ReachMD Radio presents  The Use and Misuse of Narcotic Pain Medication in Primary Care…

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The Use and Misuse of Narcotic Pain Medication in Primary Care The most common reason for patients to visit healthcare providers at all levels is to treat pain. Yet in spite of this known trend, medical education woefully underemphasizes methods to approach the myriad of communicative, ethical, and procedural issues deeply entrenched in modern pain management. Here to shed more light on this complex subject with host Dr. Brian McDonough are Drs. Sean Yanchunas and Jeffrey Fudin. Dr. Yanchunas, Pharm.D, MBA, is Clinical Content Manager and Workflow Subject Matter Expert at Catholic Health East Hospital. Dr. Fudin is Clinical Pharmacy Specialist and Director of Pharmacy Pain Residency Programs at the Stratton Veterans Administration Medical Center in Albany, NY. He is also host of the popular blog


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