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Christi asked 4 years ago

I currently receive the once monthly sublocade injection 300mg for chronic pain.  Before it came out i had been placed on extremely high doses of other narcotics that after time would stop working and we’d have to go higher. One day Dr and I decided to give my body a reset week and she placed me on suboxene 8mg/2mg 3 times a day.  Needless to say it worked so much better. Yes days where I needed more but bc of the problems the other narcotics were actually causing the benefits outweighed the break through pain that happens sometimes.  I stayed on the films for few years and until the insurance company forced me to take the 12mg films I was good.  The 12mg films caused withdrawals, craving for meds and issues that I should not have felt especially considering it was still suboxene. I had brain surgery 2 years ago and was taken off subs and given hydrocodone for a month after surgery.  That was probably worst month ever,  as soon as I could see my Dr and get back on suboxene I did and all the pain and things went away.  So after experiencing that on both medications(not at same time) the sub worked so much better and I did not have side effects like I did with full narcotic.  Within 2 weeks of being back on films(8mg)I started healing faster,  recovering faster and so on.  Insurance of course forced me back on the 12mg films and after many months of hell I went to Dr to see about getting on other meds by my body did not like the 12s. So that’s when we started the injection.  I recvd 3 months of the 300mg and first time in 9 years was actually able to function almost normally,  I even went to my youngest son’s 5th grade field trip to Universal.  I haven’t gone on a trip with any of my children in many years.  Sadly I was forced to the 100mg for next 3 months which were very very bad. I couldn’t get out of bed, spent lots of days in hospitals and so on bc pain was so so bad.  So finally was able to get back on the 300mg. Well I’ve been on the injection for well over a year now and besides the 3 other times either pharmacy forced it or dr error of receiving the 100mg injection,  i receive the 300mg monthly and doing so well.  This run has been the longest I’ve received the 300mg straight of about 4 to 5 months no change and each month I get the 300mg with out interruption I do even better.  Do I have break thru pain yes but bc how much this helps it makes those days much easier to tolerate and I know my Dr would give me pill bupenorphrine if I couldn’t handle it.  What sucks is i have to be labeled as opioid dependant in order to get the shot but it’s worth it bc of how much better I’m actually doing on it for pain prevention.  Personally I feel during my surgery period I would’ve done better even on the bupenorphrine pills over full narcotics and for someone who has ongoing pain in other areas having the injection is even better.  I think it would’ve been great to have the injection already in place when I had surgery and the dissolvable tablets given for the first 2 weeks to month for extra pain if needed.  I had been basically bed ridden for years from failed back surgery,  acute intermittent porphyria, neuropathy, and other issues we still trying to figure out what they are and after receiving the 300mg sublocade injection I’ve been able to go out with my children,  walk my dogs and have been able to do some house work and actually get out and visit family and friends.  So I would recommend it over others if a person body does OK.  The biggest thing is on any of the bupenorphrine products you do not get any type of high,  rush of energy or like instant intense relief. But it does provide allot of relief and doesn’t give as many side effects and better for extended release ongoing type thing. most pros outweigh any cons in my opinion. Now just to get it approved for pain management then that would be great.