would prescribe something that works that is something other than another inhaler I would not have high blood pressure. I suppose that they are more worried about my blood pressure, than me getting brain damage or dying as a result of asthma. My lactic acid levels are usually what causes me chest pain because I can’t get enough oxygen to the muscles in by chest breathing rapidly, and they do not want me to have oxygen because they think my oxygen levels are high enough. To me I take it that many just want me dead, how else should I see it? Also why would they prescribe ADVAIR, when last time I used it I would have died if I did not have access to oxygen at the time, and rescue medications other than an inhaler.

            To me all the concern about caring is just a lie to increase profits at the expense of those that have chronic conditions, and that is only because this country does not want cures for such things, as a good example diabetes in the USA compared to the rest of the world… Other than a few isolated places the USA is number one when it comes to diabetes, and many other health problems as well. Can’t make money off of healthy people you know!

            Also when you are in pain, you should be going to the ER, or anything else other than sitting at home suffering. Also do not go back to the same one time and time again. If you do they will label you as a drug seeker, when all you want is relief from the pain.

          2. what happen! the sh.. is stuck. Don’t worry. We all have been there. sitting waiting and nothing is happening. the pain of the unknown. when will the shit happen. wait no more. Help is on the way. pickup the phone. call that number.

          3. Hello , I can understand their frustration , I catch myself wishing the people who are meddling with opiate removeal that they feel the excruciating 24 hour a day extreme severe pain that I feel and experience what it’s like to face predjadism from Drs and people in control of opiates when suffering day and night crying to God for relief and dealing with opposition for relief the whole time , yes I pray that they experience what I do , but only long enough that they have credibility to make decisions that without that experience have no credibility to make decisions that will robb someone as myself of their life most likely literally. Now understand I love people and of course I don’t won’t anyone to suffer with the exception of those who imposed their will on us that are suffering and then only untuilthey have gained credibility to make life and death decisions to those who are at their mercy , Kelly , TX

          4. I had a life long friend who was on methadone who is dead now shot in the chest by swatt team with an ak47 in Jax Fla God rest his soul!! They have give me the option of methadone after I have been on hydrocodone for thirty two years!! I am tired of the way all of us who suffer pain are treated by all party’s!!! They have to remember we did not ask to become disabled!!! I’m with you along with many other who are being made to suffer by our doubled tounged politicians in gov who are trying to be our baby sitters!!

        2. That was a really cruel thing to say to
          that women. You should be ashamed of yourself. We all have are problems and
          Suffer in deferent ways.I have been in
          Pain for only 20 years. I have had a liver
          Transplant.I died twice on the operating
          Table.I was in a coma i don’t remember
          How long.But when i finely came too
          I couldn’t talk I had tubes down my throat
          Huck up too a lot of machine. I was in
          Intensive care for months do you all
          Remember that.When i finely got off the
          Machines I had too learn how to walk
          Again and that was painful experience
          I had to learn how to use my hands.I am
          On Oxycodone15mg i was also on Oxycioton and a few others that y’all
          Say your on. After leaving the Hospital
          I had to go to a rehabilitation too help
          Me with learning too walk and try too
          Put little blocks in the right holes.
          And one other thing that happened
          To me when i died on that operating
          Table. I was floating up it seemed like
          A life time at frist i was in the dark
          And then i seen i was floating up too
          A white light and believe it or not i
          Was floating on big ABC BLOCKS

          1. No, she does not realize that. She is clearly suffering from trauma, PTST, emotional & physical pain. Be glad this is not your life & try to show some compassion. I know this will be hard for someone like you but you can at least try to do better as a human being.

          2. I took Xanax for a long period of time unmonitored and even upped my dosage to 3 bars a day I quit and started back multiple times because of withdrawal symptoms 5 days ago I quit and 2 days ago I had a grand mal seizure luckily I was I already in the hospital waiting room when it happened I am only 21 years old with no health complications the most scariest thing i ever encountered in my life I am now being tapered off Xanax with Valium and I need to find a local psychiatrist because I never want to experience that again just wanted to share my story thanks

        3. I’m going to try and reply to your statements about medical marijuana you’re absolutely right but I think a lot of people got it wrong I think they’re pulling are opiates to increase the growth and sales of legal medical marijuana but like you I am deathly allergic I have to worst paranoid delusions that person could possibly have on anything and said irritable I can’t take it I’ve never been able to take it and I’m 57 years old so if they’re trying to take are opiates increase the growth of marijuana in the cells of medical marijuana that is so sickening I just wanted to be over because I have been in chronic critical pain or 27 years and only the last 9 years was I able to get any relief doctor believe me I’ve been told it’s all in my head oh yeah that kind of pain hurts it hurts I’d like to know how many people out there who can’t smoke marijuana take marijuana like I can and you want to talk about it euphoria and it not being addicting anybody that I know that started smoking marijuana just came has constantly smoked it since then I’ve been addicted to it all the time and has never stop my brother gets up in the morning smoking and he’s been doing it for 30 years and yes did he get some pain relief he has neurofibromatosis very very bad but he takes opiates and marijuana he gets high I haven’t even talked about what’s wrong with me because it doesn’t really seem to matter like my son say none of your doctors care so why should we angry with you I went from 200 mg a day in one day down to 40 mg in one day in 3 months I’ve been sick ever since can my primary care physician of 9 years can’t do nothing about it because right now so right now I don’t have cancer but as soon as I get cancer that can help me isn’t that like putting the cart before the horse waiting till somebody gets sick. I thought they did that’s all I can say right now I’ll tell my story next time I want to thank you all.

          1. A few years ago, I tried an “edible” cookie that my son bought at a dispensary. However, he neglected to tell me to only take 1/4 of the cookie. So, silly me, I ate the entire cookie. Oh. My. GOODNESS!!!!! I was SOOOO paranoid. I paced in my bedroom all night long!! My son, bless his heart, was so hopeful for me until I described my experience. I don’t know much about Marijuana, so I’m not sure if it was the THC that caused the paranoia. Oh, & plus I ate like a rabid raccoon all night long!!!

            I am a cancer patient. I have a rare form of cancer in my lungs, I’ve had two lobes of my right lung removed and had my airway reconstructed during my first operation. They had to build the airway using muscle from along my right rib cage, it affected one of the entercostal nerves. It was a full, open thoracotomy. 7 months later, I was back on the operating table, having tumors removed from my mediastinum, near my heart and tumor removed from my Aorta. That thoracotomy, the surgeon went through my right first rib. He removed a portion of it and now my rib is held together with mesh. I am in constant pain from the operations and from the continual spread of the cancer to my bones. My remaining lungs are covered in new nodules. But, I’ve been fighting this cancer for almost 7 years, which is quite a miracle!!

            Prior to being diagnosed I had had Fibromyalgia, being diagnosed long before it was an “accepted” illness. Years ago they treated fibro patients like it was “all in your head!” I also have degenerative arthritis of the spine and several bone spurs there and also have Osteo arthritis.

