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mary asked 4 years ago

I received a call from pain specialist stated need to do a 2 day urine drug screen I have take all my medications take them at the office wait an hour urine then go back the next day to leave more urine. Im just confused and curious because I take my oxycodone 15mg 3 times a dayas needed but i take maybe 1 to 3 a day sometimes the 4 a day in which I hardly ever do. Im still in alot of pain after taking meds. I dont know what to do change specialist??? I was on 30mg with previous sspecialist I have more pain now than ever before and went down to 15mg. I do skip 2 days to see what my pain level is, I have several areas of pain cervical disc protrusion,RA,fibromyalgia etc.. chronic pain yes at times it seems it doesnt work

1 Answers
Jeffrey Fudin Staff answered 4 years ago

Mary,  These are all things you need to discuss with your prescriber. I can’t give you this kind of advice here. Regarding your urine screens, oxycodone will be in your urine at any of these doses, but it is VERY dangerous to mke dosage adjustments on your own. If your medication is not helping, your doctor needs to know.