Two Puffs Too Bad: Demystifying Marijuana Urine Testing

MJ, a 40 years old female, presents to  your pain clinic for a  routine follow-up visit. You decide to run a random urine drug screen by immunoassay (IA) and she tests positive for cannabinoids.

When asked, MJ admits “I only smoked two puffs five days ago”.

Fact or Myth?

Mena Raouf, a star PharmD Candidate,  took a closer look at this.
Here’s what he had to say…


Marijuana Pharmacokinetics

Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the major psychoactive metabolite of cannabinoids, which is highly lipophilic and distributes into adipose tissue, liver, lung, and spleen. [1,3] Following inhalation, THC can be detected in the bloodJeff chemistry bow tie within seconds; however, its bioavailability varies depending on the depth and duration of inhalation. It is estimated that the bioavailability of THC is approximately 10-14% in occasional users and 23-27% in chronic users. [1,2]

As seen in figure 1 below, the psychoactive component (THC) of marijuana, undergoes hepatic hydroxylation to generate the equipotent metabolite Δ9_tetra hydrocannabinol (11-OH-THC) catalyzed by CYP 2C19 and 8β-hydroxy-Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (8 β -OH-THC) catalyzed by CYP 3A4. [1,3]  11-OH-THC undergoes oxidation to generate the inactive carboxy-Δ9-tetrahydrocannbinol (THCCOOH). Carboxy-Δ9-tetrahydrocannbinol is conjugated with glucuronic acid and excreted in the urine. 8β-OH-THC undergoes dehydroxylation to generate 8β,11-di-OH-THC, which indicates recent cannabinoid use if present. [1,3,4,5]    However, carboxy-Δ9-tetrahydrocannbinol is the most abundant and prevalent metabolite and is ultimately the compound of interest for urine drug screening. [1,3,5]

Figure 1: Metabolism of THC Following Smoking
THH chemistry schematic_PP fig-1_BMP








Urine Detection

Figure 2 illustrates how THC and its metabolites are eliminated in the urine and feces as shown in a study by Manno et al. [8] where cannabinoids were measured in the urine in 8 subjects that smoked a marijuana cigarette containing 27mg of THC.  THC urine concentrations peaked at 21.5 ng/mL in 2 hours  and were undetectable (<1.5 ng/mL) in 5 out of 8 subjects after 6 hours. Urine concentrations of 11-OH-THC and THC-COOH peaked at 3 hours and 4 hours respectively.  THC-COOH, the compound of interest in urine drug screening, has a urinary half-life of 2-3 days. [5,6,8,10]

Figure 2: concentrations of THC metabolites in the urine following smoking [1,8]
THH chemistry schematic_PP fig-2_BMP

Following a single marijuana use, THC is unlikely to be detected in the urine beyond 3 days at the 50 ng/ml cut-off level and beyond 7 days for the 20 ng/mL cutoff level. [4] For a single use based on the 50ng/mL cutoff, carboxy-Δ9-tetrahydrocannbinol can be detected in the urine within 3 days. For moderate use (4 times/week), the detection winodw is  5-7 days. For daily use, the detection window is 10-15 days with up to 30 days for long-term chronic smokers. [9] Detection times are summarized below in table 1.

Table 1: Marijuana Urine Detection (IA) Time Based on Use [7]

Frequency of use Detection window (days)
Single use 3 days
Moderate use (4 times/week) 5-7 days
Daily use 10-15 days
Chronic heavy use >30 days

Now back to our patient MJ

If the patient truly smoked “2 puffs 5 days ago”, then she should have tested negative based on the 50 ng/mL laboratory cut-off by immunoassay. Her positive test at this cut-off translates to moderate use (4 times/week).

Marijuana is still the most commonly detected substance of abuse on urine drug screening by IA, but let’s not forget that false positives are common with cannabinoids as elucidated and identified in Dr. Fudin’s Urintel Drug Application after inputting concomitant medication data.  It remains a dilemma in pain management where patients with true pathologies and legitimate pain seek marijuana and other illicit substances for pain relief and anxiolytic effects. The presence of illicit substance does not necessarily negate the legitimacy of the patient’s pain complaints, but it may suggest the presence of concurrent disorder such as substance abuse or “chemical coping”. The patient must be willing to work with the healthcare team to receive treatment for both disorders; that is a decision the patient has to make.

Mena Raouf, Pharm.D. Candidate, 2016
Mena Raouf, Pharm.D. Candidate, 2016

This article was collaboratively written with Mena Raouf, a 2016 PharmD Candidate at the Albany College of Pharmacy and HealthSciences with a concentration in Nephrology. Mena moved out of Egypt 5 years ago to start pharmacy school and career in the U.S.  He hopes to complete PGY1 and PGY2 Pharmacy Residency and practice as a clinical pharmacist specialist. He is currently under the mentorship of Dr. Fudin studying pain management.


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804 thoughts on “Two Puffs Too Bad: Demystifying Marijuana Urine Testing

  1. I took a couple hits off a hookah at a friends house on a Saturday i was told it had some weed inside mixed with the tobacco i did not taste or smelled the weed i have a drug test on monday should i be concerned??

  2. Hello, I havent smoked pot in years but when getting a job last week, decided to to take a puff off my dads one hitter once and only once, monday, tuesday, and weds evenings, all three evenings just one single hit. thats it. I found a better job today which is thursday and have a drug test tommorow for it, that being friday mourning the day of the test. im 180 lbs male and work out frequently. do u think i can pass the test fri weather it be urine or swab consdering my last “toke” was wed evening and i drink a lot of water or use a flush drink?

  3. Hey Doc

    I smoked on a Wednesday after a drug test then I got drug tested the Wednesday after I smoked 4 days in a row very lightly bong hits from the date of my first test will I be positive. It’s a UA

  4. Hey Doc,
    I know this is kind of an old thread, but I’m looking for some info and peace of mind. I’m 38, 200lbs, in decent shape, recently lost a bit of weight. I smoked 1-2 small puffs of mj 6 days prior to a military 15ng/ml ua. I was paranoid the whole week so was drinking plenty of water. Drank about a gallon of water and peed a few times prior to sample submission. I should be good, right? I’ve passed a few tests in the past under similar circumstances and failed one as well (beat the disciplinary charges). Just looking for some reassurance. This has been my come-to-Jesus moment as I’m done jeopardizing my career so close to retirement. And I WILL post my official results when it’s all over as most people do not, but it may take a lil while.

  5. First of all, These comments are freaking hilarious. hahaha LMAO over here makes me want to smoke a joint right now!! Unfortunately I have to take a urine test tomorrow that will determine whether or not I get to do my time at home or behind bars in a cold jail cell. Can you believe that b.s its freaking “legal” pfft. until its not! I smoked 5 days ago and smoke once a week before that weekends only. I have a detox formula for morning ( its at 9 am) and took a prenatal pill been eating like shit for the last two days fat cells and shit. I worked out for about a half hour last night and been drinking a lot of water today. Do you think I will pass??? Haha I dont expect an answer, but it would be cooler if I did. Peace and love errybody. p.s I WILL GIVE A REPORT BACK!! I PROMISE

  6. I’m what I would call a occasional smoker – I take a hit off a small bowl 2-3 times a week before bed. Had an unexepected saliva test 28 hrs after one of those hits and passed. Had to do a UA 5 days later and passed. I’m 5’4″ and 135 lbs female so a good portion of my weight is subcutaneous. I also do not drink a ton of water but I do drink a lot of sweet tea.

    My husabnd is lean and what I would call a chronic smoker (4-5 bowls daily). He’s 5’7″ and 134 lbs. His saliva test passed (suprisingly). He drinks a lot of water and had to take the UA as well. we still haven’t gotten the results back yet (its been 6 days so I assume he failed or his sample is super diluted).

    Moral of the story – a couple puffs shouldn’t cause you to fail a drug test. However, it is very hard to flush the system of a chronic user. You are at the mercy of your metablosim. A sample thats diluted will now make you fail and if its not diluted of ocurse you fail. Really no cheating it anymore.

    1. I took a couple of puffs on my bong Saturday night how long will it take for me to test navigate

      1. No min 30 days and you have to eat right fruits vegetables no greasy foods and weed stays in your fatty cells also sweat helps

        1. i haven’t smoke for a year then i smoked 3 grams of hybrid today and idk that i’ll be having a drug test in 8days with 15ng/mL. i’m having fast metabolism with 5’7 tall with 170lbs.

    2. I’ve gotten clean before in a wk. after smoking daily for about a month. That was my best escape ever. Same time line at a different time took over’ a month. Like the paragraph above said. It all depends on metabolism. Which I’ve found to be everything but consistent

  7. Hello!
    My husband took half of a 25mg delta 8 gummy last Sunday (1/16) midday. Being that they are legal, he didn’t think anything of it except “lets see if this helps my pain.” He currently is prescribed 5mg tabs of vicodin for a chronic pain/type of arthritis. I did some more research into delta 8 and realized that a drug test cannot differentiate between legal and not legal versions of thc. He is 28, 5’9″, and about 180lbs. He does some “physical activity” at work but does not specifically exercise. He sees a pain mgmt dr on Monday (1/24) and will most likely have a urine analysis drug test. From the previous visit tox reports, it looks like 50ng/ml is the cut off for THC. I have read so many conflicting things on the internet and your study seems to be one of the more scientific, so I would appreciate your opinion.

    1. You are correct; it can test positive. Why not bring the package into the doctor and show him/her what he is taking. That way there’s no guilt, and he’ll let you know if its okay to use while he is prescribing medication. Also, there’s the issue of potential drug interactions.

      1. Hello, I smoke weed almost everyday. I have been clean for 14 days now. I have a 100 nl/mg test to take this week? Do you believe I have waited long enough? Thank you

        1. if you want to be sure you can get your own urine test from the dollar store. test are set for 50 ng . Good way to be sure before you get tested … and drinking lots of water clears your system faster.

      2. Hello my name is Rich, I have a 4 year history of insomnia. I was using Indica combined with 7.5mg worked great. Then someone at work had an accident, then swab test which led to termination. The company will honor a medical accommodation for Marijuana, not just a prescription card. My doctors office won’t support this. Do you know where I can find a doctor in San Diego who can help me?

  8. I just wanted to throw this out there. Smoked 4 days a week. Nothing with less than 20% THC. Also did some gummies…unsure how many. I weigh 120 pounds and I am 5’3″ I exercise 3 days a week. It has been 51 days and I still am unable to pass a home drug test. The weed bought today is different than the weed you got off the street in the 70’s. These calculators are not accurate.

      1. I smoked two joints ten days ago before that had not consumed two months prior…is it possible that I could pass a urine test 8 days after consumption?

      2. I smoked 2 puffs from a joint on October 16. I have to take a drug test before Tuesday the 9 of November. Will I come out positive???? I am not a smoker just needed to relax that day.

      3. I quit smoking two years ago and told myself I would wait until it is legal federally.
        When CBD was introduced I didn’t think much of it until I saw delta 8.
        I bout a pen and then immediately after found out it would make me fail a drug test. I held onto it for a while waiting for the right moment.
        A very very stressful situation arose. And at my breaking point I hit the pen and have been smoking 3,-5 pulls a day for maybe the last 2 weeks… I found out Friday about a job offer and have been trying to flush my system out… I knew I was about to have to stop for work but wasn’t expecting them to call me so soon…
        Drinking lots of water…
        Dandelion tea
        Milk thistle
        Burdock root
        Vitamin c
        I don’t want to dilute the specimen and cause it to raise suspicion. Failing a test with this place is equivalent of losing work for three years… And that cannot happen…
        I do not know whether try to flush and test before going or try to reschedule. I purchased two at home tests but idk how dependable they are. (Walgreens)
        My BMI is 39 %,( I’m working on it)
        Idk how strong it was I just know it was from the brand DRIP
        I’ll be five days clean by test day
        Any hope for me?
        Please help

      4. 1-2 puffs 6 days prior to 15ng/ml UA. Not a frequent user. First time in quite some time. Drank plenty of water in between and about a gallon prior to submission. Think I’m good?

      5. Hello doc I’ve had two puffs of a joint on the 17 of January and I’ve got a test on the 7 of February I’m 6,4 and 18 stone

    1. Hit a bong a single time over a month ago. Have to take a drug test within the next week and it’s a 0/ng tes should I pass?

    2. You are 100% correct! I am 5ft 6, 105lbs. I work out 3-5 days a week. I am in the best shape of my life. 33 years old & day 47 no marijuana. I am still testing positive. I have taken 2 full rounds of detox drinks, eaten nothing but fruits & vegetables and have hit the sauna to sweat it out 2-3x per week. Nothing works.
      Don’t waste your money on any of the garbage advertised online saying it will make you clean in 5-10 days. All lies

    3. This chart is not going to be accurate for every person as we are all different. False positives are common as well, even at testing facilities.

    4. You gotta be reading the test wrong or contaminated it somehow. I smoked everyday for years, ate edibles, hit dabs, and pissed clean in 2 weeks. There’s no way you’re still failing if you haven’t smoked in almost 3 months.

  9. I’ve smoked weed for years. Only 1 or 2 very small one hit bongs a day. Haven’t smoked in 5 days. Will I pass a urine test tomorrow?

  10. Hey Dr,

    Excellent write up on this article. It touched briefly on the oral administration of THC. I’m a Soldier in the Army doing a presentation for Drug Awareness to my unit. My target audience is a typical 5’-10” to 6’ soldier about 180-200lbs. We hardly ever have UA failures because of the extreme consequences. I’m in a state that has zero legalization but is surrounded by states that are 100% med/rec legal. Very few Soldiers anymore smoke tobacco cigarettes anymore and i have heard “gummies” are popular so what would be the typical pass rate for the 50 ng/ml cutoff for a DoD test? A normal doseage is 10mg. How could i relay the bioavailability of this 10mg and how long it could possibly stay in their system for a purely 1 time use? Would it only 10-12% of that 10mg THC is available to the body (so really only 1-1.2mg) and the rest is just excreted through feces and urine? Most presentations are literally just “Don’t do it” but i like to have numbers to back up potential consequences.

    Thank you for any help! My Soldiers will appreciate it.

    1. The bioavailability depends on the actual product, as they differ but generally it’s about 20%. A 10mg dose could easily test positive for 3-5 days. I agree with your other sources; if there’s a zero tolerance for THC, then this discussion of how to get around it is irrelevant.

      1. Hey there. I took 20mg edible on the 11th and had to take a urinalysis on the 21st. I haven’t consumed thc in quit a while, it’s been around a year. Should I worry about not passing?

  11. Hey Dr I haven’t smoked in a couple of years I then smoked off a vape pen two days (thc oil) in a row literally 4 hits each days. I have a drug test in 27 days do you think I will pass? I am scared lol I drink a lot of water as is but will my system be clean? I shouldn’t have smoked

    1. Did you end up passing? Similar situation, last Friday and Sunday I used someone’s thc pen, just in a social environment and I have a drug test for a new job within the next 48 hours. I’m assuming I’m fine since I literally never smoke, but just wondering how you fared.

  12. I took one toke on the 4th of July and one toke this past Saturday the 10th of July, In all honesty I didn’t take a deep inhalation in neither of the two, more like a cigarette pull. Today I had a urine test. I took a whiz in the am and had my coffee along with a bottle water on my way over to the lab site for testing. My sample was mid stream catch after a few seconds. I haven’t smoked since mid March and I am a dugout one hitter smoker. I had passed my my at home test a couple of months back, I’d say mid May. I will post the verdict as soon as I get the good/bad news.

  13. Hello!

    So I am a casual smoker. I smoke socially and even then only a couple of puffs at a time. Sometimes, I will take a puff of my vape to help me sleep. Last week I was so sore from doing some physical exerting activities (went to the water park and babysat my elderly mom). So, I have a drug test I need to pass for a job offer I received yesterday (105K/year!). I ordered a 10-Day Detox Kit and it will be delivered today overnight FedEx. I am not sure when my drug test will be, but I have obviously quit smoking and will start the detox as soon as I get home today. I have been smoking for months but again in really small amounts. The detox kit has a drug test with it and I ordered 3 more. I plan on testing before I begin detoxing and then either after 10 days or right before my test to see if it made a difference. I am also going to get my detox drink I had on hand and I am going to buy the detox shampoo just in case! They haven’t said whether it is urine or hair test. I will come back and let you know how it goes! Wish me luck.

  14. Doc. Does drinking alcohol speed the process up for cleaning the thc out of the system?
    Being that it’s a diaretic?

      1. Hi Doc,

        The Olympic sprinter (Ms. Richardson) who was recently suspended for a month tested positive based on the US Anti-Doping Agency guidelines which suggest:

        “…there is a urinary threshold and it is set at 150 ng/mL. The threshold means there can be some THC in your system in-competition without it causing a positive test, as long as the concentration in the urine is below 150 ng/mL. If the level of THC in your urine goes above the threshold, then the labs report it as a positive test.”