            Three years ago I was finally placed into Palliative care. They started me out on Hydrocodone 7.5/500 three times a day. It didn’t do diddly squat. Finally my doctor switched me to Oxycodone 15mg, with a maximum dosage of six pills a day. Now, for the past 2.5 years I’ve been on a max dose of eight 15mg.

            My pain is still at a 5-6 most all the time. I don’t get that Euphoria feeling and haven’t for a couple of years. Actually, here recently they’ve been making me itch incessantly, and I wonder if it’s possible to develop an allergy for them?! It’s so bizarre. But I do know that opioids can and do cause itching.

            Here recently it’s getting increasingly harder to get my prescription filled, because a lot of the time the pharmacy just doesn’t have them!!! I’ve been thinking about talking to my Palliative doc about putting me on something that’s time released that I only have to take once or twice a day. I was on the fentanyl pain patch for a few months, but I really did not like the way it felt like it was depressing my breathing. So I was switched to the Oxycodone. I keep my medicine locked in a safe, always. Our youngest son is on Methadone every day, in recovery from a heroin addiction. Talk about a nightmare.

            I make sure to not talk about my pain medication around him, for fear of triggering him. He hasn’t used heroin in a little over a year, but I’m still waiting to exhale.

            I find it very annoying that big pharma knew drugs like OxyContin, Oxycodone, Percocet, etc…..were very addictive, yet they lied and now people are suffering. I hold a lot of the doctors responsible, they had to know they were addictive drugs, they’re not stupid. But, it’s the patients who are paying for their dishonesty. People truly suffer, some of the comments I’ve read here are truly heartbreaking. If you don’t have ANY quality of life, it sure doesn’t make you want to have a ton of quantity of life. It’s very sad, what is happening.

        1. Why call names? You don’t know how it affects people, I have seen people sleep, be relaxed, getting up and moving around, gives you the “I want to move my body an do something instead of laying around all the time, I’ve seen people get an appetite,laugh,be more sociable,ive seen my neighbor,who would shake an her head jerking so bad, that after a few pupps, she was normal, no more shaking or jerking uncontrollably, I’ve seen it help with migraines, it helps in so many ways, an for you ti call people “nuckleheads” maybe “YOU” should smoke it to see if it will help your manners.

          1. To: Hmmmmm•••••••
            As I sit here and read some of these Comments, Wow, I thought that this was going to be Comments on Peoples,Pain & Not Able to get there Precription’s filled, Instead I’m reading A lot about some People Cutting others down, Calling Names, Ect.This is the kind of stuff that the Pharmacist & DEA want us to do, and that way it’s taking away from the real Problem that’s taking place, I’m think that we all can agree on one thing we ALL are in the same Situation, (Cannot Get Our Precription filled), Because the DEA has created Monsters, Pharmacist are No Longer Pharmacist, A lot of them are Rude, They are trying No they are acting like that they are our Drs,and they decide on what we should or should not take, and I think that’s Bullshi..I’m in Pain 24/7, and have been on Pain Meds Practically my whole life,(Do not have enough time or space to list all my Medical Issues), Last Month I went to Walgreens to get my Precription Filled & the Pharmacist refused to fill it, and I ask her why and she said that I do not fit the DEA’S profile, I was like what, DEA’S profile I’ve never heard of dea’s profile,and then she proceeds to tell me that No other Walgreens will fill My Precription either so I should not even try, (OMG) I was so upset and in severe pain, so I take my Precription go to another Pharmacy they look me up in the system hand my Precription back and said cannot fill this, I’m like what the Heck is going on here
            Anyway to make a long story short come to find out this Pharmacist had Black Balled me in the system, meaning All Pharmacist can read what she had put in the system,So now I’m trying to fight this situation on top all else, So come on Guys all know that each and everyone of us have Our own Problems,Pain, and different situations, so we all should pull together and try to fight this instead of fighting against one another, so Please No Name calling and Wishing bad things happen to others,(Not Cool)
            All Have A Great Evening..Brenda

        2. Ive seen it help people with their appetite,relax them, help them sleep, help them to want to get up an move around,helps their mood so they laugh instead of being sick an tired of pain, my neighbor,shook an jerked uncontrollably, when she puffed a little of it, she was a totally different person,be more sociable, thats 6 off the top of my head, maybe you should try it an see if it helps you to be more considerat of people ,an who knows, that might be another reason to smoke or try the oils, might just make you a nicer person.

        3. In response to ” marijuana is not a pain killer” I would like you to know that you ARE one of those people I like to refer to as WRONG ! In MOST cases it IS a pain killer. I think you are either misinformed by second and third hand info or have never used it yourself. You do understand that ” Reefer Madness ” is a COMEDY right ?
          This is not a duplicate. Similar sentiment on two different situations but not duplicate

        4. 3800 E 550 N
          i’m just floored at the people (especially politicians) that refer to pot as a narcotic. LOL!!
          And just HOW can someone that ignorant feel they have the right to restrict my hydrocodone?
          These calls for bans and even MORE restrictions have me stressed out all the time. I never know when I’ll be cut off.
          What the hell? Am I suddenly supposed to wake up one morning and be cured just because some self gratifying premadonas feel the need to deprive me of my pain medication?
          I have OA and need several surgeries. Hubby needs a lung transplant.
          I don’t see being able to afford surgery anytime in the future.
          on top of everything else, docs seem to feel patients should have an unlimited supply of money. If you don’t I guess you don’t deserve to live.

      3. Again you’re just another person posting and uneducated and biased opinion about pain meds if you have ever had serious chronic pain like many of us have to deal with on a daily basis you would retract your comment and probably feel like a fool suggesting people start getting stoned to get on with their day is completely ridiculous I have years of experience in my younger years with marijuana and I don’t have anything bad to say about it except it makes people lazy and not want to do anything it does not relieve any pain whatsoever and suggesting people stop there pain medications prescribed to them by a licensed doctor is foolish many of us deal with serious pain on a daily basis with or without pain medication Andre depend on it to lead a normal life the best we can yes there are many out there who just take painkillers to get high or some kind of feeling but there will always be someone abusing something out there and people with legitimate pain issues should not be punished for their stupidity and menial addictions if you don’t deal with serious pain on a daily basis please do us all a favor and keep your comments to yourself or go back to your silly Facebook pages and post your gossip and silly personal opinions

        1. I agree with you. I also in my younger
          Days i did experience a little. And you are right it makes you slow can’t think your like
          Lazy as they get. I don’t know who told
          All them people it would make them feel better.

