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Denese Fabbro asked 5 years ago

I have Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency (diagnosed age 41 now 49)  have a long list of painful secondary issues, which are debilitating and cause me to see seven specialist. I could barely function to do anything in my home on oxycodone. This is not to mention I love to keep my house clean and eat healthy. Now because people have abused my medicine was taken from me and i was offered only Methadone. Hitlers drug and one that is more addictive than oxycodone. Around February 2017, I had to go cold turkey off of a medicine I had been taken for five years. Atleast, while on the medicine I could get up and do a few things, Now I\’m totally debilitated and do good just to bathe and put on clothes. I can\’t stand stand up to cook anymore. My disorder os on the NORD list and I never did anything wrong to have my medicine taken. I\’m not going to write a lot because I\’m sure you get how I fell. Of course I turned down the methadone and the dr became extremely angry at me. Recently through Rheumatologist gives me 2 Norco per day. Which does not help anything. I don\’t know how they can even put that in an opiod category… Please tell me why us really sick people have to suffer and basically are homebound?