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Cynthia Buchanan asked 1 year ago

My 65 year old sister had a heart attack last week and had 3 stents placed in her coronary arteries. She was feeling much better but has gone down hill for the last three days. I inquired today if they were continuing her pain management meds that she takes at home. She gets tylenol 4, one tab three times daily as needed. She has a very disabling and painful form of arthritis in her spine and was only able to get up out of bed to pee. I am in charge of meds, and have been giving 1 T4 tab in the morning and one at bed time along with her prescription of diazepam, 2mg at bed time. I just found out by speaking with her charge nurse that my sister has never gotten these medications. Only tylenol. Now, She is having cold sweats, difficulty in breathing or relaxing and unable to even get up out of bed. I asked the regular nurses why she was not sitting up in a chair and they said she refused to get up. I did not like that answer. I believe my sister is suffering from severe withdrawal symptoms. They are checking her brain with an MRI to see if she had a stroke right now. I think they need to put her on her regular schedule and she would be better. What can I, her lowly sister, do for Her? It took me several days to get in touch with the charge nurse and finally today after a week, I found out who her actual doctors are! We did contact her pain management specialist about this today. I am not able to go sit with my dear and only sister because they only allow one visitor and she has her husband there right now. This is so frustrating on so many levels. Thanks for any positive input. This is east Texas and the hospital is UT Tyler.

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Jeffrey Fudin Staff answered 1 year ago

Cynthia, You are not wrong and a good advocate for your sister. I would insist on seeing the medical director or hospital director and let them know what’s going on. You can also file a complaint with the state board of medicine.