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Bob asked 2 years ago

I’m trying to understand the whole new morphine equivalent does thing being as far as I knew no matter what you take be it heroin … morphine … codine .. oxycodone.. hydrocodone … or some of the other opiates they all are metabolized into a type of morphine by your liver or some other medicine and really in the past a cat had it’s tail clamped and the amount of force measured till it meowed then they would give it a opiate shot and clamp again and rate how much more pressure the cat could take to rate its effectiveness it seems the cat clamp method was a more reliable method even if it’s mean to a bunch of stray cats

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PainDr Staff answered 2 years ago

Bob,  I’m not sure what you are asking.  These studies for efficacy involve the “tail flick” test using mice, not cats.  Their tails are placed on a hot opiate, the temperature is turned up, and the investigator notes how long it takes for the rat to remove it’s tail from the plate. If you are interested in opioid conversions and the various flaws of such conversions, see this link for Fudin J, Cleary JP, Schatman ME. The MEDD myth: the impact of pseudoscience on pain research and prescribing-guideline development. Journal of pain research. 2016;9:153.