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David J Sowell asked 5 years ago

I am prescribed 10mg Norco 3 times a day. I took just 4-5 on Monday, but only one yesterday,Tuesday, around 7pm and tomorrow, Thursday, morning at 11:15 I have to take my pain management doctor for my refill with a screen for the Norco in my urine. Is the medication detectable even being a full day and approx. 16 hours later? If so, then what about after you have flushed on Tuesday prior to taking that dose at 7pm for a pre-employment drug screen?

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Jeffrey Fudin Staff answered 5 years ago

You’re going to have to be honest with your doctor, or employer, or both. The answer to your questions is that it depends on what type of test they do.  If your job prohibits use of opioids, it may be for safety reasons and that needs to be considered by your for ethical and safety reasons that could affect you and the people you serve. Since the prescription is legitimate, I would start by having a frank discussion with the person prescribing this medication.