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Mandy asked 5 years ago

I am curious to know if I will pass my drug test in 3 days if I bought synthetic urine and added the hydrocodone and klonopin to it? If not I can have a friend take the meds and use her urine.  Any suggestions and input would be greatly appreciated. I took a few Percocet and also smoked weed because I have terrible neuropathy pain. I’m just worried that if I added the meds into the synthetic urine it may show something different. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Also how long should I wait for her to take the meds and how long it will stay in the urine? I was going to leave it in my car since it’s hot outside. Thank you for your help

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Jeffrey Fudin Staff answered 5 years ago

Mandy,  This is not a question I care to answer.  When people try to fool their doctors, it becomes more and more understandable why so many are now reluctant to prescribe for compliant patients. It sounds to me like you need an addiction specialist to help you sort out these issues.