How to transition from Subutex to Opiate before surgery

QuestionsCategory: OpioidsHow to transition from Subutex to Opiate before surgery
Anthony Pistone asked 10 months ago

I am on 3mg of Subutex ( I score the 2mg pill) and having neck and lumbar surgery next month…how can I transition off the Subutex back to Opiates for my pain before I go into the hospital…I am a 74 year old leukemia patient in remission and was on Oxycodone 40 mg a day for many years before I went on Subutex 6 months ago…now that I’m in this situation the Subutex is not helping my pain…so…what is the best way to get back on the opiate for pain…? thank you, Tony

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Jeffrey FudinJeffrey Fudin Staff answered 10 months ago

Tony, See Webster L, Gudin G, Raffa RB, Kuchera J, Rauck R, Fudin J, Adler J, Mallick-Searle T. Understanding Buprenorphine for Use in Chronic Pain: Expert Opinion.  Pain Medicine. 2020. It is available at