My question about marijuana

QuestionsMy question about marijuana
Kellsy asked 5 years ago

Hi dr. Ive been a regualr user of marijuana for years (at least a blunt a day) i recently found out i am pregnant and am wanting to wait for my system to be clean to go to the obgyn. I am 130 pounds, 5 ft 4in, 24yrs old and have a fast metabolism.. i havent smoked in about 5 days, how much longer should i wait? Ive been so sick marijuana is the only thing that helps but if i test positive here in indiana they will wanna get CPS involved…

Jeffrey Fudin Staff replied 5 years ago

My advice is that you speak with your OBGYN. There are several options to treat nausea in pregnancy that are best determined by your doctor. Marijuana is a less safe option for your baby than being prescribed medication by a expert and being properly monitored by your OBGYN.