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Beth asked 4 years ago

My daughter\\\\\\\’s UA came back negative even though she was on opioid pain medicine. They accused her of diverting and being an \\\\\\\’addict\\\\\\\’ their words. I demanded a test again as I believe she does not absorb medications. They re-tested her in the hospital after they WATCHED her take the pain medicine. The test again came back negative for opioids. What can I do to protect her from future negative UAs when it has been proven she doesn\\\\\\\’t metabolis at times.

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Jeffrey Fudin Staff answered 4 years ago

The results depend on the medication she takes and the type of test they are doing.  If it’s immunoassay rather than chromatography, there is a high chance of false negatives and false positives. You could ask them to do a chromatography test if that is not what they are currently doing.  See