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Christina Solowsky asked 5 years ago

I just moved to Georgia was living in NJ *& NY my entire life i had to get new pain management doctor down here..I just got results from urine test & it said positive for marijuana metabolites 20 ng/ml I have been using CBD oil & capsules for pain (didnt tell doctor) and am on pantaprozole which I heard can cause a false positive please help me I am freaking out never failed a drug test before & am afraid doctor will drop me .

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Jeffrey Fudin Staff answered 5 years ago

Pantoprazole can cause a false positive ONLY by immonassay testing, not by chromatography which it the type of test you are describing here. CBD products are not properly controlled or overseen by the government. Legal CBD products by government regulation are limited to 0.3% THC.  Since manufacturers are not carefully monitored, many, if not most products contain more than that.  It is for that reason that using CBD can test positive for THC.