        2. I just want to say I agree with you guys on the marijuana thing and doesn’t take care of my pain it’s adds to what is already wrong with me not only am I in constant pain then if I smoke marijuana or take marijuana medical marijuana act like that bull crap I’m allergic to shellfish so I can’t take fish oil for my heart it’s the same thing as trying to make me take medical marijuana I would still be taking something related to what I’m allergic to I’m not going to do it I have never been a pothead and I’m not going to start now I will die in pain before I will be in pain all day and in the high off of marijuana paranoid scared can’t stay awake so is this like the gun laws they don’t have the box of sitting around the police stations take their guns kill people but they got the boxes but they sure have the box there that take your medicine if you don’t need anymore how many times have you heard them say guns don’t kill people do well opiates don’t just killed by their self either somebody has to take them think about it

      4. Excuse me but my sister was prescribed medical marijuana during the time of her”very very rare”stage3 Glassycarsinoma cervical cancer & it didn’t stop her pain & she also took pain killers which did stop her please explain to me just how you came to the conclusion that medical marijuana is going to stop the excruciating pain that all of these people including myself battle with on a daily basis!!!And FYI medical marijuana is legal in just about every State in the United States,now I would say that maybe you should do some more research on the facts!have a blessed evening!

      5. I think, as an American citizen, I should have the right to choose what I need for pain management. Everyone is different, right?

      6. And, pot Enhances my pain. Therefore, I am unable to ‘use’ pot for pain management. And don’t worry, ‘pain killers’ are limited and harder to get….

      7. You really have no right to an opinion until you have a pain disorder, are successfully treated, and then have that treatment yanked out from under you and told to “live with it” because of voices like yours.

      8. Hello Aubrey I’m assuming that your uneducated by the statement you made considering that they should simmer down on opiates for people who are in desperate need of the pain relief because they make you feel crappy and that marijuana is your drug of choice but it’s not addictive. Face it what works for one might not work for another and that we all are made up differently. G

    2. I was given 15 mg ext release Morphine 3x a day and 15 mg immediate release 4x a day and was told it was max dose with many of the same conditions as you. Now they are taking away the no phone slowly weaning me off so that I can take Ibuprofen for my pain. I hurt badly daily with hardly any relief.

      1. I am 49 years old with chronic pain for over 20yrs, each year worse than the last with no hopes at recovery. I want QUALITY of life, over QUANTITY. I should have that right above drug addicts who break the law taking unprescribed drugs and over dosing accidentally or purposely. PEOPLE WHO MAKE THE DECISION TO TAKE MORE MEDICATION THAN PRESCRIBED, TAKE MEDICATION NOT PRESCRIBED TO THEM, OR DECIDE TO TAKE LEATHAL DOSES OF PRESCRIBED OR NOT PRESCRIBED MEDICATION NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR DECISIONS IN LIFE AND DEATH. I’M SICK OF BEING PUNISHED FOR OTHERS MISTAKES AS WELL AS RELYING ON UNRELYABLE MEDICAL PERSONNEL IN MY ILLNESS.

    3. Hi Pedro,
      I empathize with you, my girlfriend has had cervical & Lumbar surguries that have not alleviated her pain and has been on 30MG MS COntin XR which is the only way she can get through the day. SHe is addidcted to them but does not take more than she is prescribed. Although she is addidcted to the meds, without them is she just suppose to deal with excruciating pain??? I think not. I hope you find relief from your pain.


      1. Tom,

        Your gf is probably not addicted to the pain meds but rather physically dependent. There’s a big difference. The media has done a great job blurring the lines between the definitions.

        If she’s not continually seeking the drug or experiencing negative consequences from using her medication than she’s probably not addicted.

        If you’re concerned a pain psychologist may be able to help (you both).

        Thanks for speaking up on her behalf!! You must be an awesome boyfriend!

        1. All people are “dependent” on their prescriptions! If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be taking them! You are 100% correct! It’s all liberal propaganda that has doctors terrified to prescribe them to their patients anymore!!


      1. T.J I think we have the same Dr. or they are cut from the same cloth. When I met my Dr. I was in a wheelchair and unable to move my legs or neck or hips. I have had 4 total joints in my Rt. leg 3 in my left and 3 sets of hips on both sides. Because of wooden blinds falling on my shoulders I have soft tissue damage. Stenosis in my lower back and upper back and neck. There are days that I ask myself what I did to have all of this. This year I also had an experience on the OR. table and I didn’t want to wake up but my husband calling on the 3rd day brought me back from my warm and fuzzy feeling only to face the going under again to have Stents in my arteries. My pacemaker causes me to have such discomfort I have donated or given to friends at least 40 bras. I didn’t leave the house for 9 mo. I smelled like a walking toilet with a Colostomy bag that would leak. The atrial fibrillation can cause side effects of falling and spinning. I thank the Lord everyday I have a Dr. that listens to me, councils me, and takes good care of me. She gave a very lucrative career up to help people like me. God Bless Her. Thank you Lord for my Husband that has stuck by me thru all this. He is always there when I need him. I also have no teeth from long term antibiotics use and meds. I am a mess with Vitiligo and so much scar tissue it is difficult to move. Oh and did I mention the muscle flab over my knee, I am a freak with a handsome and funny man that loves this former model and hairstylist. I still feel lucky that there are meds. that can help and I pray no one takes that liberty away from me or my Dr. that prescribes the little bit of help in the form of a little red pill.

    5. My name is Belinda and like most of you suffer from 24hr. a day back pain. I cannot b operated on because my bone density record is -3 drs. r afraid any rods etc will pop out. I have bulging discs, stenosis of spine, chronic nerve pain, my bones are that of a woman in her late 70s and I am 57. The drs. tell me i can break my back a second time just by coughing or sneezing. I cannot hold a sitting or standing job therefore I’m on disability. I’m on 20 mg landing in every 12hrs and 5mg oxymoron and still suffer continuously because my dr. in birmingham, scared to raise my dosage because of the government. I see her each month and never know when I will be given a drug test. This medicine allows me to do simple things like wash dishes or sweep and mop my floor but never all in one day, I hurt so bad I have to take many breaks. I am an intelligent woman and have had good jobs.between all the back problems and osteoporosis on top i am broken. The only relief i get is from the likes and the government is making my life even worse wanting to take medicine away or cut it severely. It’s going to come to going back to drinking which I haven’t done in5hrs or going to the streets and get relief. The FEW are making more addicts than helping. Why can’t they come up with meds that are as effective as strong looked that won’t give me bleeding ulcers again if their so smart? Even passing gas sends sharp pain in my lower back, hips and legs. What can we do someone please tell me. I’ve called Senators Jones and Shelby i doubt that helps till they have to walk a mile in my shoes or try and sit in my chair of use the bathroom #2. Thanks for listening.

