AVAILABLE: Interpret Urine Drug Screen Results with Free Beta Test

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Urine Cup LogoThe free beta test for guiding clinicians to interpret Urine Drug Screens accurately is now available at this LINK.

Help us to determine a new name for the UDTapp by commenting below.

Note that the introductory version is available only for PC platforms and will not function on smart phones or tablets.  We will provide smart phone purchase options beginning in approximately one week after we have had a chance to evaluate user feedback.  The PC version will have printable options.  The smart phone version will not.

This is what you can expect…

  • Interprets results and provides comprehensive assessment; intuitive, simple, quick.
  • PC version offers print to chart/file/PDF
  • Considers RX interactions, dose, false positive/negative
  • Decreases guesswork and diminishes blame
  • Support staff intervention frees provider time (especially PC printable version)
  • Report helps justify 3rd party payment for definitive testing (fax justification to 3rd party payer)

The beta test is free and we encourage feedback here or email to remitigate@gmail.com



11 thoughts on “AVAILABLE: Interpret Urine Drug Screen Results with Free Beta Test

  1. Urine Drug Test app

    U -TAPED
    U -TAP
    U – NEW – DAT
    TAP for U
    I – TAPED for U

  2. Pissed Off by Unexplained UDT results?

    Perhaps Urine over your head?

    No matter what shape Urine…

    Compliance Advisor / UDT – for when Urine over your head.

    Urine Good Hands with Compliance Advisor – UDT

    Burma Shave

  3. Urine Drug Test app

    How about ,,,,,

    EZ – UDS ,,, Ezuds,,, Ezuda ,,, Ezud .
    ZIP – UDS ,,, Zipuds,,, Zipuda ,,, Zipa .

  4. The only names that occur to me are ones like “Whiz-O-matic”. Sorry not to be more helpful…

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