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Jacob vadala asked 4 years ago

yes before. Covid-19 virus outbreak I have been seen in the pain management for about eight or ten years I have been prescribed oxycodone if they\’re 5 10 mg or for 15 mg and then also for muscle spasm Soma 350 mg it\’s been since January where my doctor I still can\’t see him I read online the federal government changed the rules that people on the internet the doctors could temporarily prescribe people in chronic pain with herniated disc bulging disc messed up vertebrae just. Horrible back schedule 2 drugs to give them some relief why they can\’t see the regular doctor so I am the only one that gets his please help me at the May 21st 2020 I hope you guys aren\’t full of s*** cuz I f****** read the whole adjustment in the law to help the millions that are in chronic f****** pain suffering losing everything they f****** have not being medicatedif anyone gets has that knows the new laws temporarily allowing you to prescribe stuff I would take a picture of my MRI that\’s 3 years old you know you can look up my pharmacy history when I was getting prescribed just please somebody help me I\’ve worked at the same job for 12 years and I\’m on the verge of getting fired since this virus I\’ve been the whole 12 years before it I never missed a day I never got wrote up

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Jeffrey Fudin Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Jacob.  The regulations apply to a doctor with whom you already are being seen.  YOUR current doctor can evaluate you by telehealth virtually ad prescribe your medications. A new doctor from out-of-state not having previously seen you cannot and should not.