  42. Hello thank you for letting me comment, 26 years ago my life has changed I was broadsided by a a cab driver. It destroyed my truck and I was off work for 17 weeks left at the back and neck problems. And 3 years later I was sitting at a stoplight with my one year old daughter and my wife and a drunk driver it is from behind going at least 70 to 80 miles an hour or the officer said. I was really injured and my life is really changed forever. Before that I was a softball player. A weightlifter I work in construction struction and I have play music and clubs and so I was 14 years old. And not too long after my accident there was a lot of tragedy in my family including his suicide so not only did I have chronic debilitating pain had also PTSD. So my doctor start treating me with 5mg hydrocodone two to three day and 1 mg Xanax I would take a half twice a day. Though I wasn’t able to go back to playing softball and doing the things I loved I was able to continue playing music and work in woodworking part of construction which wasn’t near as hard on you I continue to do this for 26 years and it was working fine I got liver test done every 6 months no problems whatsoever I didn’t drink because I knew it was not good for me but the medication I was taking I didn’t do any other drugs I didn’t miss use my prescriptions and my life was good as good as it could be I accepted what happened because I couldn’t change it but luckily I had the medication that I could go on. Well 6 weeks ago that all changed I’m 52 it’s a Saturday morning and I’m commenting on this website today I’m I plenty of things I need to do but the thought of getting out of bed it’s terrifying I’m I’ve lost numerous jobs now I have Builders who no longer use me because I know I can’t do my job any longer some people look at me as a drug addict which I’m not I was I would work on million dollar homes and you don’t do that by being a drug addict I raise my child by myself single parent for 4th grade and now she’s in college I started back playing music play my first big concert with Ozark Mountain Daredevils and then just like that life is ain’t a life is looking good it was taken for me and now I in so much pain on a daily basis it’s difficult to move on. The sad part is there’s nothing to replace it. Doctors won’t see me because I’m a chronic pain patient my doctor not only cut me off from my medications he drop me as a patient after 10 years and the doctor I had before that I was with for 10 for 13 years so I’ve always had a good rapport with doctors never failed drug test I feel that I’m being punished unfairly. I did not want to take either one of these drugs but circumstances in life made it happen. And the young doctors out there today or saying well this is just part of life I’m sorry I have to just strongly disagree with that. I’ve seen what suicide does to family and it’s devastating and I’ve always been completely against it but in the past 6 weeks it’s in her my mind because who wants to live the way I’m living rest of my life. Over-the-counter drugs do not and will not cut the pain that I have and people who think that it will but I don’t understand that. I know people who can handle pain very well and you and I’ve always been one of those people being in construction I’ve been hurt more than once you know but this kind of pain on a daily basis a friend of mine who was hurt in Iraq explained it like this it’s like somebody walking behind you 24/7 with a bullhorn yelling in your ear ears non-stop 24/7 and all you can think about is that guy yelling in your ear that bullhorn that’s what the pain feels like it’s all you can think about because it’s all all consuming. When I was taking the medication I was very proactive I would get therapeutic massages I tried acupuncture Chiropractic just to let my doctor know but I wanted to do other things to try to help myself also but all those are so temporary and so expensive I spent most of all most all my money I got from a wreck on that kind of stuff because insurance won’t cover it but I did it anyway and here I am now completely broke I can’t even stand straight up I’m scared to death of what future holds cuz there’s no doctors that will see me and the ones that will see me the first thing they tell me is I will not prescribe narcotics of any kind there’s something so wrong with this so many people are suffering and I know many myself and I’m speaking on behalf of everybody like that I forgive my grammar I’m using my talk-to-text. Maybe we need a waiver that people can sign that say I understand the risk and if something happens to me no family member of mine about it because I made the choice. But I don’t see anything happening to me cuz I didn’t use it my doctor didn’t even tell me what didn’t even know I guess that is a step down drug he cut me off cold turkey and luckily I had enough left to wean myself off of it wish I had no problems I didn’t have sweats I didn’t have in anything withdraw symptoms and I had people watching me granted I do not sleep I might sleep an hour night that’s because I I can’t lay in one position for more than 15-20 minutes so I might I used to sleep but now I don’t. So I thought I’d ask your doctor you know what’s healthier my pain is so bad I don’t I’m not hungry I don’t eat as much I don’t exercise for sure I don’t sleep I can guarantee you this is harming my health worse than where I was before I was getting up getting to my day I would walk my dog. I play music in the evenings and granted I would still hurt in the mornings are still kind of tough sometimes but the medication took the edge off where I could function and I feel like it’s over and I can’t live like this rest of my life I won’t because there’s no quality in it. You know there’s many times has brought tears to my eyes to think that it’s the country that I love and was taught as a free country and a country that with compassion maybe we care about all these other countries all the stuff but yet will turn on our own people even our veterans we will allow people to live in pain it’s unacceptable. I know a girl I know three people who are nurses for 30 years and they quit because of what’s going on it says inhumane and one of them has an 86 year old mother who is dying and they’ve been having trouble getting her medication and one nurse said I’m afraid to give it to her cuz I’m afraid she’s going to become addicted. She’s 86 and terminally ill I’ll tell me that’s that’s right we were all just sickened by it that’s how the new doctors and nurses are being trained that this drug called opiate is is evil. My daughter had a surgery a few years ago and even with the paint the pain pill she was in excruciating pain and I can promise it it broke my heart to see her in the pain she was in with the pain medication if my daughter went through that again and they didn’t give her something to fight that kind of pain I would not have stood for it I guarantee you I would not have stood for it I would have sued or done anything I could that’s wrong so wrong. so I haven’t read all the comments on here but but for everyone who’s in pain who believes that this works for you I stand beside you and something’s got to be done I think if people have been on it for a long time and have a proven track record should be left alone allowed to take it and if the younger generation wants to come up chewing on a stick or whatever they want to do to fight their pain I’m fine with that let them do it. I understand people get addicted to it people need to read about how these people died. I did a benefit concert for Tom Petty and they’re saying no yet Tom Petty died because of an opiate addiction will take a look at what he was taking he wasn’t taking a 5mg hydrocodone and half a Xanax he was taking a combination of several high-potency drugs and drinking on top of it. And I’m not cutting him down at all I love Tom Petty he had a fractured hip and two bad knees and I’ve never heard one person say I wonder how Tom felt all I hear him from his bandmates is always so is opiates and killed him. Not one word about the kind of pain Tom is in and he promised to finishes to or for his fans before he had something done he needs it just makes me sick he’s a hell of a man I brought people a lot of joy and for us to let him go out and opiate drug addict is pathetic. But my point is these people are not dying by just taking a couple pills they’re dying by taking a whole combination of things that don’t go together and then they’ll drink on top of it or they’ll take sleeping pills or whatever just a whole combination things and there was blaming one pill for it and that’s what cost me mine and mine is there’s not a right I look to see if there’s a recorded death of somebody taking what I take daily and couldn’t find one. I doctor used to tell me I Mo be much worse off taking over the counter medicines because I would have to take so much of it that night it would destroy my health but all the sudden has changed now I’m supposed to take it over the counter because what I’m taking now will destroy me well according to my health test so far after 26 years it hasn’t. Another doctor told me well if this drug stops working well it hasn’t stopped for me and my anxiety was gone that mean under control now I have horrible anxiety again excruciating pain I can’t turn my head I can’t do my job I’m behind on all my bills I have two vehicles sitting out there with no insurance and the tags are expired and I can’t make enough money to keep up with it so what are you do. My parents were strong against any kind of drugs but now they’ve seen what’s happened to me they’re fighting for me. They know what I was taking help me and was probably going to allow me to live a longer life my mom is scared to death I’m going to commit suicide. And it’s not what I want I have a lot to live for but how do you live for when you dread getting out of bed. I’ve Been Told there class action lawsuits starting against CDC and the big hospitals and the DEA for cutting people off suddenly people committed suicide people can’t get out of bed people lost their homes it’s destroyed lives so I hope to God these lawsuits do some good cuz if one comes up in Missouri I’m I’m going to be on it cuz this is not this is ruined my life all over again. My life is ruined 26 years ago but I may have been able to manage it now they want to give me over the counter medications in a massage and give me some kind of a shot in my spine in my neck which I’ve already had and I will not ever do again those do not work and I won’t do them all they’re doing is grasping at straws because they don’t have anything to replace what I was taking God help us. Thank you for letting me comment I pray for you all. And I think the ones that are going to bash what I have to say I’ve never lived through real pain or there are type person who can handle pain better that 26 years of just continuous non stop paying that cannot be surgically fixed you have to maintain it somehow to have any quality of life and that’s what I’ve done and the government has decided that I don’t deserve that anymore and it’s sad thank you again Chris

