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james at murphy headshotDr. James Patrick Murph, MD (Louisville KY): What an innovative and unique service this will be to patients, providers, medicolegal entities, and regulators. We all benefit when we know the facts.

Thanks for doing this!


Ilene Robeck headshot

Ilene Robeck, MD (Tampa and St. Petersburg FL): Urine drug testing can be a valuable tool when caring for patients with chronic pain, substance use disorder or who are at risk for substance use disorder. Like any test urine drug testing needs to be coupled with a careful history and physical exam. It also needs to be coupled with knowledge and information about the proper interpretation of the results. This APP is extremely helpful to enable the user to incorporate urine drug testing into their practice in a meaningful productive way. It is meant to be used within the context of an office visit in which a clinician needs fairly rapid but reliable information prior to discussing results with patients. I highly recommend this APP to all clinicians doing urine drug testing in their practice.

Kevin ZacharoffKevin I. Zacharoff, MD, CPE  (Stonybrook NY) I believe that there is a definite need for tools that help the healthcare provider manage the risk/benefit profile when opioid analgesics are an appropriate component of chronic pain therapy. I particularly often receive questions about the interpretation of Urine Drug Testing results, and best steps to take regarding patient safety. I also fully endorse anything that can assist the patient-healthcare provider dialogue and shared decision-making. A tool like UDTapp is long overdue as a technological complement to managing opioid analgesic therapy.

Michael schatmanMichael Schatman, PhD, CPE (Bellevue, Washington) This is a tremendous tool for facilitating fast and effective risk mitigation! Great job, Jeff!!!!



Ernie DoleErnest Dole PharmD, PhC, FASHP, BCPS (Albuquerque NM)
Jeff, I have ran a few patients through the UDTapp. I like it! I find it easy to use & fairly self explanatory. I also like the ease with which the medications that produce a false positive or negative can be accessed. I’ll use it some more in the coming days and provide you with more feedback.

abigail brooksAbigail Theresa Brooks, PharmD, BCPS (Minneapolis MN) An innovative tool like this will help healthcare professionals interpret urine drug screen results more efficiently, especially in patients with more complex regimens or aberrant behaviors. It is extremely helpful that the app includes links to common medications that may cause false positives, as this information can take time to look-up in clinic. I will definitely be telling the providers I work with about this app!



The UDTapp combines expert clinical advice in an innovative Timand easy to use format.  The answers to the most common clinical questions are at your fingertips.  This customizable tool allows dose-appropriate interpretation and could become a daily part of your clinical practice.

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