Don’t “pass over” this app-ortunity

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URINTEL® is a new computer application currently available on PC and Mac platforms that will soon be released for smart phones and tablets.  It is a patented platform that encompasses complex therapeutics, medicinal chemistry, and mathematical analysis.

Why is the app different from any other app?  That’s a great question and one that is particularly timely at this festive time of year.  To start with, I’ll answer four questions all based on…


Why is this app different than all other apps?Urintel_Phone app coming soon

  1. With all other medical apps, data is readily available, intuitive, and easily retrievable elsewhere. This app rises to another level without the commercialized leavening required of other duplicative platforms that are lost-leaders for other revenue generating sources.
  2. Urine screen interpretations generally come with the bitterness of false negatives and false positives. This app welcomes the bitterness and helps providers and patients to understand how and why an honest patient is mislabeled and also elucidates the bitter outcome that might ensue if a patient is actually being dishonest.
  3. All other apps rely on a single data source in and a single data source out, although the output does provide convenience. This app does it twice; we provide data in and data out by providing certain “extra” information such as opioid and benzodiazepine metabolites, which of course is available elsewhere.  But we also provide data that is not easily accessible elsewhere, and that is not generally intuitive.  Basically, we dip twice and that’s why we were able to file a patent.
  4. Finally, an honest, compliant patient can sit in the waiting area in a relaxed position without the fear of being quickly exiled and becoming pain ridden nomads needlessly wondering around looking for a new provider without just reason. And, providers can relax at night knowing they did the best they could to properly evaluate their patient’s urine drug screen report properly and didn’t interpret the results incorrectly.

REMITIGATE’s vision is to provide unique therapeutics applications that are not otherwise intuitive or readily retrievable from any one or more sources (published guidelines, lists, or mathematical models) often seen with free access apps.  The initial launch product is URINTEL®, an application to guide clinicians in the accurate and practical interpretation of immunoassay urine drug tests (UDTs) in order to fairly assess false positives and negatives.  The intent is to reduce the burden and minimize speculation when attempting to evaluate UDTs.

In development are applications for point and click decisions on which tests to order for individualized patient therapies using pharmacogenetic testing.  This complex area has a significant evidence-based scientific foundation but is grossly underutilized by clinicians due to lack of understanding and time constraints.  Other pipeline applications are complex individualized pharmacokinetic dosing strategies that consider phenotype and drug interactions to improve outcomes and reduce risk, all with justifiable documentation for the medical record and third party payers with just a few clicks of the mouse or by smart phone/tablets. PC versions to all applications will come with print options to printers and can be customized for electronic medical records.

REMITIGATE will provide the umbrella for each application starting with UNITEL® paving an easy road to individualized therapy that is supported by a complex underlayer of medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, pharmacogenetics, therapeutics, complex mathematics, and liner regression models.  Luckily for users, they only need to drive on a smooth surface that we support with complex science.

Coming soon will be a new website to separate from the newly formed REMITIGATE, LLC and its inaugural new product, URINTEL®.

6 thoughts on “Don’t “pass over” this app-ortunity

  1. Dr. Fudin,

    Thank you again for all you do for CIP patients. It is my hope that Urintel will become widely known and implemented by all practioners who utilize UA’s. i would love to have this app on my phone just in case a test of my own came back with false results. You can bet Id be showing my health care professionals, this app and insisting they use it.
    Thanks again. Sonna

  2. Dr. Fudin,
    Will there be a app for chronic pain sufferers that cant keep a Pain Doc. for more than one year.
    This app will be for chronic pain sufferers that suddenly lose there doctor and cant find another and this app would cover those that truly suffer and caught off guard , left with nothing for their ongoing pain also throwing them in to withdrawals. This is where I’m at now and cant seem to find my way out .
    Its truly a sickening thing to happen to those that did everything right yet get caught up in this thing because my prior Pain Doc. who was a super nice guy but feared reprisal from the pill police.

  3. Jeffrey,

    I like the Passover link … next year we should all be free! Like Herb I’m an Apps novice … but this one will have me joining the exodus. Live long and prosper! (Spock actually learned that split-fingered blessing from his rabbi)

  4. Well, as far as technology goes, I have driven my family MAD!!! by not getting a cell phone. NEVER, NEVER, and APPS, I just found out what that meant last year, lol……..I will not own one, and I guess I will miss out on all the fun yall have with these monsters of technology. Everytime I stop at a light, someone is texting, and believe it or not, I Don’t know how, and don’t care, so, with this new “APP” that is coming out, and whatever, I will just have to miss out……….URINTEL, BAH!!!!!!!!!! have a good one Jeff,,,,,,,,,,herb

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