    1. Chris, I am so sorry that you are having so much pain without any meds to help. I have many auto immune illnesses and several chronic conditions that cause severe pain.for various other health problems I can’t take certain types of medications. I feel so lucky to have the doctor I found a little more than 20 years ago. She was a nurse who then went back to Medical school. I think because she had patient contact at the hospital, she understands better than any other doctor what patients are going through. I am sick of people who are not in moderate to severe chronic pain making decisions for those of us who are. I so wish there was a way to make them live in our bodies and try to function with moderate pain even with pain medication. We are not all physically addicted, although some of us are. What happened to compassion? I have never taken more than what I am prescribed. When I was taking the recommended dose and the pain level wasn’t tolerable, I talked to my doc and she told me to increase it. I am going to be moving to another state and I am scared to death. I really think I am not going to be able to find another doctor that will prescribe for me. There are days I get so frustrated with this situation. Being in severe chronic pain causes more physical stress on the body. Trying to heal from a surgery when your pain level is at 8, is almost impossible. I wish us all luck. Chris I am hoping you can find a new doctor that understands. I am hoping for all of us that someone makes these lawmakers understand what hell is. We treat our animals better than we treat humans.

  43. 37y/o Female Psoriatic Arthitis pt 12y+
    I decided to stop taking my 10mgNorco last week. I’m on my 5th day today with NO Opioids! Did I need them? Well maybe so but my condition is for life & I may need that pain control when I’m 60 rather than now. IT WAS THE WORST THING IVE EVER GONE THROUGH COLD TURKEY
    My dr is amazing and she cheered me on, told me what to expect even offered to taper down. I refused it’s been over 17 years of taking that Med & it had me. With 4 daughters I’m not going to be on something that controls my so much
    I say legalizing medicinal marijuana in Ms. would help the people like me who truly are in pain and aren’t wanting to function with an opioid
    My opinion please no negative feedback as I’m not through the worse of my withdrawals. Blessings to all & remember u CAN do it it’s all mental! Don’t let anything but God control your mind!

  44. And the pendulum of pain control has swung in the opposite direction.. It was only 10 years ago when
    New York stated that chronic pain patients were Underserved. and people were turning to their physicians for help. The physicians were more than happy to prescribe “Hard hitting narcotics” because
    we, as chronic pain patients were in serious pain…No matter the reason and to rip patients off long standing narcotic therapy is tantamount to TORTURE!!!

    1. I agree 100%. Im from Mississippi and was on 210 mg of methadone and actiq for breakthrough to 80 mg of methadone with no breakthrough meds after being on that dose for over 12 year

    2. They failed me for something I took in the hospital for 3 days and cut me off even after seeing the drugs they had me on,pain meds make it where I can walk after 20 I’m now bedridden most of the time at 50 with 2 grandkids I can’t play with anymore I’m hunting a lawyer

      1. I’m so sorry they’ve done that to you I feel so bad that we stand by and let these politicians the FDA and insurance companies do this to innocent suffering people I hope it gets better for you

      2. I wish you the best. Im praying for a class action lawsuit for people like us I want my life back and I’m so sorry for what’s happened to you and that you’re unable to spend time with your grandkids it’s a want that’s a one-time thing you can’t go back God bless you and I pray that things work out for you and me and people just like us. I proven after 26 years I not addicted to it some people may laugh at that but I’m not laying here this morning sweating and shaking and saying oh God please give me the pill I’m saying please get rid of this pain and its anxiety because this I can’t live with I’ve been off the medication for over 6 weeks and I’m getting worse and worse and worse I wish you luck sir

    3. I have stage 4 breast cancer (presented that way)- Lytic lesions throughout every vertebrae; 4 vertebral compression fractures; 3 brain tumors; 4 liver TUMORS; throughout lungs; leg bone; arm; sacrum; obviously breast; etc. Was given three months to live at 41 years old. But was in no pain. Doctors forced (really) me onto ultimately 210 mg/ day oxycontin/ oxycodone + 8mg/ day Ativan + 10 mg/ day diazapam + fentanyl patches. They said I had to quickly build a tolerance because the pain was coming. They were right about that. Went through the brain radiation and 53 rounds of chemo, blah, blah….but I felt SO much better when I was supposedly riddled with cancer than I do now (as far as straight up bone pain.). The treatments (and cancer) have laid waste to my entire body.
      The good news (for all cancer patients….there is hope when it doesn’t look like it)- I somehow beat the cancer (almost to the all important five year mark now).
      Today my doctor told me these were the last prescriptions. I’m to go “cold turkey” off of all of these at once. He said , “it’s too bad. Looks like you’ve licked an unbeatable kind of aggressive cancer, but this withdrawl may well take you out.” He gave me no names, references or advice. No tapering. He said “My case is no longer within his purview. Good bye and good luck”. This just happened today. And my mouth is still hanging open. I’m stunned. I’m in horrific back pain (obviously! On the MRIs my spine looks like Swiss cheese), and worse. I’m actually not sure what to do. I really won’t be able to move.

      1. If you are moving from the Oncology department, you should ask about palliative pain department or pain management department. If there is one at the same hospital your records will be there. Make an appointment

    1. I’ve been in danger of committing suicide since I was 23 and I discovered through the use of Meds such as 80mg OxyContin 3 times daily completely took away my life threatening suicidal depression! I have depressive pain; not physical, and wish I was in hospice so I could have a Morphine drip, multiple Dilaudid injections to relieve my depression. I have a nice family, supportive girlfriend, etc, but they don’t feel my unbearable depression. I’m 47 and have had it!!! People like me end up seeking illegal drugs on the streets and overdose or go to jail. I’ve tried “great psychiatrists, SSRI’s, NNSRI’s, mood stabilizers. ECT…you name it! Am I drug seeking? Yes, of course!!! I don’t want to die or hurt my family! I want relief. Suboxone has kept me alive…miserably, to say the least! Should I give up and move to Portugal where I can have Opiates at my disposal and leave my friends and family behind? Looking for an answer!

