Using an old prescription of hydro plus belsomra

QuestionsCategory: OpioidsUsing an old prescription of hydro plus belsomra
Lisa Desnick asked 5 years ago

For four months I used norco 10 mg t.i.d. for chronic neck pain.  My last prescription was filled 8 months ago but I never finished the bottle. In the last couple months my pain has been worse so I started using the leftover pills at or below my prior dose on and off. My most recent pill was yesterday (Friday). I have an appointment for Monday with the same pain doctor who had prescribed the norco previously to ask for a refill. I have been using belsomra (suvorexant) for sleep.
After 3 days will the norco show up on the urine test at monday’s appointment? If so, will this be considered an abuse of trust? Should I bring the old bottle with remaining pills to prove I still have some from the last time I saw him 8 months ago? Can belsomra be detected from a urine sample?

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Jeffrey Fudin Staff answered 5 years ago

Lisa, The trust issue will depend on discussions your initially had with your doctor and how long you were supposed to take the medication. If you bring in the bottle and explain what you did, that will show you are being honest.  The hydrocodone can show up 3-5 days following last dose depending on the type of test that is done.  I’ve never seen anyone test urine for suvorexant – it can be done, but that is far from the standard of care. I’m not sure why that would matter to you anyway.