Opioid Toolbox

This section was developed to help providers minimize risk when prescribing opioids.  It includes explanations on the risk of methadone and how to mitigate those risks by better understanding conversions; urine drug test smart phone app under development; direct link to opioid conversion calculator; and more.

Opioid Conversion Calculator:  This provides a direct link to the Practical Pain Management Opioid Conversion calculator (OCC) that was developed by Doctors Jeffrey Fudin, Ruth Perkins, and Michael Brennan.  A new OCC phone app is coming soon for the iPhone and Droid.  We are developing a user friendly version that will empower clinicians to properly and conservatively convert one or more opioids to or from others to guide them in the appropriate conversion and  enhance safety with an automated option to dose-reduce for cross-tolerance.

Urintel™:  Is a new urine drug test tool (UDT).  It can be found in a new section that was moved to an entirely new site and includes a UDT smartphone/tablets/Internet App algorithm for evaluating UDT by immunoassay and makes recommendations for when to confirm with definitive testing by chromatography. Please visit Dr. Fudin’s new endeavor REMITIGATE on the new platform.

Methadone:  A comprehensive review of the difficulties when converting patients to methadone and the dangers associated with conversions.  An overview of the background and various conversions strategies are provided, including the “Fudin Factor”.