Fudin Factor

The Fudin Factor is a mathematical equation originally Copyrighted 2011 that eliminates the peaks and troughs associated with commonly employed conversion methods such as those proposed by Ripamonti(1998), Ayonrinde(2000), and Mercadente(2001).

See “Mathematical Model for Methadone Conversion Examined” (PPM, Sept. 2012).  It includes a comparison of previously accepted schematics listed above and how they compare to the Fudin Factor.

Pain management is a very serious matter, especially when converting to or from methadone.  Nevertheless, when working with patients and colleagues, a sense of humor, love for your work, and comradery are important attributes to success.  Below are some of your colleagues sporting the fashionable Fudin Factor tee shirt.  This has to make you smile even after the toughest of days.  Click here to view more colleagues wearing the shirt, especially if you’re curious to see what’s on the back.  Hope to add you to the group soon!

Dr. Steven Passik, Ms. Cindy Lord, Dr. Jeff Fudin, Dr. Howard Smith (left to right, red tees).
Dr. Abigail Brooks and Dr. Courtney Kominek (left to right, blue tees).

photo 2


photo 5