        This seems like a very high threshold and one would need to be smoking a TON of weed to exceed it?

        Your thoughts?

        Am I misreading the numbers?

        Cheers mate.

          1. I took two puffs from a marijuana cigarette about 2 or 3 weeks ago. Will I be able to pass a urine drug test.?

      2. So I had maybe 5 pulls on marijuana at the end of February. Before that I haven’t smoked in about 9 months. Now I have to take a hair follicle test. Do you think it may come up?

          1. Hey Dr. I am a moderate smoker and stopped smoking for 32 days. Then smoked twice last week. Would I pass a drug test in 2-3 weeks?

  15. Hey everyone!
    I plan to update y’all on how my test goes since everyone else here never answered if they passed or not
    I started my probation 5/18 and smoked a week before that. When I took my test on 5/18 my officer let me know on 6/11 that my test came back negative. I did smoke from 5/18-5/25 moderately. I then took 3 puffs on 6/11 after my probation meeting (like a dumb a$$) and now have to test today 6/16. I’m 5’0 about 115lbs. Work out and sweat constantly!!! I drink at most 2-3 bottles of water a day.

    Think I’ll pass? It’s been 5 days since I took those 3 puffs.
    I’ll let y’all know!

  16. Nobody answers if they passed or not. People smokin weed contributing? Nah they only come around when they want something..What do ya expect?

    1. You truly do not realize how ignorant you sound to someone who knows better. For a lot of people cannabis IS their medicine. A lot of people microdose. It’s my medicine and I’m able to function, live my life, and care for my family just fine. I refuse to be a pill popper and slowly kill my vital organs, and I’m not alone in that choice. Years of being on an SSRI caused me to lose interest in everything aka apathy syndrome. It also caused damage to my seratonin receptors. Everyone that I know personally that uses cannabis works and takes care of their family. You should just mind your own and stop making judgements based off of things you don’t even understand to begin with. And yes, I HAVE taken the time to read tons of the most recent scientific studies and research on cannabis, so I actually know what I’m talking about. Making assumptions based off of limited experience/knowledge also makes you appear foolish. You have also insulted a lot of truly good people. Congratulations.

      1. Hey I read your post. I smoked on Sunday evening and this afternoon at around 11 I had a urine test any chance I should pass that it’s been about 3 days.

      2. Jill is exactly right people only come to things like this when they’re worried that they’re gonna fail a test. Not ONE person has come back here to post whether or not they passed or failed. That’s all she was saying. Even a couple of people who mentioned the fact that they were gonna come back and give the result because NO ONE else has, still didn’t…. Lmao. I thought her comment was exactly right, and hilarious.

        Nowhere did she claim that people that use marijuana for medicine or otherwise we’re unable to function in everyday life and especially not be unable to care for their family. You are way out in left field.

    2. Jill your a idiot. Maybe YOU would come around only if you want something but their are people who ARNT you.

      Your pathetic and narrow minded and probably believe everything the government tells you.

  17. Hi. I smoked maybe 5 hits off of a blunt on 4/23. I took my drug test today 4/29. I NEVER smoke and this was a rare occurrence. I am a 5’10” female and weigh about 175 lbs. I drank a ton of water, cranberry juice, and used a detox drink prior to the test. Is it possible I passed? I had 6 days after smoking.

  18. Hello guys, I smoked one hit from a bong the friday, and today is tuesday, you think that for tomorrow wednesday I´ll can pass the test for the job?

  19. I was a daily smoker for quite some time, id say 7 years.. So i quit for 7 weeks. ( tested positive with an at home test 6 weeks in) . but then tested negative with a faint line a few days before the drug test. Took the drug test friday. Then just got a call saying my test was negative BUT it was diluted and I have to re-test– I really didnt think i drank that much water. scheduled the next test for next monday.
    The kicker is I took one small hit on Saturday.. Bout to hit the sauna suit (trash bag shirt) and try to sweat this out. Lmk what yall think.

    1. Mike, I think if you’re being tested, there’s a reason for that – your employer (or whoever is testing you) is saying I don’t want my associate under the influence of THC for liability and safety reasons.

      1. Hey Dr I smoked one puff of Marijuana two days ago and most likely have a drug test in 4 days, will the test pop positive for thc? I drink alot of energy drinks which have niacin in them will be drinking alot of water the following days leading up to the test.

          1. I took 3 pulls from a pen thc-o is what its called. I took the pulls around 2am. Went to work and was given a random around 7pm the nxt day. I dnt smoke. Was clean as a whistle before this..

    2. The best detox for cannabis is through minerals and water. Herbal detoxes can contain dangerous herbs such as guarana that can cause tachycardia and prevent the blood from clotting properly. Cannabis is best detoxed through the digestive system aka it primarily leaves your body through defecation. Magnesium is both safe and effective for detoxing THC. Most people are magnesium deficient anyway due to their poor diet. You will go to the bathroom a lot, but it actually works unlike those dangerous, rip-off herbal detoxes.

  20. Haven’t had marijuana for 20+ years, had two different edibles 13 days prior to a hair follicle test. They didn’t get completely up to the scalp, I had probably 1/4” left where they cut it. Any thoughts or predictions? Thank you

  21. Hello.
    I’ve been a chronic every day smoker (about 1-3 grams a day) for about 18 years.
    I’m on the smaller side at 130 pounds very fast metabolism.
    I only have three weeks to pass a 50/ng urine test. Is this possible considering how long I’ve been at it for?
    If not, what is a realistic expectation for someone of my circumstances?
    Thanks in advance.
    – Ben

  22. I took a couple of puffs on 2/17/21. I woke up and took an At Home test about 12 hours later. I tested negative. I have a pre-employment screen in 2 and a half days. Is it possible that I’ll pass?

    1. I took two hits of a blunt Saturday night and got tested Wednesday afternoon from sat-wed I drink a lot of water at least two-three bottles a day and I was fine. I passed the ua (pee test)

      1. Good to know bc I am literally in the same situation rn and am so worry I may have failed. I drank cranberry juice, water, and did a detox drink right before. I had 6 days between a one time use and the test. Praying I’m good.

  23. I smoke like half a J a day everyday but for the last two months I skip days so have been smoking 3-4 days a week half a J or less. I quit smoking completely 3 days ago and have a UA coming up in 19 days. What are the chances I’ll be clean?? I’m heavy but exercise 5days a week. Is there anything I can do to be certain I pass this UA.
    Thank you.

  24. Hey doc recently got a big job opportunity and they do a hair follicle test I haven’t smoked in a little over a month and it was just a small amount and I am a very infrequent user I weigh 220 and I am 6’4” I exercise daily and take lifting supplements is there any chance of passing the test?

  25. Hello,
    Having like a nervous breakdown over a DOT test. I’m 5’9 185lb make that excersizes around 3 times a week. It’s been 40-45 days since I smoked. Before those 45 days I smoked for around a month but only a very little bit. Like a single hit a day so a gram and a half would last me around 2 weeks. I only did that for a month and before that I was clean for a year. I’ve takin all these at home test and they all come back negative but with EXTREMELY faint lines. I also worked out heavy the night before the test. Is 45 days in my disruption enough to clear for someone who was a very light smoker and excersizes somewhat regularly? Thank you for your time

      1. I took a couple puffs a j yesterday and the day before my mom got a dollar store drug test I drunk a lot of water and my urine is clear will I pass it?

        1. Took 2 hits of regular weed on a Saturday and about 5 hits of Delta-8 on Sunday. I took a at home 10 panel urine test on Friday night and it came negative for THC. Also, I do not smoke. The last time I smoked before that was like a year ago. Hope this helps (:

    1. You should NEVER work out heavy the day BEFORE a test. You want to SLOW down the release of metabolites at test time, not speed them up. It makes perfect sense to work out in the DAYS leading up to the test, to speed up the shedding of metabolites. But heavy exercise should be stopped 24 hours before the actual test. Does that make sense to you? I hope I explained it well enough. You could have actually caused yourself to fail the test by revving up your system the night before.

  26. Hey doc,

    I am a very infrequent user. 71 days ago I ate an edible and I have a hair test tomorrow. The last time I ate an edible was 7 months ago before that. Should I freak out?

  27. I ate two 25mg delta 8 gummies 80 days prior to a hair test. Right before the hair test I had my hair cut to 1.5 inches so they had the minimum length. What are the odds I will pass?

  28. Hey Doc,

    I smoked 1 blunt with 2 friends 14 days ago. That was the first time in years. I took a quick screen test at home and had two lines but one was faint in the THC section. Will I pass my job urine test?

      1. Hey, I have test to do tommorow or friday, the last time I smoked wars new years eve, but I took two hits, I been drinking water alot. do you think Ill pass?

      2. I have been detoxing for a month and have smoked in between. I’d smoke daily throughout December and was detoxi g even then. I stopped but smoked about a week ago (using a pipe). A couple hits. I used the nutra cleanse this morning about 6am. I flushed and followed the instructions to a tee. I took a urinalysis (pee in cup) and used the bathroom and it was bright and clean looking. I did that about four times and clear. I used the bathroom right before they said I had to test so When it was time to test, about 12pm put me into the 5th hour I barely had to provide and then my urine was dark yellow, which is odd because the instructions says that I would be good after the fourth time I had urinate. I really didn’t have to use the bathroom because I just did moments before but now I’m worried because I feel like now the test will come up positive. What are your thoughts? Please help me, I am stressing out really bad!!!

    1. Some metabolites will still be in your system but you’ll most likely be below the 50/ng cutoff level for standard urinalysis test.

  29. Hey Doc, so I took one hit of marijuana about a month and a half ago maybe two months. I’m not a smoker just took a hit off a whim. I also ate one little gummy that was apparently 25mg of thc about 5 and a half weeks ago. (Both a waste of time because I was not high) anyway will they show up on a hair follicle? Mind you I’m not a smoker these were the only two times in over 5+ years and I described everything exactly because I want an accurate answer. Thank you

      1. I smoked a blunt today and have to go take a urine test in 5 days (on wednesday) do you think I will pass my urine test???

      2. Hey doc I’m not a smoker at all but I took 3 hits another night ago at a get together and it’s been two weeks and had a random urine drug test at work today and they send them off to labs should I pass it

          1. Hey Doc my name is Junie 5’7 150 pds I am scheduled for a 12 panel drug screening for a great job, leading up to this test I stopped smoking June 10th up until a week ago where I took about 3 pulls on 2 different occassions, thinking I wouldnt be called for another month, I have a test on Oct 17th will I be ok for a urinalysis test?

            please give me your input Doc, I’ve read alot of stuff and your site seems the most honest

            Also my boyfriend is a chronic smoker and he has a drug screening next week, he is 5’7 240 pds will he pass a drug test? Hes going to drink a detox drink to attempt to pass!

  30. Hope I am asking the right box! I go to pain clinic and I smoked a joint in 3 days time… Now I have to take a urine test in 8 days! Yikes! Can I pass? I am short and a bit chunky. OMG Help Me!!! P.S I never smoke! It was just so fun, But I need my pain . to walk well. This Dr, also gives out marijauanna card but not to me. SOOO I tried it! {{not for me] but I Had to try it!! been days now, got 10 days to go. how on earth can I get it out fast?? I’ Out Of Time!!!! oct 32, 2929-nov,9 2020 HELP ME SOMEBODY!!!!!

  31. Dr. I have test after 9 days and i took one hit of Dab but i drinked 8 liter of water will i will pass the test

      1. Cocaine metabolizes differently. It is known as a 3 day drug. The metabolites do not bond to body fat the same way cannabis does. Please do not give out haphazard advice

    1. I’m 28 days clean from weed. Smoked for 3 months before that. And was clean for a year before those 3 months(and was able to pass). Now, 28 days later. My multi level THC test shows I’m still positive for 200ng/ml… I’ve lost 24 pounds recently, vegetarian diet, a LOT of water, and the gym everyday. Are the home tests not accurate? Am i releasing stored weed from 2 YEARS AGO?? I want to cry. Please help. Any advice is welcomed.

  32. If I smoked DELTA-8 out of a vape pen will it show up on a drug test for MARIJUANA METABOLITES, (50 ng/mL SCREEN)?

  33. I am 5’9” 235lb 42 year old male whom smoked all day everyday for years. lol have 10 weeks to pee clean and purchased a few tests that have 5 ranges from 15ng/ml to 300ng/ml. I am 2 weeks clean and still failed the over 300ng/ml. Do I even have a chance of being clean in next 8 weeks? Help!

    1. I do not think so. Hair follicle tests can go back to up to three months and if you say you are a chronic smoker who smoked everyday for years- I do not think you will pass at all. I am a 5’9 female who weighs 160 who smoked chronically for around 2-3 months and it has been 42 days since I last smoked and I am still not even passing urine tests. But- best of luck!

    2. Yes thats plenty of time. Even for a heavy user. Generally about 4 weeks and youre clean. Youre going twice that long. Youll be fine. Day of the test, get up early and at least 3 hours ahead, srink tons of water. Try to urinate at least 4 times before the test. Dont give them anything thats been sitting in your bladder. Also drink only water and or cranberry juice. Make sure youre peeing clear with little to no yellow. Take B12 and a couple aspirin about an hour before the test. Aspirin will restore the specific gravity and B12 will turn your urine yellow. This will mask the water logging. Follow this and you will most certainly pass.

  34. Hello Doc, I took 2 puffs of weed 2 months ago and i never smoke weed will the results show up in a hair follicle i took yesterday

  35. So I took 5 capsules apparently between them contain 1.5ml of thc and I also shared a joint. I am not a frequent user Infact that was the first time in 6 years. I am also thin with a fast metabolism. I’m expecting a drug test when I go back to work 14 days after I consumed. I haven’t been active recently but when I go back to work I will be doing a lot of cardio. Am I at high risk of failing the drug test? Thanks.

    1. I smoked about less than .5g of Sativa on Sunday and had a random drug test Wednesday. I’m 5’9, 145lbs and I drank a over half a gallon of water 2-3hrs prior to providing a sample. What are my odds of testing lower than 15ng/ml if I rarely smoke ? I’m also kinda active with a fast metabolism. My urine was almost clear.

  36. How did my boyfriend (who smokes daily and heavily) pass his drug test literally 17 hours after smoking.

      1. ya or the person was lazy and said ah pass ,cuz i see ppl fail daily them labs are good they try saying oh i took cold pills all the time and they can tell you which cold pills you took if you really took them these idiots dont realize they check for the metabolites that your livers turns them into and not the drugs themsleves most of the time.I pass tests all the time you have to always give yourself at least 6 days of clean time to pass plus you cant smoke whole joints of top shelf weed and pass a few hits is a different story if you were clean prior thats no sweat it will be out

  37. Hi Doctor,
    Need your help. Haven’t smoked over 10 years ago and took 2 hits on 6/14 and nothing since then. One time use. I received an unexpected offer of employment and will be taking a drug test in the next couple of days. Should I be worried? THANKS!

    1. Hope I am asking the right box! I go to pain clinic and I smoked a joint in 3 days time… Now I have to take a urine test in 8 days! Yikes! Can I pass? I am short and a bit chunky. OMG Help Me!!! P.S I never smoke! It was just so fun, But I need my pain meds!!!

  38. Hello Dr.
    Thank you for your time. I smoked a joint 24 days ago and have a drug test coming up in a day or 2. I don’t smoke often or anything like that and quit drinking a month ago, if that matters. I workout regularly and I am 5’11” 190lbs. I drink a gallon of water a day just because I always have. Do you think I will pass a UA test at a lab and if so why? Thank you

      1. Doc, I took dot physical and drank 2 much water so test was sent to lab for stricter testing 15ng level at time of test had been 75 days since i
        Last smoked. So scared as they will be using that gas test. Will i pass?

  39. Doctor,

    My friend smoked 2 or 3 times over the last 90 days, 1 puff each time. Will this show on a hair follicle test?


  40. Hey doc ,
    so if i smoke CBD that has 0.27 thc level would that produce a positive test? and what would be the difference if i smoke daily verses 2x a week?


  41. First off your site here is quite informative and appreciated.

    I am quite a heavy smoker, I smoke flower and concentrates for the last 7 years
    I’m 5’7 150 lbs. I have a pretty access drug and alcohol test coming up in the next few days. I have done a 7 day detox and have not had anything in 21 days but still sitting somewhere between 50 and 100 ng.
    Would you have any idea how long it could take to get below the 50ng level?
    Any hp is great appreciated.

