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Erik asked 4 years ago

I have been taking subutex for several years after 2 years to recover after being on a roller coaster for 2  years when my doctor started me on opana for back pain ( big mistake). I started on 16mg of subutex per day and have eventually weened myself down to 2mg of subutex per day.  I had a doctor recomend belbuca recently to replace the subutex.  What would be the appropriate dose of belbuca to be similar to 2mg of subutex?

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Jeffrey Fudin Staff answered 4 years ago

Erik,  First, Belbuca would be totally inappropriate unless you still have chronic pain, which for purposes of this response, I’ll assume you do.  Second, Belbuca has not been specifically studied against Subutex for dosing comparability.  That said, I can provide general information.
Subutex is approximately 30% absorbed; 2mg = 2000mcg (0.3) = 600mcg per day
Belbuca is approximately 50% absorbed; 600mcg twice daily = 1200mcg (0.5) = 600mcg per day
Any conversion will need to be discussed with your prescriber.