Opioid Calculator

Dr. Fudin collaborated with “Practical Pain Management” (PPM) to develop the most  comprehensive Online Opioid Calculator available.

As posted on PPMs website, One of the daily challenges facing healthcare providers is how to safely and accurately calculate appropriate opioid doses—either for opioid-naïve patients or when switching from one agent to another.  Practical Pain Management asked three pain experts to take on the momentous task of developing their “ideal” opioid conversion calculator—one based on the latest medical evidence—that would be easy to use at the point of care. The result is the PPM Opioid Conversion Calculator, which is now available at no charge at www.PracticalPainManagement.com.

Click here to view the developers’ interview.  Here, all three authors discuss the calculator’s development and unique features.  Of particular interest is Dr. Fudin’s unique methadone conversion formula which is a mathematical equation that eliminates the peaks and troughs associated with prior conversion methods.