    1. Ok Question ..
      I am 330 I took 0ne small hit dap pen have smokes years and i took a thc drug test said I passed .. But I hear people say my body still have 50ng thc in it how long for it hit 0

    2. Are you sweating and working out a lot of it is stored in the fat and helps if you get rid of excess fat

  42. Do disorders such as Celiac have any bearing on your ability to clear THC? I cannot find information on this anywhere.

    For example, if a person is losing a ton of weight, night sweats, etc. (regardless of the obvious need for a doctor’s appt, yes I know these are red flag health issues) theoretically shouldn’t the higher metabolism, increased sweating, inability to pull lipids and other nutrients from food…shouldn’t this make a person more likely to clear faster? Especially if they are active and hydrating.

      1. I smoked weed for a month and was told I have a surprise drug text tomorrow what can I do to get my level under 50ml

    1. Is 40 days typically enough for a “Daily user” to pass a urinalysis? BMI 31 Age 27. Smoking habit was several times a day, but never exceeding 0.5 grams for the day of medium quality marijuana. There would be periodic gaps of several days not smoking (I would guess roughly 2-4 day break every two weeks) This pattern occurred over 3-4 months and I got tired of it. Tired of being lazy, coughing, and not being myself. I’m trying to move forward in life, but I’m uncertain if it is too early to start applying for jobs.

  43. Good Evening Doctor,

    Hope you and your family are healthy nowadays.

    I want to ask you Doc, if someone is exposed frequently to second hand marijuana smoke as he lives with a roommate that smokes, would that person fail a hair follicle test. Myth says that thc traces from each exposure add up and accumulate (register) in hair and might cause a positive result especially that hair tests are pretty sensitive and can detect up to ( 1pg/mg). Is this true? And if not, why?

    Thank you so much for your time.

      1. So Doc, even though THC traces enter the body and accumulate in hair, logically speaking, they shouldn’t be sufficient to register an amount of 1pg/mg or more within a 3 months period right?

        Thank you so much Doctor for your time. I really appreciate it.

      2. Hey Dr! I have a question, I’m freaking out. I up until 4/28/20 had been smoking almost daily or every 4 days for about two weeks and stopped after I got a job offer and took a urine test on the 7th ( I used detox drink) and result came back neg. dilute… I retest in about 3 days and am barely passing home tests 50ng/dL…I’m afraid since the first one came back the way it did they may test at 15ng/dL. I feel like I should be fine but also am very scared. It’s been about 11 days since I stopped for sure.

      3. Smoked about 7 grams of flower, I weigh 225, 6’5, have a pretty fast metabolism. How long would you think I would take to clear out of my system. I smoked 7 grams in 6 days. And I have a UA in 50 days. Will I be good?

      4. hey doc,
        I recently failed a drug test for the 15 ng cutoff with a count of 18, I demanded a retest & took it 8 days later. the morning of the test I passed 2 at home 15 ng tests, but it has since been two days since I took the lab test so I’m freaking out, because typically they only take a day for negatives. my main question here is, with the 15 ng at home tests- to pass do you have to be below 15 or if I was at 15 ng would it still have passed me? I’m freaking out, considering I quit smoking for 80 days & still failed the first one. when I took the second one I was 86 days clean.

  44. I smoked this Friday of 04/03/2020 I have to take a Urine test on Wednesday 04/08/2020 I took 2 puffs an have not smoked sense will I still be considered positive on 04/08/2020

      1. Isn’t it pitiful what the government has done to us? I remember when this thc piss test to work bullshit started back around 1984. Here we all are now unable to live our own private lives, reduced to paranoid wrecks because we smoked a little weed a month ago. Pitiful.

  45. Hey Doc!

    Hope you are doing well during these hard times.

    What is the effect of third hand marijuana smoking? i.e. if someone lives in a room that used to be occupied by people that smoke marijuana, would that person fail a zero tolerance ( no cut-off level) drug test? In other words would there be any thc-cooh traces in urine? Or concentrations should be 0.00 ng/ml?

    Thank you so much for your time.
    Best regards.

      1. Hello Doctor!

        Third hand smoke is an interesting topic. Some articles say that third hand smoking from Marijuana exists just like third hand from normal nicotine cigarettes. So if there is no thc metabolites from third hand smoke, the stinky smell of the room that used to be occupied by heavy marijuana smokers is composed of chemicals other than thc?

        In other words, the stinky smell (that is stuck to walls and carpets) that exists in that room doesn’t contain thc and its metabolites?

          1. Hello Doctor,

            It would be really nice if you explained why THC metabolites won’t be detectable in urine after such exposure, especially that some articles state that THC can accumulate on surfaces and can be re-inhaled as third hand smoke?

            My question is is thc included in the chemicals that result on surfaces? And if so why can’t it be detectable in urine if it can be re-inhaled. (If in case it is included in the chemicals that remain on surfaces ).

            I thank you so much for your time and hope you’re doing well and staying safe.

          2. Hello

            A few months ago I was pulled over for DUI. My BAC level was well below the legal limit of intoxication for my state. I have yet to receive the results of the “drug” portion of the test. I had not smoked marijuana in over 8 years however that night I took two small hits from a bowl. My question is will that show up in a blood test that was conducted less than six hours later?


          3. Hey Doc hope all is well, I smoked 16 days ago and I haven’t smoked for a month before that and I have a drug test today what are the chances for me to come out negative.thanks

          4. Im not a regular smoker but last week I work out time to time but I’m on probation and might have to take a drug test next week will I pass

          5. I used to be a heavy smoker I used to Dab alot
            Then I c ut it down to just flower and eventually I lowered down to only smoking my cartridge
            I stopped smoking my cartridge about a week ago. And I literally needed 2 puffs of a low grade joint how long will it stay in my system?

      2. hey doc i took one hit and the smoke was very lightly
        mind u it was a bong hit but not huge at all very small hit i didnt even clear the whole weed . how much time do i need to be clean ? especially since i drink water everyday and fast metabalism .

  46. Hi if I took a big hit out of a bong and I weigh 165 how long will it take for the thc in my system to disappear

  47. Hi, if I understand correctly, if I use cbd oil (supposedly at 0.3 %) heavily for a couple months. Then I will test positive on a urine lab test? If so how long will it take to get out of my system? I am 5’11 160lbs and don’t exercise at all.

  48. Hi doc I have been a medium smoker for 10 years . About 1 joint a day. iv recently stopped for 23 days and my home test is showing a faint 2nd line at 50ml cut off . Is that a pass? And if I have 1 or 2 puffs today will I be over the cutoff and for how long?? I weight 80kg and have a very fast metabolism

  49. Hello Dr. Fudin, I am a medical student at SGU, I tested positive for THC while at schools and have been put into a monitoring program because I was less than agreeable when I said that I had a card to use THC. I have passed 3-4 50 ng/ml cut off tests. I just passed one today.

    Last week, maybe 3 or 4 times, to sleep I used some expired (2017) charolettes web CBD which has a very low THC content. I was randomly selected for a drug test yesterday with the THC cut off being 20 ng/ml. I haven’t smoked since December and all prior tests, including the one today have been negative. (50 ng/dL) Do you believe that the few uses of CDB will cause me fail to at the 20 ng/ml range. I am freaking out honestly.


  50. I smoke a couple if puffs..maybe 6 to 19 puffs on New year Eve leading to New year’s day and I have a job today & they will drug test me..will I be okay? That was my first time smoking.

    1. Absolutely. If that is the only time you smoked. Obliviously your drug test has passed given the date. Let me know how it went for you.

  51. Hey Doc,

    Great article. One question for you, what is the conversion rate of Delta 9 THC to metabolite. In other words how many ng of metabolite will you get from an *oral* mg of THC?

    I’m trying to calculate max metabolite levels based on daily oral CBD use. The CBD is full spectrum and contains 2.34 mg/mL THC. I use 1 mL morning and evenings for anxiety and pain control.

    Full spectrum works better for me, but now I’m concerned about the amount of THC present.

    Can you help?

    Thank you!

  52. Thank you for the excellent article. Question: will 30mg of thc intake (2 – 10mg gummies & less than 1/2 of a joint taken over 5 days) likely show up as more than 1 pg or POSITIVE on a hair follicle test ~60-70 days later?

      1. I took one dab from a stizzy about 5 seconds long. How long will it take for the THC to not be in my system completely because I am taking a drug test next week? I need answers!

        1. Depends on you metabolism to be honest. Thc sticks to the outer layers of fat so if you have that kind of time I would say exercise and drink lots of water to flush it out as it burns. I am not a expert I only speak from personal experience. If you are truly worried i would recommend a worthy detox drink you can get from GNC or another vitamin shoppe near you, especially if your not a heavy user this should pan you out for a successful win. But don”t quote me for your own experience and others will deny the detox drink but like I said I speak from my own personal experience

      2. hello Dr. so pretty much I haven’t smoked weed is 6 years and last Wednesday I took two hits of medical marijuana. I had a test today the 9th and I’m still nervous. Based off your research I should be completely fine, right?! It would’ve been out of my system in 3 days? I also drank tons of water the first 5 days after I smoked. Please ease my mind

      3. Doc, I smoked about 3 puffs off a joint. I’m 5’10 and 207 pounds. How long will it be before I can pass a drug test ? Thanks in advance

    1. I took 1 hit (approximately 2-3 seconds) 25 days ago. Prior to those 25 days, It had beens approx 2 months since I last smoked. Typical usage was 1-3 hits per week for a month or so.

      Test is tomorrow, and there is a chance it will be run as Gc/ms 15ng threshold.

      Been passing home tests 50ng threshold for the past week.

      Chances I will pass below 15ng??

  53. I took 3 hits of moderately potent marijuana on Feb 2. Prior to that, I had taken maybe a total of 4 hits earlier in January. I was urine tested on Feb 9. I feel like my THC levels were pretty low if not undetectable prior to Feb 2. Would those 3 small hits on Feb 2 cause my test on Feb 9 to come up positive?

  54. Hello Jeff I love this site you provide a lot of information in reference to THC intake, and how it can affect drug testing.

    From 2017 to 2019 I was a heavy smoker. Smoking 4 to 5 blunts a day. Within that time frame I may have taken 3 to 4 drugs test and passed everyone. I even smoked hours prior to taking the test on a few occasions. How can that be possible??? After I got a job. in corrections in Sept 2019 I stopped smoking. From Sept 2019 until Jan 2020 my consumption of Energy drinks increased a lot to help me stay awake working overnight. In Jan 2020 I was officially offered a correctional officer position in another state. I passed a drug test for this position in early December. After leaving my previous job in late Jan 2020 the 31th to be exact I celebrated with some friends and smoked for 3 days straight smoking 3 blunts a day before relocating to start my new job which was supposed to start Feb 10th. The company told me I had to take another drug test (which was unexpected) because my previous test expired. I took another test on Feb 4th and for the first time I actually failed. Did the consumption of energy drinks have any effect on me failing this test?

        1. i took two hits of a joint 6 days ago and i ate an edible but threw it up like 20 seconds after remembering i had a drug test 3 days from then will it still show up

  55. So I smoked a day ago took 2 small puffs I haven’t smoked in 3 months. I took a 50ng drug test today and passed it do you believe I will pass a 20ng one in 5 days?

  56. Hello, a friend offered me CBD in dry flower form tonight and I was dumb enough to smoke 1 “hempette” cigarette and took 3 hits off of a pipe (clean pipe, no previous marijuana use) before researching that there are trace amounts of THC in these products. I’m now aware that there could be any amount (more or less than the legal limit of 0.3%) of THC in these products, but I have a potential job offer coming up. I don’t know when they would complete the urine analysis, if I even make it past the interviewing stage, but I am highly concerned now that I may have mistakenly messed this opportunity up. Would the much lower amounts of THC in these products compared to actual marijuana last the same length of time in the body? I have found a lot of reports like yours here saying around 3-7 days for Marijuana to be detected in urine from one time use. Also, if I end up having a positive drug report for THC because of this one time hemp CBD use, is there anyway for the labs to verify I only consumed legal CBD and not illegal marijuana? If so, would they report a negative drug screen to employers? I’m not a drug user and would really hate to be punished for trying something once that is totally legal 🙁

    1. Michelle,

      Here are the answers to your questions…

      Would the much lower amounts of THC in these products compared to actual marijuana last the same length of time in the body? They last the same amount of time, but a lower dose will not be detected in a shorter period of time. Half-life of drug is the time needed (in hours) for a drug to reach 50% of the previous concentration. A drug is out of the body in 5 half-lives For example, Lithium has a half-life of 24 hours. If the concentration is 10ng/mL now, that means there will be 5ng/mL left in 24 hours; in 48 hours there would be 2.5ng/mL. So if you start out with a low amount, it will be a sooner time until it is below the measurable threshold.

      I have found a lot of reports like yours here saying around 3-7 days for Marijuana to be detected in urine from one time use. Genrrally that’s tru.

      Also, if I end up having a positive drug report for THC because of this one time hemp CBD use, is there anyway for the labs to verify I only consumed legal CBD and not illegal marijuana? No

      1. Hello Dr

        This question is going to be a bit different from the ones you see on here:)

        I am an 195-200lb guy with a very low BF % of < 10%. I took a CBD "gummie" that unbeknownst to me, had 5mg of THC in it. I NEVER use weed because I hate it, and you could say without a doubt, that this was a single one time use of THC. However, I use CBD quite often for pain. I hadn't used it much prior to the "Gummie," but I use it regularly. I have taken home drug tests for the past week and Im NEGATIVE @ the 50ng level. I had a drug test yesterday for a very high paying job and Im still stressing out like crazy that maybe I could still "pop" positive because I do not know what level they are testing down to. I took the "gummie on Jan 28th and had the test a week later on Feb 4th, yesterday. So roughly 7 days between taking the gummie and the test. I think Im in the clear for a 50ng test obviously, but if for some reason it goes down lower, do you think I could potentially test positive at that level. I started the testing literally the day after I realized what I took, so on Jan 29th. I started to show CLEAR/NEGATIVE tests about 1-2 days after, so on Friday or so. They got more definitive each day of course. Im probably freakin' out for no reason, but this is a big job and too lose it for such a dumb ass fuck up, I would step in front of train…kidding of course.

        Looking at the graph you posted above for the "test" subjects taking 27mg of THC, My dose was 5 times less. But it was orally ingested, not smoked. Oh and Im 50 years old.

        Hopefully I gave you enough info to give an educated guess.

        This is a great site btw.. I learned a ton. Thanks and keep up the great work.

          1. I had about 3 puffs on January 30th 2o20 and today I had a random feburary 10th I haven’t smoked at all in February just that one time on January 30th do you think my test will be positive I. Going crazy because I just got this awsome job please…let me know

      2. Hey doc I took 3-4 hits on a blunt I’m very skinny and really don’t have any body fat. Could I pass an urine test in 5 days

  57. Hi I have a question so basically if your a chronic user your level of of intake is always going to be high correct for example let’s say I smoke 10 blunts a day an I get a drug test an I’m 4x over the legal limit but smoked yesterday witch I smoke 10 blunts a day won’t I always be over the legal limit because I’m a chronic usher

      1. For an example if I was to drive an got pulled over an was tested with a urine an they said I was 4x the legal limit but the last time I had smoked was 12pm an let’s say I was pulled over at 10:30 pm that night wouldn’t I always be over the legal limit if I’m a chronic user smoking around 7-10 blunts a day with each blunt containing about 1.0 / gram of marijuana in it an that’s 7 days a week I smoke

        1. Maryssa, Urine levels are not a valid indicator of how much drug is in the body for various reasons. For that you need a blood sample. Irrespective, if you are using marijuana regularly, YOU SHOULD NEVER BE DRIVING, as it puts you in danger and other drivers in danger.

      2. I just smoked yesterday I took 2 puffs and I did a 50ng drug test and passed it barely do you believe I will be able to pass a 20ng in 5 days? I’m 160lbs..

  58. Im 35 years old im about 215lbs I stopped smoking October 2019 i took 2-3 puffs of marijuana on Jan/17/2020 today it’s 1/28/20 I have a drug test tomorrow or the day after.. I workout a lot and drink a lot of water can i pass that drug test??

    1. can can be out your system in 24 hours if you dont smoke everyday just buy your own kits and test yourself at home

  59. Hi I am 5’7 and 172 and my BMI is 15.5 I took two puffs of weed and had a random drug test exactly 11 days later. There was nothing in my system prior. I work out a lot and lost 8lbs within a week before the test and drink over 90 ounces of water a day and passed an in home drug test the day before. Is it possible I passed? I am not going to jeopardize my job again!

  60. I posted last night asking how long it would take for me to clean out, to find my question deleted? One hell of a website you’ve got here. Such helpful, much dogshit! WoW!

