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Implementation of virtual electronic clinical pharmacist PAIN Pharmacotherapeutic Review and DUE services to enhance rational chronic opioid use and curtail potential diversion in a va healthcare primary care setting (Poster: P-158-D). Authors: Jeffrey Fudin, Marjorie Barrows, Joanne Shear, Jerry G. Greene. Acknowledgements: Jason Lafayette, Casey Stineford. To be presented at the ASHP 2005 Midyear Clinical Meeting in Las Vegas, NV. [Click here for PDF version of poster!]

Impact of Prescription Monitoring Programs on Prescription Patterns and Indicators of Opioid Abuse. This is a PDF slide file, courtesy of Dr. Robert Twillman. Dr. Tillman is a psychologist at the University of Kansas School of Medicine. [Click here for the PDF file].

Nimako KS, Fudin J, Fudin JA. Retrospective Review and Practical Analysis of Implementing a Methadone Nomogram to Convert Patients from Morphine Equivalent to methadone. Residency project, presented 07-01-05 at Stratton VA Medical Center in Albany, NY. At the time of presentation, Kwaku S. Nimako was a post- Pharm.D. Pharmacy Practice Resident. Jason A Fudin was an Engineering Student at McGill University.

Fudin J, Levasseur DJ, Passik SD, Kirsh KL, Coleman J. Chronic pain management with opioids in patients with past or current substance abuse problems. Journal of Pharmacy Practice. 2003, 16;4:291-308. This is copyrighted by SAGE Publications. Please do not copy or distribute!


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