Buprenorphine in pill form.

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Jacqueline A Schneider asked 4 years ago

Dr. Fudin, my 86 year old mother was rx\’d Codiene with Tylenol and used it for two years. I was concerned about the Tylenol. She asked the Dr. about the Burtran\’s patch and he agreed to let her try it. It does give her acceptable relief, but is now causing a skin reaction from the patch adheasive, manufactured by Purdue. The generic is the same Tier price as the brand. She cannot get an answer from her RX benefit provider as to why. She checked to see if there is a tablet or pill form. This is what she found on her prescription plan.list: buprenorphine hcl sublingual tablet, buprenorphine-naloxone sublingual film. Her pharmacy told her these two medications are only rx\’d for addiction treatment??? Can you clarify that for us? Thank you as always for sharing your knowledge.

Jeffrey Fudin Staff replied 4 years ago

Jacqueline, The doses of the products you describe are much higer. Your mother would be best off with Belbuca 75mcg buccal films (applied against cheek near gum line). Alternatively, she could stay with the Butrans TD patch, and use triamcinolone spray on the area where patch is to applied, 5 minutes prior to placing on the patch.