    1. Quite possibly you should realize how much stress you are currently dealing with since you are using a substance that the majority of the public and almost ALL employers frown upon. If you are trying to get a good job that is dependent upon a clean drug test or avoiding punishment by law due to a positive test then you should simply REFRAIN from your drug use. As Doc stated; he is not here to help you ( or ANYONE else out there for that matter) pass a drug test. Educational material has been provided and both individuals have provided accurate and helpful insights. Take what you want from this forum; however, for you to call it “DOG SHIT” and to post your name as ” PISS OFF” is CLEARLY indicative of your lack of CLASS and intelligence. Just stay away from drugs and you won’t have to worry about failing a drug screening.



  61. I’m about to go on a trip to California for a week will be back before February, if I smoke the whole week out there and have a probation drug test of March the 3rd is it possible to be clean by then?

    1. 2/3 for Drug Tests
      Passed 2 UA (1 was 5 days after smoking the other was 6-7 hours after smoking)
      I was a frequent smoker for the first test and a chronic smoker for the second one. Both tests I just took a multivitamin and lots of water.
      3rd was a mouth swab and I failed. ~36 ng/ml (was still a chronic smoker and smoked the night before and morning before work appx 12-13 hours before). No prep for it. Nobody to blame but me.

  62. I’m 23, 6’3, 240 lbs. used to smoke once a week for a few months but haven’t smoked for a year and a half now. If I smoked low grade weed one time, how long would it take to pass for a 15ng/ml test

    1. We are in a similar situation and similar weight and height, I’m trying to find a solid answer myself, what I was told is it will take people like you and I 7-10 days to get clean from just a one time use but I’m not sure that’s why I haven’t smoked myself because I’m not sure if I will be clean 5 weeks from now from just a one time use

  63. Hi Doctor! I’m a non regular user. I’m a 5’2 female that weighs 140lbs. I last smoked January 5th but prior to that was clean for 2 months. I only took 3 hits from a pipe. Do you think I’ll be clean for a drug test in two weeks?

  64. Hello I have not smoked in over 5 years and an on December I smoked about 3 grams of marijuana and then a week later on December 14th I ate half a chocolate edible. Is 26 days enough to be out of my system? I am 5’8 about average built and 170Lb’s

  65. Does CBD taking CBD supplements/Oils Help when avoiding a THC positive? I’ve read that CBD is counteractive to THC. I haven’t smoked weed in about three days (I’d smoke a blunt once a day) and about to buy some home drug tests at the local Walmart (Do I get it from the pharmacy or is it in one of these aisle?)

    So it’s been three days since I last smoked weed:
    When Should I take my drug test for this job?

  66. I am a 5 ft 1in tall female. Approximately 165 lbs. I quit smoking weed completely on 12/22, was a heavy user. I used a 7 day detox program the week of christmas. Not into much exercise. I tested positive at 50ng/mL for thc my last home test on 1/2. I have been drinking lots of water, some tea and coffee. How long will it take to get clean enough to pass a urine or blood test? Any suggestions appreciated also.

      1. How long will one or two bong rips of decent weed stay in my system I’m 6ft 250 pounds and I’m 2 months 3 weeks clean and test negative just wondering how long that will stay in my system because I would like to take a rip or two

        1. It depends on the amount you inhale and the quality of the pot. It also depends on your metabolism rate. Since thc is stored in fat cells being overweight increases the length of time the thc stays in your system. I would say it would be detectable for 7-10 days. Buy a good quality home test kit.

      2. Hi , sorry to jump on the post, I used to smoke for years, on the 3/10/19 I stopped smoking I went for blood test for driving on about 49 days later and still had 72 ng/mg in my system would you think would be clear by now?

      3. I’m not a frequent user. I smoke maybe once every 2-3 months and it’s 2-4 puffs. Would I be clean if the last time I smoked was unfortunately 12 days ago and I have to pee. Would I be clean??

      4. If I stopped smoking December 2nd and I smoked only 4 times that week . 2 to three hits off a marijuana cigarette ive tested negative at 50 ng/ml 4 times at home 1 per past 4 weeks will I test positive for my lab work on Feb 4th ?

    1. Hello, if you were a heavy user, you will need atleast 35- 40 days in order to get clean after chronic use (speaking from experience). No matter how much water you drink, this will only dilute your pee and eventually thc will show up again. I suggest you eat foods that contain high fibers and try to exercise. (Sweating and pooping will definitely help your detox progress)
      Also, try to take your test when you are completely rested because taking it after exercising might spike up these levels again.
      Best of luck !

  67. i havnt smoked and 2 months 10n day and my thc level was 475ng/ml how long would it take for me to be clean

  68. If someone is prescribed adderall and they take 2 a day and smoked 7 hits in 7days would the adderall help in the cleaning the THC out of your system since it does speed up your metabolism? Thanks

  69. Hi im 6 feet 150 pounds male and im skinny. on 10/29/2019 i smoked ten hits of thc concentrate out a vape pen and havent smoked 3 months prior but i have to take a 15ng lab test 1/10/2020. .
    i took a at home test and it came out negative but its 50 cutoff. im sure the concentrate stays in the system longer so what is the chances of being below the 15ng cutoff?
    i guess im wondering does thc leave your body slower as the ng/ml get lower? and also how much of a difference in time would you say it takes to go from 50 to below 15ng?

  70. Hi I recently took a drug test for work that had a 50 ng/mL cut off and I haven’t smoked in almost 5 months and was a moderate smoker maybe 4-5 times a week depending on the week. Is it possible that I will pass after almost 150 days of being clean? I’m 6’1 210 pound male.

          1. I haven’t smoked since the beginning of August and I’m a weight lifter so I workout at least 3 times most weeks if not more. I sweat a lot and my body fat % is lower than 20%. Is it still possible that the test will come back positive?

          2. It is very doubtful it would be positive if you haven’t used any since August, but it does in part depend on the quantity, concentration/dose, and length of time you used it, especially if it was used chronically.

      1. So it takes 21 days for a single use/ bowl pack of weed to leave your system? I haven’t smoked in almost 3 months I test negative but I would like to smoke a bowl and was wondering how long it will take for one use to leave my system I’m 21 6ft 250 lbs

      2. I just wanted to thank you for posting this and answering everyone’s questions!

        Not sure if you will see this, but I wanted to ask. I am 34 year old 270lb male and I take 25mg of Adderall XR per day. Was clean 3 months and smoked a couple of bowls on 2/1 and 2/2 (16 days ago) with a friend. How long do you think that would take to clear out of my system?

        Thank you again for this!!!

    1. It has been gone.If it was only 2 puffs into a 100% clean system.I take a urine screen every week.I have not failed yet.Well for Thc I haven’t ..Cocaine I failed 3 times.It is best to be sure you have at least 6 or 7 clean days between tests for it.I gambled like an idiot with 4 days.Busted,Lol. I smoke herb one hit maybe 2 sometimes 3 if I have a week.In between.I take small hits and it is fire. but I then wait until my screen is clean, to do it again and some weeks I dont even take a puff..The people that smoke a lot it builds up in.I don;t hold it in and I don’t smoke it everyday.Ppl keep saying your gonna fail lol ,But they do not realize.I hit it then wait.Until my test comes back clean to take another hit or 2.Luckily it gets me high since it is good herb.I would bet cash it is gone.I know it is unless it was more than 2 hits or there was some already in there.Now if you smoked a few joints your fucked.

  71. I am 21 and I am 5’1 and I got a urine drug test and cutoff=50 and my results was positive and I had a cutoff 15 and I failed it why is that?

    1. I can’t answer this without knowing all you prescribed medications, what you have taken (if anything) that isn’t prescribed, when the doses were last taken, and the dose taken.

      1. I haven’t used marijuana in 4 months completely clean from everything I drink water everyday and work construction and sweat high amounts , On a Tuesday night I took 4 small hits off a joint of weed , I take a urine test the following Monday do you think I’ll pass it it’s very important that I do pass?

  72. Im 5,8 148 pounds body fat 13% male i vape weed or thc twice a day for two months going through 3 1 gram carts in that period of time i exercise decent amount will 57 days be enough to pass a 20 ng drug test

  73. I was a daily smoker until I stopped smoking 17 days ago and have passed 3 different at home take home tests at 50 ng/ml for the past 5 days. The lab i test at is 40 ng/ml. Do I have anything to worry about?

    1. Good afternoon,

      Was a frequent/heavy user for years have been abstaining since October took 2 vape hits on Christmas, got several at home tests presumably 50ngl all passed. Had a physical for new job 2/6 now 3 weeks later I find out I need to redo drug test. Unsure why there was several others that also had to redo. On Feb 15th I took a hit of a vape and 2/22 took a very small bong hit. Now redo I’d 3/2. If it’s 50ngl I think I’ll be fine especially with such infrequent use but if it’s 20 I’m a little concerned will be over a week so I’m thinking probably okay but wanted a secondary opinion.

  74. On 12/6/2019 I smoked 3 small non-full inhales from a blunt, it was only my second time smoking ever and first time in more than a month, and I did get mildly high from it. I have a job interview 12/17/2019, could I test clean? I’m 6’2 and about 150 lbs

  75. I smoked 3 weeks ago and was an occaisional user. I was offered a job and had to take a urine test and failed. I have drank tons of water, used several detox programs, and 3 weeks later, my home test is still POSITIVE . I am not overweight and 5 ft 4, 125 pounds. I eat very healthy. I have to take another urine test Tues and if it is positive they are offerring this job to someone else. Do you have any advice!!! Why am I still retaining the THC ?? Everyone says it takes a week or so if you were a light user. Do you have any “argument” or facts I can propose to the HR person to let me wait a few more weeks to retest??

      1. I can’t figure out how to make a new thread, my apologies for commenting as a response. I occasionally, and by occasionally I mean once every few months or longer hit a friends pen or take a bowl hit. However I have also been using CBD oil daily and I was told it has a small amount of THC, it’s American Sharman which I thought was a reputable brand of CBD oil. I had to take a drug test because I take adderall and my drug test results came back as carboxy 23 ng/mg creat, could this result be because of the CBD oil, or is that number too high? If they take my meds I’ll be in a mess , ugh. I’m so mad at myself.

        1. Carboxy is to compare old use to new use, so you need the THC level. Yes, many CBD products contain THC. Technically the allowable legal limit is 0.3% or less, but it is not properly monitored by any regulatory agency such as FDA.

          1. I’m not able to make a new thread Either but I am 2 months without smoking as a heavy smoker and I test clean with at home test and my drug test isn’t until January 6th 2020 my question is would I be able to smoke a bowl pack or even a couple puffs and still be able to test clean by janauary 6th 2020

          2. I took 2 CBD capsules that were 0.1%thc , who would of thought 0.1% would even show up . I was dirty for 2 days, clean on the 3rd .

  76. Im a male, weigh around 130, and have a high metabolism. If I smoked 3 days ago after a year of abstaining, will I pass a test today with heavy dilution?

      1. **UPDATE: I passed my probation drug test. I drank a ton of water during the three days, and within the couple of hours before. Again, I have an extremely high metabolism, and I had abstained for about a year prior so that was honestly the reason I passed. Also, as much as I love to smoke, the stress of worrying about the results wasn’t even close to being worth it. If you’re in my situation, I wouldn’t risk it. Hopefully this helps someone in the future.

        1. Man I appreciate this post I’m currently on probation and I smoked maybe a G I took a at home dollar tree test and I passed but you know how probation is they send it too the lab so I’m hoping I’m good I find out today 🙁

  77. Hello I am a single time user smoked on 11/10/2019 and I have a drug test on 12/6/2019 for a job I really want the cutoff levels are 50 ng/ml and confirmation 15 ng/ml. I never really smoke will I be able to pass my drug test. mind you I have passed 5 at home drug test flying colors just really scared to fail this screening.

      1. Hi,
        If an edible was consumed over 60 days ago (didn’t get high from it) and the last time smoking before that was August will a hair test be passed? Very infrequent smoker/ edibles.

    1. yes i do it every week if u test clean then wait until the next week i do it weekly .These ppl are guessing i do it weekly failed for coke never weed i take a small hit or 2 and wait a week until i do it again.I dont hold it in until i turn blue either just like a cigarette puff

  78. So I got hired on the company I was wanting to be hired at, I stopped smoking two weeks ago and only smoke on the weekends. I am 5’2 123lbs, some days active some days lazy as all get out. Think I’ll clear it? And also, if you smoke on just Fridays only, could you clear a test within a week?

      1. 18 days since smoking. Typically 4-5 days week 1-2 hits of a bowl. I exercise and sit in sauna 5-6 times a week. I drink 1.5 gallon(s) water daily. Drug screen is for 50ng/ml. I’ve passed two home tests. What’s your verdict? Thanks for your time!

      2. Hi i smoked 4 or 5 hits on decmber 26, first time smoking in years. How long would it take to clear my system? Unrin test.
        Thanks for your time.

  79. Hello,
    I smoked 3 hits off a vape pen Saturday night and got hit with a random UA at work Tuesday morning. I’m 5’3” 210lbs female, and I haven’t smoked in around 7 months before this time. My urine was pretty clear in the test cup, it was an eCup test. Do you think I passed the test? Also to note, I took 2 at home tests later that night and passed both at the 50ng level. Thank you!

  80. 5’7″ 200lb female
    I have a drug test for a new job tmro. I passed a drug test on Sept. 5th and only smoked once since then, a week and a half ago. How likely is it that I will pass this drug test?

  81. Hi Doctor,

    I am a female, 33 years old (158cm, 50kg”, i smoked 3 joints of Hash on Thursday and i have a test tomorrow “thursday”.
    I have been drinking loads of water and trying to workout for the last 2 days.
    Will i pass the test?

  82. Hello Dr. Fudin,

    Would like your help please ! I am 28yo, 150lb, fast metabolism. I smoked 2 small hits from a “gravity bong” on Oct 19 approx 10pm, i then had a surprise drug test on Oct 23 at approx 2pm. I took 2 at home tests on the day of the test and passed at 50ng/ml. The problem is I take Adderall, very small dose 5mg instant release and not daily more like 3 times per week. I took a dose the day before the exam. My concern is that I will test positive for amphetamines (screening cutoff is 500ng/ml) and then on confirmation be positive for thc (15ng/ml cutoff) . What do you think? I’m pretty sure I took 2 at home tests 2 days after I smoked, 1’.5 days before the test and I was negative for THC. What are your thoughts? Had not smoked any marijuana in months prior to this 1 time. I’m freaking out!
    Thank you

  83. Dream job lost. I’m 54 and 215 lbs and 5’6. I’ve lost 50 lbs in the last year and a half. I smoke oil and no flower to aid in sleeping. With my young teenage daughters around I figured it’s time to stop and use non thc based meds.

    I have not smoked at all l for 4 months. But smoked nightly prior to stopping cold turkey.

    I took a thc test for employment knowing I would pass. They tested for 15ng and I tested positive at 33ng. I’m blown away and can’t explain this result. I only know that I was let go as their insurance company sets the rules as this is a smaller company trying to secure the best rates for their employees.

    So with all that I read, even a daily or nightly smoker of oil or pens should not test positive past a couple months.

    They will not allow a rest even if I pay for it. The rules are the rules! If you are heavy and a daily smoker you might want be concerned.

    The CBD product I use orally has 1.67mg thc which I hadn’t used in 2 weeks. And I still failed this important test losing the job.

    Crushed and confused. Can this be explained??

      1. Hi there I could not see where to post my own question so I do apologize for posting on a reply. I am in the same boat as a few others and a bit worried and confused. I haven’t smoked marijuana in almost 10 years, well recently I have been under alot of stress and on 10/25/19 I smoked a half of a joint (regular marijuana, nothing strong or special) instantly I regretted it of course. One of my friends introduced me to CBD flower which contains
        THCA: 0.050%
        DELTA 9 THC: 0.110%
        DELTA 8 THC: 0.000%
        TOTAL THC: 0.160%
        CBDA: 2.800%
        CBD: 13.400%
        TOTAL CBD: 16.200%
        It has really been helping me with my stress, anxiety and pain and I love that it doesn’t get you high like actual marijuana so I have been smoking 1 joint per night to help relax from the day. Well I have given myself multiple drug test that have a 20ng break point and I am continuously failing for THC. It is now 11/08/19 and I am trying to figure out if it is the half of joint I smoked or the CBD flower I have been smoking that is causing me to fail the drug tests I am giving myself. I am alittle on the short and heavy side 5’3 150lbs so I know it will take longer for the marijuana to leave my system but it seems to be building up instead of leaving. When I first tested myself after smoking the half of a joint it was positive but I did see the negative line faintly, now it’s not there at all. I am not familiar with the levels in CBD products and what levels I should stay away from to keep THC out of my system. The reason I am testing myself I have had two major back surgeries and have to go to a pain management doctor and if they drug test me and I fail I will lose my medication. I would like to continue using CBD flower as it helps with pain, anxiety and stress and is a more natural alternative than prescription pain and anxiety medications but I do not think it would be safe to convert all at one time. Please if anyone could help me shed some light on this situation and help me figure out if it is the THC joint I smoked or the CBD flower that is causing me to fail my home drug tests. Thanks in advance!!

