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Lisa asked 5 years ago

I found Belbuca ad googling pain clinics. I was on 80mgs of Kadian and 10/325 oxycodone 3 x a day. After 25 years of this dose, my pain levels are way less manageable. And now with the “opiated crisis”, no pain management doctor wants to work with me, let alone increase my dose for a more productive quality of life. I had a DNA medication profile test and I am a fast absorber, and only have 1/2 of my dopamine receptors. On my test results for Buprenorphine, is states “not many test studies have been done” for my DNA type. I have HNPP, CMT, (drop foot) severe cervical stenosis, carpal tunnel, degenerative disc disease, low back and leg pain, ect. Basically, I’m a 56 yr. old genetic mess. My second month into Belbuca and I had to increase from 75 to 150. And I know I’ll need to increase because I’m not getting the 12 pain relief benefit. But…. Thank God there’s finally hope for a better quality of life!!! But I have issues with doctors now calling me an addict for taking Belbuca. I make sure my scripts are for the brand name. I tell docs, “no, I depend on medication for pain”. Their reply is, “addiction and dependency are the same thing”. I wish I could find a smart, educated doctors in Northern Colorado and Cheyenne area!!!!

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Jeffrey Fudin Staff answered 5 years ago

Thank you for sharing.  I’m not sure there’s a question in there, but clearing anybody that thinks Belbuca is associated with opioid use disorder needs and education.