      1. I got great relief from major depression with Pristiq after severe disability that ended my career. I was newly married and Drs thought I was seeking early disability and threw me in pain clinic. The problem was I wasn’t seeking disability, I was newly married and happy and had just started a new job that I lost as soon as they found out I was in a pain clinic. The depression is horrible and I hope you are able to find help. Please try Pristiq. Drs can give you s coupon and you can get it for 20.00 a moth to see if it works for you.

      2. I wish I could help you, but I am in the same situation. .I never thought, when I went to to the pain clinic, after being hit by a car, when I was walking in the crosswalj, that NOW, I would be addicted to pain meds…my dr.after prescribing so many hard meds ( he h ad prescribed at one time fentynal..AND oxycotine…” went on a leave of absence ” ..and never came back…you got me hooked on pain meds…and then just skipped out…I’m so mad!!!….I have a great P.T. that took me me down from the still prescribed 5mg.oxy..but..I know it’s only time he stops that..and my life would suck..

        1. I had no misconceptions, pain meds are addictive, and I am still an addict. I weighed my options i chose quality of life.

          1. Well , mostly lovely people the fact that it is 5 in the morn says it for me .I don’t sleep,don t much eat can t really keep myself clean proper. My house is 2 feet deep my daughter wo to a just a few hours shy of two full time jobs. Can’t drive . Dr decided i was an addict because I kept asking for help. I’ve never been in any kind of trouble never a dirty test . I’m 60 now , the Dr said i just wanted pills., Because I need multifaceted help with several kind of migraines bone deterioration body wide. She was not testing the 3t 4t,? …..I don’t know ,kept telling her i felt bad, she let me gain 50 lbs, and fall into a sevea r hypothyroidism fog . Tried to leave her but she tainted every person i tried to have help from. Got so angry in there somewhere i was mistreated by another dr. . So I tried another new pc and he too away the med i had left at that point . I couldn’t tenner where I had had some crazy some of the Dr , she Dr . Padlock told me she lost the federal the follow-up report ,and couldn’t find it.. I was really starting to get sick now . Over the counter went crazy on my life. Could feel what no nutrition no rest to much Tylenol andinceds. 12 hours of dry heaves at a time made worse by stress .the number of headaches a month . I mean.. Now a Dr have me butran s 10 because the primary care has me looking .really bad to him. The Dr that took everything , …. Took muscle relaxer and nerve med for pain ,burning and numbness in my legs and feet . So the new guy now was going to give me another muscle relaxer and after they started goofing with me like had a dangerous reaction from it . This is so long and leaves so much out, except this, not lovely people, don’t tell some one you would NEVER take a medicine that you could get addicted to. Don’t say you would let your child live in agony.. if your. A nurse or dr . Please do is all a favor, go get hurt, then go to your new pain dr.. Afraid to be truly honest because they could red flag your records, lie to you, and treat you like a criminal disease, with needle marks hidden in your body. And ,Don’t come back. And don’t blame it on some broken person on the street, or a good dr. That would give you pain meds . And do some re a research. Many on what the neglect of proper medical care dose with mal nutrition and chronic health problems do to a disabled person who has asked for help so many times .well , so many times they are giving up. Trust me however high up on your hill you are, you would too.!!!! To all you good folks out there, it’s close to over for me. I hope you find what you need . . All this being in just my personal opinion. Because they have us surounded..

      3. No you can do this! I know if I can with all my mess then u can too! Man just get thru the first 3 days! Get someone to stay with you cause it’s gonna suck a few days but take it easy and flush everything
        I lost a cousin and countless friends
        I am on day 5 opioids for 10-17years!
        It sucks but don’t let anything have that much power over ur mind! You are meant for greatness and will one day help another one of us!:)

      4. whatever get you through the day man. ud leave them anyway if u think about the end game u choose life then move

      5. I hope you can find a answer i would like to know they are doing me same way and I have been on 2 60 oxycotin at and 4-15 for break this for 10years and now they say i can get by in 4- 15 oxycodon a day by them self i am ready for the nut house.please God help us all who are being tourched by the doctors .

  45. Mason Noah
    I was diagnosed with RA at age 50. Now I’m 55 and I was in pain constantly, not to mention the intense fatigue. I was on Remicade, Arava, folic acid, and Percocet. It started in my neck and spread to both hips, hands, feet, back and just in the last two months, to my knees. I purchased RA herbal remedies online from a great herbal home called GOOD HEALTH HERBS HOME,I only used the herbal remedy for 5 weeks, my RA disappeared.pleases anyone out there going through RA pain don’t hesitate to purchased RA herbal remedy from GOOD HEALTH HERBS HOME,contact details wwwgoodhealthherbshome .com . I am so grateful i find a miracle cure. I feel like i am 30 years old now,am so strong and healthy ..

    1. It is really shameful for you to come on these sits for the mere purpose of pushing a product. Do you get paid for it?
      I am truly in excrutiating pain due to bulging disks, spinal stenosis and piriformis syndrome. Your comment is so transparent, a baby could discern your purpose.
      Absolutely cruel and self-serving comment.

      1. I agree with you! I’m sick of this excuse fda and cya. Stand up for your patients. I’m going crazy with this pain! I would rather they fixed the problem and I’m confident 99% of others would too!

      2. I have bulging disc and suffer from them as well. I also have spinal stenosis and all that comes with it, but at the same time was told I would be in a wheelchair in 5 years from crippling RA that went into remission after taking medication for only a year or so and lots of therapy. I mean I went swimming every day and night that I could. I made up my mind that I would not end up on that wheelchair and with a lot of hard work and faith it’s been over 20 years and I’m still not in that chair. RA is one of those really tricky auto immunize diseases that are hard to treat and you never know from day to day what your going to wake up like, so I understand why someone would want to post any victory no matter howmtheyngot it or how long or short it might be. So I’m just going to be happy for her and pray that your bulging disc get better and your stenosis gets better everyday. You probably already know or practice it but water therapy is so awesome for what you are going through. May we all find relief daily and share how you found it when you do.

      3. YA’. FB THANKS. if they could make you believe ra herbals in 2 weeks will send you a painless life for ever. i am with you all pain patients and been on suboxone 22mg for 13 years. but found out today my suboxone DR LANDIS died 2 days ago, he just droped dead. i all way thought about his health. my refill is in 2 days and i need to find a dr. he also has me on nuvigil for central apnia and anti depr-. be for subs i had throut surgery and pain med of 50 to 100mgs cherry liquid oxycontinn for 2 years. now i am here listining to ya all feeling sad bad and hope we can get out of this torture .

        1. My Dr. had me on suboxone for 3 years, and the same thing happened to me,he passed away and I had no where to go. I had to travel hours away and see a Dr and finally found some arrogant Dr. in a nearby city, who seriously could care less why you are there. (prescribed opiates for Scoliosis, sciatica etc etc etc since I was 18) and went on subs to get off pills, to be on pills for years now. Well switched Drs because my Dr. became really inappropriate in the Dr. Office while giving me a injection for Bursitis ( put his genital area right against my shoulder and neck area, while giving the shot I froze, wanted to puke became scared to move. SICK !!!)I had received a year prior auth with him, and that ran out just a month or two now, and finally have a wonderful treatment center, but will insurance pay for another year? Am I going to have to pay this out of pocket, they sent the prior auth and have not heard anything back yet, this is in Michigan would you know any answers to that part? Sorry about your situation, just get on the phone with your insurance co, and they will help you find the nearest Dr good luck to you!@!