      2. I took about 5 puffs of weed on the 6th of November, I have a drug test that’ll guarantee my admission into the University on the 19th of November. Do u think I’ll test positive to the confirmatory test of 15ng/ml. The last time I smoked was 3 months ago and it was only half a stick of weed.

    1. Hey I’m not really familiar on how the thc levels work. So I was drug test and the cut off was 50. Is that positive or negative. Or maybe means that I was in the middle of both ? I’m so confused please anyone help

      1. The cut-off is a number below which a test cannot measure, and above which it can. For example, if the cut-off is is 50ng/mL and you actually have a level of 48ng/mL, it will not test positive because the test is not sensitive for below 50ng/mL. If your true level was 52ng/mL, it would show up positive.

        1. Hey Doctor

          I’m 22 years old 5”11 weighing 235 Ibs and I took a drug test with a 50ng/ml bases and it came back positive at a 47 ng/ml how long would you think it take to get out my system can it possibly be a month ?

      2. Hey I was wondering I took one hit of a moderately strong blunt on Friday after not smoking for 3 months, will I pass a drug test tommorow? I’m 5’10 and 140lbs

  84. Hi Doc and helpful MJ users!

    I am female. 140 pounds. 5’5”. I have not ingested marijuana for over 5 months prior to Oct. 12, when I took two puffs of a weed vape pen with 85% THC. I do not think I inhaled correctly because I did not feel high at all and it was my first time smoking from a pen (I prefer edibles). I found out I received an offer for federal employment a couple days ago. I now have to take a drug test tomorrow morning. I know it is going to be the 15ng standard. Will I pass? If I fail, Ii’m screwed from ever getting this federal job ever in the future, Should I not show up for the test at all and be eliminated from consideration? Someone please help!

    1. This may be too late….. but just in case… or to help others in future I will post anyway. You could always purchase an OTC (over the counter) home urine drug screen test from a pharmacy and take it to see what results come back, then base your decision off that. For the most part, I would think if you pass one at home, as long as it was done properly and strictly by the directions…. then you would likely pass the official one…IF it were also a UA drug screen. If ever unsure as to whether you will pass a UA drug screen at ANY point in future…. be it a job, whether you are that interested in the position or not, or a UA drug screen for any other purpose…. if uncertain, then do NOT take it. Period. Those results can come back to haunt you in MANY ways in the future. Even if it means you will lose the chance of landing your dream job…. if unsure as to whether you will pass one, then do NOT take one. It’s. ALWAYS much easier to explain how you carelessly had forgotten test, run too late on time, Trust me…. I would rather they got mad at me, wrote me up…. whatever they felt it called for…. just DON’T Jack with my money’s……… OR my career!

      1. Thank you so much for your response Reagan. I took the at home tests (6 to be exact) and I went to a clinic to get tested as well. All of these tests were under the 50ng standard and I passed. I was unable to buy a 15ng standard test in time or get tested at a clinic with this standard. I ended up taking the test. I will update this thread with the findings once I find out.

    2. Just wanted to give an update: I PASSED. they did not notify me of my results, so I cannot share that with you all but I know that I passed under the 15ng standard.

  85. Hi, I’m 5’1″, 108lbs and I workout (pretty hard – cardio based) about five days a week consistently for about a year and half, at least. I eat pretty healthy, and haven’t touched fast food in years, though I enjoy a cheeseburger or two occasionally. I was a heavy smoker for three years (since 2015), but only smoke at night now, since last September (was 2018). and especially the last 2 – 3 months, maybe smoking 1 – 2 bowls a night, if that. I don’t really smoke joints anymore, though the last time I did was maybe 5 – 7 days ago. the last time I smoked was gently hitting the bowl two nights ago. My test is the day after tomorrow. I worked out yesterday and this morning and planning to workout tomorrow morning, but maybe stop the day of testing. I’ve been drinking more water than I usually do. have you any advice to pass the test? am I gonna be okay for the test? thanks!

  86. I took 3-4 puff on Friday evening and have to do a random UA test Monday afternoon. Any way I can still test positive. I’m 5’5 and 195lbs

    1. Keep in mind the bigger you are, the longer it will last in your system. Not height – weight, It stores in fat cells. I would try Quik Fix – money back guaranteed and it has ALWAYS worked for me. Just better safe than sorry.

  87. So, I am one of the folks who use drug testing as an employer (Urine, 20 ng/mL). Several have claimed CBD oil usage is to blame for testing positive. (1.3% is legal in this State). The CBD oil shows 1.3% thc on the label but I am well aware that this is not regulated. So when a prospective employee tests 53 or 48 on a 20 ng/mL test….could they (prospective employee) be right?

    1. Steven, Yes they can. Because this problem has become so prevalent, I will soon be collaborating with some of my PharmD colleague who are manufacturing their own CBD products that are guaranteed to have 0% THC.

      1. Thank you. Is there any steps being taken to regulate production of CBD oils and its contents? It is certainly awkward taking definitive steps from a hiring manager when faced with confusion regarding THC and positive testing results from what, I am told, is due to CBD usage.

        1. Steven,

          The only steps the government has taken is to tell manufacturers that the THC level needs to be 0.03% or less, but there is no monitoring, so many products have more than that. Very few have 0%.

      2. Hi I really need your help. I never really smoked pot. But one June I smoked a few times. But July from the July 1st until July 19yh I have smoked a few times again. I have not had anything since July 20 the. I go to pain Management August 12 I will have a urine test . Will I pass after 24 days of having anything in my urine. Very worried thank you

  88. Hello.

    I was a chronic user, but stopped smoking for about 6 months. About a month ago I took two hits from a vape pen. I have a urine drug test next week for a new potential job. Do you think it will come back positive? I’m 4″9, 120 pounds.

    1. Absolutely not. I smoke once a week on Sundays. I get drug tested on Fridays and Sundays and pass every Friday, ive varied on amounts, dabs blunts joints, even 2 blunts and done dabs and passed Friday morning. You’ll definitely be fine.

  89. I am having shoulder reconstructive surgery in 2 weeks. I have been in pain management for over a year, and have failed a test before, unintentionally, by using CBD patches (I don’t even LIKE THC, it makes me have panic attacks and heart palpitations, but CBD helps with the inflammation in conjunction with the medications and supplements I take) that just happened to have THC in them. I have never missed an appointment, and have a very good relationship with my doctor overall.

    I bought a product at a CBD store that supposedly only has “.1%” THC, which I have been using every day, about 2-3 grams per day – Mostly as a tea, but sometimes smoked out of a bowl before going to bed.

    I have been using this product for approximately 3 weeks, and I have an appointment with my pain management doctor the day after tomorrow. I just tested myself and was astonished to find that my levels of THC were somewhere between 20-50ng/ml. I’m scared that I will lose my pain management, regardless of what I do – If I tell them/bring the label of the product in question, they may cut me off right then and there, whereas if I don’t tell them, and I test positive, they’ll cut me off when I’m 2 weeks out from surgery next month.

    Do you think that large amounts of water and cranberry juice to flush my system will eliminate enough so that I can be sure that my drug test will be negative? Or should I reschedule the appointment for next week, ensuring this?

      1. Thank you for the prompt response! No, my doctor is supportive of CBD use, so I shouldn’t have a problem, I don’t think.

        Thank you for doing what you do. I can tell a lot of people here are just trying to get high as much as possible without facing any ramifications for it (which isn’t THAT bad if you work in a fast food industry or other job not requiring skill, dexterity, or focus ; But I sure wouldn’t want my kids’ school bus driver or my surgical nurse toking up right before going on duty)….but you handle their questions well, regardless.

      1. Go to the blog of your choice, in this case probably Two Puffs Too Bad: Demystifying Marijuana Urine Testing, scroll to the very bottom of the page, and you’ll see directions to fill in for comment.

    1. While using home test kit with a cut off level of 50ng/ml for THC., if I see THC results of 229ng/ml, does concentration help us to draw a conclusion on usage? Does this concentration indicate how much of a daily usage or occasional usage or any thing similar?

  90. Hey Doc, I hit a wax pen about 5 days ago, (I thought it was a nicotine device) and I have a drug test Oct 21st for a pre employment test of a receptionist position. I am 5’9 and 170 pounds. Before I hit it I hadn’t smoked for at least 2 months before that (on purpose that time). Do you think I can make it?

    1. You can absolutely dilute your system and come up clean. Water is fine, cranberry does nothing different except it’s a diuretic and makes you pee more which is good. Most tests cut off is 50ng for thc if you’re below that you’re good but if you want to be extra safe drink and pee A LOT before the test. Do not give your first pee of the day this contains the most metabolites, pee as much as possible until its clear like water and when and you provide the urine start going outside the cup and catch it midstream then pull the cup away before you finish the beginning and end of a sample have more than the middle of the sample. Also do not admit to anything, you’ll most likely be fine. If you admit then are clear in urine you would have admitted for nothing. Deny until the end.

  91. Hi
    I was a heavy smoker for 4 months. I then cut down to smoking once every 2 weeks for 5 months. How long will it take for me to detox? I weagh 168 pounds, am 6’4 and I exercise 5 days a week.

    1. hi doctor,

      I have smoked once in the last 9 months. Before Last night. I took two hits of a bowl, and when i tested myself with an at home test 6 hours later it said i was clean. How could this be possible if i smoked two hits that same night?

  92. Completely disagree with this. I consumed an edible that was 9 mg of thc. I tested positive at 20ng for four weeks and I use less than three times a year. This is complete subjective of a persons body chemistry and other medications. The person n this scenario very well could hav3 been telling the truth depending on how potent the strain was.

    There needs to be a LOT more research done before this can be applied in practice

    Also thc free CBN products will test positive., as will certain CBD products. I have done these tests just to see the results.

        1. I’d like to know what level of ng/mL a chronic user, and an occasional user would be. I’ve heard that everyday about the level drops approximately in half.

          1. I must not have made my original question clear. How much ng/Ml does a chronic user have in their urine as he is a chronic user? How much ng/Ml does an occasional user have in their urine?

          2. Jefflynyrd, It is too variable to answer. But generally, and occasional user will have less than than 50ng/mL depending on last time they used. A chronic user will have more than 50ng/mL. But again, it depends on the product, how it is ingested, last usage, and hydration.

          3. Ok. I get where you are coming from…. I’m speaking more of generalities… if I burn say, 2 joints a day for a month, where would I be…. and then if I smoked a joint once a week, where would I be… I am not concerned about the 50 ng/ml level at all.

  93. Hi Dr.
    I am 27 years old, 6ft, 270lbs. I used to smoke daily but stopped that years ago. I now smoke minimal amounts (1-2 hits at a time) once or twice a year. This time it just happened to be 5 days before an unexpected test. I took ONE hit and have been drinking a ton of water. Is there a chance I will pass a test on Tuesday if I had the one hit on Friday?

    Thank you!

      1. Thank you for your response! Are you fairly confident in this even though I am overweight and the THC stores itself in fat cells?

      2. 100 ng/ml thc was in my system on 7/24. I still smoked till about 8/7. Will i pass the test I just took on 9/18? Also how long would it take to get 100 ng/ml down to 0%?

  94. USADA has an new threshold for carboxy-THC to be present in an athlete’s urine over the Decision Limit 180 ng/mL. That seems high. For athletes testing positive for THC that is only in their CBD salve, or so they say, how much would they need to be using?

      1. So I hit a blunt on Saturday (only two hits) and I have a urine drug test tomorrow (Tuesday) I’ve been drinking plenty of water to try and dilute my pee. Do you think I’ll be able to pass the test tomorrow considering it’s been about 3 days? And I’m not a frequent smoker.

        1. did you pass i have the same exact situation , i have .a drg test tomorrow (tues)as well and i . smoked saturday , just 2 hits …

      2. Hi doc i recently failed a drug test for marijuana the cut of was 15 and I was at 96 unfortunately I hit a blunt the day my job decided to do a random drug test I rarely smoke maybe once or twice a month if that do you think I tested so high due to the fact that I’d hit the blunt earlier that day around 8am took the test about 1 am the following day please help!!

    1. I say Fail.
      Everyone writing about their upcoming tests NEED to return to this and tell us their test reslts PLEASE!

      1. I’m assuming these people got in trouble and weren’t able to respond about whether they passed or not. Might just be me

  95. I am a medical marijuana patient and have been a chronic smoker for years smoking everyday. Recently, I was forced into a transitional housing program by my probation officer and was kept from smoking. My levels dropped down low during a 30 day period but was still positive. I was given day passes to work and before work/before going back, I was smoking and I would sneak in a vape pen 90% thc for the night. I thought since I was a MMP I could smoke since it is a state ran facility but I was wrong and was told that if I dont stop smoking I would not be allowed to work. I tested at 95 ng/ml when they finally realized my levels were rising again. Since then, I haven’t smoked any more vape pens, but I have been smoking about half a joint a day. I am starting to regret it after reading different things online. I’m scared that my levels may have not dropped. Will my levels be lower since I have been smoking WAY less? Or does that not matter? I took a test this past Sunday and I refrained from smoking 24 hours prior. Will my levels lower?

  96. I have been clean for three weeks. I smoked weed vapes that were 90 % thc about two days a week. I follow a ketogenic diet 95% percent of the week with lots of green vegtebles I am also practicing the OMAD way of eating. I also workout about 3-4 days a week.. I have passed tests from CVS but my potential new employer is sending me to a lab. I stay very hydrated and started to take creatine. I am 5ft 11 and 169 lbs. Do you think my chances are good to pass?

  97. I will periodically smoke some weed, or eat a edible. Maybe 2-3 times a month. 4 weeks ago I had an edible, and 19 days ago i smoke from a joint. I have a drug test tomorrow morning for a new job. I took a at home test and it came back negative. I have been drinking a ton of cranberry juice for the past 5 days. I am tall but overweight. What are the chance I will still have THC in my system? Do I still have enough THC in my system that it will show up on a pee test for employment?

      1. Hello Doctor. I have smoked in the past, but this year since January. I basically have smoked. I just took one or two hits from a joint on the 18th of August and i had a urine test on the 4th of September. 17 days. Again, i have not smoked this whole year, except for that day, i took a hit or two. Do you think i will turn out positive or negative? Please Doctor, what is your opinion on this?

        1. Sorry if I was not clear. In other words, if I took 1 or 2 puffs and then 17 days later I had a urine test. Will it show up?

          1. 17 days from only a few hits? it usually is gone in 3-5 days from an infrequent user like yourself. a week at most

          2. did you pass Albert? I have a similar situation. What standard did the urinalysis use? 50ng or 15ng?

  98. I will periodically smoke some weed, or eat a edible. Maybe 2-3 times a month. 4 weeks ago I had an edible, and 19 days ago i smoke from a joint. I have a drug test tomorrow morning for a new job. I took a at home test and it came back negative. I have been drinking a ton of cranberry juice for the past 5 days. I am tall but overweight. What are the chance I will still have THC in my system? Do I still have enough THC I Y system that it will show up on a pee test for employment?

  99. My question is concerning CBD with low THC. I have tried CBD oil to help with my sleeping problems, but have not seen the results that most people claim with it. I was thinking about trying CBD with low THC. I have smoked before and I slept great, so I’m thinking that the effects may be enhanced with the combination of THC. Would taking a low THC product like that likely cause me to show positive on a drug test?

  100. Hi doc!
    If I took last night 4 hits of a weed blunt and today in the morning did a random drug test ? Do you think I will pass?

    1. Hi Sir,
      I stopped smoking weed for a period of 3 years. About a year and a half ago I began smoking about a gram per day. I have not smoked since 8/27/2019. I want to add that o was smoking very good marijuana. I recently started a job where dot testing is administered and have been taking drug test for weeks now at home to see when I’m showing negative. Recently the test I take show a very very faint line. Assuming the test are correct about how much longer would you theorize for me to be completely clean. Another add on: I am short and rather plump. 5”2 and around 240 pounds. I work in a call center. I really don’t exercise much and haven’t ever been very big on drinking water. I assume massively drinking water may cause a dilute and I read exercise dan be counterproductive if I happen to get a random dot urine test. I’m super stressed about it. It’s depressing what would your thoughts be on this.

  101. Hi So I took a lab test two weeks ago and tested at 25 NG per ML, I have been using at home test for 15ng, and it still says positive, I assumed I would be clean after another two weeks, is there any reason why its taking that long or should I go to a lab to make sure that it isn’t faulty tests from the store?

