False pos meds refused help

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Ashley asked 4 years ago

Methamphetamine. And I take Effexor-just switched from Prozac to this, suboxone, maxalt, adderall & retin-A are all prescribed meds & I have an old expired rx for trazadone I once took for sleep but still take a quarter to half from time to time. OTC meds are CBD oil, rhodiola roscea, l-theanine w/GABA, Advil, Pepcid, take baking soda and water at times for stomach, ex lax, and that’s all that I am recalling right now that I’ve recently taken.

Jeffrey Fudin Staff replied 4 years ago

Adderall can test positive for methamphetamine, especially in the presence of Effexor and Maxault. Tell your doctor to look it up.