Norco 10 three times a day did not show up in urine test

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Maggie asked 5 years ago

I have been under pain management for approximately nine years. I have never had any problems With my drug tests and in fact over nine years he has never tested me but about four times which I always thought was strange.
This time however my urine test came back  not showing any Norco in my system. I take it three times a day every day. My doctor told me that I had none in my system and if I had taken even one in the last three days it would’ve shown up.
He said he would send the urine to another lab to have it tested and if it came back not showing anything he wouldn’t be able to write me a prescription  anymore or see me as a patient.
I am very confused about what could’ve caused this. He said he would get back with me within a week, but I am so nervous about the results that might come in. I do not want to lose my pain doctor or my medication as it helps me with the quality of my life.
My questions about this are:  “is this is common and do you think it will be resolved in my favor.?”
” If this pain doctor dismisses me will I be able to find another pain doctor?”
Thank you for any help you can give me I really appreciate it.

1 Answers
Jeffrey Fudin Staff answered 5 years ago

If he did an in office immunoassay test and sends it out for confirmation by chromatography, it should show positive. As you know, it is difficult to find doctors these days to prescribe opioids.