Do Antidepressants Treat Pain? Honesty or Hoax?

Is antidepressant efficacy in chronic pain just another hoax? Or, is there some honesty to it?

Read along to explore a new meta-analysis that some have used to challenge the overall efficacy of antidepressants for chronic pain. What do the results mean from a mechanistic and historic perspective? Should we even be using antidepressants to treat chronic pain?

Gabapentin and Opioid Use Disorder: Correlation, Causation, or Callowness?

In a recent news release, gabapentin use appeared to “increase” risk of opioid use disorder. Sounds performative right? Well, yes, it likely is. Let’s dive into the data behind these claims, and what the “study” actually found regarding gabapentin and risk of OUD!

Pain – It’s All in Your Head!

May is Mental Health Month, so let’s talk about pain in the brain!

Is pain really just in your head? Should your physical symptoms be dismissed because of some misinterpretation of the biopsychosocial model?

In our latest blog, we address this growing (and concerning) narrative that pain is just in your head and can be treated as such. We debate what the current understanding of the biopsychosocial model is. Finally, we do discuss the realistic goals of behavioral health directed at chronic and acute pain!