Lectures Speaking & Writing

Lectures and Symposia

Members of the PainDr team have been invited speakers on pain management nationally and internationally at within the private sector, VA Hospitals, and at major academic medical centers throughout the United States. In the last year alone, they have lectured live and by Webinar on various pain-related topics to thousands of physicians, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, board certified pain clinicians, psychologists, addictionologists, and other healthcare providers and administrators nationwide. They have presented symposia at local, regional, and national forums  at several major medical and pharmacy meetings nationwide.


The PainDr team has published and edited hundreds of peer reviewed articles in several highly regarded journals from various specialties and several textbooks chapters.  In addition, various contributors serve as editors of major pain-related journals including Pain Medicine, Practical Pain Management, and the Journal of Pain Research.  They have contributed as peer reviewers for several professional medical, pharmacy, and nursing journals.  The PainDr team also has assembled several colleagues and residency trained Pharm.D. pain specialists who continue to work with the PainDr team to co-author many manuscripts by request.