    1. I smoked for a month straight. Before that nothing for years. It’s been 25 days. I swear and I intermediate fast. 6’5″ 250. I took a cup test this morning. Will I pass? I took it and I haven’t heard anything…

  102. Is the lower the NL/mg number the more accurate the test ? Like a 50nl test is more accurate than a 100nl test ? Also I’ve taken 1mg xanex once a day for a week , do you think I should be clean in 4 days? 260lbs 6’1” .

  103. I used to smoke frequently but as of the start of this year ive cut back to like once a week sometime 2 weeks I hadnt smoked for 3 weeks but then I smoked like 18 days ago what are the possibilities of testing positive on a test

  104. Hi Doc,

    Smoked 1-3 Joints daily for about 5 months. Was more like 1-2 a day in the last month. My last smoke was on Tuesday 30th July, I had an employment screening on the 12th of August. I failed and the report came back with ” Over 100 ng/ml “. I have another screening on the 16th of September and have not smoked nor do i wish to go back to doing so. I ordered some home kits with a cut off of 50 ng which are still showing as positive. I done a test yesterday, (33 days after my last smoke). Do you reckon I would be clean enough in time for the second screening? It would have been 48 days since my last smoke on the day of the test?

      1. Hi Jeffery,

        It is with a different employer for this second screening. I was open with the first employers about my reasoning’s for smoking (i thought was helping my medical problem) and provided the evidence about the medical problem. Will i need to be prepared to do the same for the second screening with or should I be okay by then? (By second screening i mean it will be my first one with that employer but is the second one within a short space of time)


          1. Hi Doc, Just following up, they ended up taking a hair sample test? What does this mean for me? I stopped smoking about 7 weeks prior but I also live with people who are Chronic smokers and have read that this can also effect this?

  105. I ingested a 10mg THC brownie. It has been 254 days since consumption of of brownie. It was consumed by accident. I recently took a urinalysis at work. I know they test urine samples to detect at the 15ng level using GS/IA testing. In short has enough time passed for it not to be detectable or below cutoff? I am not a regular user. Thanks!

      1. Doc……PLEASE HELP! I am a 43 ye old male, 5’9″ 275lbs. I smoked chronically for 6 months or better. I stopped 74 days ago and litmus tests from the dollar tree and cup tests from Walmart are still coming up dirty. I mean how fricking long can it possibly take to get clean? I have a drug test in 20 days minimum.

    1. as Dr. Fudin said, holy crap YES you’ll pass. that’s 8.5 months (ish), even extreme cases are limited out at 3 months

  106. Hi Dr. or anyone on this site that can help answer my question. So I am 5’9 260lbs. I have a drug screen coming up that i was unaware about soon. By time i take the drug test it will be 55 days since i last smoked. I was a chronic user smoking like 6-10 blunts everyday. The drug cut off level for the test i believe will be between 20ng/ml and 50ng/ml. will i be clean?

  107. Hi – My teen daughter had a urine drug test and she had a positive reading for pot – the level was 65. The nurse who gave me the news said that she thought it was high for someone who said she only smoked occasionally. I do know that she had smoked the night before, so maybe 18 hours before the drug test, I suspect the night before that too. But otherwise I have no idea how much she has smoked. I only just learned that she was smoking at all. Can you give me any context for this level? Is it high? (pardon the pun) Does it suggest more frequent use or is it hard to tell? Thanks for your thoughts, I can’t find any context for this.

  108. I thought you were nice and this website was cool and what not for one simple question. I’ve asked if I was clean took one hit if I would pass in 7 days but apparently you are acting like my dedication to this site checking back everyday and giving you my email havent got an answer being ahead of 3 people its rude doctor.

    1. JD, I don’t recall your specific question. But, sometimes it is difficult for me to determine if the question is to help a person hoodwink an employer in hopes of passing under the radar, and/or to deceive a medical provider. Either of those cases could result in harm to the employee, employer, medical provider, and/or create a public safety issue. For ethical reasons, time constraints, and other reasons, there are certain questions I simply will not answer. I hope this clarifies for you.

    2. He has other obligations than answering stupid questions like yours that have been answered numerous times already on this website. If you were truly as dedicated to this site as you say, you’d have already read the answer to your redundant question.

  109. Hello doc I smoked 3 joints 3 week prior to my medical which was last week before that I didn’t smoke for 3 months will I pass my urine test ?

  110. My confusion is what constitutes as 1 time?

    Is 1 time use equal to 1 puff or one bowl, one joint or what?

    If I were to smoke a joint of high grade marijuana, how long am I looking at, before showing clean?

    What about 3 puffs?

  111. Took personal drug test at lab. Failed it for mj. I need to take one for school next week will they find out that I failed ? They use the same lab.but different testing facility.

  112. I like how Justin and jd swish is tryin hard to get there questions answered and the doc skipped both of them for Rachael and it could have been a quick yes or no. And its not like there was a list in front of them. How rude no offense.

    1. Jayceon, questions ur referring too have been asked and answered more than 10 diff times by 10 diff people in less than week. Even I can answer their questions by reading docs replies everyone.
      J.D answer is NO if he’s provided all info and isn’t morbidly obese. drugs stay longer fat cells.

  113. Hi doctor, I am freaking out I literally haven’t smoked for about 2 years I had a night out with some friends recently smoked 1 hit on the 3rd of this month and I have a drug test coming up on the 26th I’m not a huge smoker I hardly ever smoke I’m pretty tiny I’m 24 I weigh about 98 pounds. I just want to know If I’ll pass this test

    1. Your freaking out over something you shouldent jeez! Easily youll be clean if it was truly a hit you will have no prob.

  114. Hi doc, the last ua i gave was clean after that unfortunatly i took one hit the next day. It has been a full week since and have not smoked I know it wasn’t smart and I just took one after 7 days clean. Will it come back positive?

  115. I am confused about the cut offs. If something is a 50ng/ml cut off how does this compare to a 20ng/ml cutoff. If somone passed 20ng/ml drug test will they pass a 50ng/ml drug test? What is the difference between the 20mg/ml and 50ng/ml?

    1. Rachel, If not drug is detected at 20ng/mL, it shouldnt be detected at 50ng/mL. In short, if nothing is detected at 20ng/mL, it means that the drug levels were below 20ng/mL. If the levels are LOWER than 20ng/mL, they will also be below the 50 mark.

  116. Hi Doctor, if someone has just had a clean urin sample, and haven’t smoked all but one decent hit in 7 days weighing 135 lbs. Would they pass after 7 days. Thanks for your feedback.

  117. Hello doctor, I have a test on the 26th of August at a 15ng/ml level. By the time of the test it will be 36 days since a took a small hit from a pipe and 42 days since I smoke two joints. Do you think i will be okay. I tend to workout 2-3times a week I’m 6ft 180lbs. I use to smoke a lot but it has been almost three months since I use to be a chronic user. Thank you!

      1. Hi doctor, this is a question for a friend of mine, she have a job interview in 3 days it will be on Friday and 3 days prior today (tuesday), that was last saturday she took 4 hints of a blunt she’s worried that the employer run a drug test and she will not be able to pass it. She weight 173 pounds and she’s height if 5’3. Please any advice for her will be really appreciated thank you. She’s drinking a lot of water.

      2. I’ve been clean 69 days . I have a hair follicle test & a urine test on Friday . I passed an at home test of 15ng so my urine is fine. How to you feel about my chance of passing a 90 day detection hair test?

  118. I am a nervous wreck I am new to Georgia moved here from NJ have been at pain mgmt for 16 years..I got a new doctor down here & had a drug test thru Quest I do take CBD oil & capsules from Lazarus Naturals I tested positive for marijuana metabolites 20ng/ml I am so worried that I am gonna get kicked off pain management but never failed a test before..

  119. I smoke a hit a day out of a small pipe about 4- 5 times a week . 62 year old female. . How long to test clean for a pre employment screen Workout regularly. 5’7. 155 lbs

      1. No wonder it took me 6 weeeks to come up clean. I was smoking only 3-4 hits every day for years.
        I was amazed it took so long. When I quit, I quit. Not even 1 hit. It was NOT easy on my body either.
        Thank you for your comments. They are very helpful.

  120. Hello Dr I’m 26 5’4 125lbs hit a blunt twice on July 26 I work out everyday and only drink water if I have a drug test tomorrow should I be clean? Oh and I’m not a smoker.

  121. Hello DR. I am 21 male 5’10” 138lb work out 5-6 times a week. My test for probation will be 19 days after I last smoked, I passed a 50ng/ml at home test yesterday and my test is in two days I’m not sure if they do 50 or 20ng tests at their lab. If they do 20ng/ml test is it likely that I will fail that?

      1. Dr, I am 24 and 6’2” 225 lb I have a pre employment drug test coming up for a future engineering job. I quit smoking on April 15th 2019 and before I smoked for 3 years every day with the last year using concentrates and/or normal flower. I stopped cold turkey and sweat multiple times a week weather it’s working out or playing baseball. Do you think I should be worrying still or should I be fine. It’s been about 110 days.

          1. Hello Doctor! I was a chronic user but I have been clean since June 7. I am female, five foot five inches tall and weigh around 153 pounds. I am currently 66 days clean today and have taken an at home 50ng test and can see a faint line but it’s a line. I’m going to have to take a 20ng test in about a week to week in half. Do I have a chance of passing the 20ng?

  122. I took a few puffs off of a blunt last night and took one hit off a vape with THC concentrate, and I may or may not be required to take a urinalysis test on the 23rd. I had been a regular user for a few years, but a little over a year ago I cut it down to only occasionally (1-2 times a week at most), and haven’t smoked at all in the past month except for last night. I’ve been drinking plenty of water and walking/running as much as I can throughout the day and plan to keep doing so over the next couple of days then rest on the day before the possible test. It seems to me like I’m probably on the borderline, what are your thoughts?

  123. if I smoked 3 puffs of a one hitter June 29th and tomorrow I am getting drug tested will it be positive?

      1. Sorry to bother just needed some reassurance
        I haven’t smoked in years but about a week ago I started hitting a pipe 3-4 times a day and have a drug test in 15 days
        I have only smoked for the last 6 days or so but if I stop it all now and drink water will I be okay for a standard 50/ngl test?

    1. Dr. Fudin. I have been a chronic smoker for the past 10 years or so. I’m 26 and weigh about 195 lbs standing 5 ft 9 in. BMI in the mid to high 20s. I was smoking 3-5 blunts a day of low-grade with regular thc oil pen usage (10-20 hits per day for the past year.) I’ve been putting off my DOT drug test for quite some time. I am now officially 65 days clean and have been staying hydrated. I have passed 3 50 ng/ml at-home tests recently but am unsure if I will pass a 15 ng/ml. My original plan was to wait a full 3 months however the sooner I can get to work the better. My gut tells me I’m clean enough but the fear of failure is stopping me from proceeding with the test. What do you think my chances are? Thank you for your insight.

      1. Rob,

        If I were you, I’d ask your doctor to order a urine test by chromatography. That is even more accurate than the test is question. If that’s negative the 15ng/mL will be negative, and if it’s not, it is a false positive. If all is negative, you should be fine.

        1. Smoke everyday for 10 years atleast 5 joints a day if not more took me 120 to get clean at. 220lbs and 6.2 tall .. and for all u dot smokers the Federal cut off is 50ng for fmcsa

  124. How does one know (or best estimate) the amount of thc the subject is consuming? The manno study (sitation 8) utilized “joints” of less than 1 gram with a potency of less than 4% taken in 8 “puffs”.

    1. Does different strains make a difference of the level of thc and how long it stays in your system

  125. DR Fudin
    fathers day June 17th someone passed me a vape with concentrate THC in it .I thought it was tobacco held it for a second then coughed it out really quick it was too late it was high concentrate I was testing positive 8 days later on a 20 ng/mg stick .PM’s clinics cut offs can go down to 10 or 5 ng/ ml even traces smh . Dr will I be ok I am 150 pounds 5’2 27 BMI .I have a great dr I don’t want to lose it was not intentional even told the person who had it earlier I don’t I cant smoke .I have to drop on 10th of July will I be ok I have been drinking alot of water ….. doing a toxin rid cranberry juice no use prior to that 27 days was all I had total …..10th is coming up …..
    Please Answer Back I have bad panic attacks !!!!!!

    1. Niki, If it was one hit, one time only on 6/17, by 7/10 you likely will be fine. But, it is curious why you would think that the vape contained tobacco rather than THC or something else – that story will be a harder sell to you doctor than explaining why you were positive after the fact.

      1. bar like who would vape weed in a bar I had smoked a few ciggs tht night I don’t even smoke tobacco .I had a couple beers which is fine in moderation with dr im lucky to have a cool dr like I do I would never be stupid like that with only 25 days I know how low cut off only 5 ng/ml for a pm test would leave traces where other labs just say negative …. the guy switched out in bar my bf’s tobacco oil I thought he just didn’t want to go out and have another cigg it was so late . I said let me hit that not smelling the difference that’s when I pulled it in my lungs choked and tasted what I just did and said loudly this is you know what eyes got big and thought OMG NO ….. he laughed at me like I was going to be ok………. I was pissed didn’t do another one trust me on that…. I have been a very good patient for a very long time don’t want to let my dr down like that who has trusted me and been so awesome with me this long…… I get offered weed ll the time and turn it down ……… definitely would never do it on purpose especially with only 25 days left ..

  126. Hey Dr. I’m a 19 y/o kid who weighs 140 lbs. And I recently went to beach week 2 weeks ago (Beach week is where graduated seniors from high school go down to the beach for the week and drink and smoke) and smoked 3 times I was there. I probably smoked 3 hits from someone’s joint then 2 from someone’s dab pen then the next night I took 2 hits of my friends bong. Prior to smoking that 2-3 times I was clean for 4 months. How long do you think it’ll stay in my system for? I’m not a big smoker at all my metabolism rate is average.

  127. I smoked 3 times from the bong 5 days ago..
    I have smoked in nearly 2 months prior to that
    Will I pass my urine test tomorrow?

  128. I’m 5’3 and 105lbs, I have my medical marijuana card but obviously that doesn’t matter when it comes to needing a job and finding out they drug test. I don’t have a lot of body fat and it’s only because I smoke marijuana that I have finally reached 105lbs (due to severe nausea- why I qualified for my card) I’m trying to get to 120lbs but I also have a fast metabolism. Anyway, I haven’t smoked in 2 weeks and just got the call I have to test in the morning. I’m freaking out. Do you think a miracle could happen and I could possibly pass? I’m also worried because my urine is usually clear probably because I only drink water. I never drink any alcohol, pop, juice or anything. Just water. I hear they can fail you for that but my Dr told me that it was a good thing to have clear urine on a regular it means I’m healthy. I’m so confused.

    1. Kristy, The clarity of your urine is not a problem as long as your electrolytes are normal, which presumably they are. My guess is that it will probably test positive.

  129. Good day Dr. Fudin or anyone else willing to offer an informed opinion,

    I was offered a DOT regulated job on the condition I pass a screening. Split sample, 5-panel cutoff of 50ng/mL, possible confirmation by GC-MS cutoff of 15ng/mL.

    However 2 weeks ago I actually failed another unrelated 5-panel at 35ng/mL. It had been at least 3-months closer to 4 since I had ingested any THC. Full disclosure, the night before I had drank pretty hard on gin and tonics, I’m trying to keep this in check..personal belief that this is not an acceptable replacement for pot. So I was considerably dehydrated and had strong coffee prior to the test as well. I barely provided enough urine to meet the level.

    One week later after learning of the concentrated 35ng/mL result I took a rapid screen which passed the, I assume 50ng/mL cutoff. More hydrated this time.
    Prior to yesterday, in the 2 weeks since the 35ng/mL result, I’ve since exercised moderately, hydrated well, drank an ‘Herbal Clean Ultra-Eliminex’ two days prior, some sauna time, decent nutrition.

    At 16 days since the 35ng/mL, and 9 days after having passed a rapid 5-panel, yesterday morning I took the DOT pre-employment UA. Morning of, two hours prior I ate a pretty hearty breakfast, consumed considerable amounts of water, a strong espresso/cold brew, urinated a few times, then gave my sample. Even made an attempt to give only ‘mid-stream’ urine while still providing enough for the DOT split sample. The color, while pretty light wasn’t really clear.

    After 2 weeks and given the efforts I made, I went into the test pretty confident but now, for what’s riding on this, and the nature this situation while awaiting a result, I’m worrying and 2nd guessing.

    My concern is that if a possible dilute, it is summer, I’ve always been instructed to consume ample water. If creatine levels test low that it could possibly flag above the 15ng/mL cutoff on GC/MS confirmation as Dilute-Positive.

    I’m decent shape, 32 y.o., 6′ 192lbs, roughly 15-20% BMI. I’ve always been a heavy sweater, not sure if that’s indicative of a good metabolism/toxin elimination.