  46. My name is Debbie and I suffer from Chronic Deseminated Shinglrs that reoccur every 4 to 5 weeks, it has absolutely taken over my life, I have had a complete cervical spine fusion that damaged nerves all along my neck and in my head. it has caused me major excruciating pain and because of how it limits my life it has caused me major depression and anxiety, now the government wants to take away the legal pain killers and penalize the ones of us who don’t snort or sell our drugs because young people or junkies steal them and have died because of their bad choices. this is one of those things government needs to stay out of. people drink and become alcoholics by the millions and yet alcohol is still sold every day. people still smoke and kill themselves. I just know that you are causing major pain and misery to a whole population of good people who don’t deserve being is not right

    1. Could not have said it better. There is a fear from people who have chronic severe pain who have gone through years of trial and error ,countless sleepless nights filled with pain to some sort of alleviation by the carefully controlled use of options in their treatment plan. We are afraid the pain is going to come back with no way to control it.

    2. They tried prohibition and that turned out well. As for cigarettes check how much it costs to make them and all the rest is tax. I feel like a lot of this,” let’s take the only relief a person in chronic pain has” is over money. Besides people in pain can’t do as much work, and their old so who cares if they hurt. And it looks like the government is doing something besides tweeting on Twitter and sitting on their thumbs. Government has NO business in this.

    3. This is a reply to Deborah Gomm to say “you are so very right” I agree with you 300 % plus.
      I had shingles, still have PHN pain from it, have a hernia, I have IBS which is chronic constipation
      and with severe pain and severe discomfort. No Doctor will prescribe me Tylenol 3 of which I have taken for 15 years now because of the opioid crisis , they “don’t give a damn if I suffer but they won’t permit me with “assisted death”….. so all you smokers out there and drinkers out there , keep up your DAMN medicine called “BOOZE”…maybe I should start to because they never see a doctor.

    4. Debra,
      Well said. I became tolerant to Opiods at Pain Clinics through severe spine pain for two years that lead to the discovery of a congenital defect of my s1and consequential need for a anterior posterior ten hour surgery fusion S1-L4 fusion in 2005. From 2003-2006, I went all the way up the Opiods chain to 200 mg Fentynol patches. Then, six months after my 12/27/2005 surgery, I was put on the wean down. Every nine weeks, another lower drug level classification Opiods was eliminated until I was put on methodone. In the following years after my fusion I continued to have severe and persistent muscle spasms, and got trigger point injections as often as possible, and was on three different types of muscle relaxers. I have a fatty liver, and many other health issues and take at the time was taking 21 different RX and PRN’s a day. I wasn’t allowed ANY OPIODS because I was flagged as a drug seeker, when I had neck fusion c5-6 in 2007, I asked for more than 4mg dilaudid IV every four hours, and 30 mg of oxy every 6 hours while in hospital for three days. I was sent home with ten mg oxy 60 count pills no refills. Same exact dosage with both knee replacements, much more extreme surgeries, way more intense pain, hospital stay three days, and eleven days in transitional care unit doing painful PT three times a day for an hour and a half, and OT twice a day for two hours. I was allowed one 10mg oxy every 6hours while at TCU, then dropped down to 10mg Hydro when sent home 60 count, two refills, then wean to 5/325 Hydro’s 60 count 2refills then nothing. I have osteoarthritis, sponylothesis, stenosis,severe and persistent muscle spasms in my back, severe pain throughout body when symptomatic with my bipolar depression, PTSD, and due to the muscle spasms and the PTSD I have MN medical cannabis. I cannot vape it legally in ANY HOSPITAL, CLINIC,CRISIS HOUSE, etc, or I will be discharged, my Medical assistance canceled, I would be responsible for my hospital bill, and I would lose my medical cannabis license. I am being penalized as a drug seeker now for asking for 10mg hydros for my shoulder that needs a replacement-I am doing physical therapy, and going through as many cortisone& prednisone shots into my joint under fluoroscopy as I can, but I still wake up in tears from the pain. My body is just tolerant to Opiods, so when I asked my shoulder Dr. For higher than the 6/325 40 pill count that he was giving me inbetween allowed shot times, he said I was drug seeking!! Of course I am I said. I am in pain!! The dosage you’ve been giving me has not been adequately reducing my pain to a tolerable level, as I am still waking up in the night crying from Pain. It is your job as my Dr. To help me to not be in pain. So please RX me the higher dose. I’m asking for 40 pills 10mg hydros to get me through the week until my next shot. That hardly makes me an addict!! You’ve seen my imaging! You know I’ legit. Well, he said,” I have seen in your history of surgeries that you have begged for more and higher doses, for longer periods, and that is a pattern ai will not continue to support either. I will also take these red flags and report you, and enter you into the MN computer pharmaceutical something list? So now, I’m terrified, that I won’t ever be able to have anything but Tylenol for Pain, as I cannot take ANY NSAIDS due to blood thinners, and I’m allergic to Ultram. I feel like he was; extremely demeaning,patronizing,criminalizing and purposefully trying to cover his own ass due to Trumps new laws regarding Opiods. Like Martin Luther King said,” a threat to one man anywhere, is a threat to all men everywhere”
      Unfortunately, your right, alcohol and tobacco are legal killers, they both are used to dull Pain, physical and emotional, but the state and federal earn tax dollars from both sources!! Opiods are RX, that are not taxed that way, and when Dr’s have been weaning patients off their Opiods too fast, patients turn to the streets, not because they are addicts, but because they have legitimate chronic or crisis Pain that needs to be maintained or still weaned for a longer length of time. At this point, the legit patient is now labeled an official addict, because they are self medicating and buying on the streets( only because they had no choice.) Meanwhile, their bank accounts are drained, as we all know how much 10mg hydros go for $10 on the street per pill!! This whole system of punishing people who REALLY NEED OPIODS, and do NOT ABUSE THEM, Pass Pee tests, and are accused of drug seeking, and CUT OFF and reported, due to tolerance and asking for a higher dosage as a result needs to change. It’s the patients who have no legitimate physical or mental reason to be on Opiods that are RX and abuse or test positive, or test as not taking-meaning they are selling on the street that should have CRIMINAL CONSEQUENCES, so that the rest of us Legits can be left alone, and continue to be treated for our Pain with Opiods PRN by our Dr’s and Surgeons!

