Positive Oxy? I take Hydro & Zohydro. Script

QuestionsCategory: Tox ScreensPositive Oxy? I take Hydro & Zohydro. Script
Mary B asked 2 years ago

Hi. I got a home urine drug screen to see if my full spectrum cbd oil would show up as thc in my urine test-just to let my doc know. It happened to a friend, also a patient & its fine with our doc. Mostly curious.
So the test shows a VERY light negative for oxy and one day its positive-but usually barely negative. I order a countrywide oxy test strip nervous at this point & it shows positive-other dip test still showing barely negative for oxy. Obviously, always positive for opi’s. Im scripted zohydro & hydro for severe pain.
Very nervous-can this be possible? Im leaving nothing out. No lies. Take as told. If sent to lab the metabolites should be negative for oxy, correct? No idea why this is happening? Is this a false positive? (It IS false but will a 2nd test prove that)?

1 Answers
Jeffrey Fudin Staff answered 2 years ago

Mary, It’s a false positive.