    Essentially I’m praying 2 weeks and a few efforts was enough to reduce a concentrated 35ng/mL sample, to a diluted <15ng/mL sample.

    Thank you for reading/offering opinions,


    1. I have been smoking for past 6 months..2 puffs in the morning and 3 puffs at night…
      stopped for 6 days then smoked for a week….then stopped for 5 days… and smoked one more time…
      since that last day i have not smoked for 10 days now…I have been drinking lots of water and tested negative in at home tests.
      Will i pass the lab test?

  130. Hi there! I have a DOT test on the 28th. I took a hit from a bowl two weeks ago, once on Friday and once on Saturday. Before that I took a few dabs about 5 weeks ago. I’ve taken 2 at home tests and both show negative (with a very faint line). I’ve even ordered a 3 day detox kit to start soon. What are my chances of passing? And will the detox kit help??

    1. Clinical lab tech here, I run these tests on a daily basis. At home kits and the ones used in hospitals and clinical labs are exactly the same in most cases, with the cutoff at 50ng/mL. Speaking from experience, using the competetive binding Immunoassay cards generally used in hospitals and at home tests, labs are required to call a negative result on an analyte whenever ANY line is seen in the test region, no matter how faint. So chances are, if the at home test was negative, the lab’s test will show negative as well. Also, according to the data above, the dabs should have been out of your system within 30-40 days, and the one bowl hit would have been below detectable levels after 3-4 days. I’d say you’re golden

      1. Hi chad I have a question about lab testing. I’m prescribed Adderall and I had to give a urine sample to receive my medication. Well I haven’t smoked any Marijuana in 49 days. I bought many at home drug tests to test for marijuana at 50ng/ml I did pass 15 days after I last smoked. After reading all these comments I started to worry/panic I won’t pass my urine test at the hospital to continue to get my meds. I maybe would smoke a pinch size puff a couple times a week off and on for about 2-3 months. I don’t plan on going back to smoking marijuana and I bought 4 of the 20ng/ml tests and passed all of those too. I didn’t tell my doctor that I had smoked 49 days ago and I just took my urine test on 11/1/19. Do you think I will pass? How long does it take to get the results back? Will I get a 2nd chance to continue getting my med?

  131. Hey Doc,

    May 11-14th I smoked approximately 2-2 1/2 blunts. Before this I hadn’t smoked in two years. On May 20th I was selected for a random drug test (immunoassay). I drank some certo and 3 water bottles about 45 minutes before testing. Will I test positive?

  132. I had a half a 10mg gummy for the 1st time in 3 months 10 days ago. I have a urine test tomorrow …thoughts?

  133. I’m 5’8 175lbs and smoked quite frequently for the past couple of months I would say close to once a day. I am drinking a lot of water and exercise every day I have a body fat percent of 9% and I’ve never struggled with gaining weight so I assumed my metabolism is quite fast. I have a drug test in about 4 and a half weeks do you think I’ll be okay?

  134. Hello, I recently stopped smoking exactly 40 days to this day, I’ve taking many home drug tests at the 20ng and 2 days ago I still tested positive, I’m getting 50 ng tests in the mail today or tomorrow, I was just an occasional smoker mostly once a day at night time, is it just the sensitive tests that show a positive result, i’m 5’7″ 200lbs!? thanks…

      1. Hey I had to take a CDL dot random drug test… I used mostly synthetic urine, but it wasn’t enough to get to the line so I used a squeeze of my own dirty urine. Is there any possibility I will come up negative on the drug test l.

  135. I smoked pod (two puffs) for the first time ever on April 12 this year and haven’t smoked again since then. They took a urine sample today. Could i test positive somehow? I am 27, 5,6 tall and 143 pounds.

      1. Curious for myself. I don’t smoke at all and I decided to take 2 puffs of my friends joint 5 days ago. Is there anything I can do to decrease THC in my system in the next few days? I just learned I will be taking a drug urinalysis in the near future. What are the odds that I will test positive?

  136. I work in residential real estate maintenance. Most days i am exposed to strong concentrations of second hand smoke from residents in my buildings. I actually felt a little woozy last week and had a Urine test on Friday. I dont smoke myself but I’m afraid i may fail from the second hand smoke. Is this possible?

  137. Dr. I tested weekly for over a year when I was chronically smoking marijuana (dry flower) 4-5 blunts daily (.7g-1g each). Why is it that my THC levels seemed to never exceed slightly over 200 ng/ml? It wouldn’t matter if I smoked 1 blunt or 10. Sometimes smoking one or two blunts the same day as the test. Smoking all day before. My levels would “cap out” around 200? I have now stopped smoking and am sober. Just curious if you have any feedback.

      1. I smoked for 4 weeks straight, was never a chronic user prior. cutoff was 50ng DOT reg. for test.
        Smoked the day before a test and came up “negative”. I’m baffled. Failed a home test the night before test. Comments? Dr. Fudin Much appreciated.

        this was also listed in my report

        “collector did not complete specimen bottles(s) released to box”.
        “specimen validity testing was performed within federal guidelines “

  138. My 14 year old son just tested at 1022 ng/ml THC. Is this considered to be very high (no pun intended)? The lab told us he needed to get immediate help.

    1. It is pretty high. certainly a therapeutic level that can get you into trouble. And I agree, he needs help!

  139. How will I fair?

    On Sat April 27, 2019, I had a few drinks ( happy drunk) and a couple hits from someone’s blunt/joint. Prior to this for the month of April, I have had a drink edible of 10 mg THC every Wednesday. I work out 4-6 times every week and I sweat it + sit in the sauna for 20 minutes minimum every time I hit the gym. I worked out between April 27 and May 1 and consumed high calorific foods. I am 165 lbs, 5’9 & with a slight belly fat/ core muscle. My UA was fairly concentrated with coconut water, B vitamins, steak soup + I have remained well hydrated and flushed out a lot in the interim days. I consumed a high protein high fiber diet combined with multi-vitamins, fat burners (occasionally but not on the day of my UA). I got UA tested @ 50 ng/l on May 1 that includes ETG testing for a court order. What will be my possible result?

      1. Hi

        I was wondering I haven’t smoked in months, I toll 3 hits in January of this year, about 4 hits at the beginning of April and 1hit on 4/20. I had my drug test today and I had only about 4 ounces of water to drink before the test. Will I test positive?

    1. This country, and the world, really needs to get its priorities straight. I’m still trying to wrap my head around why smoking a plant is illegal, and why people are incarcerated because of it.

      Am I the only one that finds all of this to be the biggest waste of time. Ohhhhh… ahhhhhh you smoked a plant, you’re going to jail, you’re getting fired.

      Preached by the same people sucking down bottles of Wine, Scotch, and Prozac

      What a crock of horseshit.

      1. you got that right brother hate to be dealing with this crap. and its funny how the least harmful drug stays in system the longest. keep on toking. one.

  140. How long do you think it would be detected for a 15ng/ml cut off level. I smoked 3 times in a 33 day span. Before that i hadnt smoked. For 7 months. Im also skinny, been working out. Staying hydrated, eating great & detoxing

  141. I smoked THC vape “dabs” high concentration THC about 40 days ago was the last time. I am 6’4″ skinny and fast metabolism 180lbs or less. Took a drug test today with a 20ng/ml cut off for THC. Drank water all day and took vitamins for urine color regularly urinated every half hour or so before test. I think I am in the clear?? What do you think?

  142. I am a female, 5’10, 160 lbs.

    My blood screening had the following results:(Copied exactly)
    0.060% alcohol
    2.3 ng/ml Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)
    11.7 ng/ml Carboxy THC
    This was indicated as a “high level of THC” even though I did not feel impaired and was able to conduct work using a high degree of concentration and fine motor skills. Any perspective?

    Thank you in advance.

  143. Hello Dr. Fumin

    I am a 6’1 235 lb 21 year old male who used to smoke mid to upper grade marijuana every day for about a year up until mid February of this year. I have a little less than 2 weeks until my urine test. I have calculated 84 days in total from the day I stopped to the day of the test. I just recently tested myself and came out positive with over 100 ng in my system. I have about 12 days left until my test, do you think I can pass?

  144. Hey Doc! I wanted to discuss edibles! Would one, 10 mg THC serving (fruit snack) be considered a “single use”? What would that 10mg serving equate to in ng/ml inside the body? Experimenting by using at home tests in the past I tested positive at 50 ng/ml cutoff (shocker haha) ~12 hours after consuming one 10mg gummy; took another at home test ~90 hours after use and heavy hydration, results were negative. Always a bit weary of at home tests so I wanted to get some science behind it! Not a frequent user in the slightest, 5’8″ 180lbs, in the 17-20% BF range, exercise on average 4 days a week. Thanks!!

  145. I tested 326 ng/nl and I am curious if that’s high? My doctor was alright with it, I live in Oregon and all, but just wondering.

      1. I am about 400lbs I smoke daily but only about 2 or 3 times a day and usually only 5 to 6 hits out of my bong I have a saliva test coming up on the 29 do you think I can pass if I don’t smoke any more till then

  146. Took two puffs of weed for the first time in a year . Not a smoker of weed a year ago either just make bad choices when I’ve had too much to drink. Anyways it’s been three weeks but I took a pre employment urine test today . I should be okay correct ?

  147. Normally smoke 3 fairly strong puffs of flower a night. Stopped 7 days ago, home test (the stricter one, the 15 rather than the 50, gave me one clean test and then a positive on the next day. I’m currently fasting and running most days in ketosis in order to burn fat cells. Will do a carb load day before the test to make sure I’m running on glycogen during piss test and also do a Niacin load day before and day of. Will over hydrate and then supplement with a b vitamin complex to avoid a rejection due to dilation.

    Alll that considered, should I piss clean on a standard issue 50 pre employment screen about 16 days after last toke? thanks for the advice

  148. Amazing read.

    Doc: I am a regular user. Stopped smoking weed between April 1-10 then smoked daily until April 15. Pre employment test with cut off of 50ng/ml in 3 weeks. I plan to eat healthy and exercise daily. I am male. Average build. What are chances I will pass?

    Thank you

  149. I smoke a whole blunt 60+ days ago with about 2 grams in it I have a hair follicle test in 3 days am I okay?

      1. Doc I need help! I smoked on Sunday night at 11pm approx 2 small hits from a gravity bong. I had an unexpected urine drug test on Thursday approx 1pm. I took a home test on Tuesday and passed. Problem is I take Adderall but small dose 5mg every once in a while . I took that on Tuesday and Wednesday. I think I will pass the prelim for thc but I am concerned I will fail the prelim for amphetamines at 500ng/ml and sample will be further tested at 15ng/ml level for thc and fail that ! They will test even though I’m prescribed Adderall. Please tell me if you think I will pass! I have a fast metabolism, I Took a test right before the real test Thursday and passed for amphetamines at 1000ng/ml test and thc 50ng/ml. Prior to this no thc in a long time. Also drank lots of water and peed twice before real test. Please I need your advice !

  150. I only normally only smoke when my pipeline work is done for the winter for only maybe up to a week. Then i do not smoke until the end of the next job season. But for some dumb reason this year i smoked on march 28 1 hit of strong weed. The next day I got a slight head change off of some not strong pot. Very very slight change.. Then i took 3 mild hits of brick weed it was a pretty significant high but not like that 1 hit from strong weed.almost a week later i smoked 2 hits of not so strong again. That last 2 hits was no later than April 5. On april 10th iland on april 11 I took 2 at home urine tests and passed them. On april 12 I took a preemployment test, I drank about 3/4 of a gallon of water before the test. I urinated 3 times before the test. The test urine was probably the first pee where the water was really really flowing through me. Becauae it was pretty clear (just a little very slight touch if color) and it was a super long pee. I should feel confident that i passed but the amount of responsibility that rests upon me (my family) has me terribly nervous. Im very disappointed in myself even though ive passed with less time and more regular smoking when i was younger. But having children that rely on me has me crazy scared. Even though i should pass i will never again put the my livelyhood at risk. So anyways 1 hit of chronic. Next day a slight head change and nect day 3 hits of regular weed head change then a week later 2 small hits of regular weed. 7days later a urine test at work. This after passing two home tests… Im good right?

  151. Will my boyfriend pass a follicle test if he sits in a garage with me with a fan on and door cracked open while I smoke my medical marijuana regularly everyday? I would like to be free to be able to smoke in the house but they are afraid the second hand smoke will make him fail his drug test for a job he’s trying to get.
    So some places says it’s a myth to fail hair follicle test from second hand marijuana smoke but other sites won’t confirm if he will pass or not from the second hand smoke.
    Will he pass from if he around me while I am smoking?

  152. Does hydration level affect likeliness of a positive test? I did not dilute, and was dehydrated during my test (only consumed 30 oz of water total that morning). If a person is dehydrated (dark urine) how does that affect immunoassay sensitivity?

  153. So I have a test coming up in the next week or so. I abstained from smoking from mid December to the end of February. In March I had 2 fairly high dose edibles and 1 normal joint as well as a joint wrapped in wax covered in kief. I smoked that last one over the course of a week. The next day I get a call for an interview I was not expecting and have since been “hired” and will be getting my test done soon. The total time between my last ingestion of THC to when my test is will range anywhere from 18-21 days. Based on the frequency up to that point would it seem likely that I would pass a 20ng/ml test? I don’t know for sure if that’s what the test will be at, but it feels like a good guess.

  154. I do not use marijuana very often. I took one hit February 26th, then on March 24th I ate a 10mg candy. I just happened to get called in for a random drug test at work the very next day. Apparently the initial test with a 50ng/ml cutoff showed up positive for marijuana metabolites and amphetamines because I take adderall. The confirmation test showed that my level of amphetamine was 8029 ng/ml, to be expected. My thc metabolite level was 15ng/ml according to the confirmation test, right at the cutoff. I was then fired for the positive test. How is it that I showed positive on the immunoassay test with a 50ng/ml cutoff when my level of metabolites was so much lower? The doctor told me its because the tests work differently, but it doesnt make sense to me because they are measuring the same thing in the same units and the confirmation test is supposed to be more accurate.

      1. I have a pre employment drug test coming up. Now, I have a few questions. I had been using a dab pen (pure thc extract) several times a day for about a month or two. I am 5’8 and weigh 170 pounds, with about 10-12% body fat at most. I haven’t taken a single puff of of it since February 26th, and it is April 9th. My drug test is in about 2-3 weeks, I have kept a steady workout regimen and have drank a gallon of water a day every day (not to mention two strong detox drinks and a lot of cranberry juice) since even before I stopped. Am I likely to pass?
        One more question, I also use a juul (nicotine vaporizer) that my friend who is a heavy chronic smoker also used a few times. Would I test positive just for making contact with his saliva, even if he wiped it off? Thank you, I appreciate the answers as I am worried about my test.

      2. If I pass a 50nl home test will I pass a15ng home test I am not by any means a frequent user and haven’t used in 12 days and all I did 12 days ago was take 2 hits of a oil pen

  155. Hello, I’m just curious, I have not ingested or smoked or taken any type of drug for over 4 months. I was thinking about smoking a few hits of weed tonight, I would have 14 days before I might get tested at an interview. I weigh 150lbs, male, 5’8”, 10% body fat at most. Would I test positive for “thc-cooh” after the 13 days and be clean on the 14th? Asking before I make a rash decision. I appreciate your time and thank you for your help.

        1. It depends on how much you ingest and also how accurate that claim is, since quality control generally is not great with these products. The short answer is that you probably wouldn’t test positive, but there is a remote chance you can.

  156. Curious for thoughts behind my usage versus activity levels:

    Heavy user for one year of primarily lower concentration <30% with mixed breaks every month for a week; however, I am really interested in its comparison to my fitness/ activity levels.

    Consistent movement/ activity ranging from mountaineering/skiing/alpine climbing/trail-running/etc. for 6+ years now with no compelling/ noticeable hindrance by my smoking habits. As far as gauging fitness, I have ascended 9000' in around 7miles (Paradise to Mt. Rainier Summit) in 12 hours carrying ~ 20lbs.; capable of ascending 4000' over 4 miles in 80minutes w/ <10lbs.

    Unsure if these measurements help at all but it is how I gauge fitness levels – cheers

  157. When judging by single use or moderate use, im sure it’s based on amount smoked compared to a single day, but if I smoked 4 hits total out of a vape pen the entire night, does that fall under moderate use or single use?

    It’s a concentrate so I’m thinking moderate, but does it jump even higher to a heavier level of smoking?

    I just scrolled through an impressive amount of questions asked. Thank you guys for taking the time to explain things to us!

  158. I use CBD drops every day Morning and Night. I use Lazarus Naturals and they state it may have .03 % of THC. I am curious if i will test positive on a drug test that does have a limit if 50 ng/ml.
    I know people that want to use it also, but they know they get random drug test and and are un-sure if they should use it.
    Also if it it used as a Balm or Massage oil, does it enter the blood the same as the drops would?

