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Jason asked 5 years ago

What up… Im 36 yrs old, and had scoliosis surgery when I was around 13-14… I had a 45 degree twist and curve in the thurasic region of my back. They put Herrington rods all the way down my spine… Also a bone graph was done from my hip on the lower right side of my back to fuse the rods to my spine. After all this, we realized one of the rods was constantly pinching a nerve in my right leg. So a 2nd surgery had to be done to cut part of the rod out and relieve it from the nerve… I used to be very active before and after theses surgeries… But it’s definitely catching up to me now and actually has been for a while! My Family dr prescribed 10 mg roxicodone 4 times a day for like 9 months, and then Ive been going to pain mngt for two years now… I’ve tried physical therapy and injections, but nothing seems to help the pain and discomfort. All they’ve done is added 10 mg oxycodone ER 2 times a day. Which seems to have 0 effect.. What should I do? Try a different dr.?? Or is this normal?? Obviously ive built somewhat of a tolerance, and its just not touching the pain throughout the day🤷🏻‍♂️

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Jeffrey Fudin Staff answered 5 years ago

It’s hard for me to make any recommendations without the entire medical record. If your doctor is amenable to a virtual consult, I’d be happy to take a look with my team, although I’m not sure about insurance coverage for this service.