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  1. I have commented so many times about the Opiate Issue. Particularly the Pain News Network. People post personal case histories and God knows we all have our stories. The real point is that all the hype and media is not and will not slow down overdoses and suicides. And of course there are those who act out violently against Doctors. Opinions are killing people. No doctor that wants to prescribe to patients who need drugs should be intimidate by the Government and No Pain patient should have to constantly defend themselves for a situation that they did not create. I do think that some attention is now being paid due to the real victims. These are the sufferers who now have to worry every day. These are sometimes patients who have handled and tolerated low dose opiates for many years. Anyone who says that the are protected does not know what really happens. In my case, I was started on Vicodin by the VA fifteen years ago after years of alternatives that the VA would not accept in the Past. (Acpuncture, Chiropractics, TENS units, and physical therapy) The VA constantly changes the rules. June 20, 2017 my Primary Care doctor sent me for a Pittsburgh Pain Clinic Review saying they would follow the recommendations. They then cut me off in a month. Again this year a Pittsburgh Pain Review recommended continuing my pain medication stating that I tolerated it well and it was working. I have always been below the MME (since 2003). Again, after promising me they would follow this they did not. No Provider has to worry about their license if expert VA Doctors in Pittsburgh recommend continuing a successful pain regiment that helps a Veteran function. Too much talk, to much propaganda, too many opinions. If a Veteran does get stuck with a ANTI-opiate doctor. then they should refer the Patient to a doctor that does not share that opinion. As Veterans we are supposed to have fought for rights and now we are losing another one. Drug screens with no “probable cause” screens that defy the fourth amendment of privacy. Good grief, Thomas Jefferson and all the founding fathers started out as criminals until the United States became free. Alcohol and Tobacco kill a lot more people that opiates. Should the Government limit your beer and cigarettes? I see that the ACLU is now speaking to these rights. DRUG are here to stay. These new laws are driving up the street prices!. Now more than ever poor patients in pain might well “CASH IN” on some of their medications. Just like Prohibition, smugglers will get rich, avoid taxes, and do the all the money involved, carry guns. Stop the madness,quit fueling the fire. Let Doctors and Families work on the Drug Problems. All these other solutions are making it worse.!

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