Gavin Austin asked 3 years ago

I am prescribed 3- 5/325 Oxycodone Acetaminophen daily. Some days are better than others. Twice so far this month I had only taken 2 a day. My question is will I pass my urine test at the end of the month or should I take the extra 2 during the remaining days?

1 Answers
PainDr Staff answered 3 years ago

You’ll be fine. Your doctor will likely be thrilled that you have a couple extra tablets. Urine screens are not meant to determine dose taken. If your doctor does a general immunoassay test for “opiates” as opposed to specifically ordering “oxycodone”, “opiates” could test negative even if you took 4 per day because standard “opiate” screens are not sensitive to oxycodone at low doses.