  47. I am so sorry for each and every person who has written their story here. It is unconscionable what one human can do to another.
    This was written in 2012; if anything it has gotten much worse for people.
    I have been looking for help for my spouse since January when his pain doctor decided after 8 years that my husband no longer needed pain management, but suboxone. My husband will probably not survive this horrific withdrawal he is experiencing, on top of his normal pain he is getting no pain relief and his body is dependent.
    What has happened to our country? PROP is now asking the FDA to remove oral and mucosal pain medications from the market. Will someone come behind me years after I write this and ask what an opiate is? It was something you could take by mouth and you could take it for chronic, unrelenting, intractable pain. Pain from failed surgeries, car accidents, diseases with no cure, surgeries. Physicians for Responsible Opiate Prescribing are trying to take it all off the market, not even allowing for people dying of cancer in horrific pain.
    The FDA is asking for comments, I hope someone comments before all of the pain medications are gone for everyone.

    1. Hi there, my reply is i feel so sad for everyone that has to rely on perscription drugs to have some sort of life. Its not their fault in the first place to have to be on them. Iv been on morphine for 20 years and my doctor told me last week shes taking me off it and putting me on Targin. Iv been through withdrawals before, and i feel for anyone that has to go through it. If i dont have my meds for one day, my back pain is so bad i feel as if theres a board going through the middle of my back and im bent over when i walk. The doctors are so cruel. What are they thinking when they take a oath to look after people? They sY opiates are kulling people, i think there will be more suicides with people suffering than there will be with over doses. They wouldnt have a bloody brain in their heads.

      1. I have just this to add, ive considering suicide as of writing as im abandoned by my pcp,dr fox.lies and dehumanizing treatment at urban family practice 564 niagra.ive had pain med yreatment since 2004 no of the cdc in jan 2017 ive been shamed and reduced to suboxone,which does not treat probly gonna just kill myself i cant stand,walk to the bathroom but forced to see the rich dr every they get rich while not treating me.and pain mgt,is a farce.they do nothing that my pcp doesnt do.this shit makes vets seniors cancer pts and chronic pain want to die.hope i will be dead by christmas.fuck these assholes,they greed got us they need to class action suit against all drs but lawyers that do this are chicken.

        1. It’s a damned shame, if not a crime, what they are doing to the legitimate pain patients who are now unable to get the medications they need to be able to tolerate life and maintain some level of function. i have been on various opioids for over twenty years and have had zero problems from them and have never taken more than prescribed to keep my pain at a barely tolerable level so I can function independently. I seriously think that the only way to stop them from taking away our opioid pain medications is for patients to start fileing lawsuits against doctors for substandard treatment of pain, when they refuse to prescribe medications that have proven effective for over a hundred years. The AMA warned Congress and DEA that cracking down on prescription opioids would cause many patients to turn to illegal street drugs like heroine which would cause many more deaths. It will take lawsuits to reverse this mistreatment of pain sufferers.

          1. People will end up being unable to deal with their pain and will end up turning to herion then overdose and die. It’s fine doctors you still have your licenses!!!’ Pussys!!

          2. Well said Deborah and Scooter!
            It is beyond belief that any person of conscience could deny the apparent need of opiates in a medical sitting for as long as a patient needs. Medical offices are so over crowded by the DEA, self-glorified congressmen, and do-good illiterates there is no longer room for the doctor and patient. May they all one day need a opiate.

        2. I’m praying for you and a healing and solution.. Do not kill yourself!!!! If you think you’re suffering now you have no idea. You well be suffering for eternity… not just a short while on earth… please reconsider

        3. Tom, I am hoping your still marching on everyday. Your letter caught my eye and I’m sorry that a person has to get to bottom Of a barrell before someone cares enough to help us out. So do the very best you can by getting that one person or thing that makes you smile, sing, jump up and down, twirl
          Round and around or jiggle till your wiggling. Then spend time doing just that with that special person until your doing what you like. I hope this makes YOU SMILE Tom. God bless stay safebuddy

        4. I too intend on killing myself when I will be faced with withdrawal. I have been through just a few days of it in the past due to so called medication dosage changes. I have no intentions of laying in bed covered in my own shit and putting my wife through Hell . My kids are grown as are my grandchildren. I truly believe GOD and my family will forgive me in time .The other option of becoming a complete asshole from pain and sickness is not an option for me . May GOD forgive and understand me. Richard. p.s. I Have been on my meds for 12 years . They gave me my life back, and now the government is taking it away.

      2. I totally agree absolutely! I’m 57 years old, arthritis from head to toe upper neck back lower back feet knees shoulders, pain for many years I don’t want to be a pot smoker but that’s my alternative since a very large company in Tennessee that seems to own every pain clinic has gotten this one young lady angry at me over having a small amount of alcohol in my system. Never a problem until she came aboard a year ago but barely. I was told by doctors in the 1980s to drink one or two glasses of red wine moderately every day if I wanted to which I did not I did weigh less than that no. Nobody told me until after urine test several, that I had alcohol in my urine. This young lady decided she’s an, some withdrawals which I’ve been through I used to be on horrible medications very strong and horrible before. Thank God I’m not on those but I would never go through that again. This is what causes more deaths than people who actually take prescriptions in my opinion. When a good person who is not informed and told not to even take one sip even though I did it for 28 years plus of red wine for artery not clogging after seeing my father died a horrible death of clogged arteries, I was only doing what the doctors told me to do innocently. Then I stopped then I had some for new years only two small glasses of champagne toast. I’m told I can’t even take one swallow. Or I’ll be dismissed so I am suffering. That’s when good people like me who have a perfect record never missed my pills always had enough even extra, never any illegal drugs whatsoever in my life but when you’re put into this category you have to do something for your pain and withdrawals to say the least, so what do I do smoke marijuana which I hate never have smoked? She claims that alcohol mixed with my morphine which is not very much milligrams can kill me. Hello? I have been doing that wine at a moderate situation just occasional for 30 years and never had a problem doesn’t that prove that I’m not going to die in my sleep like Michael Jackson hooked up to a anesthesia machine. You’re forcing good patience to go and do things I don’t want to do this is the real problem!

      3. I’m so very sorry to say that what your saying is the truth. Already have heard of a person in horrific pain found out they were not going to keep feeling his pain medicine. He knew what that meant. He was going to be in uncontrollable, unbearable pain. So while his family went to town he decided to stay behind and rest. When the family return but he wasn’t there. The wife checked to see if his car was.there. It was and she walked out to the farthest part of the backyard only to find his lifeless body. His head with a bullet in it. And our got who have nothing more to do that to twit on tweeter every minute of every day, has nothing in the worldore important that to save the junkie from killing there selves while talking large doses of legit scripts of pain med. needed for descent people with unbearable pain. What a wonderful life to live.
        . Ted P
        Did you mean “first DO NO HARM” What a joke.

      4. I’m so sorry for you. I agree as I have severe back pain and know what’s coming my next pm visit next week. And there have alreadyou been people who have taken a gun and received their pain. I can’t because of my beliefs. And I have no idea what happened to ” First do no harm”. I guess they have forgotten about that. And when did out embarrassing government become pain management physicians?

    2. I worked 40 years as a nurse & lifted on patients double my weight daily & hurt my back repeatedly. I had failed back surgery 4 years ago. I made sure my patients were pain free but now doctors refuse to treat my pain. Nothing has worked except opiods which they refuse to give me. I am dying a slow painful death & doctors don’t care.