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Michael Westmoreland asked 4 years ago

The only other thing I take is a blood pressure pill Cartia 240 mg capsul and 50 mg of indomethacin for arthritis. I have been on it about 10 to 12 years. When I wait till late in the day to take it I might feel a little something if my stomach is empty and I drink caffeine with my methadone. Before methaone I was injured in a bad accident and placed on hydrocodone 10/325 and oxycontin 40 mg for years till my doctor retired. I came into methadone started at 30 mg move up to 60mg then had 3 peak and trough test settle in at 180mg its the right dose for me but no one can tell I take anything and neither can I . My doctor has a hard time believing I can\’t feel my dose any thoughts as to why.

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Jeffrey Fudin Staff answered 4 years ago

Patients need to be treated individually.  Perhaps your doctor would consider replacing methadone with levorphanol.  Also, if what you describe is true, you doctor might be convinced by getting a pain therapeutics genetic profile.