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Dee asked 7 months ago

I take Hydrocodone/Tylenol 5-325 once a day.My last 2 UA’s have come back negative and I’m baffled. I’m 180 pound female,5″4 60 years old. I know I take them everyday,what could be the issue here?

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Jeffrey FudinJeffrey Fudin Staff answered 7 months ago

The dose is too low to test positive for hydrocodone on an immunoassay urine screen. If it did test positive at that dose, your doctor should be concerned that you are taking a different opioid such as morphine or heroin. For a comprehensive analysis of the results, I suggest that your and/or your doctor go to and use Urintel.  In fact, if your doctor has any reservations about what this all means, he/she can generate a report and paste it or upload it into your electronic medical record.