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mary asked 4 years ago

I received a call from pain specialist stated need to do a 2 day urine drug screen I have take all my medications take them at the office wait an hour urine then go back the next day to leave more urine. Im just confused and curious because I take my oxycodone 15mg 3 times a dayas needed but i take maybe 1 to 3 a day sometimes the 4 a day in which I hardly ever do. Im still in alot of pain after taking meds. I dont know what to do change specialist??? I was on 30mg with previous sspecialist I have more pain now than ever before and went down to 15mg. I do skip 2 days to see what my pain level is, I have several areas of pain cervical disc protrusion,RA,fibromyalgia etc.. chronic pain yes at times it seems it doesnt work

1 Answers
Jeffrey Fudin Staff answered 4 years ago

If it’s a urine screen, it is not a malabsorption issue. The dose you are ACTUALLY taking is below the cutoff and wil show positive.  If your doctor sends the sample for a quantitative confirmation by chromatography, it will be positive.  You need to tell your doctor how you are actually taking these so that he/she understands why it showed up negative.