    Thank you,

      1. Doc if I smoke a roach witch is like 3 to 4 puffs will I test dirty in my next drug test ? Or how long will it take to clear my system I used to smoke very heavily but I been clean for almost 4 weeks an I need a head change any chance of me passing my drug test ?

      1. Took 2 hits Saturday night. Never smoked before that. Have a drug test tomorrow. I’m 5’10 230lbs. Home test was negative. What are the chances of me passing this drug test?

      2. Good evening Doctor,
        if I ingested two edible gummies of 4.5 mg each on March 29th and another single edible gummy of 4.5 mg on March 30th, (a total of 13.5 mg), will my urine drug test scheduled on April 11th or April 12th (I have the options for either day) come out negative? I want to clarify that it had been a month that I was waiting for a callback for a certain job, hence I believed I had not been accepted for the job. They randomly called me four days ago to offer me the job and schedule my drug test. I am an active individual and have been eating extremely clean and exercising daily. Do you think I have a good chance if I am drinking a lot of water as detoxing to pass the test? I don’t think I ingested over the 50ng/mL limit on the test.. but I would like to know if you think I will pass the test.

  159. Hey Doc, so I was a chronic user for the past few years, I had to quit for tasc services via probation. My initial test said 112ng in my urine, the next was 107 ng, the next was 100ng. The 3rd test was taken after 13 days. I’m waiting on my next test to come in. Currently 24 days clean. I’m 23, 6”1, 230. Is there any reason why my levels arnt significantly dropping?

    1. If used chronically, cannabinoids can sequester in body tissue and take many weeks to come down. There is a way to determine for new versus old use by testing carboxy THC to creatinine ratio

      1. Hey Doc so I received my my results for my 20th day of being clean. Currently 29 days clean but that test showed a major spike in my levels. It went from 100 to 170. Which makes zero sense because I’m not even around it anymore. I have started working out everyday and drinking only water. Also on phentermine 37.5 to help lose weight. I have read where losing weight can increase these. But my po will just see an increase and assume I’m smoking again. Is there any reason for this increase and if so what can prove I’m not smoking.

      2. Hey Doc, just called back to asked my thc creative levels and they went from 87 to 137. I was told this is a good thing because it clearly shows I’m not using which leans in my favor. But just wanted to verify with you.

  160. Hello, I had a pre acceptance test for a non profit culinary training program today and the dip strip came back positive for thc. When I went back to the organization they accused me of lying when I stated I haven’t smoked since September 2018. They intimated that if I admitted smoking it would be ok.. I don’t feel comfortable lying and going with their assumptions because of my pride at being sober off many drugs. They sent me to different clinic for a ln actual lab test… I am over 300 lbs and have been around some ppl that we’re smoking and was wondering if that’s what affected the dip strip test and what this new test will show? Thank u

    1. Ask them to send the sample of definitive testing by chromatography. There are several drugs that can cause false positive THC, including over-the-counter drugs. No, being around people that smoked marijuana would not cause you to test positive.

  161. I was offered a job last month that required a drug test. I had 13 days to take the test. Up to that point I was smoking the thc oil…usually 2-3 hits on weekdays, and 6 hits on the weekends. I was using the the easy@home drug tests to see if I was clean. My first test failed, the 2nd had a faint line. The next 7 after that I passed with 2 lines. I even tested my morning urine the day after the test and passed. I found out that I was going to have to take the test again because my urine was too diluted due to the fact I had to “fast” for labs 12 hours prior…moving forward I was given an extra 21 days (34 in all) I kept testing myself and passing. I went to the gym at least 8 times and did the stair master for 30 minutes, elliptical for 15 minutes and the bike for 15 minutes as well. I drink a lot of water so that wasn’t an issue for me either. Do you think I passed?

  162. I’ve been using a CBD oil for about 7 months. Just took a random and failed. How is that possible with such a minimum amount of THC in this oil.. Actually didn’t take any 24 hours prior to test. Also don’t understand the levels..Company said that my level numbers were 2..2.

      1. Is it a different type of test I can request? This oil is all I use and my test results show a level of 22.

  163. Can anyone please advise me….

    If a urine test returns 4.4ug/L for THC, is that a trace or high level of THC?

    If high, would it be enough to cause someone to hallucinate?

      1. Dr. Fudin. I took 4-5 hits of a joint 6 days ago and took a drug test today. I am 250 pounds and 5 ft 10. Will I pass my drug test? Before that I hadn’t smoked in 4 months. They are sending the drug test to the lab

  164. Hello! So i’m so confused with the article because I don’t get the grams & etc . But anyways, I hit a dab pen for my first time in Jan 22nd 2019 or 24th . I hit it like 2 times I think and honestly I didn’t know what was in the dab pen until they told me it was THC. I got a job yesterday (March 22nd) and I took a drug test. Will it be positive? Just recently I had food poisoning so my stomach is really clean and I been using the restroom and most of the time I was dehydrated . Will I still pass even though it was my first time?

    1. I briefly inhaled some second-hand pot smoke. I immediately left the room. 35 hours later took a DOT drug test at an airline. I should pass since I’m a non-user correct?

  165. I took a urine test this morning. I have smoked 2 times in three weeks. One hit each time. I last smoked Sunday night. The time before that was probably 2 weeks. Today is Thursday and I took a random, I drank enough water that my urine was clear with just a slight tint of yellow. I’m 5’9 195. I’m average size. Do you think my chance are good? Thank you

    1. I smoked At most for times a week for a good amount, have been clean for three weeks do you think I will pass a quest diagnostic test for a job internship. It’s a piss test

  166. Hi Dr. Fudin,

    I hope you are doing well! I have a pre-employment drug screen coming up in 2 days. I used to smoke once a week at least only, max twice on/off weeks. I stopped completely on January 15th and have used none ever since. It’s been 60+ days, I weigh 115 pounds and am 5”2. Some tests at home have been giving me negative results but at times positive. What is the likelihood I will be passing my drug screen?

    Thank you!

      1. Hi! I have never been a smoker before but the last two months I have taken one or 2 hits 3-5 times a week. I just quit 3 days ago and I have a job coming up that will drug test me. I’m trying to push it off for two weeks. I am 5’7 120lbs and 18/20% body fat. How long before I can get a negative result?

      2. Hi I’ve been clean for a month now. I took maybe 4 hits on the 15th of March. About how long will it take to pass a 20ng weed test?

      3. I don’t think that’s completely true, I think it affects people differently,,,to be honest I perform better when I use to smoke and I paid attention more also

    1. Hi I’ve been clean for a month now. I took maybe 4 hits on the 15th of March. About how long will it take to pass a 20ng weed test?

  167. I used to be a frequent user. I smoked 1 hit off of a dab pen on Sunday afternoon (3/17). How long before this will be out of my system. I am 24 years old and 200 lbs. Not very active. I may be randomly tested for work at any time and do not want to lose my job.

  168. The marijuana used in the study from 2001 contained only 3.58% THC. Nobody smokes marijuana with that little THC content. Many of the strains that medical and recreational users have access to in the real world have 20% Or even 25% THC.

    If you were to recalculate the total intake of THC in a joint (based on the 753mg marijuana per joint in the study) with a strain containing 20% THC, the joint would have approx 150mg of THC.

    Returning to your patient – 2 hits from a joint could easily be 1/3 of the entire joint. This means that she realistically smoked about 50mg of THC – twice what is indicated in the study and it is highly likely that this would cause a positive test result.

  169. My thc levels were 900 when I first got tested. They want to see my levels go down and u have not smoked in a week. Will that lower my levels? And if so can I smoke today and still not raise the levels above 900?

  170. hello,great site,59, 220 lbs,.fit active male,two toaks three times a night at 3, 6 and 8 pm daily,for 35 yrs never smoke during day back yard homegrown.i hurt myself at work at 7:30 in morning.went for urine test and tested positive at 181 ng/mll this put me over the 15 ng/mll. I feel that i was not impaired . my question is.Was the urine test the proper accurate test for impairment.. I do not feel impaired in the mornings. i work as a heavy duty mechanic and welder,. Do you feel that i would be impaired to do my duties. i have a great record for not getting hurt or making mistakes at my job. I would appreciate your view on this situation. I have quit smoking for the last week and don t need to smoke but i enjoyed it over they need me to go see a substance abuse proffesional and rehab program, which i feel unessesary .but to have my job back they have hoops to jump long to clear my system. Thanks for your site and opinion Tom from canada awaitinng a reply

  171. hello,great site,59, 220 lbs,.fit active male,two toaks three times a night at 3, 6 and 8 pm daily,for 35 yrs never smoke during day back yard homegrown.i hurt myself at work at 7:30 in morning.went for urine test and tested positive at 181 ng/mll this put me over the 15 ng/mll. I feel that i was not impaired . my question is.Was the urine test the proper accurate test for impairment.. I do not feel impaired in the mornings. i work as a heavy duty mechanic and welder,. Do you feel that i would be impaired to do my duties. i have a great record for not getting hurt or making mistakes at my job. I would appreciate your view on this situation. I have quit smoking for the last week and don t need to smoke but i enjoyed it over they need me to go see a substance abuse profesional and rehab program, which i feel unnessesary.but to have my job back they have hoops to jump long to clear my system. Thanks for your site and opinion Tom from canada

  172. Hello Dr. Jeffrey Fudin,

    I am a daily smoker and slightly overweight. I will be taking a urine test 10-14 days from when I stopped smoking. I assume that is cutting it too close for comfort. If I were to moderately dilute my urine by consuming water, is it likely to beat the test without raising red flags?

    Secondary question, what measurements are used to determine if a test is invalid based on dilution?

  173. Hey,
    I took one hit on weed joint on Saturday morning at about 9:30am and had a urine test on 11:30am on the Monday morning after consuming a lot of water the preceding day. I urinated first thing in the morning and consumed water up to the urine test. I am 6ft 5 and weigh 209lbs. I rarely ever smoke.

    Your thoughts please.

    Many Thanks.

  174. Hello Dr,

    I smoked on Friday 3/8, a puff or two on 3/10 and ate a gummy bear and 1/3 of a joint on 3/12. I’m a 30yo male at 191lbs and 22% BF – is it likely to test positive or negative? It’s a pre-employment test.
    Thank you

      1. How did your test go? I have a test on 4/12. I smoke 3-4 hits before bed at night, everynight. Just wondering what my odds are. Hope your test went well.

  175. Hi
    I’ve been smoking for 12 years and quit December 29th 2018 it is now 3/13/19 and im testing positive for 10ng/ml with one week spiking to 16 ng/ml how is it possible to spike with no new use and can I prove no new use with a hair follicle? How can i show that I havent been using? These uas are being sent to a lab with no cut off only showing counts. They also show my creatinine levels. It’s like the people reading the print outs dont understand that that low of count compaired to my creatinine levels mean that in NOT using. What can I do to prove it?

  176. I commented a little while ago about stopping on 1/18/19 & testing positive 2/22/19 but I forgot to add that I’m 5’7 & 135 lbs if that helps to specify your answer to my inquiry, Thank you!!

  177. I was a chronic user up until 1/18/19, I am now being tested regularly. On 2/22/19 I tested positive & the lab result came back at what the lab personnel said was a “9” today on 3/12/19 I tested positive again. The lab rep said with a level 9 almost 3 weeks ago I should not be testing positive anymore. I have not smoked since 1/18/19. Is there any explaination as to why I could still be testing positive? Could it just be because I was a chronic user? Can you explain what the levels mean, a 9 for instance. Please & Thank you!

  178. I feel like I should be ok but I have always read that THC is fat soluble so I’m not sure if my weight will affect my chances.

  179. Hi I am 25, 270 pounds and I smoked out of an oil pen for 3 days with my sister on February 17th. I have a drug test in the next 2 days, prior to smoking with my sister the last time I smoked was July of 2018. I was a daily smoker for most my life but because of my job I quit entirely, smoking only that time since. What do you think my odds are of passing? Im in a legal state but applying for a Federal job so state law doesn’t matter to my employer.

  180. Hello Dr. Jeffrey Fudin, I’m Justus Wilmoth. I smoked 3 or 4 hits of marijuana on the 6th and 7th and tooks 4 more hits on the 9th and have a urine test on the 14th. I try to drink alot of water and I play basketball so im very active. In 14 years old and I weigh 127 lbs and am 5’2. Will I pass?

    1. Justus, With that usage at your age, I’m afraid there’s a lot of things you will not pass moving forward. If you’re able to, I suggest you stop smoking altogether or get professional help to stop smoking.

      1. Marijuana is not addicting. Stop making it seem like it is. Everyone gets curious to try it.

        1. It can be addictive. Pretty much anything that causes pleasure can, food, sex, gambling. I love weed but let’s be logical and realistic and change the opinions we have when new information is presented.

  181. Hi Dr. Ludin,

    I have been a regular, daily Marijuana user for the past couple of years. I stopped consuming on 1/22/19 and it is 3/12/19 today. I am 100 lbs, 5’1.5, and have been drinking plenty of water since I stopped. I have also been eating better and go to the sauna mostly every day. I have taken a couple of at home-drug tests and have tested negative lately, except for a different at home test, which I tested positive on this morning. I will take the pre-employment drug test on either 3/14 or 3/16. In your opinion, will I pass a urine test?


  182. Hi Dr. Fudin,

    I have been a regular, daily user of Marijuana for the past couple of years. I stopped consuming on 1/22/19 and it is 3/12/19 today. I will be taking a pre-employment drug test in 2-4 days. I weight about 100 lbs and am 5’1.5. I have been drinking plenty of water since I have stopped. I have taken at home-drug tests and tested negative for some, but a different at home test came out positive this morning. What are the chances of testing negative on the real test?


      1. Dr. Jeff,

        I started smoking thc oil and had 9 days without from December 30th until January 9th. From the 9th of January I smoked just about everyday until I found out about a job that had a pre-employment drug test around February 12th. My date was set for 13 days later…the first home test FAILED, two days later I saw a faint clear 2nd line. The next 7 home tests I passed. I actually drank too much water the day of the test and was told (damn near 3 weeks later) I had to take it again LOL. So now we have 33 days later…will I be good?

        How was I smoking?
        Almost everyday up until Feb 12, 3 puffs max on weekdays, 6 puffs max on weekends

        At least 7 days I did:
        30 Minutes Stair master
        15 minutes elliptical
        15 minutes bike
        I walk about 1.5 miles when I go and come from the gym

        Water: I AM A BEAST when it comes to water.

        Last thing, I have even been testing my morning Urine and I am passing home tests….WILL I PASS!!!

          1. If Marijuana affects performance, why is alcohol and any other products, any different?

          2. Oh…I did not think this question posted…I actually typed it again. BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO TELL ME TWICE…..I’m giving my THC pen away and I’m DONE!!!

          3. *************UPDATE
            So the 2nd drug test was lost. I had to retake my 3rd today at 50 days clean….How Do You Like Them Odds????

  183. Hi, I smoked a little bit on the 6th and 7th and smoked 4 puffs on the 9th and I have a test on the 14th I’m trying to drink alot. I play alot of basketball so I’m active I’m 127 lbs 5’2 and 14 yo. Will I pass?

  184. Hello Doc,

    Question I recently went to a dab bar here in Wa State and tried a 4 different small dabs of 85% thc wax. I haven’t used any Thc before this for 2 months or longer. I know I will have a drug test in about 6 weeks for my doctor so I am going to stop. The test detection is 20 ng/ml and carboxyl thc at 2ng/ml … I’m 160lbs low BMI and just a one time user. Curious what you think my test results will be if I give it about 6 weeks to clear out. Thanks again!

  185. I tested positive at 40nl/ml on a 50nl -15nl test. How long will it take for me to clean out my system? Best guess?

  186. Hi Dr.,
    I have smoked 3 times in my life. Once about 5 months ago, the second time about 4 weeks ago, and most recently last night. I took two hits off of a pax vaporizer. I just found out I have to take a drug test within the next two weeks. I’m going to try to put it off for as long as I can, but how long do you think it will be before I should be able to pass, it is an employment test so it should be 50ng? I run every day and drink a lot of water. Yesterday I ran 16 miles before smoking. I typically run about 4 miles a day. Should I try to exercise as much as I can? I ordered some home drug tests off amazon and they will be here in two days, so I will try to start tracking it. Any advice helps. Thanks!

  187. Hello, Dr. Thank you so much for this service!

    I took 3 hits of marijuana Thursday at 10pm and I have a UA for probation tomorrow, Tuesday, around 5p. I’m relatively active and eat healthy, 6’0, 185, 37yo. Think I’ll pass, or fail? Thank you!